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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Tier List: The Best Monsters and Spells in the Game

Welcome to our Summoners War: Lost Centuria tier list. Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a realtime RPG-style strategy game. You command a formation of characters and give them orders according to which of their cards are in your hand, similar to games like RAID: Shadow Legend and Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Unlike those two though, this game has a Counter-attack system, which allows you to essentially butt into the enemy’s attacks with one of your own. This results in what feels like early-match high noon showdowns followed by rapid, eye-twitching, nerve-wracking action as soon as someone fires their first skill.

There are loads of characters and spell cards in this game, and it can be tough figuring out what units to gun for. Honestly, the fact it’s so hard to pick out who are the best cards is a good sign that the game is balanced. That being said, there ARE some cards that stand out among the others, either for their power, utility, or their ability to pair with certain other cards to make utterly devastating combos. We’re here to take a look at that and list them down.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Monsters Tier List

The cards Summoners War: Lost Centuria so harshly calls Monsters are your main bread and butter characters. They represent your force in the battle screen. You must level them up, equip them properly with runes and skill stones, and arrange them in your team in such a way that they play to each others’ strengths.

S Tier – Amazing

These cards are what you’ll find in battle most often, for good reason. They tend to be highly effective, either being totally safe picks or having very deadly synergies. Some of them so deadly in fact that if it weren’t for such teamwork, some of these cards would be in the lower tiers!


Wind, Tank, Front-range Damage, Conditional DEF Penetration

copper summoners war

Not only is he a tank, his skill is powered up by his defense. This makes him a tank that also hits hard. Best of all, if his defense is 50% higher than his target, his attack will ignore defense. This makes him a grievous threat against teams that rely heavily on glass cannons. As soon as he catches sight of your squishy damage dealers, he’ll paint the road with their faces.

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If you want him dead, put your damage dealers where he can’t reach them and either snipe him down with defense-ignoring attacks, or slap him with DEF Downs and put on some DEF Ups so he doesn’t start ignoring YOUR defense. Copper pairs very well with Shannon, since she is the cheapest way to reliably activate his DEF penetration attack.


Water, Front-Range Damage, Self-Shield

lapis summoners war

One of the harder hitting frontline range damage dealers, Lapis is pretty good at turning fights around with her shield. Ostensibly she’s a bit of a glass cannon, but her high ATK mixed with her ability to generate a shield based on how much damage she deals makes her a very useful tank as long as you remember to use her. The more enemies she hits, the more overall damage she does, and the bigger her shield gets.

This makes her very strong against a 4-enemy line even if they’re at full health and she’s relatively dinged up and alone, but ironically she has a rougher time dealing with two enemies at full health under the same circumstances.


Fire, All-Range Damage Over Time

baretta summoners war

This guy is the definition of boring but practical. His skill? Set the entire enemy team on fire for a fairly average 4 mana. While the damage of the initial blow isn’t anything to write home about, it and the flame damage accumulates noticeably over the course of the match.

Especially if he’s been there a while because you put him in the back line. If the enemy is half dead while your guys are only slightly dinged after both your frontlines have collapsed, then he’s done his job.


Water, High HP, All-Range Damage, Deceleration II

poseidon summoners war

If you want someone like Baretta but prefer making your enemy rip his hair out in slow, boiling frustration rather than just killing him, Poseidon is your man. Being on the receiving end of his cheap, all-range, 3 mana Deceleration II gets really annoying especially if the match has been going a while and you’re both stuck with Mana Exhaustion.

As for the rest of the fight, having more mana than the other guy is always good. 3 Mana for an attack that not only hits everyone, but also makes it harder for them to hit back is nothing to sneeze at.


Wind, All-Ally Buffer

shannnon summoners war

Initially a fairly awkward buffer, Shannon gives the whole team ATK Up I and DEF Up II, all for a measely 2 mana. She’s pretty good to bring unless the enemy has a team loaded with defense-ignoring units, whereupon she might as well just have ATK I. If you get her second skill stone though, she suddenly becomes the cheapest way to get ATK II in the field, since it makes her ATK buff better by one grade.

Generally meh without her skill stone, but very cost efficient with it. One thing pulls Shannon out of A tier and into S tier though: Her teamwork with Copper. Shannon’s cheap DEF Up II lets Copper ignore the enemy’s DEF, reducing the enemy frontline to an unsightly road smear every time he brings down the hammer.


Wind, Mana Generation

bernard summoners war

Everyone’s favorite Normal tier card. For a measely 2 mana, he gives you Acceleration II, which immediately pays for itself and much more with its rapid mana generation. He also has a skill stone that gives him Crit Rate I, a nice bonus if you want more offense. His best skill stone is the third one though, Flying Support.

Once you get that, he gives Acceleration III and instantly refills the empty slot he leaves with another card for a follow up. If you get this guy in your first hand, you’re in luck, because you’ll have an early mana advantage to kill the enemy frontline with. If you’re not sure who to fill that last slot with, Bernard is always a safe choice.


Wind, All-Range Damage, Ignores Defense

lushen summoners war

This guy truly deserves the big fat 6 mana cost on his spell. His skill is as simple as it is deadly: An attack that ignores defense and hits everybody on your team. This guy is a priority target and must be killed ASAP, as this attack hits much harder than most all-range damage skills.

Worst of all, he has a skill stone that makes him hit even harder! You’ll normally see him in the backline since his strength mixed with his abysmal Defense paints a giant target on his butt.


Wind, Card-return

konamiya summoners war

Konamiya doesn’t seem like much. 1 mana to return the last card you used to your hand, and no, it does not work on spell cards or sub-skills like Jeanne’s. Pretty dull, until you realize this means you can pair him with any card you find particularly deadly. Then you can use that card twice in a row! Ironically, in spite of their tiny mana cost, this means they’re best used if you have mana to spare: Tossing two Lushen cards in a row is a great (and massively expensive) way to make your opponent hate you forever.

You can also use them as insurance: If you have the likes of Chloe or Woosa in your hand, you can use Konamiya to recharge them so you’re always ready to negate enemy strikes. Just note that Konamiya’s fairly useless as a backliner, since your hand will have the same 4 guys over and over anyway if they’re the only ones left alive.


Light, Debuff-Cleaner, Team Healer, Buffer

eleanor summoners war

The strongest healer in the game, bar none. She’s pretty much a straight upgrade to Mikene, since she actually heals everyone rather than evening out their HP. She also removes debuffs while giving Crit Rate II. Quite a lot of work for 4 mana. In fact, she hates debuffs so much, her third Skill Stone grants your whole team Immunity just from her appearing in your hand.

She can also transform into a unicorn, turning herself into a tank rather than a healer. Her unicorn form gives Crit Resist III, DEF Up II and Reflect DMG to herself, again for 4 mana. Countering with her unicorn form once someone targets her can sling the damage right back at the attacker!


Fire, All-Range Damage, Elemental Penetration, Anti-Passive

tesarion summoners war

A hard-hitting all-range attacker with an understandably high mana cost of 5. Unlike most characters, Tesarion’s skill does not carry a fire element. He can hit everyone with Crushing Blows regardless of the target’s element thanks to his passive, Elemental King. On top of his already impressive performance, all of his skillstones are good.

Mach Crush increases damage for every debuff the target has, Ancient Power gives his skill a stun chance, and Magic Power Extinction cleans out any debuffs on your team every time Tesarion’s card appears in your hand. Everything points toward him being a devastating backliner.


Fire, Single Target Bully

hwa summoners war

A damage dealer who always picks whoever is closest to being dead as a target. Normally, this still means Hwa targets the front-most enemy since they take the majority of hits, but with enough damage to the rear mixed with say, the enemy trying to heal their frontliner, she can switch targets.

You can use her to snipe that one guy in the back who’s almost dead from Baretta burning everything. Unlike a lot of single target damage dealers, it is very safe to overkill with Hwa: She rarely has a choice in the matter anyway due to her targeting priority. Not to mention she has a skill stone that lets her burn the enemy’s mana on kill.


Water, Buff Thief, All-Range Healer, Single Target Damage

soha summoners war

Soha’s a load of fun, especially in this buff-heavy game. If the enemy lacks supports (in which case they will suffer either way), then she’s just a fairly lackluster healer and damage plinker, at least early on if her ATK stat is low. If the enemy brought buffers though, her presence will likely put an evil grin on your face. She takes the buffs from the current front target, and applies it to everyone on your team.

Enemy Woosa set up a shield and Immunity? BAM! Soha gave it to your whole team. Enemy used Reckless Devotion? HA! Now your entire team has all the buffs, and the enemy only has buffs in their frontline. The only thing she can’t steal are purple buffs, which are immune to removal. Other than that, everything blue is fair game to her.


Light, Single Target Damage Dealer, Buff-Buster

artamiel summoners war

Say you don’t have time to steal buffs like Soha does. You just want that Reckless Devotion-fueled monstrosity up front dead ASAP. Artamiel specializes in outright killing targets crammed with buffs. Not only does he already hit hard on his own, his attack gets stronger the more buffs the target has. To add insult to injury, he removes the buffs afterward too.

And he heals his most badly hurt teammate, all for 4 mana. If you see this guy on the enemy team, just be mindful oh how many buffs you have on your frontline guy. Just like Copper, he also hits harder the higher his DEF is, though he does not get any DEF penetration effect.


Fire, All-Range Damage Over Time, Healer

perna summoners war

This bird ain’t no crispy fried chicken. Perna is a monster, basically Baretta if you gave him a swig of Red Bull. For the admittedly exorbitant price of 6 mana (the only thing keeping us from making an X tier just for him), Perna does exactly what Baretta does but more painful: Set the entire enemy team on fire. Unlike Baretta’s Continuous Damage debuff, Perna does Eternal Flame instead: A percentage-based HP burn that ignores defense, meaning no matter how tanky the victim is, their HP bar goes down just as fast as that squishy baby next to them.

Oh and they have a high ATK stat similar to that of line-range damage dealers rather than what all-range units tend to have. On top of that, Perna has a passive that heals the line they’re in by 10% everytime they pop out in your hand. And, as a phoenix, they come back from the dead with 50% of their HP after you take them down. Pretty frustrating if you thought you already won the match!


Fire, Single Target Debuffer, Healer

khmun summoners war

Khmun could be considered similar to Soha if you replaced what makes Soha fun (the ability to steal buffs) with a lower cost, harder hitting attack and a more reliable heal.  While Khmun has poor ATK as expected of a Support, his skill’s damage scales with his Max HP.

He also heals both himself and an ally who is closest to being dead. He also has a very powerful Skill Stone, Guardian Of The Scales. This grants Khmun a passive that immediately revives one ally if they die, and evens out Khmun’s HP with that of the current enemy target when it happens.

His HP-based tankiness also makes him better able to survive the likes of Kahli, Copper and Lushen. If the enemy target has the current advantage and Khmun’s nearly dead, he can say goodbye to a chunk of his HP. On the other hand, if Khmun has the HP advantage, tough break. At least his friend’s alive!

A Tier – Pretty Dang Good

These guys are a bit harder to use than the ones in S tier, often because they fill a role or niche that you really have to keep an eye on. If you use them right though, they can hold their own pretty well either against, or preferably with, the S-tier guys.


Fire, Single Target Damage, Lifesteal

verdehile summoners war

Of course the vampire has lifesteal! Verdehile is a vampire that hits his target hard and inflicts Blood Ring on them. Blood Ring turns the target into a walking healthpack, and anyone attacking them steals their HP for the duration it is active.

And don’t worry about prematurely killing the target and losing Blood Ring; It just gets transferred to the next guy. His mana cost of 4 lets him down though, since Kahli exists for the same sniper job and is more reliable at it. And if you want healing, an actual healer still heals for more HP.


Water, Random-range Debuffer, Card Shuffler

orion summoners war

An adorable little clown demon thing who is cute enough to bypass a clown’s typical creepiness. Orion’s schtick is to shuffle the enemy’s cards, provide a random set of targets a random set of debuffs (Either they remove the buffs they have, slap them with a Stun, make them suffer extra damage from Glancing Hits, or hit them with ATK Down III), and generally be a 2 mana nuisance.

The sheer spammability of his skill makes him useful as an annoyance, especially since it is very hard to counter him; As soon as he casts his skill against you, your cards vanish and are reshuffled, stopping you from tapping them for a counterattack! There is a very tiny opening for you to counter this, almost small enough to not exist unless you’re that twitchy. That being said, once you’ve got his number, poor Orion won’t last two seconds.


Water, Line-range Damage, Disabler

kuhn summoners war

A fairly reliable disabler who sees a lot of use. He doesn’t hit particularly hard, but you’re not using him for his damage: You use him to freeze enemy frontliners mid-skill as a counter-attack. His freeze, while it doesn’t always work, is reliable enough to be a safe bet.

On top of that, he gives himself DEF Up II and debuff immunity when doing his skill. This increases his already high DEF stat, though seeing as he relies on DEF to tank rather than HP, he has to watch out for the likes of Kahli and Lushen.


Wind, Backline-Range Disabler

hathor summoners war

Hathor has an unusual targeting priority, being one of the few characters to target the enemy backline. Since her skill is a rear disable, she makes a good partner to Kuhn, who is a frontline disabler.

With her, you can counter backline spellcasters and make them fall asleep mid-skill, same way you use Kuhn to ice frontliners. To add to the similarities, they both cost 4 mana, though Hathor has a Skill Stone that shaves one mana off her cast price.


Fire, Single Target Damage, Ignores Defense

kahli summoners war

A powerful single target sniper you can get from either luck or grinding to Gold IV. Her existence pretty much renders Roid obsolete, as she doesn’t require followup. Her attack hits hard, ignores defense, and prevents the victim from healing up for a short time. You can use her to hit a particularly annoying enemy while they’re still tough, and cackle maniacally as the enemy fails to heal them and save their life.

Try not to overkill enemies with her attack, as that’s a waste of her firepower and heal prevention. That being said, if said enemy is such a high value target (Lushen deserves to die ten times over anyway) that they needed to die ASAP anyway, it might be worth it to secure that kill.


Fire, All-Ally Invincibility

chloe summoners war

Rather worthless for impatient people, Chloe’s extremely short duration invincibility buff is made with countering in mind. Cast this just as a really nasty attack is about to hit, and that attack won’t do diddly in terms of damage.

If she has her Immunity-based skill stone, you can use her to completely shut down units like Baretta, Poseidon and any other all-range damage dealers, albeit at a high mana cost of 5. Again, you have to be patient to make use of her; If you’re constantly attacking and the enemy is countering, you can’t counter back with her now could you?


Wind, All-Ally Shield, All-Ally Debuff Immunity

woosa summoners war

Much like Chloe except a bit safer to use in a non-countering manner, his shield of pure smugness is usually enough to stop any single instance of all-range damage. His debuff immunity, probably powered by his massive ego, also shuts down units like Baretta and Poseidon, and without the need for a skill stone. Also, his shield lasts much longer than Chloe’s invincibility buff.

That being said, he’s not as useful as Chloe against single target damage dealers since those can sometimes rip a hole through his shield. One downside of using him over Chloe? Soha can much more easily steal Woosa’s long-lasting shield than Chloe’s super short duration invincibility. Guess she’s more smug than Woosa.


Water, Single Target Healer

elucia summoners war

About as bog-standard a healer as you can get, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She picks whoever’s the closest to being dead, and heals them by a massive chunk of their HP while cleaning any debuffs for 3 mana. Sometimes you might be better off just attacking, but her healing can sometimes turn the tide if she’s part of your backline and she suddenly starts appearing regularly.

Her healing is powerful enough that she can turn herself into a heal-tank, constantly healing herself or that Lapice bombarding the bad guys for free shields as the enemy tries to beat her down.


Fire, All-Ally Healer, ATK II

colleen summoners war

Colleen is a healer who also gives everyone the ATK II buff. If you don’t have her healing skill stone, you’re probably bringing her for the buff, since her healing is initially fairly weak. She becomes more reliable with her healing skill stone though, enough for her to beat Megan in usefulness considering they both have the same mana cost of 3.

Overall worth a space on your team, especially if you’re expecting all-range damage dealers. Which you should be, since dang near every team has at least one of them!


Light, Tank, Friendly Lifesteal, Single Target Invincibility,  Damage Mitigation

jeanne summoners war

She might as well be two different characters in one, considering she has a skill and a sub-skill that appears after accumulating two of her skill’s main buff. Her main skill is to smash into the enemy, and heal whoever is closest to being dead (usually herself if she’s the current frontliner) and grant Protector on herself.

Once she accumulates Protector twice, her second card appears, which allows her to grant Invincibility to whoever’s closest to being dead (Again, usually herself) and Alleviate (reduces damage taken by a percentage) to the line she’s assigned to. AT 3 mana, she makes a useful healer if you put her in the back, and a decent tank when in front.


Fire, Line-range Damage Dealer, Tank

rakan summoners war

A big lion/dragon/demon guy who hits the enemy frontline rather hard. He better hit them hard, considering his skill costs 5 mana and doesn’t even hit the entire enemy team! His skill hits harder the higher his max HP is, so he makes a pretty decent tank.

Since he relies on his HP and not his DEF to survive hits, he doesn’t have too much to worry about concerning units like Kahli, and he can slap them silly provided you can stomach his painful mana cost.


Water, Single Target Damage, Conditional Disable

fynn summoners war

Don’t let the fact he’s a Normal fool you. Fynn sees a lot of use since his skill does a load of damage for just 3 mana. On top of the fact he hits rather hard, he also inflicts damage over time on whatever he hits with his skill, usually securing the kill when used right.

This mixed with the fact a lot of high priority targets tend to be Fire element units (Baretta, Kahli, Hwa, Chloe and Tesarion come to mind), this makes him a rather good sniper. The fact he freezes enemies if his skill’s last blow is a crit is just icing on the cake.

All of his skill stones are good, emphasizing his role in hitting a single target hard as heck: His first stone lets his damage over time last longer, the second one increases his already good skill damage by a chunky 20%, and the third one increases his crit chance by 35%, making him more likely to freeze things and of course, do extra damage.


Wind, Single Target Damage

sophia summoners war

A damage dealer who hits so hard, she makes up for her lack of immediate DEF penetration with her sheer, raw damage. At 4 mana, she strikes the enemy 5 times, with each hit having a separate chance to inflict DEF Down I. You probably aren’t using her for the debuff, instead you’re likely to send her in simply because she’s so good at plain old beating the tar out of her target.

Her second and third Skill Stones emphasize this, with her second stone being a damage increase and the third one being a 40% chance she immediately returns to your hand with a 1 mana cost reduction. The first one increases the chance for DEF Down I, which translates to more damage anyway if it works!


Light, Backline-Range Damage, Debuffer, Conditional Disable

hwadam summoners war

For 4 mana, he hits the enemy backline and slaps ATK Down II on them. Considering most damage dealers tend to be placed in the rear, this is quite strong, especially considering how few options there are for lowering enemy ATK.

On top of that, he freezes anyone who’s been afflicted by Deceleration. You can pair him with Poseidon, Ganymede or Chill Tornado, but Hwadam will have to go in second for the freeze.      


Darkness, Random-Range Damage Dealer, Disabler

thrain summoners war

A damage dealer who throws space rocks from hell at a random set of enemies. Thrain can be useful as a counterattacker or damage dealer since his skill hits for a decent amount of damage, and the stun can sometimes disable the current enemy attacker.

His stun also goes from 30% to guaranteed if his victim is suffering from Continuous Damage. If you have Baretta, you can use Thrain after him as a combo.


Darkness, Backline-range Damage Dealer

nicki summoners war

A more direct backline-killer than Hathor. Her skill involves dumping a giant teddy bear on the enemy backline, causing damage and inflicting Teddy Spell, which causes percentage damage over time. If the Teddy Spell is removed, it stuns and damages the victims, so debuff cleaners have to do it quickly so they don’t suffer both the stun damage AND damage over time.

Considering her mana cost of 5 though, you might as well wait for the extra bit of mana to send in Perna instead, to hit everyone rather than just the backline.


Wind, All-range Damage, Card Burner, Deceleration I

ganymede summoners war

5 mana to hit everyone and inflict Deceleration I? You might as well just bring Poseidon instead! Or should you? The high mana cost is there because he burns the enemy’s hand. If you’re sharp, you can take note of what units the enemy has used recently and use that to determine what cards Ganymede will burn.

Another nice thing about this is that it also burns spell cards, rendering them unuseable for the rest of the match. He is also useful very late in the match. If the enemy Ganymede torches your hand while only your backline is left, you’re left waiting an excruciating few seconds before you’re able to attack again as your hand refills. That being said, it’s a fairly luck-based spell. If you want a more reliable attack, then yes, bring Poseidon instead.     

B Tier – Nice

These guys, while not weak, often have guys in A and S tier who can do their jobs better. Even then, some of these guys may be able to counter some of the synergies in S tier when used right, at the cost of overall effectiveness in general combat.


Wind, Line-Range Debuffer

prilea summoners war

A harpy woman who, just like Kahli, immediately makes Roid obsolete but for different reasons. Her attack hits the enemy frontline, dealing damage and slapping a DEF Down II on everyone she hits. Compared to Roid, the only downside to this is the extra 1 mana cost (Prilea’s 3 vs Roid’s 2), which means nothing considering it hits the whole frontline rather than a single target.

While there are better choices for general line-range damage dealing, she does have a few specialized uses.  Say, stopping the enemy Copper from hammering everyone into a thin paste with his defense-based armor penetration.


Water, All-Ally Buffer

megan summoners war

Megan’s a witch who gives everyone Acceleration I for extra mana, and ATK II, all for 3 mana. She’s in an akward spot since Bernard is generally better for making mana, and Colleen becomes more useful once she gets her Healing skill stone. She does have a pair of really good skill stones that can make her worth taking though.

Toad Poison is a passive that immediately removes any buffs from any random enemy, and makes it impossible for them to receive a new one for a short period. Beneficial Effect makes her buffs last longer by 3 seconds, enough that her Acceleration I is able to pay for itself along with the ATK II.


Wind, Tank, Front-range Anti-Tank

hraesvelg summoners war

The opposite of Copper, who bullies squishy damage dealers by flexing his DEF on them with his hammer. Hraesvelg instead does more damage the higher his target’s HP is. He also inflicts the Branding debuff, which causes enemies to take a percentage of extra damage, different from DEF Down.

This means you can use him to initiate an attack, and follow up with a hard-hitting single target damage dealer to make the most of the percentage damage increase the enemy eats.


Water, Indiscriminate-range Damage, Indiscriminate Buffer, Tank

camilla summoners war

Her spell hits fairly hard and smashes into the whole enemy team, gives a buff, and only costs 3 mana. Amazing, until you notice it hits your own team too! Camilla could be useful if you’re pressing the advantage hard, trading some HP to secure a kill or two on the weakened enemy.

Beware though, the likes of Chloe and Woosa basically turn Camilla into a filthy traitor when they counter her, causing her skill to only damage your own team! On the other hand, she has a nice passive: Her mere presence increases the defense of her entire line, and heals them when they get hit by a crit.


Dark, Picky Target Damage, Indirect Line Disable

ragdoll summoners war

Another weirdo who is picky with their food. They target whoever used a skill last, and throws damage at them along with Dragon’s Gaze. Dragon’s Gaze makes it so if anyone in the same line as the victim casts a skill, everyone in that line gets hurt.

We call this an indirect line disable since if you’re particularly bloodthirsty and don’t care about the safety of your units or think it might be worth it to push through, this won’t stop you from using a skill from the afflicted line anyway. Otherwise, having a debuff cleaner or waiting it out while hitting with your other line might be a good idea against this guy.

C Tier – Okay

These guys are either hard to use properly or easily replaced later on by the stronger cards. If an enemy uses these, it’s usually because they have nobody else to fill their role, or they happen to be the highest level cards they have and are hoping that makes up for it.


Fire, Single Target Damage

sieq summoners war

Sometimes, being a Normal tier card has its perks. Sieq is a hellhound and one of your starter cards. The only thing Sieq does is hit a single target really hard. No debuffs, no frills, just 3 mana to do grievous damage to an enemy. Even his skill stones are all about hitting harder: The first one gives better crit chance, the second one is a straight skill damage increase, and the third one gives him an ATK and Crit buff after a kill.

Unlike Roid, this simple good boy has more staying power, though the likes of Kahli can still replace him. Nothing wrong with having two single target damage units in your deck though.


Wind, Evens Out HP, Team Debuff-Cleaner

mikene summoners war

If you send in Mikene, you’re probably using her for her ability to clean debuffs rather than her ability to even out your team’s HP. This HP flattening tends to be useful early in the match when you’re trying to keep your frontline alive, but later on it can be an active detriment when the enemy finally gets through your frontline and sees your nearly dead backline.

She can be pretty useful against the likes of Poseidon and his utterly irritating Deceleration, but against those whose only job it is to do damage, she becomes a liability to your backline. Bring her if you really need a team-range debuff cleaner, but replace her with Eleanor as soon as you are able to.


Wind, Berserker, Single Target Damage, Lifesteal on Kill

A bear that gets angrier the lower his HP goes. While this seems like a good, balanced concept in any other game, this makes him rather prone to being killed by counterattacks in Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Wait for his HP to get low, try and attack for maximum damage, then get killed mid-skill because someone told Lapis to counter and kill your angry yet nearly dead Ramagos.

Against common sense, this makes him more useful as a backliner if the enemy has units like Baretta. Wait for Ramagos to soak some fire damage, then use him to snipe with impunity because while his HP is low, he’s not likely to get sniped himself by enemy single target damage dealers that aim for the frontline. That being said, you could say the same for other rearliners, and they don’t have to wait for pain to hit hard!


Fire, Single Target Damage, Mana

racuni summoners war

Racuni throws out an attack that, while not special on its own, also reduces the cost of the most expensive card in your hand by 1 mana. Unfortunately this spell costs 2 mana, so if you use this before another spell, you’re still spending 1 mana more than using that spell alone. This is best used as a way to finish off weaker enemies , particularly if it’s the last guy on the enemy frontline and set up an attack against the whole enemy backline.

Generally not worth bringing if you have Bernard, unless you have his third skill stone. With that skill stone, everytime he pops out in your hand, he immediately heals two units who are closest to being dead.


Fire, Single Target Damage, Disabler

tagaros summoners war

Tagaros is a fiery armored lava guy with the ability to hit the current front target hard and stun them. This isn’t bad, but it isn’t very special either. You usually want disables to hit as many enemies as possible, and there are other units who can stun better than Tagaros can. As for his ability to hit a single target, Kahli exists along with the other, more dedicated single target snipers.

Besides, Jeanne does the same thing while healing a teammate in need, and for the same mana cost. If you’re gonna get him a skill stone, gun for his second or third one. The second one is a damage increase, and the third one lets him set the target on fire, also increasing damage.

D Tier – Sad

These poor guys. Seeing them in use by the enemy is normally a sign that you’ve been downtiered and are about to roll over them. Or again, they lack other cards that can do their job better. If that’s the case, the Summon gacha must be really mean to them.


Tank, Stun-remover, Position-Swap

mav summoners war

Seeing this adorable little penguin knight in any position other than the front-most position or somewhere in the backline is a relatively safe way to bet that the user’s probably new to this game. Mav can swap places with the frontmost unit, giving both of them a DEF II buff and removing any freezes or stuns.

Otherwise, he doesn’t do any damage with that skill so his sole role is to take hits for the team. In which case, you either put him up front so you don’t have to waste mana on his skill at all, or place him in the rear so he can keep his buddy safe in the backline. You’ll probably replace him fairly early on once you get better defensive units like Chloe and Woosa.


Wind, Single Target Damage, Def Down II

roid summoners war

One of the cards you start with. His attack is cheap at 2 mana, and hits a single target while slapping the victim with a DEF II. Unfortunately for him, he’s rendered obsolete by the other single target damage dealers. You’re gonna drop him pretty early in your run, since he just doesn’t hit that hard, even considering his mana cost of 2.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Spells Tier List

Spells are powerful, single use cards with low mana cost. You have to use them wisely, and make sure Ganymede doesn’t set them on fire. The proper use of a Spell Card can turn a match around, so save them in your hand and strike when the time is right.

A Tier – Unmitigated Suffering

Seeing the enemy pull this out at the worst time possible is, as expected, the worst time possible. Like any spell card, they must be used with good timing for maximum effect. Just like with the S-tier monster cards, these are generally safe picks.

Divine Protection

Invincibility, Debuff Immunity

divine protection summoners war

Imagine Chloe’s spell, but lasting longer and giving immunity to debuffs. 4 whole seconds of not caring about enemy attacks is a lot in this game, and 7 seconds of not caring about debuffs means as a counter, this shuts down a lot of all-range units for a sizeable amount of time.

Vitality Conversion

Single Target HP Swap

vitality conversion summoners war

Oh boy this card is a real shocker when used against you. An unusually high 4 mana cost for a spell card, so it better be good right? It swaps the HP ratio between your lowest HP unit and the enemy’s highest HP unit, and adds a shield to said weakest ally unit.

Pair this with Hwa to get a free kill and a free heal, especially if you time the use of this card well enough to nearly kill one of their backliners. Just don’t use it if the enemy’s so badly beaten down that their strongest guy has less HP than your weakest guy.

Soul Cleanse

Team Heal, Team Debuff Cleaning, Mana Generation

soul cleanse summoners war

Too bad you can only use this once, since this is about as good as a healing spell can get. It heals everyone on your team for a sizeable amount of HP, and cleans out debuffs they might have. For every debuff it cleans out, it gives you 1 mana, up to a cap of 3. Use this to clear out debuffs and put that mana to good use!           


Debuff Transfer and Cleaning, All-Range Damage

transfer summoners war

For 1 mana, you take all the debuffs your entire team is currently suffering, and toss it back at the enemy. And even without debuffs, it still causes a chunk of damage to the whole enemy team. Great to save for a rainy day, and always a laugh when you use it after getting a ton of debuffs dumped on your head.

Spread Damage

Line-Range Damage Distribution

spread damage summoners war

For 1 mana, any damage inflicted on the current front enemy gets spread to their entire line. This can be devastating if paired with single target damage dealers, since that lets them hurt the entire enemy frontline badly with their rather high damage. Just remember to follow this up with an attack or two after you use it!

B Tier- Highly Painful

These cards are still strong, but occasionally have some form of weakness or just aren’t as strong as the ones in A-tier. Again, proper timing will leave the enemy pulling their hair out.

Chill Tornado

All-Range Damage, Deceleration II

chill tornado summoners war

A 1 mana all-range damage attack that inflicts Deceleration II on the victims. Sound familiar? This pairs very well with Poseidon and Ganymede because of its third effect: If it hits anyone already suffering from a Deceleration debuff, it freezes them.

Poseidon then Chill Tornado is a rather nasty one-two punch that lets you attack with impunity for a short while, provided they didn’t use Immunity buffs in anticipation. And if they’re doing so after your Poseidon already hit them, you’re probably using Chill Tornado as a counterattack against it anyway!

Damage Conversion

Damage To Healing

damage conversion summoners war

Gives your current frontline the Damage Conversion buff, which converts the damage they take into healing. Meh against all range attacks, good against line attacks, and it will bring a smile to your face when used against a single target sniper.

You can just imagine the look on your opponent’s face when their Kahli suddenly brings your front guy back to full health! Use this as a counterattack for maximum effect.

Reckless Devotion

Frontline Buffer

reckless devotion summoners war

1 mana for one of the most powerful stack of buffs in the game. ATK Up III, Debuff Immunity, and Mana Cost Down I on your entire current frontline. As “punishment”, it is followed by a measely DEF Down I, and an inability to take new buffs, which can be bypassed by using this card last in a buff chain anyway.

One of the strongest spells in the entire game… unless the enemy team has Soha. Then it’s a huge liability as soon as she yoinks it from your frontliner, then applies it to her whole team, front and back. Whoops.


Late Game Turnaround, Buff

synergy summoners war

A card that grants ATK Up II on all your allies and Unrecoverable on all enemies, stopping them from healing themselves. It gets an additional effect if you’re harshly outnumbered:  On top of what it already does, it dumps ATK Down II on the enemy team, and heals all your remaining units.

While this seems like something you can only use as a desperation play, this also works in a team that’s done heavy amounts of all-range damage: It still works if the enemies outnumbering you are all low on HP!

Reflection Shield

Single Target Shield

reflection shield summoners war

Grants a powerful shield to your frontmost guy for 3 mana. It can absorb damage up to a cap, and toss it back at the enemy. The damage return isn’t as important as its big fat shield, which can save a life long enough for a heal. Simple and effective, but it isn’t Vitality Conversion.

Flame Strike

Backline-range Damage, Stun

flame strike summoners war

A cheap, quick strike to the enemy backline that does more damage than you’d expect. The stun is a nice bonus, useful as a counterattack. Especially since people usually keep their deadlier units in the backline.

Giant Warrior

Picky Single Target Buff

giant warrior summoners war

Grants a powerful buff to whoever on your team has the highest ATK stat. This is pretty useful for more conventional damage dealers like Kahli, Hwa and Perna, but not very good if you rely on weirdoes like Copper and Khmun to do damage. Their skills rely on stats other than their ATK stat, so they won’t be able to use this.

C Tier – Honestly Still Pretty Annoying

These spell cards just don’t cause as much salt in the enemy as they ought to. And some of them still have weaknesses just like the cards above in B tier. That being said, if you’re using these, it’s way better than nothing and you could still leave the enemy with a frown if you time these well.

Chain of Despair

Disable, Single Target Damage

chain of despair summoners war

A hard hitting single target disable. Unlike Tagaros, the stun follows the next enemy after the current victim dies, if the debuff is still active. Nothing particularly special, especially since you can only use it once and it takes up a valuable spell slot.

Chain Lightning

Elemental Target Stun and Debuff

chain lightning summoners war

A rather luck-based choice, as this depends on the enemy team having an unsually element-biased team to do maximum damage. It targets the frontline enemy, and hits every other enemy that has the same element as them. Since Fire and Wind types tend to be fairly common in teams, aiming for them is your best bet.


All-Range Damage Over Time

spoil summoners war

You could say this is Baretta, except more painful, smells like rot instead of bacon, and you can only use it once. It inflicts two instances of Continuous Damage, which means it melts enemies twice as hard as Baretta’s flame. It’s let down by the fact you can only use it once though. The slot might be worth filling with something more specialized or straight-up powerful.

Blood Curtain

HP To Shield Conversion

blood curtain summoners war

Consumes a painful 20% HP of all ally monsters to grant a shield proportional with their max HP. Using this early is a liability, as you’ll blow off a big chunk of your backline’s HP to give them a shield they might not even use.  On the other hand, if it’s late in the match and both of you are in danger, this could be a lifesaver against a final strike the enemy expects would kill you.

Weakness Found

All-Range Debuff, Buff Prevention

weakness found summoners war

A fat stack of ATK Down III, and DEF Down III on the enemy’s head, and they can’t get mitigate it with buffs of their own. Ouch. They’ll have to pull out an actual debuff cleaner for this. Generally very annoying, but Eleanor and Mikene can fry this card with little problems. And pray the enemy doesn’t have a Transfer card waiting for this.

And this ends our tier list for spells and monsters in Summoners War: Lost Centuria. If you have any additional tips on using these characters or want to discuss anything, don’t hesitate to have a chat in the comment section below!