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Deer Hunter 2016 Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints for More Hunting Success

The Deer Hunter video game series has actually been around for a good two decades, but Glu has brought it to mobile, with its latest title being Deer Hunter 2016. This is a first-person hunting game where you get to hunt all kinds of wild animals (not just deer), but also some mythical creatures, including Bigfoot. As you progress in the game, you’ll get to use a wide variety of guns and other weapons, collect trophies for your hunting prowess, and make your way up the leaderboards as you shoot down more game in different prime hunting locations around the world.

Last time, we provided you some pretty cool Deer Hunter 2016 tips and tricks, but we’re adding a few more to the list today, as such an intensive, in-depth game deserves more than just a handful of basic strategies.

1. Aim Steady And Take Your Time Before Shooting

If you’re new to the Deer Hunter series, or even this particular game for that matter, this is the most fundamental tip you’ll have to keep in mind. It’s very important to have a steady aim. Don’t rush it when you’re trying to aim your gun, as the animals don’t get alarmed until you actually fire your gun at them. Make sure you’re as steady as possible, and zoom in and out until you get the perfect aim. You also shouldn’t stay zoomed in if you somehow miss your target; when that happens, it’s not uncommon to see animals scurrying around, spooked out by your shot.

2. More About Aiming For The Organs

We told you last time that there are some missions that require you not just to kill an animal, but also kill it by hitting its vital organs. But just to stress the point once again, there’s more to aiming at the vital organs than fulfilling a mission. You can also earn a lot of free cash this way, by hitting either the brains, heart, or lungs of an animal.

3. Take On The Contract Missions

Want more extra cash? You’ll want to take on the contract missions, a.k.a. the “gun series” missions. These are the ones that could get you a lot of extra money if you need to upgrade your firearms; they’re best to take on if your gun isn’t upgraded well enough to take on a specific mission in the main campaign.

4. Use The Shotgun When Firing Up Close

The swap button allows you to toggle between weapons. If you ever encounter an angry bear that chases you after you miss your first shot, for instance, that’s when you can switch to a shotgun to fire at them up close and get rid of them before they turn you into their prey.

5. About The Suppression Rating, And Why You Should Increase It

Many guns you’ll unlock later in the game have a Suppression rating, and you can increase that with silencers. Why should you care about this? The reason is simple – with a silencer on your gun, that reduces the odds of animals getting spooked out by the noise after you kill another animal. An upgraded suppression rating, in addition, could help you greatly in missions where you have to kill multiple animals.


Thursday 7th of April 2016

When will there be a more recent update for the; Competetive Target Shooting (CTS) feature of this game? Not too mention the Elite Hunts, which require the Elite weapons earned, gained purchased and/or won, in the Second Season's Competitions. An example would be the Sniper rifle that can be built for a certain amount of, "Silver Eagles" and weapon(s) parts earned or won through either the CTS tournaments (championships?) or the aforementioned Elite Hunts and/or the Elite Contracts?

And as a final question to end this query; How about some tips, tricks, pics, and methods for these CTS Tournements?