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Farm Land: Farming Life Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Expand Your Island Farm Fast

Homa Game’s app portfolio consistently grows at a fast pace, with the selection of titles increasing to a massive roster of 32 games. With numerous successful titles like Sky Roller, NERF Epic Pranks, and Idle World! topping charts and banking millions of downloads, it can be expected that the company will continue to provide its fans, and mobile gamers in general, simple yet unique casual games that span across a wide variety of genres.

Farm Land: Farming Life Game is the latest addition to the company’s massive selection of titles and may appear to be just like all other hyper-casual games, mixing in an over simplistic graphics and basic gameplay mechanics that can be played and enjoyed by players of all ages. There certainly are an overabundance of farming games on mobile but Farm Land: Farming Life Game sets itself apart with a fast-paced progression system that does not require a lot of time invested in it.

The stick figure characters and humble terrain designs can easily set the initial impression that Farm Land: Farming Life Game does not offer much as far as variety and longevity is concerned. With each area comprised of different sets of farms and having a total of 4 areas to unlock and expand your farms on, it will certainly take a while to unlock everything. Farm Land: Farming Life Game is not all about planting, watering, harvesting, storing, and selling crops as well as there are plenty of mini games to enjoy scattered across the huge map.

farm land guide

It can be expected of any mobile title from Home Games to be very easy to pick up and play. Farm Land: Farming Life Game is no different and anyone will surely make good progress following the minute-long tutorial. There are no right or wrong moves and decisions and everything you do contributes to profits. Given the prevalence of multiple decision points, a strategic approach towards expanding your farm empire will yield better results.

If you just had a fresh start on your farming spree in Farm Land: Farming Life Game and in search of helpful hints to propel your adventure, read on as our comprehensive guide is packed with a bunch of tips and tricks, so you can ensure a fast and efficient expansion rate of your farm!

1. Strategize On Expansions And Upgrades

To say that there is plenty of land to cover in Farm Land: Farming Life Game is a huge understatement. You will quickly see just how expansive your land can stretch to early on through unlockable tiles around you. These tiles can be unlocked in one to two steps, with the first being purchased through the gold coins you earn while the other type requires that you unlock a set number of tiles first before you can purchase them.

Considering everything, you can venture freely far and wide, spending and earning gold coins however you choose. As you can easily make progress in terms of expansion regardless of which way you choose to explore, the end result of your exploration will likely lead you back to where you started off. Of course, there is initially a constant need to sow and reap your own crops to sustain your needs for expansions and, with it, comes some distinguishing approaches for a fast and more efficient way to move forward.

farm land expansions and upgrades

First off, the tutorial introduces you to your first plots of land where you can work towards earning coins. Naturally, you will have to work on it yourself and your productivity will exclusively be based on how much time and how many cycles of farming you go through with. The amount of coins you earn after selling your harvest will initially suffice to unlock more tiles around you and each one comes with a distinct price tag on it.

Naturally, what you would want is to unlock the cheaper tiles first as doing so will leave you with more areas unlocked with the money you have. Not all tiles, however, have the same value for you and some unique ones are best uncovered first before others.

Following the first plot of land you uncover in a section, the next most important tile to unlock is the one that holds the barn. If you noticed on your explorations, there are small signboards pointing to where the barn is located in each section. Regardless of the prices of tiles to uncover to get to it, you should set it as your top priority.

2. Invest In Each Barn Gradually

Unlocking the barn is a big step towards earning idle income. Once you uncover the barn and have a plot of land available, you can start hiring a worker to actually do the farming for you. Of course, you can expect the workers to not be as fast and efficient as you are when it comes to planting seeds, watering them, and finally reaping them but any extra means of earning money is an opportunity to take.

Another huge difference in capability is that the workers will not be selling your crops for you and will instead store them in the barn continuously.

There are many sections on each map and each one only has 1 barn. Unlocking a barn gives you 4 new upgrade options with the first 3 allocated to 3 workers you can hire and the fourth one being an upgrade to the barn itself. Upgrades on workers make them work faster. The speed cuts across every step of the process, including travelling to and from the barn.

farm land barn investment

You have to unlock the second and third set of plots before you can unlock and upgrade the workers. As for the barn itself, the storage capacity is big to begin with and upgrades further increase its storage capacity. Unlocking the barn will now give rise to a decision point on whether your earned income should be spent on upgrading the barn and your workers, or your pursuit of further expansion.

What we recommend is to consider purchasing a level of upgrades on each barn every once in a while. The costs of expansion will be increasing as you move forward and there will certainly be points in time when you can purchase numerous upgrades for the barn and workers even if you cannot afford the cheapest tile expansion you have discovered.

While there are no idle rewards to earn while you are offline and away from the game, the workers you hire continue to gather crops and you will likely find your barn at a hundred percent capacity after taking long breaks or exploration ventures.

3. Exercise Efficiency In Actual Farming

Despite being able to hire workers that tremendously boost income generation indirectly, being able to tend to your farms along with the workers will still accelerate the rate at which you earn profits and ultimately purchase more expansions. At certain points after you have hired workers, you will actually find yourself reveling in manual farming from time to time to break the monotony of wandering across the expansive map in search of more tiles to unlock.

Although you can never go wrong with actually tending to the plots of land yourself, there are efficient ways to go about each step of the process. If you look closely, each tile of soil is divided into 36 squares. Adjoined plots will appear bigger in terms of rows or columns but the essential characteristics are consistent. Although it may seem irrelevant early on. Considering how you go about working on the soil determines how efficient you are at farming.

With each plot’s division in mind, you can determine the best approach to go about each farming step by checking how seeds, water, and the sickle’s reach affects them. The first step, where you throw seeds on the plot can cover 3 squares at a time. This means that you can scatter seeds across each plot by passing through it twice if you position yourself accordingly.

farm land farming efficency

Watering your seeds can cover the entire width of 6 squares, enabling you to water an entire plot of land by going through it only once if you do so while walking through the middle of it. Lastly, the sickle can reach a width of 3 squares as well just like throwing seeds. Again, you can perform the last part of the process by only going through each plot of land twice.

Although navigation and movement in Farm Land: Farming Life Game is easy enough even for beginners, it can happen that farming super efficiently consistently may take some time and practice to master. There are also ad boosts that increase the range of your tools making it unnecessary for you to employ these strategies for a limited period of time.

4. Revel In Mini Games For Extra Income

Tending to your crops, exploring and unlocking more land, as well as managing barns and workers are certain to fill your need for productivity and adventure within your virtual farmlands. Despite these major activities being naturally perennial yet enjoyable, there are plenty more activities within Farm Land: Farming Life Game that you can enjoy from time to time to break the monotony, so to speak.

farm land milk the cow mini game

Mini games in Farm Land: Farming Life Game are not just there for additional entertainment. Every bit of effort you put into each one yields resources that can be sold for more money. You will find plenty of cows that you can get milk from. In the cow-milking mini game, you simply need to swipe up and down alternatingly on your device to pull down the cow’s uddle.

farm land shake the tree mini game

Note that these have to be done with long enough swipes to get milk from the cow. There are plenty of trees scattered across the land that bears a wide variety of fruits. Once you approach one and initiate the mini game, you are supposed to swipe left and right on your device to shake the tree and obtain its fruits until it is bare. The trick here is that you can rapidly swipe left or right rapidly to shake the tree faster and yield all its fruits.

farm land catch the fish mini game

There are also fishing areas, usually along bridges between one area and another. The fishing game does not require much precision and will instead only require you to tap on your device rapidly to reel in your catch. You can repeat this as many times as you wish until the fishing area is clear and pick up all the fishes you caught after one or several instances of the mini game.

farm land shear the sheep mini game

Lastly, there are also sheeps loitering about that you can obtain cotton from. This is perhaps the most challenging of the mini games but still relatively easy even for beginners. The perspective will automatically and continuously revolve when you start shearing and you only need to swipe away on the sheep in areas where there is wool.

5. Use The Map As Your Guide For Exploration And Expansion

With a huge and constantly expanding world you uncover packed with various activities and mini games to tend to, it can become nearly impossible to memorize the entirety, or even a parcel, of the land you have uncovered. All the exploration and management of a constantly growing farm can be a tedious task but having the map available for you to use lightens the load a lot in terms of determining where you are and finding what you need.

Beyond that, the maps provide indicators of some activities you need to tend to and offer a much faster way of traveling from one section of the land to another. You can access the map via its icon on the upper left side of the screen. You will notice that some important locations like the barn and the shop where you sell your products to will start to glow once it is full and once items are available for sale, respectively.

farm land map

Early on, you will also see question marks at some edges of land across the entire land. These question marks indicate a tile that can be unlocked and purchased. Having a section of the map free from any question marks mean that you have fully expanded it.

Additionally, another important area to unlock early on is the ship, which can be found at the bottom part of each section. This needs to be unlocked for you to be able to fast travel to that specific sections of the map. Once you have multiple sections of the map unlocked, you can simply click on the travel button under any section to instantly be teleported to that section’s port.

Note as well that beyond the barns, farmlands, and shops scattered about, the map is also helpful in finding mini game locations as well as special NPCs that can empty your warehouse for you or tend to all your animals.

6. Unlock The Next Map As Soon As You Can

Once you have ran out of new tiles to uncover and purchase, and it will certainly take a long while and a lot of playing, you can check the map and notice that there are white borders around all the land that you have unlocked. All, however, save for one tile in the upper edges of one section. This is the next step to take towards uncovering your next big challenge and once you have purchased all the tiles leading to the new land, you will be able to play on an entirely new map.

unlocking map in farm land

Farm Land: Farming Life Game actually holds 4 sets of maps to uncover and explore in and getting to the second one alone is a huge challenge already. The new map will sport a different color and terrain and you will have a separate stash of money exclusively for each map. You are free to hop back from one map to another by clicking on each area’s icon at the top of the map screen.

farm land area

What is great is that the money you have saved on any map will be left intact and your workers on one map will continue to gather and tend to your crops while you are busy exploring the new area.

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Video ads have become an expected part of most, if not all, free to play mobile games. Although it is an expected but sometimes an unwelcomed aspect of games like Farm Land: Farming Life Game, it is important especially for newbies in mobile gaming to understand the rationale behind its existence. While some hyper-casual games do have other ways to earn income such as shop purchases, most of these games can be played and enjoyed fully without spending a dime.

In this sense, it becomes important to place ads within the game to ensure its survival and keep it available for everyone to play and enjoy for free. Farm Land: Farming Life Game actually employs ads that cannot be skipped through the occasional rains, the rest of the ads you can view will only do so if you allow them to.

farm land ad boost

One of the biggest ad boost to take advantage of comes in the form of golden tools you can randomly find while tending to your plots. These golden tools tremendously boost the effects of your tools and make each step of the farming procedure a lot easier. There are piggy banks and golden 4-leaf clovers you can uncover as well through your explorations and these will instantly net you a huge sum of money should you choose to play a video ad when prompted to.

Note that the value of money you can earn is directly proportional to your progress in your adventure, which means that more coins are offered when the costs of expansions and upgrades around you are generally higher.

Although you can always opt to x out of these ad boosts, it is important, especially early on, to take advantage of them. The amount of gold and the performance boost of tools can cut down time needed to earn as much money. Of course, no one would want to play ads one after another especially if they only have a very limited time to play and enjoy Farm Land: Farming Life Game casually.

8. You Can Play Offline

Despite the huge benefits that can be obtained by playing 10 to 30-second video ads that provide instant cash and other boosts, it cannot be helped that some players will be dismayed by the occasional rains that force you to watch more video ads. If you are the type of player who want to fully enjoy uninterrupted gameplay devoid of any ads, you are in luck because you can totally skip all ads by playing Farm Land: Farming Life Game offline.

To do so, you simply need to start the game while your Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned off. Playing offline means no rain at all. This, however, also means that you cannot enjoy the many benefits that ad boosts provide.

In addition to that, some in-game services that special NPCs provide will also be unavailable. You need to be online to enjoy having someone empty your barns for you and instantly tend to all the chickens and bees that give you extra resources to sell. Fishing can also only be done once at a time per location if you are playing offline.

That pretty much sums up all the tips and strategies we can share with you for Farm Land: Farming Life Game. We hope that you found each one useful and that you will readily be able to speed up your progression in the game after reading this guide. If you have, by any chance, stumbled upon a neat trick we have not mentioned in this article, we would love to hear about it from you so do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comment area!


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

How many things we can get in our inventory?

Naba kishor muduli

Tuesday 11th of October 2022

Inspite of network connection the ads doesn't working. So, what can i do?

Vanessa Hauman

Friday 10th of September 2021

Would you be able to take photos of each land you unlock so we can see exactly where everything is at. For example I’m looking for where I would unlock the stand I would be able to sell my onions at. TY


Monday 2nd of August 2021

How many levels can i upgrade pr barn worker?


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

@Ellie, workers max out at level 21 and storage maxes out at level 100