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Dreamdale Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Rebuild the Kingdom and Save the Princess

Dreamdale is a new casual fantasy RPG from SayGames, home to a plethora of fun and simple casual games like Race Master 3D, Johnny Trigger and Jelly Shift just to name a few. Available on iOS and Android platforms, it is categorically still a casual game, although the overall design that comes with Dreamdale will natural make you want to spend more time on it over any other casual game.

Dreamdale offers a nice mix of resource-gathering and camp-building activities as well as dungeon-exploring and monster-killing adventures. As the kingdom’s hero whose goal is to save the damsel in distress, your journey towards freeing the kingdom’s princess from her kidnappers sets you on a path towards rebuilding and expanding the kingdom and arming yourself with proper gears for the bigger challenges ahead.

dreamdale tips

Like almost every game from SayGames, the simplicity of Dreamdale’s overall design can be expected with its control scheme that requires using only one finger. Although the game’s mechanics are as simple as its control design, there are plenty of items and gears to collect, as well as activities and challenges for players to revel in. The general atmosphere leaves little to no room for pressure, making you want to explore the land freely and practically enjoy whichever activities pique your interests.

While there are numerous ways to determine progression in Dreamdale, and you are very much free to go about your adventures any way you want, it is still undeniable that some ways are faster and more efficient than others. You can never go wrong with your decisions in this game but if you are up for a rapid rate of growth and progression, then our Dreamdale Guide has you covered with all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to rebuild the kingdom and save the princess!

1. Understand The Basics

Dreamdale starts you off with a dynamic story intro where you attempt to stop the enemies from kidnapping the kingdom’s princess and fight through a series of battles just to wind up being downed by an octopus as you chase the last enemies on a boat. Waking up moments later, you dream of the princess telling you the need to rebuild the kingdom in order to save her.

dreamdale princess

What will follow is a series of gathering and upgrading tasks that will send you running across the small island kingdom. Tasks are rather quick and simple and the constant shift in activities you engage in will guarantee to reduce, if not eliminate, boredom. Trees will serve as your primary source of items as you axe them down one after another to collect logs. Soon enough, you will find different resource spots for different items as well as different structures that aid you in your adventures.

building a farm in dreamdale

Resources continuously generate. It may take a few seconds for trees, boulders, and other sources of materials to grow back but you can be sure that they always do. In this sense, there really is no end to how much you can farm basic resources and will be certain that you will always have everything you need to move forward with a bit of effort.

building a brick factory in dreamdale

There are structures to unlock that will continue to generate the resources you need. The Wood Factory and Stone Mine are just basic examples of these structures. You basically just need to get close to them to nab the materials they generate from time to time as they have a soft cap with regard to the maximum number of items they can hold.

building a museum in dreamdale

Some constructs, while able to produce items automatically, require you to place materials on them for production. The Sawmill and the Brick Factory are examples of these buildings. Bringing in logs and stones to these structures, respectively, sets them to automatically produce planks and brick. There are soft limits as to the number of raw materials you can leave on these structures for processing, requiring you to consistently revisit them if you need more of what they produce.

dreamdale brick factory

One of the basic mechanics in Dreamdale revolves around the use of resources to unlock more areas of the island kingdom. You will quickly discover that placing x amounts of wood or stone as indicated by the island borders will cause for them to reveal more of the island. As you uncover more areas and discover more items, some resources will form part of the requirements for you to unlock new areas as well as build new structures.

building a stone mine in dreamdale

There are plenty of unique structures as well to discover and utilize in your journey on top of the production buildings. For starters, the 2 most basic structures in Dreamdale are at the very starting point of your adventure. There is a main structure where you can upgrade different buildings as well as certain aspects of your adventure like storage capacity and strength of tools you use and requires coins for purchases. There is a handy shop as well where practically every resource you gather and collect can be exchanged for coins.

Most importantly, especially for adventure lovers, there are dungeons in Dreamdale that you can visit from time to time to level up your adventurer, gather scrolls, coins, and even gems, which are a premium currency in the game. The dungeon is where you can find various weapons and gears that you can equip on your adventurer as well.

dreamdale dungeon

2. Follow The Missions

Considering all the basic mechanics we discussed above, it is fairly easy to just simply play and enjoy time spent within the world of Dreamdale. Even without adhering to a guide of any sort, you are certain to make progress here and there provided that you make an effort to gather resources, purchase upgrades, and explore different areas of the island kingdom.

While a completely unsanctioned adventure certainly has its share of fun and excitement, adhering to a guide of any kind will ensure a faster rate of development not just for the adventurer himself, but for the entire kingdom as well. With an overabundance of upgrades to perform and land expansions to unlock and invest in, any means of having a clear path towards progression will certainly be helpful. Thankfully, Dreamdale provides a mission feature, which can be vividly seen at the top of your screen.

dreamdale wood

Although there is nothing really to compel you to adhere to the quest at hand as indicated by current icon on your screen, following it is simply the most advantageous way to go. Not only does following missions propel your progression faster than any decision around it, but each mission you accomplish also earns you extra coins, which are necessary for the multitude of upgrades you need to invest in.

dreamdale free coins

Missions can be as simple as upgrading a structure or item to a certain level or unlocking a new area of the island kingdom. Some missions, however, may require you to discover and gather new resources to complete a project or may even have you go through a dungeon. For us, the most challenging part would be quests that may require you to own a certain number of diamonds. This will require you to farm for them in dungeons.

In addition to the extra coins you receive as rewards, the bigger benefit of adhering to the missions is how it guides you towards properly and efficiently progressing everything around you. The quest system has been strategically designed to ensure that you are exposed to different resources and mechanics in the game from the simplest to the more complex ones.

While you may perform some tasks that stray from your current missions; some of these actions may not be credited to the fulfillment of succeeding missions. Reaching certain levels of upgrades will instantly clear missions when you finally unlock them but collecting or producing x numbers of materials will have to be performed as the mission becomes available.

chopping wood in dreamdale

3. Expand Strategically

Taking on the current mission as it pops up above your screen certainly takes top priority in relation to all possible activities you can engage in Dreamdale. In a lot of cases, though, you will find yourself straying a bit off that path primarily because it takes time to gather the needed resources for a project or simply because there are other improvements you feel you need.

Considering the metrics of progression in your adventure, the more attractive one leads to uncovering more of the island. In essence, filling in the resource requirements to open up an adjacent plot may not necessarily be a factor leading to the fulfillment of your current quest. However, more areas uncovered potentially expands sources of valuable materials or even basic ones that are more convenient to have in more locations.

dreamdale task

It is fairly easy to notice that Dreamdale will have you travelling from one side of the map to another in several instances to familiarize you with the island kingdom’s layout and the location of important structures that you unlock and discover. Relative to this, some resources are situated in such a way that you would have to travel some distance to secure them. Although some of the resources are simply docked in specific areas, unlocking additional tiles or plots of land can sometimes make some of them more accessible.

dreamdale enemy camp

Expanding the island through the use of your basic resources can be done in a number of ways. However, considering that even the most basic resources can be exchanged for coins or processed into other, more valuable materials makes them an important commodity that should be spent wisely. As such, we recommend considering a more strategic approach towards expanding horizons and that is to unlock areas that cost the least amount of materials first.

dreamdale fishing

Even if there will likely be instances when you have an overabundance of the needed materials to expand the island kingdom, you can almost be too certain that your supply of it will run low at some point. What you would rather have at the end of expending these resources is more areas to secure them from, either by yourself, or with the help of workers that gather resources for the kingdom as well.

4. Consider Purchasing Upgrades Regularly

Another gameplay mechanic that stretches the levels of fun and excitement that Dreamdale offers is its upgrade feature. As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of upgrades you can purchase using the coins you earned as rewards from quests completed or as profits from the materials you sold. Upgrades are not just applicable to the various structures you build but also to the tools you use for gathering resources as well as storage space and worker proficiency.

dreamdale upgrades

Even though following the quest line will regularly have you upgrade certain buildings or function from time to time, it should not completely prevent you from investing a little more in what you feel you need more of. Likewise, even if a certain upgrade requirement will pop up on the missions later in your adventure, investing earlier will never be a loss as the upgrade will still count towards the completion of the quest requirement.

Two of the more important upgrade choices, in our opinion, relate to storage space. There is a separate upgrade for the Player Bag Capacity as well as for the Player Storage Capacity. The first storage relates to the items you actually farm and pick up, while the latter deals with items that workers automatically gather for you. In terms of your bag capacity, you may notice an ad boost that can help increase it and change its appearance as well. You may not need a lot of bag storage space early on, but you will most certainly will as your journey stretches.

dreamdale backpack

What we fee should be of prime consideration, on the other hand, is the warehouse or storage capacity. It starts off with a lot less available space and actually gets filled up a lot faster even with just one worker working round the clock. You may occasionally see messages from workers stating that storage is full, reminding you to empty out your warehouse. This is because every worker in your employ stores all their loot in the same storage. All workers will stop working whenever your warehouse is full.

dreamdale house

There is such a thing as an upgrade for Worker Power. It starts off at a pretty decent level and investing in it will make each hack and slash of the workers stronger, ultimately leading to faster gathering of resources. This one is an upgrade we would not invest in unless required as workers working too fast may just fill up the warehouse at a much faster rate than you might need it to.

The axe, pickaxe, fishing rod, as well as the sickle you will use to harvest resources can be upgraded as well and upgrades on each tool work the same as it does on Worker Power. Initially, you will have a lot of time to spend on gathering resources yourself at a good enough speed. We feel that the need to gather resources manually dwindles over time, making upgrades to each of the tools not as important as other options.

gathering resource in dreamdale

Structures like the Sawmill and Stone Mine, which generates resources over time can also be improved through upgrades. Doing so, however, will not have them generate materials at a faster rate but instead allot a bigger storage for them. In essence a higher level of these structures can produce more until they stop working, giving you more time in-between picking up their outputs. Upgrading these are acceptable but should not be prioritized over storage space.

Upgrades for both the Wood Factory and Stone Factory makes them capable of holding more raw materials. To begin with, you can only stack 10 raw materials for these structures to process and upgrades will increase these numbers. Like most options that increase storage capacity, this is also what we consider viable choices although still not as important as the first 2 upgrade options we discussed.

dreamdale backpack upgrade

We almost forgot to mention that the backpacks of all workers can also be upgraded and doing so basically leads to them having to travel less often from the farming grounds to the warehouse. Again, since what we typically experience in the game is having the warehouse full too often than what we can handle, this upgrade choice should also not be among priority choices. There are more upgrade options to unlock as you progress further in your adventure but each one more or less falls within the categories we discussed.

5. Establish Your Own Routine

A fantasy adventure with tasks that involve gathering resources as well as raiding dungeons can certainly be a different experience each time you dive into it. At the same time, though, there will be instances when you need to engage in more of the same activity when specific quests and needs call for it.

Gathering resources is expectedly a big part of your adventure in Dreamdale and the task of chopping down trees and breaking down boulders will stretch as far as the entire journey goes. Despite the presence of structures that generate basic resources and the availability of workers that help you with the tasks, efficiency will often dictate the need for you to get resources yourself. After all, your character tops all other alternatives in terms of amassing resources, especially if you work a strategy around the simple set of tasks.

dreamdale routine

One of the basic strategies to consider revolves around establishing a routine for the resource-collection task, which involves devising your very own cyclical route across the island kingdom. For one, there are no right or wrong ways to go about this as it would depend on your needs as well as the upgrade investments you have made so far.

As an example, you may want to cycle across the Sawmill, Stone Mine, and the Warehouse for basic resources you want to have a lot of. Keep in mind that while one or a couple of basic resources are not direly needed, there will always be a need for some extra coins considering the rising costs of upgrades. Later on, you can include apples, pumpkins, and wheat to the cycle once you unlock them as well as the other sources of new materials.

dreamdale collecting resources

Considering material needs, items that need to be processed first like bricks and planks are expected to be a lot more challenging to amass. You can always choose to include this in your cyclic route or consider a separate session for going between these processing structures. It can happen that there will be waiting times in-between each cycle in your route. These idle times can easily be utilized better by performing some manual farming.

Relative to this, always find positions where you can hack or slash more item sources at a time. For instance, you can position yourself in such a way that you can strike 3 trees at the same time. This applies to boulders and wheat as well and even on enemies.

dreamdale bread factory

The route you follow should not be consistent all throughout your adventure as your needs will differ from one point in time to another. Be sure to not only consider the needed resources for the moment but also the ratio of materials you have in stock for the long term. Of course, some resources are expectedly a little more challenging to obtain than others and that is where a little resource management can be applied.

6. You Can Switch Between Offline And Online Gameplay

As a free-to-play casual mobile game, you can certainly expect Dreamdale to have its good share of ads. It should be no surprise at all especially for veteran mobile gamers. The presence of video ads or its other forms in mobile games may still be a turnoff for some players especially ads that pop up in the middle of gameplay but it is important to understand that these ads exist to sustain the continued existence and development of free games.

While there are video ads in Dreamdale that pop up randomly as you play the game, these ads can quickly be skipped in just 5 seconds. There are still tons of ads that you can play or watch but these form part of an ad boost campaign, meaning that you get something out of playing these ads. Dreamdale is certainly loaded with plenty of ad boosts that you can choose to ignore although chances are that you would more likely opt to entertain them given the benefits that they bring.

dreamdale wood market

Scattered across the island kingdom are carts loaded with plenty of the basic resources you need. Typically, these carts can give you 100 of some basic resources that take time for you to gather. You can have these extra resources after playing a 16 to 30-second ad and they often replenish stocks quickly as well. Almost all other sources of materials and products provide adventurers with the same option, which may not be 100 but certainly worth the time relative to how challenging and time-consuming it would take to obtain the materials.

In addition to the backpack ad boost that increases bag space by 100 and also changes its appearance, there are mounts scattered as well across the map and at the dungeon entrance. These mounts may vary in appearance but they all have the same purpose of doubling your movement speed for the next 5 minutes. These boosts are certainly worth the 20-econd ad considering the length of time you can utilize them. There are boosts as well that increase the effectiveness of your tools for a limited period of time.

dreamdale roomy backpack

One ad boost we find difficult to ignore is the extra 100 coins you can get from the upgrade shop if you choose to patronize the ad boost there. Unlocking new structures as part of the mission will often drop a chest loaded with 25 coins and you can get 4x as much if you choose to take advantage of the ad boost.

dreamdale remaining upgrades

If you happen to get killed in the dungeon while adventuring, we recommend that you play the short video ad for instant revival, especially if you are so close to reaching the end of the dungeon. Dungeons may seem like a walk in the park in the initial levels but they can certainly become surprisingly challenging as you reach higher levels.

Considering all the perks you can enjoy with ad boosts, it should be noted that Dreamdale can be played completely offline. You simply need to turn off your Wi-Fi or data connection before or while playing the game to stop ads from popping up as you go on your adventure. As can be expected, though, this will prevent you from accessing any of the ad boosts and even if you turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data on, it will take some time for ad boosts to become available again.

dreamdale game modes

Considering both offline and online game modes, be sure to plan ahead when to switch between the 2. For us, wanting to explore and gather resources manually may want you to go for an offline choice but we certainly recommend that you play online before entering the dungeon.

7. Unlock Blueprints And Statues As Soon As You Can

Dreamdale has deeper mechanics than anyone might expect and if you had your fill of camp-building and dungeon-raiding so far, you still have plenty of discoveries to make in your adventure. There are 2 unique buildings in your island kingdom that can add more spice to your adventure and give you a fair idea as well how close or far you are in terms of your overall progression.

The Research Lab is where you can unlock additional structures for the island kingdom at the cost of gems. Progression in terms of mission completions form part of its requirements as well but the critical points lead to having enough gems to make the purchase. This will serve as among the most important reasons for you to revisit dungeons every once in a while.

dreamdale research lab

The Museum will be the first special building to unlock in the Research Lab and will be your key towards unlocking additional boosts that will help you in your adventure. From treasure chests and enemies in the dungeon, you may pick up some unfamiliar loot from time to time. These are actually blueprints or part of the collection you need to have in order to unlock statues scattered across the island. These statues grant your hero unique buffs once unlocked so be sure to craft them once you have all the necessary blueprints.

dreamdale colossus

Alternatively, you can also obtain blueprints randomly from digging on top of the star-shaped marks on the map. You will have access to the shovel early in your adventure and can dig up the star spots that generate randomly. Although most of your digs will yield you varying amounts of coins, the chances of securing a random blueprint is fairly high.

dreamdale fishing hut

8. Never Rush Dungeon Raids

We have to admit that life outside of the dungeons in Dreamdale certainly lacks any form of pressure and can easily give you the impression that everything else will be a cakewalk from thereon in. Your initial dungeon run may even reinforce that assumption but you will come to discover later on that the challenges within the dungeon can be more than what you might normally expect.

dreamdale gate

Dungeons enable you to acquire adventurer experience, leading to reaching new levels with your hero. Each new dungeon adventure makes it more challenging than the previous one and you are always likely to encounter enemies with the same level as your hero. Although your hero grows stronger with each new level reached, what makes the challenge bigger each time is that dungeons tend to grow in size as well, meaning that you are to encounter and supposedly defeat more enemies with each succeeding run.

dreamdale dungeon battle

On top of stat increases as a result of reaching new levels, though, every dungeon exploration guarantees that you will obtain at least 1 new piece of gear. You will actually only have a sword on your first dungeon visit but you can find different types of equipment like helmets, armors, capes, shields, and even potions. There are also numerous varieties of gears for each type and you are likely to get better ones the higher the level of the dungeon you are in.

dreamdale customization

You should not wait for when you are out of the dungeon to check and equip better gear that you find. Although gears will have a higher chance of being obtained from treasure chests, enemies you slay may also drop them. Spending time to explore the entirety of the dungeon is important as you would want to get as much EXP and items as you can with each dive.

If you are having a hard time distinguishing breakable objects form props, focus on the glow or white outline around them. This indicates that an object can be slashed for some coins or other dungeon-exclusive loots.

dreamdale bone sword

In addition to taking your time to explore every corner of each dungeon you visit, it also pays to thread very carefully. Despite monsters being one level below or at most the same level as your hero, every bit of health you have matters. Surely enough, there are healing spots and drops that can replenish your health but being extra careful lowers the risk of being slain by any of your enemies.

dreamdale fight

Every monster spawned is aggressive but they will only approach or attack you if you come close enough to them. As much as possible, what you should do is to take on enemies one at a time so approaching from the right direction and ensuring that only one will approach you is a basic, yet effective strategy.

While plenty of monsters will only have close range attacks, some, especially boss monsters will have powerful range attacks. There are red indicators to tell you where their attacks will hit, though, and normal running speed makes it fairly easy to avoid their attacks.

dreamdale dungeon adventure

In some cases, Dreamdale lets you take on monsters as well outside of dungeons but for the most part, these are easier to deal with especially since you will have plenty more space to maneuver in while outside of the dungeon.

destroying the enemy's camp in dreamdale

Although Dreamdale may still have plenty of secrets and content waiting to be uncovered, we feel that our beginner’s guide has covered all the mechanics and features the game has to offer. Again, it is a fantasy adventure that is designed to be progressed in even by casual gamers, but we would not be surprised if you find yourself diving into it hours at a time.

If you have spent a good amount of time within the world of Dreamdale and chanced upon something we missed, or if you simply want to share stories of your great adventures in it, do not hesitate to share what you have and drop us a line below!


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