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Zoo 2: Animal Park Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Take Care of Your Animals and Expand Your Zoo

Remember the times you’d go to zoos if you’ve ever been in them? It’s a treat for the senses — the sight of all sorts of animals in different hues and shapes and sizes, the various sounds they make crying out in their new homes in captivity, the touch of the fur or the skin of some of the animals you were allowed to pet, and their wild scents just permeating the premises be they good or bad. There are even places to eat, souvenir shops, and people who keep these animals safe and in good condition.

Though, have you ever wondered what it must’ve been like to work in a zoo? You might think long hours, tons of training, and lots to do. You get up early in the morning to check on how the animals are doing, feed them their meals if you’re in charge of those, clean them or their enclosures, prepare for animal shows if there are any, and many others. This game guide tackles that aspect of the zoo minus the stress! Introducing: Zoo 2: Animal Park.

zoo 2 animal park letter
Only you can make Great Aunt Josephine’s dreams continue to flourish!

From the creators of Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo, upjers GmbH graces us once again with another satisfying, easygoing park manager-type game. Zoo 2 allows players to manage a zoo filled with all kinds of animals (with more coming every update!) each in their own enclosures and decor. But the animals aren’t just the only things the visitors come here for.

This Zoo 2: Animal Park guide will teach you how to tackle different ways to manage your zoo in a most efficient and effective manner without missing a beat. If you’re here and ready to get your hands dirty by maintaining a zoo, its facilities, and the animals that live within it, then read on and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master zoo director!

1. Follow The Quests To Progress

zoo 2 animal park quests
Let these be your guide.

You’d hate to be in this position — you whip the game out and start cleaning your enclosures and pathways. You proceed to feed the animals, take your earnings from the stalls, and water any of your wilted plants. You put the game down and you might have not accomplished much. So, what is a zoo’s mission without a vision? What objectives are to be had? What are you running your zoo for? This is why following your quests is important.

Quests offer monetary compensation as well as EXP rewards. Occasionally, quests even give you new animals or tools to work with. If you can’t complete a quest in one go, you can at least work toward it slowly. Some quests that operate in this nature are the likes of decoration quests, expansion quests, and animal quests.

As you play the game, you will encounter quests that involve getting new animals. For sure, these are the main attractions of your zoo; it’s a zoo, after all. What good is a zoo if it only has a limited number of animals?

2. Prioritize Getting New Animals

zoo 2 animal park animal crate
It’s just a panda! Relax, grandpa!

It’s a fact that nobody on the face of the Earth can’t deny: zoos attract people through the animals in them. If you have just the same animals in your zoo, what’s the point of having a zoo at all? If you feel like your guest count is stagnating, it’s time to get newer animals.

More animals offers more EXP and it gives your zoo a chance to grow aesthetically as well. Not only will visitors come in to throw more money at the admissions booth, the zoo can be beautified even more because each enclosure has its own set of decor and entertainment for the animals. It’s always the little things that count!

Be sure to keep these clean every time you log back in. No visitor would wanna see a bunch of dirty enclosures. Along with that, make sure you toss in their feed so they generate EXP as well (and in reality, not die of starvation).

While feeding them can be fun, it can also become a chore, especially when you have a ton of animals in your zoo. There’s a way you can fix this, and you’ll generate more EXP, to boot.

3. Use Troughs, Entertainment, And Others In Enclosures

zoo 2 animal park watering hole
Keep ’em fresh.

Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they should eat stuff off of the ground. They’re in captivity now, and most importantly, they’re in your care. So why don’t you make feeding fun for them by putting troughs in their enclosures?

Troughs are like the buffets of the zoo. If you’re among the animals dwelling in the enclosures, troughs are all-you-can-eat 24/7, they’re free, and the chefs behind the dishes are also the ones who take care of you. What more can you ask for? These help the animals generate more EXP faster and will keep them fed for much longer periods of time. They can be expensive to install, but they’re all worth it in the long run.

To boost your EXP gain, the best thing to compliment a trough is animal entertainment. These come in the form of logs they can hide in, ropes they can swing from, balancing beams, and many more. These also add to the EXP you gain pet enclosure. Just like troughs, these are also expensive, but do try to make it a point that each of your enclosures has both items in them.

Adding to this is the Watering Hole. Watering holes keep enclosures clean whilst present. They also store EXP, so using them after they’ve stored enough should also help you advance through your level  a little.

We’ve covered how to gain EXP more quickly so far, but how can you attract guests much quicker?

4. Decorate Everything

zoo 2 animal park green thumbs
Oh gramps. Only wanting to impress that baroness…

Nobody will want to visit that looks drab and unfriendly. If its pathways look lifeless and unnatural, or if its enclosures look barren and boring, you won’t be attracting visitors. If that’s what’s happening to you, now is the perfect time to start decorating.

Flowers add color and give the zoo a more lively look to it. You can even arrange these bunches in different patterns of your choosing. Aside from that, putting lamps and benches are a nice way to show your guests that they can rest anywhere there is a bench if they please and that you’ll be open up to the evening.

In animal enclosures, add decor there to make the animals feel more at home in a place that feels like their natural habitat. Visitors will definitely want to see animals that look happy and comfortable, so more of them will definitely come round to gather at the enclosures.

Naturally, more visitors means more money. But sometimes, your cash registers might not be able to hold it all.

5. Upgrade What You Can

zoo 2 animal park admissions booth
The source of most of your income.

Cash registers have a finite capacity! Crazy, we know. But this should be incentive enough for you to upgrade them. There’s no way you’ll earn any more if you just leave them there.

If you want any stall to earn more from sales, give it an upgrade. It may take slightly longer for it to fill up with cash, but the moment it’s full, it’ll definitely have more yield than the last time. Primarily, you should be upgrading your admissions booth since the time in the zoo is what visitors come to pay for.

Having more visitors does come at a price, though, and that price is having more trash littered about. This can happen to you if you don’t have enough trash cans. It’s true that cleaning the zoo up takes time and may take forever if your zoo is large, but how about the times when you aren’t playing the game?

You can avoid coming back to a mountain of trash by following the next step…

6. Hire Zoo Staff When Able

zoo 2 animal park zoo staff
They do the cleaning, the steaming, the shaking, the baking, the pooping, the scooping…

A zoo is a huge facility that can take its toll on but a single person running it. They have to account for a lot of things on their own. Even if this is a game, handling the zoo on your own can get quite difficult and that’s why it’s important to hire zoo staff when you have enough gems.

You are initially given a free trial of them being there. After building some staff housing, your new team will be ready to do their jobs for your zoo for a week! Depending on their job, zoo staff will be in charge of maintaining your zoo while you’re away. These staff members will start at garbage collection, animal maintenance, and gardening.

However, just because you have hired staff doesn’t mean that all of your problems in the zoo will disappear. You may still have to do all these things yourself as the staff can be overrun. Sure, future contracts with zoo staff may cost gems, but trust us that it’s all worth it.

There are many ways you can run your zoo with a team, but did you know that you can run it with friends?

7. Make Friends And Help Them Out

zoo 2 animal park friends
The more, the merrier!

Zoo 2 doesn’t have to be a single-player game, you can make friends with other zookeepers from all over the world. Simply befriending them already grants both of you perks since they can give you puzzle pieces for more items after helping you out.

That’s right, much like Dinosaur Park, Zoo 2 has its share of helping your fellow zookeepers by solving problems that have arisen in their own zoos. Below is a list of the possible tasks given to you when you choose to help a friend:

Crows In Enclosures

zoo 2 animal park crow

It appears that crows have swooped in on your friend’s zoo and begun to eat the food of their animals! This task is probably the easiest one of the lot. To find any of the crows and shoo them off, simply look at any of your friend’s animal enclosures. The crows are not moving, akin to stickers rather than 3D animal models. Tap them a few times until they disappear. Repeat this until all the crows are gone.

Escaped Animals

zoo 2 animal park escaped animals
Lion, cheetah, seal: the worst offenders of the animal kingdom!

This is possibly every zookeeper’s worst nightmare. This task is simple but tricky depending on the animals involved. Some animals will move slowly while others are quite quick, so catching them with the net can be difficult if you aren’t fast enough. Drag the net from the lower right portion of the screen and swipe it at the escaped animals to capture them. If there are many of them at once on screen, you can drag the net over all of them to catch them in quick succession.

Sad Children

zoo 2 animal park children
Here’s a balloon, kid.

This one is the most difficult task of the three. Some kids may have lost their way through the zoo. Keep them calm before their parents come to find them by giving them balloons! Each child may be stuck in different nooks and crannies around the zoo, so zooming in while scanning the zoo will be your best way to begin. One tip to spot a crying child is to look out for their tears since they’re quite animated. Once you have located the child successfully, drag a balloon from the lower right corner of the screen and give it to them. Do this until all children are happy and still.

zoo 2 animal park friendship chest

Helping your friends will eventually earn you a Friendship Chest. Friendship Chests may contain rare puzzle pieces for your collection and thus, helping your friends is the best way to earn different new items for your zoo

You might be wondering at this point: “what are puzzle pieces and what purposes do they serve?” Let us answer that question for you in the next item.

8. Save And Collect Puzzle Pieces

zoo 2 animal park puzzle pieces

Puzzle pieces are like shards in a gacha game. What we mean by this is that they are fragments of a whole item that can be combined later on to unlock said whole item. In Zoo 2, you will be receiving puzzle pieces here and there for different items ranging from decor to new animals. Anything can be unlocked as long as you have the fragments for it!

zoo 2 animal park prize wheel

Collecting puzzle pieces can be done in a variety of ways. Most of the time, you will get these from friends and sometimes, you can get them by spinning the prize wheel. Each item has a set number of puzzle pieces required to unlock it. After receiving the required number of pieces, you have a new item ready for use.

You can get a ton of items this way. However, putting them in your zoo could prove to be challenging since space would become an issue if you haven’t expanded.

9. Consider An Efficient Layout For Your Zoo

zoo 2 animal park layout
Fun for the whole ecosystem!

You now have a lot of enclosures, animals, stalls, flowers, lanterns, and more but your zoo almost looks like a mess. Is there a better way to water all the plants in one go or collect money from the registers in a more seamless manner?

Yes, there is! All you need to do is try to give your zoo a more efficient layout. Here are a couple of things you should consider:

  • Keep administrative buildings outside the zoo itself, right before the admissions booth.
  • Create a space for people to walk around or rest in. Give it bathrooms, too.
  • Keep bathrooms and trash bins everywhere around the zoo itself.
  • Put stalls next to each other, preferably in the people’s space.
  • Stick animal enclosures together to save space.

There are many more ways to achieve this. Of course, this all depends on your creativity. The one thing you cannot move is the admissions booth.

Don’t forget to collect coins from the admissions booth every now and then. You can also watch ads to increase your profits earned from that one tap.

10. Ads Are Your Friends

zoo 2 animal park ad activation
Don’t be shy and give them a try!

Ads can be seen as a nuisance, but Zoo 2 gives you extra cash every time you choose to watch an ad. Never miss out on this opportunity since the extra money earned could get you that new animal you’ve been saving up for all this time.

Consider it a break from playing the game as well. Take some time off of managing the zoo by appreciating the sponsors of the game. You’ll get far solely by earning more from the admissions booth through watching ads.

And that’s a wrap for Zoo 2: Animal Park! With your newfound knowledge, you’ll be sure to keep your new zoo safe and clean for both guests and animals. Have fun!

Was there anything we missed or do you have ideas you wanna share with us? Leave us something in the comment section below!