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Rising Super Chef 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete More Levels with 3 Stars

If you fancy yourself a great cook, you might dream of owning your very own restaurant. But while the idea can be thrilling to many aspiring chefs, the huge investment and inventory can be a real obstacle.

This is probably one of the reasons that cooking games exist: so that aspiring chefs, restaurateurs, or just anyone interested in cooking can digitally live out their dream of owning a restaurant without having to be bogged down by the nitty-gritty of owning an actual, physical establishment. Because of this and many other compelling reasons, cooking games like Overcooked or Diner Dash have gained enormous popularity over the years.

Adding to the plethora of enjoyable cooking games is Rising Super Chef – Cook Fast, also known as Rising Super Chef 2.

rising super chef 2 tips

Published by Mini Stone Games, Rising Super Chef 2 offers players a chance to manage their own humble food stall and serve hungry customers with delicious snacks, drinks, desserts, and what-have-you. Similar to many other cooking games, Rising Super Chef 2 revolves heavily around time management, wherein you could lose customers if you don’t get their order on time (just like a real restaurant!).

With more than 36 maps, 700 types of food based on real recipes, over 200 ingredients you will encounter, and over a thousand levels available, Rising Super Chef 2 will definitely keep you on your toes as you play.

Some levels also have different challenges you need to overcome, as well as various requirements you need to meet if you want to finish with 3 stars. Each map has at least 30 levels you need to play through to unlock another map. While you don’t necessarily get some kind of bonus if you finish all levels with 3 stars, acquiring as many stars as possible will definitely be to your advantage (more on this later).

rising super chef 2 map

The game is played simply enough: each level has a number of customers you’d have to serve within an allotted time frame. Each level also has a set number of recipes you’d have to learn. The more you progress, the more recipes will be available.

For instance, the early levels of a map will have at least one or two recipes that require the use of one or two ingredients alongside one or two cooking tools. As you accomplish more levels, recipes get more complicated, with the use of more ingredients and more cooking tools to process the food to completion.

The challenge here, of course, is getting all the recipes done right and serving them before customers ultimately leave. During the early stages, the game can be a bit forgiving, with just one or two customers waiting at the same time. But, again, as you progress, customers tend to arrive at your shop more quickly, with their “patience bar” decreasing a little bit faster.

Rising Super Chef 2 has tons of content, bonuses, and rewards, as well as unlockable items that can help you become a master chef. If you happen to be playing this game, you’ll know that there’s a bit of a learning curve and some strategy involved so you can finish each level with flying colors. Thus, our beginner’s guide for Rising Super Chef 2 offers you the tips and tricks you need to finish levels with 3 stars, acquire more rewards and tools, and serve your customers on time without burning down your kitchen!

Keep Your Customers Happy

rising super chef 2 impatient customer
Not everyone has the patience of a saint!

As with most cooking games, the happiness levels of your customers is the key to a successful meal service. In Rising Super Chef 2, each customer has, as mentioned, a “patience bar” that basically indicates how long they’re willing to wait for their food before they leave. You can find this patience bar right next to your customer’s order, which is found on top of their heads.

The patience bar starts out as green and as it decreases, it becomes orange, then red. Your objective is to serve orders while the customer’s patience bar is still green as this will yield more tips. You can still serve orders even if the patience bar is no longer green, but your tips will be much less. Since each level has a required number of coins you need to earn, getting as many tips as you can alongside the payment for each order will help you earn more coins and, consequently, more stars.

Naturally, the most basic way to accomplish this is to make the right orders and serve them on time. It also goes without saying that you will, ideally, operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, though this might not always be the best approach depending on the customers you encounter. Making the right orders and serving them on time is also easier said than done as the game’s pace exponentially increases that the tutorial itself will suggest using both hands to complete orders faster.

rising super chef 2 controls
Now if I could only have six more hands…

What’s challenging is that aside from having multiple customers, you may encounter customers that order the same meals or drinks all at the same time. With the cooking tools available, you can only really make one recipe at a time. Each recipe also has a timer before it’s rendered complete. In the case of cooked food, some recipes may even burn if you leave them in the pan or oven for too long.

Eventually, some of your cooking tools may also break down, which will take some time to repair, further delaying orders. In some cases, there are even certain customers who may negatively affect the patience levels of others, such as the old man.

rising super chef 2 irritable customer
Hangry is more like it.

Fortunately, the game offers you several ways to keep your customers happy while orders are being cooked or while appliances are being repaired. This comes in the form of a few bonus items that you may earn as rewards.

You can also acquire these bonuses by watching ads, by using what the game calls “patience recovering appliances,” or through specific customers who are satisfied with your service. Let’s take a look at these options and how they can help keep your customers happy.

Instant Cook

rising super chef 2 instant cook

Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 15

This item is one of the first that the game will introduce. Using Instant Cook will reduce cooking times by 30 seconds. You can initially use Instant Cook 3 times as these are provided by the game for free upon introduction. You may earn more chances to use Instant Cook by getting it as a reward from spinning the roulette (more on this later) or by watching ads (more on this later). You can choose to either use Instant Cook just before the game begins or activate it while the game is ongoing.

Since you start with a limited number of chances for Instant Cook, we suggest using this wisely during these scenarios:

  • When there are 4 customers waiting simultaneously in line (4 is the maximum number of customers your stall can accommodate).
  • When there are multiple customers with the same order.
  • When multiple customers have their patience bar dropping.

Extreme Acceleration

rising super chef 2 extreme acceleration

Unlock by: Serving 5 customers in succession while their patience bars are still all green.

Extreme Acceleration can happen mid-game when you accomplish the requirement mentioned above. This causes your character to move with lightning speed, which can significantly cut the time you need to grab ingredients or give customers their orders.

The faster you move, the faster orders can be ultimately delivered, thus keeping your customers happy. Keep in mind, however, that Extreme Acceleration will only last for a limited time. You can avail of this bonus again if you manage to serve another 5 customers in succession while their patience bars are still green.

Instant Serving

rising super chef 2 instant serving

Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 19

The Instant Serving item is like a notch above Instant Cook. Instant Serving basically means you don’t need to make a recipe as you can automatically serve food to a selected customer. Like Instant Cook, you start with 3 free chances to use Instant Serving. You may acquire more if you spin the roulette or watch ads. You may activate this item mid-game.

Again, since you have a limited number of chances to use this item, here’s our recommendation for using it wisely:

  • When there are multiple customers with the same order.
  • When a customer’s order is complex (involving more than 2 ingredients and at least 2 cooking appliances) and you’re struggling to make the recipe or have lost your momentum for one reason or another.
  • When there’s an extremely angry customer waiting in line and you don’t have any snacks for them (more on this later).

Fire Extinguisher

rising super chef 2 fire extinguisher

Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 21

The Fire Extinguisher is pretty self-explanatory. It’s not so much a way to keep customers happy as it’s a way to keep food from burning. As mentioned, cooked food may burn if you leave it on an appliance such as a frying pan, grill, or oven for a long time. Of course, you can’t serve burnt food and you have to cook the recipe all over again, thus delaying that customer’s order. With a fire extinguisher, you can keep this from happening.

Smiley Face

rising super chef 2 smiley face

Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 24

As you can see, this item doesn’t really look like a smiley face but like a red potion in a heart-shaped vial. Regardless of its appearance, the Smiley Face is extremely useful when you have irate customers whose patience bars are already red.

By using this item, you restore their patience bars to full. You can acquire this item as a bonus through spinning the roulette or by watching ads. This item can be activated mid-game.

It goes without saying that this is the best item to use when you encounter extremely irate customers. But since you only have 3 chances to use this item initially, we recommend exploring other ways to keep customers happy and save this item only during what looks like a near-unsalvageable customer.

Server’s Assistant

rising super chef 2 server's assistant

Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 27

This item, which looks like a purple food cloche, basically gives you an invisible server that will instantly provide completed orders to customers without you having to walk to them. Like the other items thus far mentioned, you also begin with 3 chances to use the Server’s Assistant. More chances can be acquired if you spin the roulette or watch ads. You may activate this item before the game begins.

It’s always a good idea to use this item, but because of the limited number of chances, we recommend using the Server’s Assistant when you reach the higher levels or encounter a map that features more complex recipes (one example of this is Map 3, which has ice cream-themed levels and recipes). This way, you can concentrate solely on making recipes as well as save time.

Patience Recovering Appliances

recovering appliances in rising super chef 2

You know how some restaurants give you free snacks or drinks while you wait for your food to arrive? This is what the game’s “patience recovering appliances” do. Each map has a different appliance that you can use to create snacks or drinks that will keep customers’ patience levels up as they wait for their orders.

Map 1 has popcorn, Map 2 has coffee, Map 3 has juice, and so on. The game will offer you the chance to upgrade these appliances for a price. An upgraded appliance will yield more than one snack or drink.

It’s recommended to keep patience recovering appliances continuously making snacks and drinks. These snacks or drinks will overall be useful during the following situations:

  • When there are multiple customers with similar orders and whose patience bars are dropping.
  • When there are broken cooking appliances that need to be repaired, which may result in delayed orders.
  • When you get complicated orders that take more time to complete and serve.

Customer Bonuses

As you play the game, you might think that customers are all about just ordering food. Fortunately, there are some customers who might leave you bonuses, which can help you speed up the cooking process, get more tips, or even increase the patience bars of other customers.

Although there are customers who tend to become irate faster than others (like the old man), there are those who will be generous enough to leave you with bonuses if they’re satisfied with your service. You may find these items on the spot where a customer has ordered.

However, you need to act fast as these items will eventually disappear if you don’t click on them. If the item disappears, the bonus will not be activated. You may encounter a variety of customer bonuses as you play the game, but those we will discuss in this section are generally for beginners.

Magic Smile

rising super chef 2 magic smile

The Magic Smile item looks like a small blinking heart. This helps recover the patience bars of other customers. This item is dropped by who the game refers to as your friend, which looks like another female chef. She will leave you this item if you manage to provide her order while her patience bar is still green.

Gift Box

rising super chef 2 gift box

The Gift Box may be left by random customers if you manage to serve them first. One example of a customer who may leave this Gift Box is the police officer. This item can yield more tips, which will help you reach your coin quota faster.

Repair Kit

rising super chef 2 repair kit

From time to time, your cooking appliances will break down, thus needing repairs. You may repair them yourself but this process can take time. Fortunately, if you encounter a repairman and satisfy his order, he will leave you with a Repair Kit. This kit helps you fix broken cooking appliances faster, which can minimize order delays.

Instant Dish

rising super chef 2 magic dish

Occasionally, you may encounter your teacher as your customer. Similar to your friend, your teacher will also give you a bonus if you satisfy his order while his patience bar is still green. The bonus item he would leave you is a random dish, which you can immediately serve to the appropriate customer.

This is especially helpful since it acts similarly to the Instant Serving item. It’s even more to your advantage if your teacher manages to leave you with a completed dish that requires a complicated recipe.


rising super chef 2 candy

Aside from the main game, Rising Super Chef 2 will eventually let you unlock a mini game wherein you can collect other rewards such as energy and speed tickets, as well as candies. These candies, in particular, are the mini game’s version of the main game’s snacks. If a customer’s patience bar (or in this case, heart bar) is low, you may give them candies to recover their patience.

However, unlike the snacks or drinks created by using patience recovering appliances, candies are limited-number items that you can only collect after a certain amount of time has passed. This may take as long as 3 hours. You can shave off some of the waiting time by watching ads, but this only lets you decrease it by 30 minutes.

Since you have a limited number of candies, we suggest using this only when there are multiple customers whose patience bars are at really low levels. Otherwise, the mini game tends to be less intense than the main game so save your candies.

Trash Cleanup

rising super chef 2 trash cleanup

During the early levels of the game, customers will be polite enough to leave their spot squeaky clean. However, since the game progressively gets harder, you will eventually encounter customers who may leave trash after finishing their meal or drink. If you see trash on a particular spot in your stall, make sure to clean this up fast as this will negatively affect the next customer’s patience bar. This can seem like a trifle, but remember that certain customers’ patience levels may affect the patience levels of others so don’t forget to clean up trash to keep all your customers happy.

Review Your Recipe List Before Entering a Level

rising super chef 2 recipe list
Believe it or not, making an omelet sandwich in this game can be downright confusing.

As mentioned, Rising Super Chef 2 has tons of recipes based on real-life food. Early levels will teach you how to make very basic recipes that involve one or two ingredients and the use of one cooking appliance.

But what makes the game ultimately challenging is that higher levels will require you to learn more complicated recipes that require more ingredients and more than just one cooking step. This is where concentration, memorization, speed, and momentum all come into play.

Whenever there’s a new recipe to be learned, the game will provide a quick tutorial and allow you to review this recipe mid-game. However, this can prove to be distracting for many players. To give yourself an edge, make it a point to review the recipe list before entering a level. You can find the recipe list at the top right corner of the selection box before you play a round.

rising super chef 2 level recipes

By checking the recipe list, you get to review new recipes at your leisure without feeling the same pressure when you’re already in a round. At the same time, you also get to review which recipes might appear in a certain level as not all recipes thus far introduced might be needed. This allows you to focus on the important recipes you need to remember for that specific round. Additionally, reviewing the recipe list will give you an idea of which customers to expect.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to memorize each recipe since the game will provide you with a quick cheat sheet while a level is ongoing. You can see this cheat sheet at the top of your screen mid-game.

However, the contents of this so-called cheat sheet will depend on the ingredients your character is holding so memorization can still help you make recipes faster without having to spend time reviewing the cheat sheet. Depending on which memorization technique works best for you, you may either choose to memorize quietly or say the ingredients and process out loud if it helps you remember them better.

This can be particularly helpful when you need multiple ingredients and more than one cooking appliance. For instance, you can train your brain to outline complicated recipes by thinking of or saying them out loud in order: egg-banana-blender, blender-oven-pie.

Multitask Like an Octopus

Since Rising Super Chef 2 is a time-management cooking game, knowing recipes by heart is just one aspect of a successful meal service. You also need to strategize and apply techniques that will minimize the time you need to make recipes, especially since they tend to get more complicated in the long run.

That said, you need to be able to multitask and maximize all the available items in your kitchen. Doing this can help save not just on time but bonus items. Here are a few strategies we recommend in terms of multitasking and minimizing the time you need to accomplish orders:

Make Food in Advance

If you’ve reviewed the recipe list beforehand, you may have an easier time making food even before customers arrive. This is undoubtedly a bit more effortless during the early levels since there will be around just two or three simple recipes you need to learn. For instance, in the first few stages of Map 1, you can start frying sausages on the pan while making a strawberry milkshake using the blender even before a customer orders any of these. At one point or another, you can be sure that someone will ask for these food items since you won’t have too many customers to begin with.

However, when you start encountering more recipes with more complex ingredients and processes, it can be hard to decide which food items to make in advance. Our tip is to start making the most complicated recipes first as this takes more time to complete. Fortunately, the game lets you use the Showcase item, where you can keep food made in advance. Upgrading your Showcase will allow it to keep more completed food items.

rising super chef 2 showcase
If only I could afford an entire display case…

If your Showcase is full, making food in advance can be a bit tricky as some may need to be served immediately to keep them from being burnt. Your character can pick up two items at a time (three if you already have the Serving Tray, but that will come much later) so if you pick up completed food in one hand, you may have a slower time accomplishing more recipes until you serve the food item you’re holding.

When this happens, at least make one drink in advance as whatever’s kept in the blender will not burn. Alternatively, you may also make food partially in advance without sending them yet to a cooking appliance like the pan, oven, or frier.

Additionally, don’t forget to continuously make snacks or drinks from the patience recovering appliances. In case you make a mistake and end up having to throw completed food in the trash for lack of space or Showcase slots, your snacks and drinks can buy you some time.

rising super chef 2 popcorn
Nobody can refuse free popcorn!

The good news is that throwing away food won’t really affect your profit. However, this can be a rather rare instance as customers will become progressively quicker to arrive as you go higher up the levels. Chances are, someone will order what you’ve already made in advance, and you don’t have to keep this food item in the Showcase or idling in your cooking appliance for long.

No Cooking Appliance or Tool Should be Idle

using multiple applicanes at the same time inn rising super chef 2
Just don’t put the strawberry on the frying pan and the bacon in the blender.

Further to the point above, no cooking appliance or tool should be idle. While this can be a bit difficult to keep tabs on, make an effort to ensure that nothing in your kitchen is empty or each tool is working actively.

For instance, put ingredients on the cutting board if it has none. It’s usually the first step to completing a fruit dessert bowl. If you get lucky, someone might just order a simple fruit bowl so you’re good to go.

Once you take out food from a cooking appliance, you can also start making another batch. For example, once you place a completed waffle on the dish to be mixed with a fruit, you can start making another plain waffle by putting another batch of batter on the waffle maker.

On the other hand, you can make two or more types of food all at once. While making waffles, you can also make crepes, doughnuts, and smoothies all at once since they all use different cooking appliances.

The bottom line is that your kitchen should multitask just as hard as you do. Remember that time is gold, so idle time means losing the maximum amount of coins you can get!

Ready Your Ingredients

preparing ingredients in rising super chef 2
Being prepared is half the battle won!

As mentioned, there are some recipes that require more than one cooking process. To reduce the time you need to work on these recipes, set your ingredients in their proper places while partially completing the recipe. For instance, if you’re going to make an omelet sandwich, you can place the bread on the Workboard in advance while waiting for the omelet to finish cooking.

Another example is when you’re making a fruit crepe: while the batter cooks in the Crepe Maker, place the fruit on the dish in anticipation of the cooked crepe. The few seconds you save by preparing your ingredients beforehand can be allotted to making other recipes, more snacks, or serving customers.

Additionally, preparing your ingredients may serve as a reminder that you have a pending recipe to complete. This way, you avoid losing your momentum, which can be disorienting when you have multiple orders to simultaneously complete.

Keep Clicking

rising super chef 2 yogurt
And don’t stop!

Speaking of momentum, you might feel the need to see your character complete her walk animation before clicking on another ingredient or cooking appliance. Unless you have Extreme Acceleration activated, you might feel frustrated that your character is moving too slowly.

However, you don’t necessarily have to watch your character finish her walking animation. In fact, you just need to keep clicking and your path will automatically register. Simply put, this means the game will take care of moving your character according to what you want her to do or where you want her to move based on which items you’ve clicked. Keep clicking so you can keep moving, and do it quickly.

Get Free Rewards as Much as You Can

rising super chef 2 rewards
Freebies are always welcome!

Besides acquiring items that you can use to help out with every level, you can also get currency rewards such as in-game coins, cash, and stars. Though stars are earned by completing levels depending on how well your service went, you eventually collect these stars as a form of currency that can be exchanged for energy. Winning a level with at least 1 star will not spend any of your energy. However, losing a level or forfeiting a round will cause you to spend 20 energy.

losing a level in rising super chef 2
Like they say, try and try and you will succeed… eventually.

You have a maximum of 100 energy, though you may continue adding to this if you happen to earn energy as a bonus reward.

On the other hand, coins and cash can be acquired after winning levels. You may notice that you tend to earn more coins than cash, and that cash can sometimes be hard to come by. Other bonuses you may earn are premium ingredients, which can make dishes more valuable, thus leading to more profit.

However, premium ingredients only come at a limited number. If you use up all your premium ingredients for one level, you will have to pay cash to use premium ingredients on another level. Premium ingredients are specified per level.

So you might be wondering, how can you earn these rewards and bonuses? The game presents you with several ways to acquire these items, which are discussed below:

Claim Daily Bonuses

rising super chef 2 daily bonus

As with most games, you can get bonuses simply by logging in every day. Daily bonus rewards are selected by the game at random. It can be currency like cash or coins, energy, premium ingredients, or other items like tickets.

You may also get double rewards from Daily Bonuses if you watch an ad, as seen in the image below.

rising super chef 2 double rewards

Watch Ads

rising super chef 2 movie

Another typical aspect of mobile games these days is that you can get bonuses by watching ads from a “moviehouse.” You can find this in the left side of your screen when you access your current map. It is labeled as “Watch and Earn” with an icon that looks like a movie slate.

Unlike other games, watching ads in Rising Super Chef 2 will let you know what you can win—at least most of the time. In some cases, the reward may be different from what you might expect to get, but this is indicated by a question mark. For instance, the game might say that you can win either cash or a random item.

Use the Play Button with Ads

rising super chef 2 play button

Before entering a level, the game will give you the chance to get a free bonus item by watching an ad when you click the blue Play button instead of the green one. If you click the blue Play button, you may get a Fire Extinguisher, Instant Cooking, or Server’s Assistant. This will be activated upon entering the level.

Spin the Lucky Wheel

rising super chef 2 lucky wheel

Rising Super Chef 2 has a roulette that you can spin daily for free. You may win items, currency, or energy. Check back to spin the Lucky Wheel every time you log in.

Complete Location Goals

rising super chef 2 location goals

When you reach Map 3, you’ll be able to access Location Goals, which are sort of long-term goals that you can complete by serving food or customers a certain number of times. Completing these goals can get you invitation vouchers, which can be used to acquire special cooking appliances or outfits. Invitation vouchers are typically gained by inviting friends so this is an alternative to that method.

Spend Currency Wisely

rising super chef 2 shopping
Shop till you drop, but only for the important stuff.

Now that you know what kind of rewards and currency you can get, it’s best to spend these wisely—particularly when it comes to cash and coins. As you know, cash tends to be acquired rarely but it appears to be the premium currency of the game.

For one thing, cash is needed for premium ingredients, upgrading some cooking appliances, and even adding customers or extra time if you manage to fail reaching your coin quota for a level. Cash is also needed if you want to beautify your kitchen and spend for designs or decor, some of which may add bonuses, like more patience levels or higher tips.

Coins may also be used to acquire and upgrade cooking appliances, as well as get clothes that can lead to the same bonuses kitchen designs or decor may provide. Because you typically get coins from completing levels, the cost of spending coins tends to be more exorbitant compared to when you buy items with cash.

Similar to other games, it’s important to spend your in-game currency wisely and to save them up for only the most important purchases. That said, here are are do’s and don’ts when spending currency:

Don’t Spend For:

rising super chef 2 premium ingredients
  • Premium ingredients. You can still get 3 stars even at high levels if you play your cards right by multitasking, strategizing, and concentrating.
rising super chef 2 chance
  • Added customers or extra time. It’s better to retry and lose energy than to spend cash to keep playing a level if you haven’t reached your coin quota for the round. Remember that energy can be replenished since you earn back at least 1 energy every minute. It’s also easier to get energy as a reward compared to cash.
rising super chef 2 kitchen design
  • Kitchen designs or decor. Although some kitchen decor or designs may lead to some bonuses, you can still complete a level with 3 stars even without them. Our recommendation is to postpone the purchase until you have extra cash to spare.

Do Spend For:

rising super chef 2 appliance upgrade
  • Upgrading cooking appliances and tools. After all, these are the backbone of your kitchen. Their bonuses (such as reducing cooking times, adding more Showcase slots, or enabling more snacks to be made) are the most significant bonuses you can invest in.

    Keep in mind that the game will ask you to spend coins to actually get a specific cooking appliance so you can access a certain level. Over time, you will also need to upgrade these appliances by either spending coins or cash so they can accommodate the difficulty level of each stage. These can be expensive in the long run but they’re well worth the investment.
rising super chef 2 wardrobe bonus
  • Wardrobe bonuses. Eventually, the game will let you access new outfits that you can dress your chef in. Although most outfits are for your aesthetic pleasure, some will give you bonuses, such as getting more tips. You may also upgrade these outfits for a higher percentage of getting a certain bonus. Again, this can be an expensive but worthwhile investment.

Panic Is the Enemy

rising super chef 2 panic
Keep calm even if your kitchen is on fire.

Last but not the least, it’s important to remember never to panic. Rising Super Chef 2 might look cute and casual, but it’s actually quite a fast-paced game. The more you play, the more challenging levels and recipes get.

There are various aspects of the game that you need to keep tabs on, such as the patience levels, the cooking timers, ingredients to be used, cooking processes, coin quota, and other goals such as serving a specific customer a certain number of times.

However, by concentrating, strategizing, and gaining momentum as you play, you can overcome each level and even go beyond your coin quota—that is, if you don’t let panic overwhelm you.

Diligently review your recipe list to get an idea of what to expect. Use items wisely and take advantage of freebies whenever you can. Invest in upgrading your cooking appliances and wardrobe. Don’t forget to make snacks to keep customers constantly happy.

But most importantly, don’t panic even when you start making mistakes. By keeping calm and getting your groove back on, you can still accomplish a pretty good meal service and gain three stars despite facing overwhelming odds.

rising super chef 2 score
Three’s the charm!

With this, we conclude our beginner’s guide for Rising Super Chef 2. Do you have more tips and strategies to share? Let us know in the comment section below! You can now be on your way to being a master chef and conquer the stomachs of your hungry customers!