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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Guide & Hints: How to Complete Manager Tasks

We’ve been heavily featuring FIFA 16 Ultimate Team over the past few days, sharing a bunch of tips and tricks for this title, and it’s simply because the game is simply what soccer fans have been waiting for, as far as comprehensive games of this type are concerned. It’s EA Sports’ FIFA series distilled for mobile, and the 2016 version is rich in new features and improvements to existing ones, with the same combination of excellent graphics and smart strategy (for managers) required to succeed in the game.

Manager Tasks are among the most important facets of this game, and in this FIFA 16 Ultimate Team strategy guide, we’ll be talking you through all eighteen of these tasks. Completing these tasks, might we add, will allow you to win a free gold pack, and you know how hard those are to come by.

Sign A Loan Player

The first thing you need to do is open Main Menu, then select Load Player Option, which you’ll find on the left portion of your Dashboard. This can only be done once.

Change Club Name

This is another extremely easy task. Just open the Manager Tasks screen, choose Change Club Name, and you’re off. You can only do this once for free.

Play Your First Match In A Tournament

You can do this by starting a single player tournament or joining an online tournament. And you don’t have to actually win the game – just playing a tourney match completes this task.

Play One Season Match

Likewise, you can complete this task by playing one game in a single player season or online season. Doesn’t matter either if you win or lose, just as long as you complete the game.

Buy An Item From Transfer

Go to the Transfer Market and use the “Buy Now” option. Choose Transfers, then select Transfer Market, using a filter so you can specifically select Buy Now. All there is to it.

List A Player On The Transfer Market

Open My Club, choose any player you feel you won’t be needing, and select List on Transfer Market to list him. You can also list someone by opening Squads or Active Squads, then selecting List on Transfer Market.

Challenge The Team Of The Week

Challenge the Team of the Week and play the match, win or lose.

Apply A Contract Item

Select Squads/Active Squads, choose a player, apply the consumable, then wrap up by selecting Contracts.

Apply A Fitness Item

Follow the same process as above, except for the last part, where you’ll have to select Fitness.

Apply A Chemistry Style Item

Once again, follow the same steps illustrated on the two aforementioned tips, save for the final instruction, which is to select Chemistry Style.

Change Your Club Ball

Go to My Club, search balls, then activate a non-active item.

Change Your Club Stadium

Go to My Club, search stadiums, then activate a stadium that isn’t active yet.

Create A New Squad

Open Squads/My Squads, go to the Create New Squad option, then you’re off – you can even delete the squad after creating it, and you’ll still get the task done.

Add A Concept Player To Your Squad

Select Squads, choose a player, select Swap Player, then select a Concept Player.

Replace A Concept Player

Go to Squads, then to Concept Squads, select a player, search for someone on the Transfer Market, and use either Bid or Buy Now.

Share A Squad With 100 Chemistry

If you reach a perfect 100 rating in Chemistry, share the squad on social media and the task is complete.

Change Your Club Kit

Go to My Club, search kits, choose a non-active item, and activate it.

Change Your Club Crest

Same steps as above, except in this case, you’ll be searching for a crest and activating a non-active crest.