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Polar Pop Mania Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Complete More Three-Star Levels

It’s not surprising why Match 3 games are so popular, no matter how many of these games are on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Unlike intricate RPGs that have a lot of rules and mechanics, or higher-end, more sophisticated games that take up a lot of space on your device, these titles are simple, yet very addictive and very easy, even for non-gamers to get hooked on. Polar Pop Mania is one of these games – it’s available on both platforms, and offers some twists that make it different from the rest of the games in the Match 3 genre. There are more than 100 puzzles to solve, several different power-ups, and 19 different obstacles as you help Cecilia the Seal find her seal pups that have “ventured out all over the world.”

Usually, Match 3 games are so similar in terms of mechanics, you would probably need a one size fits all strategy guide. But we’re still going to give you a list of Polar Pop Mania tips, tricks and cheats, as we want to help you complete more three-star levels.

1. Give The Time Lapse Cheat A Try

This cheat should work in Polar Pop Mania, unless Storm8 nerfed it. Advance the time on your phone or tablet to get all of your energy back without having to wait, then after doing that, go back to your settings and change the time back to normal. This is the classic time lapse cheat, and while we can’t guarantee it works, it’s always worth a shot.

2. Plan Things Out Carefully

Before you start a level in Polar Pop Mania, you should be armed with a plan, or at least come up with one before matching pieces. No one level is the same in replays, so what you’ll want to do here is to choose one side to work on when trying to drop in balls. You want to look for a side where there’s an easy match to make, and a lot of rows of balls to work with.

3. Steady Your Aim

When trying to drop balls down, it’s also important to practice your aim and steady it so you can make perfect shots. The long aiming power-up is helpful indeed, but it’s better if you practice working without it; you can even use a ruler to figure things out for yourself, though using your finger will probably work just fine.

Using a tap-and-hold motion can help you steady your aim; do this, then drag your finger to make the right aim. One-tap shots aren’t very practical, and if you really want to practice the tap-and-hold without making the mistake of tapping once, you can go to your device’s settings and deactivate one-tap shots.

4. Grind The Stages You’ve Mastered

If there are stages which you feel are particularly easy to complete, keep repeating them. Keep on replaying and grinding so you can earn more coins; in order to get power-ups, you need to pay for them with your coins. They’ll cost you a premium mount of in-game money, which makes it essential to grind previously completed levels, especially the easy ones.