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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Strategy Guide & Tips: How to Have a Good Ultimate Team Draft

Thanks to our ongoing series of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team strategy guides, you probably know about this game in a nutshell. But just so we can jog your memory, we’ll fill you in with some of the game’s important details. This title is part of EA Sports’ FIFA series for mobile, and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. In here, you’ll be dealing with over 10,000 different players you can select for your team, and these are real-life players from more than 500 different teams from all over the world. The game in itself comes with loads of features, and one of these is the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, or FUT Draft.

If you know your fantasy sports, you’ll probably be familiar with this game mode, but just in case you aren’t, or even if you are, we hope these tips for FUT Draft will help you come up with the best team possible.

1. Entering The Draft

When you begin this mode, you’ll be given one Draft token, and you can spend this in either single player or online mode. Otherwise, you can enter a FUT Draft by paying 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points. Make sure you choose a difficulty you know you can handle, and always keep in mind that this draft is a four-game series. You have to complete all four games in order to get the biggest and best prizes.

2. Go For A 4-3-3 Formation

If you’re a FUT Draft beginner, your best option is to choose 4-3-3 when selecting a formation. This is the most popular and iconic football/soccer formation, and it allows you a balanced pick of defenders, midfielders, and attackers – four, three, and three of each respectively.

3. Choose Your Captain Wisely

You’ll be given a list of five players when time comes to choose your captain, and you should be sure you’re confident with your choice of captain. A great deal of your success in FUT Draft will be based on chemistry, so you’ll have to choose players from the same club, nation, and/or league as your captain. Remember what we told you last time about chemistry – you want green, or good chemistry lines, and not the red ones, which indicate bad chemistry. Yellow is okay on occasion, but you don’t want too many yellow lines mixed in with the green.

4. Focus On Chemistry

Once again, if it wasn’t enough for us to mention it above, we will mention it again. Chemistry is very, very, very important! You’ll be better off choosing a lower-rated player who gels well with your team, as opposed to someone with a higher rating that doesn’t quite get along. Teams with poor chemistry tend to have communication breakdowns, and that could lead to sloppy losses you could have won based on your talent pool. You also need to keep chemistry in mind when you’re choosing your seven subs and five reserves – it’s not just the starting eleven, though it’s those guys who will be the most important when it comes to chemistry.