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Fallout Shelter Tips & Tricks: The Ultimate List of Pointers for Playing the Game (Part 2)

Yes, we get it – this is another collection of Fallout Shelter tips and tricks, and we’ve shared with you quite a lot of them in the past. But unlike our previous lists of Fallout Shelter strategies, this we’re focusing more on those tips we weren’t able to cover the first few times around, as well as elaborating on other tips we may not have shed much light upon. Before that, allow us to remind you that this is an exciting game developed by Bethesda for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, that can be best described as post-apocalyptic city management. The vault is your city and your Dwellers your people, and they are under your command as you give them jobs, have them breed, and keep them happy. And now, we’ve got nine more tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter coming right up.

1. Pregnant Women Are Immortal

You read that right – if a female Dweller is pregnant, then she cannot get killed. She is 100 percent immortal at this point, unlike other Dwellers who may die if you send them out for too long, or following a hazard like a Raider, RadRoach, or fire. That makes it sound strategy to have a pregnant woman fight a fire or help out in battle; you don’t need to worry about them getting killed. Of course, if they give birth in the middle of a roach or Raider attack, they just might get killed in battle.

2. Exploring The Wasteland – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

This means you shouldn’t send all of your Dwellers out into the Wasteland to go exploring or looking for resources and/or weapons. Your vault should be able to survive without the exploring Dwellers, because if you have everybody go exploring, or send most of them out, only for those who stayed behind to get killed by hazards, that only spells big trouble for you.

3. The More Storage Rooms, The Merrier

As you progress in the game, you’ll have access to more weapons and special outfits. But chances are you’ll eventually have some surplus weapons and outfits, and these extra items will need to be placed somewhere. That somewhere is a storage room that has to be regularly upgraded. Weapons that are equipped will not count against the maximum storage unit count, and these structures don’t need to be managed closely, nor merged for convenience and money savings.

4. Charisma Is The Most Important Stat When Making Babies

Making babies in Fallout Shelter is easy, but just because you’ve got one male-and-female couple in the Living Quarters doesn’t mean they’ll actually hit it off to that point. To ensure yourself a better chance of mating successfully in the Living Quarters, we suggest choosing the Dwellers with the highest Charisma stats.

5. More About Pregnant Female Dwellers

We’ve got quite an interesting cheat here, and it doesn’t involve the time lapse. It does, however, refer to the first part in this series – if you’ve got a pregnant woman in the vault, she would be impervious to damage for some odd reason. In here, you’ll want to take a female Dweller and try to get her pregnant while the vault is close to its full capacity. If that’s the case, the woman will not give birth to a new-born child, and may even remain pregnant forever. That’s because they wouldn’t be able to start a family unless you make your shelter more roomy, with a healthy population density.

6. Look At Special Stats Before Picking Partners

When it comes to breeding, you’ll have to take a look first at the stats of both male and female Dwellers. The child’s traits, after all, will be influenced by their parents’ special stats – so if you’re looking for a strong Dweller when baby grows up, you’ll need to look for adult Dwellers whose Strength figures are well above average.

7. Equip Your Dwellers With Stimpaks And Radaways When Sending Them To The Wasteland

Your characters won’t just need fantastic equipment or outfits when they step out of the vault and explore the Wasteland. They will also need a good number of Stimpaks and RadAways to keep them alive or heal them in the event of injury or radiation, respectively. And in relation to this, you should keep close tabs on your explorers to check and see if they’re still healthy or if their exploration has been fruitful thus far. You can also use the time lapse cheat if you’ve got Dwellers in the wasteland; skipping the time ahead a bit would fill up the log and expedite the progress of your exploration, showing you the loot they had found while outside of the vault. Additionally, time lapse also works by sending Dwellers back to the vault faster after you’ve already called them back.

8. Use The Radio Room For Attracting More Dwellers

Eventually, you’ll reach a point in the game where you can unlock the radio room, and when you’ve done that, you can use the different radio station to draw humans away from the Wasteland and into your vault. But if that’s taking too slow to accomplish, that’s where the time lapse cheat comes in – you can use it to attract people via the radio room quickly, and you can even use it to turn your Dweller babies into adults, thus adding them to the workforce and allowing them to find employment, including at the radio room.

9. What Your Dwellers Say Is Important

Your Dwellers can have conversations with each other, and you shouldn’t dismiss that as idle chatter. In fact, what they talk about is usually of great consequence – you’ll hear from them if they aren’t totally happy in your vault. They may need food, water, or more Stimpaks and RadAways. When your Dwellers speak, they’re letting you know what they need and the ball will be in your court as you figure out how to satisfy them and how to make them happy if they’re simply not feeling it in your vault.

Now, if you’ve missed the first part of our Fallout Shelter ultimate guide, then be sure to check it out right here.