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Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Manage Your Dinosaur Park

Ever wanted your own personal dinosaur? It all started with the breakthrough of dinosaurs showing up in all sorts of media; be it movies, video games, comic books, cartoons, or children’s programs, they’ve gained their iconic status overtime. Today, dinosaurs continue to proliferate their presence in the mobile gaming landscape. One such entry in the Google Play Store that shows great passion for dinosaurs is Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo.

dinosaur park primeval zoo permafrost
This is where it all begins…

Created by upjers GmbH, a developer known for their multiple collection/management simulators, Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo offers you the experience of owning and managing your very own menagerie of menacing, minute, and marvelous dinos. While keeping your dinosaurs fed and entertained is one thing, keeping up with expenses and your quests are another. Despite the game having the word “park” in its title, a walk in the park this game is not. But that’s why we’re here to help you.

If you’re looking for an effective way to manage your park better, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on and check out our Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo guide and we will tell you how to keep your dinosaurs in their enclosures and prevent anything from Jurassic Park from happening. All you need to know is written below!

1. Save Your Ammonites

dinosaur park primeval zoo ammonite expansion
Don’t do it, man!

Like most mobile games today, Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo has its own form of premium currency. This currency is in the form of the shiny, cyan-shaded shells (say that one ten times fast!) called Ammonites. These Ammonites are quite elusive and quite difficult to earn. For perspective, only some quests in-game reward you with Ammonites.

We recommend that you save these Ammonites and avoid spending them on the following:

  • Building speed-ups
  • Extra gold
  • Expansions
  • Completing DNA pieces
  • Decor

The reasoning behind this is because the expense on the Ammonites will pile up over time. So it’s recommended that you just save up for that one rare dinosaur for sale or, if you’re up for the challenge, upgrading your admissions booth (the first upgrade costs 500 Ammonites!). The dinosaurs should be the main attraction of your park and you’ll definitely rake in more visitors as you get more of them.

2. Spend Mostly On Dinosaurs, Enclosures, And Shops

dinosaur park primeval zoo dilophosaurus
Worth every penny!

As a cardinal rule to this guide, gaining visitors should be your primary objective to having a better park. Visitors bring money with them and with money, you’ll certainly be able to make all kinds of improvements to the enclosures and shops within. In other words, visitors are the lifeblood of your zoo, so keep ’em coming!

Of course, no visitor will wanna visit a barebones park with only two species of dinosaurs, thus it is best to attract more people by bringing in more dinosaurs. The enclosures and dinosaurs are sold separately making for double expense, but don’t worry; the return will be all the more worth it. While flowers and decor certainly help in bringing in more visitors, spending on all these small things might be counterintuitive but we aren’t saying that flowers and decor don’t help. Unless a quest tells you to decorate your park, keep your decor at a minimum.

Treasure boxes may seem tempting, but only spend on these if you have extra. The additional 1000 plus coins you use to spend for the box could go to something else and sometimes the worst feeling you could have is to be short of an amount you just spent.

Lastly, putting up shops all over your park should help with earning extra. The returns on these might be little as well, but they will most certainly help your finances when you’re in a pinch. Give them a try!

3. Keep Your Park Clean

dinosaur park primeval zoo overrun
Where is the park?

Much like in real life, it pays to keep your place clean. Literally in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo’s case!

Let’s face it: a messy park, room, restaurant, what have you is nothing pretty to look at. It will smell, it’s unsightly, it’s probably got tripping hazards, too. This strongly applies to your park here in this game. More trash means less visitors, so when you get back on after logging out, sweep up everything (including the dinosaurs’ enclosures). If that’s too much for you, invest in some trash cans or hire a janitor (more on this later) so your burden will be greatly lessened. You might still be required to do some cleaning on your own, however.

4. Complete Your Quests

dinosaur park primeval zoo questline
The road is long and winding.

A lot of mobile games have a quest system. These quest systems serve as a guide for a player’s progress. Without these, the player may feel lost or unfulfilled while they play the game. This will eventually lead to players getting tired of the game easily.

Thankfully for Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo, the quest line is quite long and challenging. You’ll be faced with tasks that actually help you improve your park. Some of these quests involve gaining a certain number of visitors, erecting new structures within the park, planting a set number of flowers, etc.

As you progress through each quest in the game, you will be greeted with newer, tougher challenges that involve the purchase of bigger, more imposing dinosaurs, better equipment, etc. While each of these newer objectives may be overwhelming at first, the game allows you to take as long as you need in expanding your zoo. It gives you that feeling of accomplishment after completing every objective. With each objective finished, you’ll actually notice how beautiful your park had already become.

5. Hire Park Staff

dinosaur park primeval zoo staff
Meet the team!

Every time you login, you’ll have to do cleaning, feeding, watering, and more. Sure, it may feel fun and rewarding, but there will be times you’ll want it all to be over and done with. This is where hiring staff members comes in.

Park staff help you in keeping the visitor count high. After a certain level, you will be prompted to build staff housing. For a fixed duration (the first week is free), you will be given a janitor, a gardener, and a dinosaur keeper. The janitor picks up any litter off of the floor, the gardener makes sure the plants are watered, and the dinosaur keeper cleans out dinosaur enclosures and entertains the dinos. Their convenience is expensive, and this is where we recommend you to spend your Ammonites on.

While the costs may seem intimidating at first, you will save more time if you keep the visitors coming to your pristine park. In turn, you’ll be able to make more improvements with your hard-earned cash.

6. Dissolve DNA Pieces Into Amber

dinosaur park primeval zoo dna
Beautiful samples waiting to be completed!

Because Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is partly like a gacha game with its share of treasure boxes, it’s bound to have a shard system. These shards, otherwise called DNA Pieces, allow you to easily unlock items, dinosaurs, and more even if you aren’t at the required level yet. Collecting the required amount of duplicates will allow you to put the item in your park. Earning these early will give you a juicy visitor boost since these are normally given to you at higher levels.

Whenever you receive DNA pieces as a reward, you have the option to dissolve them into Amber. Amber is used to complete these items, but they require more than just three or four, and instead require 20 or even 500. If there are items you believe you don’t need at the moment, dissolve them into Amber and use it all on that one item or dinosaur you’ve wanted.

7. Breed Dinosaurs

dinosaur park primeval zoo breeding progress
Here come the babies!

Eventually, you’ll start to realize that getting new dinos on their own is quite expensive. The easier, more fun way (especially to attract visitors) is by breeding dinos together. At a certain level, you will unlock the breeding center. This building will allow you to make two dinosaurs breed, with a chance of producing offspring. You will, however, require a nesting ground in the enclosure of the dinosaurs of your choice, and in some cases, this nesting ground might need some leveling up depending on the species of dinosaur. This may seem more expensive than actually buying a new dinosaur, but your expenses in the breeding process will be so much cheaper that you’ll rely on this more than scouring the dino market.

dinosaur park primeval zoo breeding requirements

Once you have fulfilled the breeding requirements, hit that button and hope that the breeding is a success. You can still increase the chance of success by paying a small fee and you can also use your Ammonites to make the breeding successful entirely but we only recommend the latter for rarer dinosaurs. The new baby dino will be sure to bring more guests into your park!

8. Make Friends And Help Them Out

dinosaur park primeval zoo friend quest
You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

Never limit yourself to playing alone. Befriending other zoo keepers will not only make your experience an enjoyable one, but it gives you the benefit of unlocking friendship chests.

dinosaur park primeval zoo friendship chest

Friendship chests are a special kind of treasure chest that rewards you with DNA pieces. Consider it like an actual treasure chest but it comes for free every time you help 10 of your friends. How can you beat that?

But helping your friends will require you to perform some special tasks. If you struggle in doing these, here’s a mini guide below!

  • Archaeopteryx Task
dinosaur park primeval zoo archaeopteryxes

The best way to complete this task is to look at your friends’ enclosures and only those. You will notice that some small dinosaurs are shining; these are the Archaeopteryxes. If you constantly tap them, they will be shooed. Do this until the requirements bar is filled.

  • Balloon Task
dinosaur park primeval zoo balloons

This one is admittedly one of the trickier ones. The children are tiny, so you will have to scrutinize every nook and cranny of your friend’s park. If you zoom in and rotate the camera (you can do this by pinching the screen and turning your fingers on it), you should be able to find them, especially if they’re behind walls. If you’ve found the children, drag the balloon from the lower portion of the screen to them. Do this until you’ve completed the task.

  • Fossil Task
dinosaur park primeval zoo fossils

Much like the balloon task, this one could be difficult. Because the dig sites are not highlighted or animated, you may have to look along the dirt paths of your friend’s park. Once you’ve located a dig site, tap it until you’ve dug up the fossil. Repeat until you’ve found them all.

  • Escaped Dino Task
dinosaur park primeval zoo escape

This one is possibly the easiest one of them all. The dinosaurs that are not in the enclosures are the escaped ones. Dragging the net you have at the bottom of the screen and swiping it at the escaped dinos should quickly capture them. You can sweep the net over multiple dinosaurs at a time. Find them all and you should be done with the task.

9. Consider A Productive Park Layout

dinosaur park primeval zoo new park layout

Is your park cluttered? Does it have no semblance of order? Don’t worry, we can give you some ideas on how to fix this.

Because there are multiple factors that contribute to the “clutter” of a park (i.e. misplaced trash bins, mismatched flowers, etc.), this next tip will talk about different facilities separately.

  • Administrative Buildings – Buildings like the staff house or the breeding center can be situated near the entrance of the park. For instance, because the breeding center is so big, we opted to put this one outside the park itself.
  • Food Stalls – Keep these in a nice, neat line anywhere near the entrance. It might be boring, but it’ll save you the time of scouring your entire park for these when you need to empty the registers.
  • Trash Bins – These could be the ones scattered about. Primarily, these trash bins should be near the food stalls and bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms – Your bathrooms should mostly be placed near your administrative buildings or food stalls. These can be the high-quality ones. The plain Wooden Bathrooms can be scattered around the park much like the trash bins.
  • Recreational Decor – Items like the Barbecue Pit or benches should be placed near the entrance. If you prefer this to be in a more isolated area within the park, this could work as well. Benches can be arranged at a designated rest area or it can be scattered around the park as well.
  • Flowers – Flowers look pretty when they’re bunched up together. Dedicate an area to a flowerbed. You won’t have to worry much about taking up space for enclosures!
  • Dinosaur Enclosures – Sticking enclosures together is a massive space-saver. It might not look pretty, but at least you’ll have even more space than before. This will also save you the trouble of moving from enclosure to enclosure when you have to clean them out or feed the dinos. Don’t forget to put roads nearby; the dinosaurs are why you have visitors in the first place!

10. Does Waiting Take Forever? Try This!

dinosaur park primeval zoo speedup
An hour can be long, but there are longer waiting times.

Waiting is a big part of Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo. You will be waiting hours for structures to be built, for money to gather, and for many other things to complete. You’ve probably helped all your friends and you’ve nothing left to do. So instead of spending Ammonites to speed things up, you can try our suggestions below.

Simply putting the game down and taking a break will help. When you come back, whatever you might’ve been waiting for should be completed. If that doesn’t help, try playing another game before coming back to this one. The key here is to kill time so you can get the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Got anymore tips for Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo? Did we miss anything important? Drop us a line in the comment section below!


Saturday 16th of April 2022

I am loving this however I Just spend 29 ammonites to speed complete a breeding and it still failed what a waste including the money as well. Just a little disappointed but still love the game. It was so hard to get those ammonites though.


Wednesday 16th of February 2022

I'm getting to 43 level, there is definitely no more joining land I can buy with only money. All of them require ammonites but like big amounts (starting around 60 I think). I know I can earn free ammonites through the watching videos but that will take like forever to be able to buy one land !!! There s only one land that s gonna be unlocked at level 43 tell me it's a one I can buy with money. I have no problem with waiting as long as waiting is one or two days, not 30 days ... So if there is no way I can get more land, I will quit but am really enjoying the game. I have dino and enclosures waiting but really no more land available (have really thought it through).


Sunday 13th of February 2022

Helping friends - there is a fast and easy way to help friends. You do not have to search the park for the sad children, loose Dino’s or dig sites ect. Unless you just want to see the parks layout for ideas or to admire, you can tap on the left icon at the bottom of the screen that shows the item they want you to find. Once you tap on that “sad child” or “ loose Dino” icon, the game will drag you directly to the item in the zoo. Once you give the child the ballon or drag the net over the wandering Dino…whatever the case may be…tap the icon again and it will go directly to the next item..and repeat! This will allow you to quickly finish all tasks and move on to the next friend in need :)


Saturday 5th of February 2022

How do you increase the size of an enclosure?


Sunday 13th of February 2022

@George, If you tap on the enclosure an options screen will open. On the left side, the third icon down, you will see an expansion icon. It looks like a diamond with four little pyramids around it. As long as there is open space in the grass surrounding your enclosure you can click on that icon and it will expand a small square area. Each enclosure costs differently to expand. When it presents the enclosure space option you can tap a different open grass area if you would like to move the presented expansion. Once you have the spot you prefer you can agree to payment amount and your expansion will become permanent.

sage mercado

Saturday 11th of December 2021

you should add how to get fossil dig sites because I got one but I dont know how to get the rest


Sunday 13th of February 2022

@sage mercado, The fossil dig sites seem to only be a available for purchase with game coins and ammonites when an active challenge is in effect. There is a tab under decorations during this time. Once the challenge is over the tab disappears but will come back under future dig challenges.