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The Biking Dead Cheats, Tips & Guide: 5 Hints to Get a High Score

The Biking Dead: Survival Course Simulator is an iOS game by Space Inch, and no, it has nothing to do with The Walking Dead and the recently released game based on the series and graphic novel of the same name. However, it’s one of an increasing number of zombie-themed games, and this one allows you to “ride into a ridiculously deadly survival course.” Instead of playing a human survivor, you play a zombie, and you’re out for brains in this off-beat game that doesn’t take itself too seriously; what else can you say about a game where you’re encouraged to crash into zombies because “they’re dead anyway”? As usual, you can unlock and upgrade new vehicles, collect more zombies and outfits, and challenge your friends as you climb up the leaderboards.

This isn’t your average zombie game – this time, you are part of the zombie apocalypse, and you’re the one chasing the brains, not the one trying to protect theirs. And with that said, we’ve come up with some useful The Biking Dead cheats, tips and strategies that can give you the edge against your human prey.

1. Be Aware That This Is An Endless Game

Although, you have to complete missions in this game, The Biking Dead is, in essence, an endless game. That means you won’t make it to the end of any level, and the missions you complete will earn you soulstones, which serve as one of the game’s currencies. These are green gems which you’ll use to unlock more levels.

2. Know How The Upgrade System Works

You’ll be using gems for upgrades – this is the pink form of currency in The Biking Dead. Fortunately, upgrades won’t cost you that much money, and you’ll need them to have an advantage when you start taking on the tougher levels. Upgrades can also give you an advantage over your friends; when competing against them, or against anyone else on the Game Center leaderboards, you’ll want to have as many upgrades as possible for higher scores.

3. Can’t Upgrade? Buy A New Bike, But Don’t Use It Yet

At some point you’ll be all out of upgrades, which is a sign that you need to buy a new bike for yourself. At first, you’ll actually find yourself at a disadvantage with your new bike, considering that the old one would already be fully upgraded in most cases. Keeping that in mind, don’t use the new bike yet; stick with your old bike and allow some time for the new one to be upgraded before you use it.

4. Upgrade Your Outfit

Your gems can also be used to upgrade your outfit. The bike upgrades, of course, improve your bike’s speed and other stats, while outfit upgrades give you more health and energy.

5. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get Your Energy Back

Zombies, in theory, cannot be killed because they’re already dead. But you can run out of energy in this game, and you may find yourself itching to play again when you’re all out of it. If you can’t wait, then set the time ahead on your device by a couple of hours so you can get all your energy back.