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Godzilla Battle Line Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Overpower and Outsmart Your Opponents

TOHO CO, Ltd. has only been active in the mobile gaming scene for 8 months but has already released 3 games based on the first and most popular kaiju, Godzilla. Both Godzilla Destruction and Run Godzilla have earned over 100 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone and have maintained largely positive average user review ratings from users across both Android and iOS platforms as well.

Godzilla Battle Line stands as the latest game from TOHO CO, Ltd. and takes you to command not just the most popular kaiju, Godzilla, himself but also tons of other popular monsters in the franchise. Godzilla Battle Line puts your strategic skills to the test, from finding and creating your very own roster of troops down to utilizing each one’s unique traits and abilities.

As an action strategy game, Godzilla Battle Line is all about competitive PvP action. While there are no campaign stories or any PvE content of any sort, the ranked matches players engage in are sure to provide a unique experience with every 3-minute duel. It is undeniable that luck can be an influential factor as far as matchmaking is concerned, but the individual strengths of your units, the synergy of your team, and your overall combat strategy are the more prevalent factors that shape your performance in each match.

godzilla battle line guide

Godzilla Battle Line is a team-based strategy game unlike any other but the controls, interface, and general gameplay mechanics are as simple as they come. To ensure that every player will know fully well what they will be doing before they enter a live duel, Godzilla Battle Line provides a quick yet definitive tutorial session that very much covers everything. Godzilla Battle Line is, however, a type of strategy game where learning is continuous, as each duel you partake in is sure to provide you with new learnings as well as polish your strategies.

If you have just started your dive into the world of Godzilla Battle Line and out looking some tips and strategies to earn you more wins in duels, the check out our beginner’s guide, as it has all the information you need to dominate the ranked match arena!

1. Assemble A Balanced Team

Godzilla Battle Line starts you off with a full team ready for battle consisting of a leader and 7 other members. The leaders stay in place and resemble the tower in PvP tower defense or lane games. Defeating the leader is the only means of securing victory. The leader, however, has special abilities that enable it to protect itself from oncoming attackers and can deploy the other units onto the field to attack the enemy leader or provide additional firepower or support in combat.

The 7 other units in the team are not limited to kaijus. Some are weapons designed to take out enemies, and may either have a one-time effect or a limited period of time deployed on the battle arena. You will most certainly be attracted to consider each unit’s star grade, as an indication of their rarity and overall strength. Beyond the rarity grades as well as each unit’s stats and unique abilities, however, there are a lot to consider when building an effective team.

To start off, it is important to know that a leader can actually be used as a member of your team. Leader units can have different abilities depending on whether they are the designated team leader or a member of the team. Most leaders have high rarity grades and can be difficult to acquire. Speaking of rarity grades, a unit’s rarity does not necessarily have an impact on the unit’s cost. The rarity, however, makes it a challenge to acquire some units and ultimately upgrade them.

Balancing the team as far as costs are concerned is one of the most important considerations you need to make. The deployment of a unit or character in battle requires energy, which generates over time. Using the leader’s special ability also consumes energy. Having powerful yet costly units in your team naturally means that it will take a lot longer for you to deploy them and, some cases, may lead to being overrun by low-cost and fast enemy units to defeat you even before you deploy enough units.

godzilla battle line team

On the other hand, going for a full team of fast units that cost 3 or below may result in complete annihilation as they can be easily wiped out. What you should consider is to always go for a balanced mix of units relative to cost, which means having low cost units that are weaker as well as ones with high costs and stronger overall power.

Fortunately enough, you can always see the average cost of units in your team at the deck page, which can be accessed through its icon at the bottom of the screen. To begin with, the average cost of units your team has is 4.9, which is decent enough to maintain but preferably lowered a bit more. A team’s average cost between 4 and 5 should be a balanced enough average cost.

As you will be earning a Mechagodzilla card following the completion of the tutorial, you may opt to swap him into your team. You may opt to switch out the MBAW-93, and maintain the team’s average cost or opt to replace another unit that costs 5 or more to lower your team’s average cost.

Next to unit costs, another aspect to consider when building your team is the card type. Members of your team will either be units, facilities, or effects. Units like Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, or Kong are comparable to the bread and butter of your team. Units, for one are mobile, and can take the battle straight to the enemy team’s leader. With units having an inherent ability to target leaders and enemies, they can be used for both offense and defense.

Some important points to consider regarding units are whether they are grounded or flying and their movement speed. Grounded units are inhibited by bodies of water in terms of movement and may not always be able to target flying units. There are some units, however, that become more potent when in the waters.

Facilities, on the other hand are immobile and will stay on the tile you deploy them in. Although some facilities can be utilized to provide additional firepower for the team, some of them are best used for defensive purposes. Facilities have their own HP and will only be around for a limited period of time once deployed, regardless of HP. Some facilities also provide unique effects like the Energy Refuelling base, which speeds up energy production for a limited period of time, enabling you to deploy units at a much faster pace.

Last, but definitely not the least are effect type cards that will only initiate their unique ability when deployed and leave the play immediately after. Effect cards have a variety of uses beyond simply dealing damage to its target or targets. Perfect examples of these cards are the Freezing Zonde, which can slow down groups of enemies caught within its area of effect; and The Psychic Chorus, which can recover allied units’ HP in combat.

Given the unique attributes and set abilities of each type of card and, although you do not necessarily have to represent each type in your team, it is recommended to consider these unique attributes in contrast with having a team entirely of units or so. Beyond the variety of unique traits and abilities, it can be considered that some cards will work together better than others and part of your learning process is to discover those combinations through trial and error as well as experimenting.

2. Upgrade Your Cards Sparingly

With card rarities and their respective costs determining each unit’s inherent capabilities, it would only be logical to consider that your team’s total strength is based on these 2 attributes alone. Of course, there are combinations and mixtures of units that lead to a more effective team but beyond all that, having each unit upgradable can heavily impact how your team performs.

Godzilla Battle Line only provides one method for you to upgrade your cards at the moment and this is done by clicking on the card and the upgrade button on the deck screen. You will need extra copies of the card to perform an upgrade as well as G-Tokens, which are the basic currency in the game. Naturally, higher levels require more copies of the specific card as well as more G-Credits.

You will have tons of extra copies of some cards early on as well as more than enough G-Credits to upgrade all of your units. This is all thanks to the welcome gifts and easy achievements that reward you with a lot of expeditions and resources at the start of your adventure. As exciting and tempting as it is to upgrade each unit as much as you can, however, you have to bear in mind that your resources are limited.

godzilla battle line card upgrade

Plenty as they may come at the start of your adventure, it will become increasingly challenging to amass G-Credits later on. Combine that with the upgrade system that increases G-Credit costs every new level reached and you are bound to wind up having little to no G-Credits left by the time you unlock and secure copies of the cards you really want.

It is highly likely that your current team and your dream team or end game team will be very different from one another. Considering only having 9 different units to choose from at the start of your adventure compared to the current full selection of 31 cards to collect and upgrade, chances are that you will consider to switch units in and out as you make progress in your adventure.

In this sense, it is best to only invest heavily in cards that you know will be useful for your team for a long time. This should not ultimately mean that you will not be performing upgrades on your least favorite cards. At the very least, you should still upgrade all cards you actually use but be certain to leave a healthy supply of G-Credits in case you are fortunate enough to nab a unit you want on your team on your next expedition pull.

3. Get To Know All Available Cards

You will most certainly need to go over your collection’s individual traits and abilities. Beyond costs and rarities, individual stats as well as each unit’s unique ability and behavior in combat are among the important consideration you have to look into. Checking the details of each units should, however, not be limited only to the cards you have already unlocked, as you will need to look into cards you want or need in the future and the rest of the available cards as well to strategize on how to deal with them on the battle arena.

godzilla battle line cards

Fortunately enough, Godzilla Battle Line makes it so that you can view all the details on locked cards just like the ones you already have in your collection. Before heading on out and partaking in a ranked match, you should prepare yourself as best as you can. To do so, you need to readily know what each unit can do if you see them in the enemy’s side of the field. Doing so will enable you to react more appropriately by deploying the best unit or units possible to counter the enemy unit in question.

To some extent, having keen knowledge of every available unit should also give you an idea of which ones work best with other specific units. Although chances are that you will encounter less cohesive and synergistic teams in the beginner leagues, you can expect more refined ones as you climb up the season ranks.

4. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

Every match you secure a win from will earn you an expedition map along with basic resources you will constantly have needs for. Beyond these outright rewards, however, Godzilla Battle Line provides a ton more of ways for you to further speed up your progression especially as far as strengthening your units and team are concerned. Godzilla Battle Line offers a missions feature enabling every bit of activity you engage in and every accomplishment you make, equate to various rewards.

With the battle screen practically serving as your home screen, you can access the missions page through the checkbox icon at the upper side of the battle screen. Chances are that you will see an indicator over it most of the time as tons of accomplishments can be easily made most especially at the early part of your adventure. A lot of the missions available are very basic and easy to accomplish. Regardless of that, it is still best to have a good look at each of the mission list to have it serve as your guide towards completing the various objectives. As each objective completed comes with a valuable reward, it is always best to accomplish them sooner than later.

The daily missions stand as the easiest of the bunch and basically serve as the backbone of what your daily routine in the game ought to be. Visiting the store as well as winning matches come as naturally as playing the game so you are certain to accomplish daily missions with relative ease. If, in some cases, winning 3 matches becomes too challenging for you, you can play a short video ad to reroll for a different daily mission. Note that G-stones are rewarded for every daily mission you accomplish. As these are premium currency in the game and is very valuable, you should never pass up on any opportunity to earn more of it.

godzilla battle line missions

Weekly missions in Godzilla Battle Line are not just more challenging feats in your adventure. These objectives often take more effort and time to accomplish as well. Weekly missions usually involve winning a certain number of times in specific arenas, using special moves a certain number of times, or earning victories while having specific units with your team. Weekly missions grant you G-Tokens as rewards and while these are the basic currency, it is very important to keep a good supply of it to keep upgrading your units.

There are also achievements to take on, which very much reflects your milestones across various aspects of the game. Though there are some comparatively easy achievement objectives, some are very specific and take time and effort to clear. As G-Tokens and various expedition maps form part of the rewards you can earn from accomplishing achievement objectives, it is best to read through the entire list and identify the ones you can clear the soonest.

Last, but definitely not the least are special missions. Godzilla Battle Line always hosts time-limited events and these events come packed with a unique set of missions you can accomplish within a limited period of time. The typical missions resemble achievement objectives. Some missions are rather easy but some may require greater effort and perseverance. In any case, be sure to look into the special tab of missions as well especially since they will not be around forever. Target and pursue as many as you can within the time provided to reap the most rewards.

5. Spend Your G-Stones Wisely

As G-Stones are the premium currency in Godzilla Battle Line, you can expect it to be a lot more challenging to earn and save. G-Stones enable you to purchase a lot of items that G-Credit cannot like expedition maps, limited edition offers, and even more G-credits. While both currencies are important to earn and spend wisely, the idea that G-Stones are harder to obtain should prompt you to be more careful and prudent in utilizing them.

You can check the shop in Godzilla Battle Line via its icon on the lower left side of the battle screen. There are plenty of attractive deals to spend your hard-earned G-stones on and given that you will have more than enough G-stones as welcome gifts to purchase any deal from the shop, you may easily be inclined to purchase whatever you can without much thought.

For starters, the expedition maps that raise the chance of picking up Kong certainly is an alluring offer. Expedition maps you obtain from ranked match wins as well as achievements will hardly even give a chance of obtaining Godzilla’s rival turned companion in the recent movie. Note, however, that simply having higher chances of securing a 4-star card is far from guaranteeing that you will. Keep in mind as well that nabbing a 4-star unit does require a lot of good fortune on your side.

Suppose lady luck nods in your favor and you actually manage to obtain a 4-star Kong card, which will only lead to expanding your collection with hardly any impact on your team’s proficiency. Remember that units need extra copies of cards for them to be upgraded and even a 4-star unit, grounded on level 1, will not be as useful in combat. Again, rarities have higher power than their lower grade counterparts at the base level. Once upgrades come into the mix, it becomes a totally different scenario.

godzilla battle line g-stones

You would naturally still be better off with 1-star units upgraded several times than with a 4-star unit that is very challenging to even take to the next level. In contrast, you G-Stones are better saved for emergencies when you need to exchange them for extra G-Credits. This should not be a strict consideration as you can also boost the empowerment of the units you actually have by purchasing other expedition maps.

The common ones that provide 1 to 2-star units lead to a great start but at some point you will have more of the common cards that you will need. Instead, purchase the higher grade expedition maps that give you some chance of also securing higher grade units.

In relation to the shop, you should not only visit it to check items that are for sale. There are freebies you can grab from the shop on a daily basis, and you should make a habit of always claiming them as soon as you log in on the game. Under the “Daily Sale” group, you can obtain 200 G-Credits each day. Below that is a normal expedition map you can grab for free as well. Both freebies only require you to watch a short video ad for you to claim them.

And that concludes our Godzilla Battle Line beginner’s guide. We are hoping to see plenty more content and features to be added to the game in future updates as well as more units to exponentially expand possible team builds and strategies. If you happen to discover your very own tips, cheats and strategies other than the ones we provided, feel free to lob us one or a few down in the comments!