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Shellfire Guide: Tips, Cheats, Strategies & Best Characters in the Game

For those of you who are familiar with games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Modern Combat 5, then we must say Dunia Games has something pretty fun for you. The company’s mobile game called Shellfire is a mixture of MOBA, FPS and battle royale all in one. There are various game modes to choose from depending on what you want to do at the time. Quick Match has four parts to it which include Quick Battle, AI Battle, Custom Match, and Solo. Custom Match is pretty self-explanatory but the others have specific uses. Quick Battle is good for gaining gold and other rewards. AI Battle is good for practicing with newly obtained characters. Solo is a one on one match between you and another player. Each time you play one of these modes, you’ll be placed in a random situation.

In Shellfire ranked mode is the one where you have to bring your best efforts. Just like Quick Battle, you’ll be placed in a random situation. The higher you get in the rankings/tiers, the better your rewards will be. But Shellfire didn’t stop there! You also have Zombie Rush and Island Battle. The Zombie Rush mode has you and your team surviving through all the waves of zombies that you can. If your team is completely dead before the last wave, you lose. Island Battle is a bit of a different setup for a battle royale game. In Island Battle, you have to loot your heroes to use just like looting equipment in other battle royale games.

Considering all this to play with, you are left with trying to figure out what to use for the heroes you can collect and runes. In this Shellfire guide, we will share with you loads of tips, cheats and strategies, as well as a list of the best characters, in order to get you off to a good start.

1. Rune Setups That Work With Your Characters

Runes are the only items you can collect in Shellfire. Initially, you’ll be give 2 rune setups to build up. As of this writing there are 27 different characters to choose from for your battles. The real trick to the runes is to notice the main difference about all the current characters.

shellfire runes

The main difference is that they can heal or not. The healing comes in a variety of forms. This includes the skills on support characters, the skills on other characters, and the vamp effect on Nicholas. Since you have 2 rune slots to build up, you can rig each one for the specific type of character. Check the above screen shot and notice there’s a Boost Heal bonus stat included with the Rune 1 setup.

shellfire tips

In checking this second screen shot above, you’ll notice there’s not nearly as much Boost Heal included. It can be removed entirely when you gain different runes to replace it with. The main idea in Shellfire is that you want your character to survive as much as possible. The Boost Heal bonus stat certainly helps. However, if your character simply doesn’t have a healing skill, replace the runes for better attacks and/or defenses. The Boost Heal stat depends on you being on the giving or receiving end of the healing. Being on the receiving end means your currently selected character doesn’t have a healing skill of any type. For example, Diana doesn’t have a healing skill. So during the character selection, switch the rune setup to whichever has more attacking and/or other stat bonuses. But Downey does have a healing skill. It’s meant for himself so having the Boost Heal stat does help you.

One of your best bets is to focus on attack boosting stats from the runes. The idea is to be able to kill off opponents quickly and often. These attack boosting stats from the runes include your normal attack and skill attacks. But having CD Reducing runes can be very helpful too! Just remember when you are stuck with a choice between normal attack boosting and skill damage boosting, go with the attack boosting runes. The reason is that you will be using your normal attack far more compared to your skill attacks. Your normal attack doesn’t have a cool down. The exception to this is a character such as Brew. Brew relies on close range combo attacks to get quick kills. In order to do that well you’ll need to use his skills often. So the CD Reducing runes come in very handy.

2. Killer Tank Characters

Currently there are four tank type characters in Shellfire. However, two of them stand out much better than others.

shellfire brew

The idea of playing a tank type character is to be on the front lines pretty much as a punching bag. Sanjay does well at this. He’s pretty good at shielding himself/allies and stunning opponents. But the real fun is when your tank becomes lethal. Brew is definitely listed as a lethal tank! With Brew, you can hit targets with some range. The trick is that the closer you are to your target(s), the harder Brew will hit. Notice the “up to 2000 DMG” in his normal attack description. That’s a very heavy hit. When facing a group of opponents that are fairly close to each other, Brew’s Bio Grenade can heal you up pretty quickly. The real fun is the Mechanical Claw. In combination with Heavy Punch and a close range normal attack, you can definitely kill at least 1 target very easily.

So why not recommend Hamlet or Splint as a tank type character to use in Shellfire? As it turns out, Hamlet is a good tank type character to use. The problem is that he has a very high usage difficulty. Whichever form isn’t in use will automatically heal itself so it’s like you have 2 characters in one. The other problem is remembering to switch modes if you are able to. From there, you have to remember what every skill does. Some may have a very tough time using Hamlet. The main problem with Splint is that his main attack doesn’t hit as hard as other characters. So killing speed becomes a problem. From there, Splint’s first skill requires him to be attacked. That’s not a great idea if you don’t have a healer on your team! Splint doesn’t have a healing skill of any kind and you’ll be burning time looking for healing.

3. Effective Attacking Characters

Yes, most players want to be an attack type in Shellfire. There’s a big surprise, right?! The main problem isn’t being an attacker. It’s that some of them are not good attacker setups in general. Take the example of Hakkar. He’ll hit a lot harder while not at full Hit Points (HP). At the same time, he’ll be quicker to hug the floor while trying to maintain that lower amount of HP. Now take the example of Murphy. Yes, she can be a bit tricky but the problem shows up when she’s not hitting so hard.

shellfire downey

In Shellfire, the two attack type characters that stand out the most are Spanky and Downey. You’ll gain Spanky for free right at the start. He can hit quite well, heal himself, and blow up an enemy group pretty ok too! His HP Pool skill can rack up to 1,200 point worth of near instant HP healing. You just have to keep hitting targets to rack up the points for HP Pool. The trick to Spanky is that you don’t have to wait until he has the full 1,200 points on HP Pool. You can use that skill whenever you need it. So Spanky does have a high survival rate. Your accuracy doesn’t have to be spot on with him. He’s pretty handy when it comes to spraying the area where opponents are moving in.

But when it comes to Downey, he’s one of the easiest characters to use in Shellfire. The trick to him is to remember to aim for your opponent’s feet. Trying to get a headshot with Downey is not going to be an easy stunt to pull off. He can be a bit slow on the attack and only has 10 rounds of ammunition. However, he can hit a ton so most of the time, 3 hits can kill an opponent. His Repair Bot skill will heal you as long as you remember to use it! Super Laser Cannon is where the action really scores for you. You can easily wipe out all 5 opponents (depending on where and what everyone is) in mere seconds. Downey has impressive range with his normal attack too! With the Advanced Thruster skills, getting to high places isn’t that much of a problem. From there, you can rain down attacks and many opponents won’t find you so easily.

shellfire nicholas

In Shellfire, also among the very good attack type characters is Nicholas. He’s a vampire so go figure as to why he has a vamp effect in his normal attack and ultimate! Nicholas has a passive which reduces damage from normal attacks. Of course this helps a lot because normal attacks are used the most! With his Blood Assault skill, he will change into a bat to increase your move speed. The idea is to make it much harder to get hit. Use his Blood Baptism skill when you find yourself surrounded by opponents. When put together with a good set of runes, Nicholas can shell out good damage, take quite a lot of damage, and keep on going. Think of him as a different type of tanker.

4. The Tricky Defensive Characters

The defensive type characters of Shellfire can be both very disruptive and lethal at the same time. They can slow opponents, trap them, and kill them from quite a hefty distance. The real strategy for defend type characters is to know where and when to use them.

shellfire chromie

Take the example of Chromie showing in the above screen shot. He can plant a single attack and healing tower at the same time. Only the healing tower is time limited and will disappear. Then run off and keep attacking the attack tower Laser Turrent to heal it. Do note that Laser Turrent doesn’t miss. It’s not like any character’s normal attack where it can be dodged. Once Laser Turrent fires, it will hit. Then if you are close enough with Chromie, you can boost the effects of both towers with his ultimate skill Alien Force. As you can see in the above screen shot, Chromie is very easy to use. One of the best tactics for him is to plant the Laser Turrent either at a common entry point to the battlefield or in the middle of the capture area.

Notts is another in the defend type characters list of Shellfire that can be pretty nasty on the attacks! Her first skill boosts her damage and slow effect. So your opponents won’t be running around so much. Her ultimate skill, Revelry, gives you 8 seconds of high speed attacking and moving. It also makes Notts fire out 3 rounds at a time. So it’s basically a damage booster as well. The really fun part is her Trap skill. This will plant invisible traps (up to 4) wherever you want them. The idea quickly becomes to find a common entry point into the battlefield. Plant a string of traps in a line. Your opponents, if they survive it, end up only a few hits away from “you scored again”!

shellfire naomi

Naomi is one tough defend type character in Shellfire. Basically, she can use her Ice Shield skill to make your opponents heal her! Every time she gets attacked while using Ice Shield, the damage is absorbed and it heals her. Use her Ice Blockade to help keep opponents from moving so quickly. This will help make them slow and easier targets to hit. Then again once you use your normal attack on an opponent that stepped into Ice Blockade’s area, they won’t be moving. That certainly makes for easy to hit targets! The real fun is being able to combo Ice Shield with her ultimate skill Artic Blizzard while surrounded. That combo can nuke the opponents but while they are still able to attack, heal you at the same time.

The very tricky to choose defend type character of Shellfire is Diana. Some of the random play setups don’t offer much of anything for a place for Diana to hide in. That’s really your best and main strategy when using Diana. Hide and gun down targets from afar. With this, she can 1 hit kill targets or kill them in very few hits after that first heavy hit. For example, gaining a Diana card in Island Battle can be very advantageous for you. But in the Space Station Raid battle, there’s not a whole lot of hiding places! In other maps such as the Training Dojo, the Airport, or in London, there are a lot of places where Diana can really shine.

5. The Surprises For Support Characters

The support type characters of Shellfire have some nifty, and lethal, tricks up their sleeves! As it turns out, they can gain the MVP for a match even without so many kills as others. There are only 3 of them but 1 of them can be lethal all alone. The other 2 can make it a great disaster for your opponents by keeping your teammates alive and doing extra damage.

shellfire alice

First, let’s take a look at Alice showing in the above screen shot. You’ll have 3 healing skills, 2 attacks, and the ability to drag your opponents together. The idea is to go both ways with Alice as an attacker and a healer. Her normal attack can hit a single target for up to 600damage. That’s not terrible bad at all. More if your runes boost her normal attack damage too. She’ll be invulnerable while using Perfect Chant. Use this skill to not only heal your teammates but also to make opponents waste attacks trying to kill off the healer! Use her Cure skill wisely. If you are going to activate it, aim for any tankers you may have.

Stephen is the lethal support type character of Shellfire. His support role shows up with only 2 skills. That would be the Lucky Card skill and his ultimate skill Mass Teleport. Lucky Card acts both as a passive and an activated skill. When you are not attacking or being attacked, Stephen heals up. But when used, up to 3 teammates get an instant 1,000 HP regen. The Mass Teleport skill makes for some good fun. Just not for your opponents. You can use it to teleport your teammates to a spot right in front of you. This makes for some great life saving for your team and great attack wasting for your opponents. The Jinx Card skill is what helps make Stephen lethal. That skill can deliver a hit to an opponent but also boost your damage for 3 seconds. With this, your normal attack hits a whole lot meaner!

shellfire hill

Hill is the disaster type support character of Shellfire. The good news is that the disaster ends up on your opponent’s side! Hill is tough to kill to begin with. Now add in the problem for your opponents of her boosting teammates! Hill also happens to be one of the easier characters to use because you don’t have to do that much. Just find a strong killer and stay close to that character! Chain to your strong killer of a teammate and keep your Side by Side bots out there. Use her Breaking Dawn ultimate skill for very high boosts and her Helping Hand skill to have a shield on both you and your Chained teammate. Once you are chained, just shoot at that player with your normal attack. If done correctly, you both should be very hard to kill off. But there’s the downside. You have to find someone good enough to keep alive. That can be a problem when you are playing with random players instead of on a team. So no, Hill wasn’t all fun and games!

And this ends our extensive guide for Shellfire. Do you like our picks as the best characters? Do you know other tips or strategies that we haven’t mentioned in the guide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Monday 30th of March 2020

Actually, Nicholas also didn't hit that hard. Is DR Gump a good defense? What about the assain?

João Batista

Saturday 4th of January 2020

Qual runa devemos usar no spanky , para dar danos altos e curar mais e proteger mais?