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Diner DASH Adventures Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Restore DinerTown

DinerTown is in trouble and it’s up to you and Flo to bring it back to its former glory. Mr. Big and his minions, Beatriz and Flip, are wreaking havoc across town and only Flo can stop them with your help. Diner DASH Adventures is a game by Glu Mobile where you help Flo work on the Greasy Spoon Diner, DinerTown Inn, and Trout of This World Fish Shack. Other than the three mentioned, you also get to develop other areas of the town along the way.

Fans of the game will have a blast playing this as it is very reminiscent of the original Diner Dash. With Greasy Spoon Diner and Trout of This World Fish Shack, the gameplay is similar to the original where you seat customers, take their orders, and serve them food. It’s a simplified version of the original but still retains its charm. As for the DinerTown Inn part of the game, you assign customers to their rooms, serve them food, and do anything they request, which is very similar to Hotel Dash.

The game features a different aesthetic than past games and adds a different element to its gameplay which is the renovation or makeover factor to it. Along with an enticing storyline that will definitely draw you in, you also get to restore DinerTown as you please. Of course, it’s not always as easy as you think. If you want to know how to complete all levels and restore DinerTown, then check out our Diner DASH Adventures beginner’s guide for a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Gameplay Strategies And Basics

A great strategy, which is also true for the original Diner Dash, is doing the same thing consecutively. Not only does this make things easier and organized, this also activates the chain bonus. Attend to customers at the same time, take orders at the same time, and serve their food at the same time. You can also pick up the same orders or requests from different customers because your chef can make three of same thing at once. Doing this maximizes your time and makes things easier for Cookie rather than cooking three of the same dishes separately. It also enables Flo to serve food faster and save time.

diner dash adventures strategies

While tables or rooms are full and there are people in line, you can plan which table or room to assign your waiting customers. If you have a table or room for one available but the people next in line need a bigger table or room, serve the people currently using the needed table or room first to give way for the next people.

You can also use the switch button to swap people in line. If there is a solo table or room available but the person that can occupy it is second in line, you can tap on the switch button located at the start of the line to swap the first two customers. This is also helpful for color matching people to tables or rooms.

If you notice a customer’s heart meter going down, prioritize that customer first in order to fill the heart meter a bit. Some customers are very impatient, like Barb, and their heart meter goes down faster than others. Serve this customer first before anyone else to avoid losing customers. Some customers are patient and are willing to wait. You can make them wait in line and seat the ones after them first.

2. Activate The Dash Mode

Dash Mode is a bonus which makes everything going on in a level twice as fast, including Flo’s movement and the cooking. Activating this makes the game so much easier especially for harder levels. To get into Dash Mode, you need to match customer colors to tables/rooms, serve customers quickly, and perform chain bonuses. Doing any of these actions will fill up the Dash meter that can be seen at the top left corner of the screen.

When you play a level, some seats/rooms have colors that are already preset. You should match customers according to the right color to activate the Color Match bonus. Another way to fill the Dash meter is by activating the Fast Service bonus. You can achieve this by moving fast, seating customers fast, taking their orders fast, and serving them fast.

The last way to add to the Dash meter is by doing chain bonuses. By doing the same thing one after the other, you activate the chain bonus. For example, seating multiple customers for different tables, taking orders in a row, and serving food to customers consecutively. Doing this is a bit tricky though as some customers order twice that might break this chain. Serving all customer orders one after the other activates the chain. It’s best to focus on doing one action all at once rather than doing different things in order to get the chain bonus.

3. Upgrade Items To Complete Levels And Get More Stars

Another feature of Diner DASH Adventures is its well-developed storyline that consists of different chapters and 15 levels within each chapter. In order for you to progress and move on to the next chapter, you will need to do tasks on your to-do list and finish all levels in that chapter. These tasks can be fulfilled by using stars. Stars can be obtained when you complete a level. The number of stars you earn depends on the level and if you reach the goal for that level.

diner dash adventures upgrades

However, there will be times when you can’t seem to pass or get the next star. This is where upgrading comes in. To upgrade an item, you’ll need coins and gems which will be explained later on. There are different kinds of upgrades for each chapter and some can be carried over the next chapter while others cannot. Upgrades that can be carried over are the cooking equipment. Food can be upgraded, but the food you serve differ for each chapter. It’s best to prioritize upgrading the appliances first to serve food faster. Some levels require you to collect a specific number of coins. For these levels, you can upgrade food to raise their value and price.

If you don’t know which item to upgrade, the game has recommendations for you. You can follow these recommendations or just decide on your own. Rewards are also given to you when you upgrade a number of times, so any upgrade made isn’t a waste in the game.

4. Level Up And Upgrade Your Customers For Bonuses

Customers are essential in your game progress. You can level them up or upgrade them to help you in your game. Making your customers happy earns you hearts. These hearts are collected at the end of every level. When you collect the required number of hearts, you can level up a customer. Leveling up a customer will give you rewards such as gems, boosts, piggy banks, and more. Upgrading a customer on the other hand is similar to upgrading items for a chapter. The customer you upgrade makes them more patient and also increases the amount of hearts you earn from them. Doing this will significantly help you in a level that requires a number of hearts to be collected. Upgrading and leveling up go hand in hand as you can only upgrade when a customer reaches a certain level.

diner dash adventures customers

To level up a customer, tap on the icon at the bottom of your screen which has people on it. This is right beside the Daily Deals and Flo’s Closet. Here you’ll see all characters and how many hearts you need for them to move on to the next level. If a character is ready to level up, their meter will be green and you will also be notified with a badge on top of the customers icon. You can also upgrade a customer in this menu.

5. It’s Okay To Replay Levels

It might be troublesome to upgrade items that you can’t carry over to the next chapter, but you can always replay a level for as much as you want and still get the coins you earn for that level. This is especially helpful for levels that have three stars and you only collected one or two. Playing levels repeatedly that require hundreds of coins to pass is a great way to earn coins fast. But if you’ve already earned a star for that level, you cannot earn it again. Only new stars earned will be counted and added, so if you need stars, you have to do other levels where you haven’t collected them yet.

diner dash adventures cheats

To replay levels you have previously played, tap on the Greasy Spoon Diner, DinerTown Inn, or Trout of This World Fish Shack and you will see all chapters and levels for that specific area. Then you can tap on the level you want to play again. Levels that are colored purple are timed levels. However, you have to be mindful of your supplies as you can run out of them by repeatedly playing. It’s best to replay levels when you have the boost that makes levels cost 0 supplies.

6. Use Boosts For Very Hard Stages

After upgrading items and you still can’t move on from that level or get that star, this is where you need to use pre-level boosts. Pre-level boosts are automatically selected before you start a game. To make sure you don’t use them every time and waste them, tap on them and uncheck them before the beginning of each level. Using pre-level boosts also gives you bonuses for that level. The more boosts you use, the higher bonus you get. There are three pre-level boosts in Diner DASH Adventures: Rainbow Match, Fast Flo, and Quick Customers.

diner dash adventures boosts

Rainbow Match makes it easier for you to assign customers to their table/room as this will make them rainbow-colored. You can freely put any customer anywhere you like. Fast Flo makes her movement 500% times faster. This is very useful if you want to activate the Fast Service bonus. Quick Customers makes your customers order and eat really fast. You don’t have to wait for them to finish their meal as they’re instantly done once you serve the food. However, the Fast Flo and Quick Customers can be a waste if your chef takes too long to cook and make people in line wait anyway.

Other than pre-level boosts, there are in-game boosts as well. These are the Order Up, Cupcake, and Jetpack. Order Up will make your chef instantly cook all the orders you’ve picked up. However, this only lasts for a few seconds, so make every second count and collect all those orders before it runs out. You can see this boost at the lower right corner of the screen. Simply tap on it to activate it. The Cupcake is another in-game boost that will instantly fill a customer’s heart meter. This is very useful for those customers that are very impatient and get upset quickly. Tap on the pink cupcake at the bottom of your screen and tap on the customer you want to give it to. The Jetpack boost removes a customer or a group of customers out of the diner/inn/shack. You can use this for those who are disrupting your business or those very angry customers. The jetpack can be seen beside the cupcake and is also given to customers the same way.

7. Edit DinerTown To Your Heart’s Content

For the story part of the game, completing tasks will also let you choose how to decorate DinerTown. There are several themes for decorations to choose from, and some of them require a key along with the stars required. These keys can be obtained in a number of ways like through piggybanks or through the mailbox. You can always change an item later on by tapping and holding down on it. This will still require you to use your keys, but stars are replaced with coins instead.

There are also random stars scattered around DinerTown. You can use leftover stars you have to give this part of town a makeover. It doesn’t necessarily add anything to the game other than make your town look better. It’s best to save your stars for tasks in your to-do list before using them on the random stars scattered across town.

8. Complete The Daily Goals, Fulfill Mementos, And Dress-Up Flo For More Rewards

Daily Goals are tasks that you have to complete daily for additional rewards. You can earn gems, boosts, coins, and more if you do these tasks. These tasks vary from using a boost a number of times to upgrading items. These goals refresh daily and can be a great source of gems.

dinner dash adventures flo's closet

Mementos are milestones you reach in Diner DASH Adventures. You can see this by swiping on the screen until you see the DinerTown Hall. Tapping on the DinerTown Hall will show you which mementos you have unlocked. There are bronze, silver, and gold mementos. Tapping on each one will show you what they are and what you need to do to get them. Unlocking certain mementos will enable you to renovate DinerTown Hall. If you’re able to renovate the hall to a certain theme, you’ll be rewarded with a piggy bank.

When you’re just starting out in the game, you’ll be rewarded with an outfit. Flo can actually change into this outfit and wear it throughout the game. Other outfits can be purchased and some are given through tasks and daily deals. Unlocking a whole collection of clothes will reward you with a piggy bank filled with more rewards. To access outfits and change, you need to tap on the shirt icon at the bottom of the screen.

9. Always Check The Daily Deals And Mailbox

The easiest way to earn gems is through Daily Deals in the shop. Gems are sometimes offered at a very low price of 10 coins. Daily Deals also refresh every 8 hours, so you’ll be able to earn more gems throughout the day. Other items can also be purchased in Daily Deals like boosts, supplies, hearts, outfits and many more. Be sure to check whenever you can or turn on notifications so that the game will tell you when there are new offers.

As you progress in Diner DASH Adventures, you’ll get tons of freebies in your Mailbox. These items include gems, coins, boosts, keys, and more. If you have mail, an icon will appear at the right side of your screen, just tap on this and then you can collect all mailbox rewards. You can also tap on your mailbox near the Greasy Spoon Diner to check your mail.

10. Connect Your Facebook Account And Email For Extra Gems

If you’re short on gems and need to upgrade items, you can connect your Facebook account and email to the game for gem rewards. To do this, go to the settings by tapping on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on connect in order to link your Facebook and email to the game. Connecting to Facebook will reward you with two gems, while connecting your email gives you six gems. You instantly earn eight gems by just connecting.

diner dash adventures email

Another way to earn gems is through the offers under Daily Deals. Here you can earn a large number of gems by downloading games, completing surveys, and more. If you don’t mind being taken to an external screen and downloading additional apps, this is an easy way to be awarded with huge amounts of gems for free.

That is all for now, as far as our Diner DASH Adventures beginner’s guide is concerned. If you have anything else to add or if you know more useful tips, tricks or cheats to the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!


Sunday 12th of February 2023

Is the shiver me Timbers and game of thorns levels always the same? As in if I upgrade one chapter in just cruise inn, will that be the chapter used every time for the event or does it rotate meaning I would have to upgrade the entire venue to get the most out of it?


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

I try to collect 10 jems from watcing commercials to open new restaurant, but never got more than 6 cause they just disappear.


Monday 21st of February 2022

What does wake up Hal mean under limited time events


Friday 17th of December 2021

What do I do with the poinsettias I’m collecting? Can they be redeemed?


Saturday 14th of November 2020

I've noticed this too. It seems like I'm locked out of Shakes Truck events because I haven't played thru a specific level, but I've finished all but maybe 5 of the most recent Treehouse chapter and still don't have it.