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Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Escape the Clutches of the Repulsive Rabbit

Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 is a horror game developed by Moonbit Studios and is a prequel to their previous title, Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse. You play as Esther, an orphan girl living in Britain who has been having some terrible nightmares. One day, she and her friends find a trio of rather unsettling dolls to play with, and Esther picks the rabbit doll she names Mr. Hopp. Unfortunately, her nightmares start getting worse, and they seem to be bleeding into the real world…

Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 sports a much bigger map than its predecessor, as well as some platforming elements the further you go. In addition, it is not just Mr. Hopp you have to deal with, as he brings along Mr. Stripes and Ms. Bo to help him haunt the orphanage. Can you free yourself and your friends from their clutches?

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dolls

Like the first game, Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 is also available on PC, and the experience is quite different compared to mobile devices, particularly the controls. You may observe that the PC controls appear to be more responsive, though this might just be because the control UI is not taking up a portion of the screen.

Regardless, there does not appear to be any difference between the two versions regarding content and difficulty, so while our guide is for mobile devices, it may help people who prefer to play this game on their computers. Stay with us to learn how to escape from Mr. Hopp!

Setting Up The Scares

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 gameplay

As with the first game, stealth is key to avoid getting caught by Mr. Hopp. The sounds you make can attract unwanted attention, as indicated by a noise meter above your health. Walking generates noise that quickly dissipates; running fills up the meter very quickly; and stepping on toys scattered on the floor instantly maxes out the noise meter.

Depending on where you are, a full noise meter either results in an immediate game over, or simply attracts Mr. Hopp and his friends to your location, giving you some time to run or hide. We will indicate what maximum noise will do throughout the guide. In addition, some places have shelves you can hide in by pressing UP on the directional pad and holding the button until you want to leave.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 invisible

This becomes important in some stages, but is purely optional in others. Some locations have a television where you can watch an ad in exchange for thirty seconds of invisibility, though it is up to you if that buff is needed.

When you first start up the game, you may notice an Extras section that contains unlockable items (which cost coins). These include minigames and alternate costumes for Esther. Coins can be found hidden in out-of-the-way locations, and some of them can only be reached by jumping. The minigames are quite different compared to the main game itself, from platform races to shooters, providing a nice break from the horrors that lurk in the story itself.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 mini-games

The Calm Before The Storm

Your first objective is not much, and consists of playing a game of hide-and-seek with your friends, Molly and Isaac, while the three of you are in the library. The library itself is located in the first floor of the orphanage, under the bedroom. As the day draws to a close, Esther wonders where she left Mr. Hopp, and decides to search for him before going to bed.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hide n seek a
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hide n seek b

This will be your first time dealing with the game’s noise meter, as you will have to carefully sneak out of the bed without waking up the other children. There will be toys scattered around that will increase the noise meter a fair bit if you step on them, so you will have to jump over those toys to reach the door.

Once you reach the door, you can begin searching for Mr. Hopp, who somehow ended up in the orphanage’s kitchen. The kitchen itself is located on the first floor to the right, behind a door in the dining room. However, on your way out, the Orphanage’s administrator Miss Beverley catches you, and sends you off to bed, threatening to lock you in the cellar if she catches you again. As before, avoid the toys as you head back to your bed, and then the real trouble begins.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hopp kitchen

You awaken in a nightmare, alone, in a more dilapidated version of the orphanage: a different layout and spikes and toys scattered on the floors. In order to wake up from this nightmare, you need to collect six medallions, the first of which is down the hallway. Once you pick up the first medallion, Mr. Hopp will start patrolling the halls, showing his grin in open spaces every now and then. If the noise meter is maxed out, Mr. Hopp will come running to your location. If you are out in the open, he will catch you.

Mr. Hopp has a telltale music cue that gets louder the close he is to you, so use that music to know when to safely cross open hallways. The remaining five medallions must be collected in order, each becoming more challenging to collect. Below, we will go through each medallion and what obstacles you will encounter.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 medal a

The second medallion is at the first floor near the lower right corner. Picking this up will spawn individual spikes that periodically burst out of the ground.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 medal b

The third medallion is located at the second floor, in the area between the staircases. Picking this up will spawn hands suspended from the ceiling that will punch the floor before going back up.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 medal c

The fourth medallion is at the first floor, this time at the lower left corner between a door and a ground spike. Picking up this medallion will create swinging axes that cover a large area. These axes can be run under at the peak of their arcs, and you can duck to avoid their blade mid-swing. We recommend waiting until an axe swings in the direction you want to go, to reduce the chances of getting hit. This will be the last set of obstacles unlocked by picking up medallions.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 medal d

The fifth medallion is at the third floor close to the stairs, directly under a suspended hand.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 medal e

The sixth and last medallion is at the second floor close to the stairs leading to the first floor, also under a suspended hand.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 medal f

Once all six medallions have been collected, Mr. Hopp will despawn and another staircase appears at the lower left corner of the first floor. This will lead to a basement with a raging fire.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 fire

To put out the fire, look for the door directly above the basement stairs and head inside. Here you will find a bucket and an optional coin. Pick up the bucket and head to the far corner of the first floor, where the door nearby leads to the bathroom. Head to the sink to fill up the bucket. Now you can put out the basement fire and walk to that strange structure in the middle of the room…

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 bucket
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 sink

Looming Shadows And Looping Scenery

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 awake

Well, at least you are awake. Head out of the bedroom for now.

Esther believes that Molly moved Mr. Hopp to the kitchen when she was not looking, and gets into a squabble that leads to Molly leaving Esther and Isaac. Isaac suggests that Esther should apologize to Molly, so all we have to do is find her. We found her and Isaac in the Library yesterday, so perhaps she might be there. Head downstairs.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 confront

Unfortunately, there is no sign of Molly anywhere in the library; the only person in the library is another orphan named Billy. Billy claims to know where Molly is, but will only tell you if you can get his ball, conveniently located in the off-limits storage room. You can get to the storage room via a door at the far end of the library, close to where you found Molly during your hide-and-seek game.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 billy

Stealth becomes a challenge once again as you sneak around in the forbidden area. Instead of Mr. Hopp, you just have to deal with a matron cleaning up the room, who travels to and fro as she fixes up the place. You can hide behind the boxes by crouching, so wait until she is a good distance away from you and run to the stairs.

Go up the stairs and head left, and you should find two doors close to the end of the hall: one is the storage room which is locked up tight, and the other is Miss Beverley’s unlocked room, which has the storage room key.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 sneak

Miss Beverley’s room consists of two nightstands with a vase on each of them; Miss Beverley will be sitting on a chair and reading a book. The storage room key is on the far end of her room, so you will have to find some way to distract her as you enter and leave. Walk up to the closer nightstand and knock the vase over while you are crouching.

This will make Miss Beverley investigate the noise. As she is picking up the vase, immediately run to the other nightstand and crouch until she is back in her chair and reading. It might be tempting to hide behind her chair, but she will catch you. Once she is reading her book, push the nearby end table that is closer to the key. The key will be hanging from a coat rack. After you have picked up the key, knock over the other nightstand vase and head to the exit as fast as you can.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 vase bev a
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 vase bev b

With the key in hand, unlock the storage room, pick up the ball, and head back to the library. Billy will admit he just wanted you to get his ball back and suggests to look for Molly in the second-floor bedroom to the east. Head to that bedroom, but you will only find Ms. Bo all on her lonesome.

The game directs you to another part of the orphanage, where another girl named Dee talks about whispers and an evil that lurks the halls. After Dee’s omen, head back to Isaac to discover that he has vanished as well. Despite Esther’s concerns, the other matrons insist they are hiding somewhere in the orphanage, and tell Esther to go to bed.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 store ball
mr. hopp's playhouse molly bed
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dee omen

Another nightmare with Mr. Hopp, this time with Mr. Stripes and Ms. Bo, begins. You have to contend with a long, uncovered hallway where Mr. Hopp and company will periodically descend to observe the area. There is no cover, but as long as you stay put, they will not catch you. Noise will still be an issue however, so do not run too much. Head to the opposite end of the hall, and take note of four pedestals placed in the hallway, each with a unique symbol.

At the opposite end of the hall are four more pedestals with identical symbols; one of them should have a vase. Your objective is to place the vase on the matching pedestal, but the vase is quite heavy and Esther cannot jump nor run as she is carrying one around.

On top of this, those moving spike traps from before will appear again, and any damage will cause Esther to drop her current vase, forcing her to head back and get a replacement. Patience is key to getting past this part of the game; luckily the first vase is closest to the exit. Once all four vases have been placed, you can leave the hallway.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 vase puzzle a
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 vase puzzle b
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 vase puzzle c

This part of the game is, thankfully, a lot easier, but no less unsettling. It consists of a different hallway that loops each time you reach the exit, including disturbing changes to the scenery with each pass as Mr. Hopp torments Esther. Eventually, the end of the loop will have a shadowy copy of Esther and the three cursed dolls. Walk towards it, and you will hear the whispers of Molly and Isaac begging you to save them.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 loop start
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 loop lady
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 loop teeth

A Night Rescue, But For Whom?

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 whispers

Molly and Isaac’s pleas wake Esther up in the middle of the night, and the game directs you to follow their whispers. Some of the matrons are awake making their rounds, so you will have to avoid getting caught by them. At this point, the shelves you can hide in come into play as you can stay in them while a matron passes by.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 matron hide

The whispers are located in a bedroom on the third floor, but there is a matron guarding that bedroom door who will not budge. Before heading upstairs, look for an open door close to your bedroom to find a phonograph and a loose vinyl record. Pick up the record and bring it to the third floor. Go away from the bedroom to another phonograph and a shelf. Place the record on the phonograph then hide in the shelf, and wait for the guarding matron to remove the record and travel elsewhere on the floor.

Once you reach the bedroom, you learn that Molly and Isaac are locked in the closet and the key is all the way in Miss Beverley’s room. This means that you will have to go all the way back to the library, avoiding the matrons the whole way. Thankfully, the matron who guarded the bedroom will not go back to her post, so that is one less thing to deal with.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 record
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 closet lock

Once you have the key, go back to the bedroom and unlock the closet to find Molly and Isaac. Unfortunately, Miss Beverley catches Esther and makes good on her promise by bringing her to the cellar.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 closet key
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 esther and beverley

As Miss Beverley lectures Esther and completely ignores Esther’s concerns, Mr. Hopp silences Miss Beverley quite suddenly and she drops the key to Esther’s cage in the process.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 cellar
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hopp punch

To reach for the key, look for some loose pipes on the wall, and jump to grab one of the pipes. Esther will use the pipe to reach for the key and unlock the cage. Unfortunately, the door she and Miss Beverley entered is inexplicably locked, so you will have to travel deeper into the cellar to find the elevator. Unfortunately, this has been under repair since the start of the game but is your only option right now.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 key and pipe
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 cellar lock

In the cellar, noise should not be that much of an issue, but your biggest challenge here will be platforming. Aside from bottomless pits, there will be black hands that can be used as platforms. Take note that these hands will grab you if you are on them when they close up, dragging you to the darkness below. Other than the scares, there is nothing else to deal with. Your current goal is to get to the elevator all the way on the other side of the cellar.

After some jumping, you will find the elevator as well as a nearby door. The elevator’s power box is too high to interact with, but there is a pushable crate you can use to reach it. Towards the end of the cellar is a locked nightstand, with Mr. Hopp sitting on a nearby box. It is a trap!

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hand platforms
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 elevator
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hopp trap

As soon as Mr. Hopp falls from his box, immediately run left and get to the door near the elevator before he catches you. He will give up as soon as you enter the door.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 safe door

The door leads to a room with three hand platforms and a couple of key items on the other side. Navigate the platforms to get these items: a crowbar resting on a nightstand and a note atop a couple of barrels which can be reached by a pushable crate. Head back to the elevator and use the crowbar on the locked nightstand outside to find a key.

Retrieve the key and head back to the elevator power box, pushing the crate to reach it. The power box needs a four-digit code (from the note you retrieved) and a key. Enter the code and insert the key to start up the elevator.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 note n bar
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 power box

Alas, Esther’s repairs are only a partial fix, and the elevator stops partway. You will have to climb over some loose bricks in the elevator shaft to get to the first floor. Thank goodness Esther does not take fall damage.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 elevator off
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 shaft bricks

Facing Your Fears

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 elevator exit

Back in the orphanage, Esther thinks this whole day is just a nightmare and decides to go to bed; head back to your bedroom. The matrons patrolling the halls have vanished, and once you reach the bedroom you will notice that all the kids are gone as well. The moment you reach your bed, hands will burst out of the floor, and the door leading outside is blocked by a spike.

Your objective here is to survive as the hands punch through the floor, avoiding them and the holes they make. The hands will generally follow wherever Esther moves, so do not run around the bedroom or else the holes will be spread out and harder to jump over.

Instead, walk slowly and only move out of the way as the cracks in the floor show up, allowing the hands to appear in existing holes, making it easier for you to maneuver. After enough time has passed, the hands and the holes they have made will vanish, and the spike blocking the door will disappear as well.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 bedroom

As Esther leaves the bedroom, she will hear Dee calling for her, beckoning her to the library. Get there as quickly as possible. Once you get to Dee, she says she knows a way to stop Mr. Hopp. All she will need are nine candles, some salt, some sage, and a trinket from the second-floor bedroom Billy told you to look through before. Once you leave the library, Mr. Hopp and his friends will start patrolling the orphanage floors, and the obstacles from the first nightmare will appear once more.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dee ritual

At this part of the game, noise once again becomes a concern. Each doll patrols a specific floor: Ms. Bo guards the first floor, Mr. Stripes patrols the second floor, and Mr. Hopp himself is at the third floor. The dolls have very good vision and hearing, spotting you a good distance away. Thankfully though, the game gives you indicators when one of the dolls spots you. Either their relevant icon start flashing once they have spotted you or each doll’s unique tune plays the closer you are to them.

If any of these indicators occur, find a nearby shelf and hide because the dolls run (or in Ms. Bo’s case, roll) faster than you can. Keep Esther hidden until they eventually give up the chase and continue patrolling. They will not follow you to different floors so going up or down staircases can also be used to hide, though you might end up in the clutches of another doll.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dee trinket

The salt and sage are both found in the kitchen, and Dee told you where to find the trinket. All that is left to find are the candles, which can be found in any order unlike the medallions. Their locations are revealed below, arranged by floor:

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dee salt
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dee sage

First Floor Candles

The first candle is found closest to the library, on a shelf close to the elevator.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle a

The second candle is on a nightstand, close to the dining room.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle b

The third candle is at the far end of the first floor, resting on a chair next to the fireplace.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle c

Second Floor Candles

The fourth candle is on a coffee table, a short distance away from your bedroom.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle d

The fifth candle is on a nightstand, close to a flight of stairs leading to the third floor.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle e

The sixth candle is on a nightstand, close to another flight of stairs to the third floor, with the closest “landmark” being a rising spike trap.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle f

Third Floor Candles

The seventh candle is on the same nightstand where the phonograph was.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle g

The eighth candle is on a coffee table, around the middle of the orphanage.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle h

The ninth and last candle is on a shelf close to a flight of stairs, which also leads to the sixth candle we mentioned earlier.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 candle i

Once you have all the items, return to the library and bring them to Dee. Unfortunately, as soon as the ritual begins, Dee is revealed to be possessed by the dolls and tries to stab Esther with the trinket. Quickly tap the interact button to survive the attack…

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 dee possess

…and find yourself in another house.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 ruby bed

In case you are wondering why this house looks familiar, it is because this is the house from the first Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse, seemingly transporting Esther to the future.

After you leave your (or rather, Ruby’s) bedroom, you need to search for three keys, while Mr. Hopp prowls the hallways. This is essentially like the medallion hunt from the start of the game, where the order of collecting is important. The keys’ locations are as follows:

The first key is at the second floor, resting on some shelves under a mirror around the middle of the house.

mr.  hopp's playhouse 2 ruby key a

The second key is on a nightstand in the third floor, at the upper right corner.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 ruby key b

The third key is on the couch in the first floor, also around the middle of the house. Though you could hide behind it in the first game, it does NOT work here, so work fast and make sure Mr. Hopp is not nearby.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 ruby key c

After collecting all three keys, head to the door in the lower left corner of the house in the first floor, and go to the far end of the kitchen and try to unlock a door. You will encounter a shadowy copy of Esther near the refrigerator. You have to find the shadow in three spots around the house, some of which are out in the open:

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 ruby shadow

The shadow will first appear at the couch in the first floor, the same place you found one of the keys. As before, watch out for Mr. Hopp.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 shadow a

The shadow’s second location is at an open hallway in the third floor.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 shadow b

The shadow’s third location is at a door in the first floor, all the way in the lower right corner of the house.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 shadow c

After the third encounter, you will have one more scene with the shadow as Mr. Hopp continues to torment Esther.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hell

After that, you will find yourself back at the orphanage where Esther tries to stand her ground against the shadow. Alas, an even bigger monster appears, and your only option is to run. Leave the bedroom, and it is a (sort of) straight line to safety, as there will be hands that you will have to jump over to avoid getting caught by the monster.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 big monster
mr. hopp's playhouse 2 monster run

We finally reach the exit and beat the game, but what about all the kids and matrons Mr. Hopp has taken? How do we rescue them? Well, we did another playthrough and discovered other ways to get a better ending.

Leaving No One Behind

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 secret medal

After your first brush with the six medallions at the start of the game, you may occasionally find them in later levels, placed in out-of-the-way areas. In our example, we found one medallion in the cellar, in the same place we found the locked nightstand and Mr. Hopp on the nearby box.

You can get to it by pushing the crate in the direction of the boxes and interacting with it. Based on the design seen on that medallion, as well as the order in which they were found the first time, we already missed quite a few of them in previous levels.

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 special stage

Touching the medallion will take you to a special stage where you have to survive the allotted time or reach the goal before time runs out. In our case, the cellar medallion’s stage had us jumping across hand platforms to reach the other side. These hands will not grab you, but they will disappear after stepping on them.

You have to move quickly to reach the other side, and it was quite challenging due to the controls. We are not entirely sure about the stages of the other medallions, but we are guessing these are just as tricky to complete. Perhaps finding all six stages might change how Esther deals with Mr. Hopp?

mr. hopp's playhouse 2 hopp end

And that concludes our walkthrough for Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2! We hope that you enjoy the game once you decide to give it a shot. If you guys have any tips and suggestions, let us know in the comment section below! Good luck and game on!

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