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Diner Dash Tips & Cheats: 6 Hints to Completely Satisfy Your Customers

By now, you probably are familiar with Glu’s influential time-management casual game Diner Dash – it’s been around for a while, and it’s got quite a following among social and mobile gamers. However, just in case you aren’t, the game is available for both iOS and Android devices, and in here your goal is to serve customers in breakfast, lunch, and dinner shifts, giving them the best service possible and the most delicious food you can serve. You also have some challenges to deal with, primarily in the form of Mr. Big and his Eat-Mor fast food chain. There are more than 150 levels to play and over 20 customers with their own distinct traits, personalities and demands. Having said all that, we shall now give you some Diner Dash tips and cheats to help you provide the best service possible to your diner’s customers.

1. Carry Out Several Tasks At The Same Time

If you simply do one task at a time, you won’t enjoy much success in Diner Dash. You should, instead, multitask, or chain tasks together. That’s the best way to earn a good number of points while impressing your customers. For example, you shouldn’t have a customer take their seat, then separately take their order and wait till they’re done with their meal. What you should do here is seat multiple customers, take multiple orders, and serve them all simultaneously.

2. Beware Of Impatient Customers

As we said, each customer in Diner Dash has their own personality. Some of them wouldn’t be too willing to wait long for their food – these include Barb the businesswoman and Shakes the coffee junkie. If you’re serving those two, for instance, you shouldn’t dilly-dally.

3. Concentrate On Surviving, Not Chaining, When The Game Gets Hectic

There are some levels that may be too toxic for you to chain things like you would in most cases. Instead, it would be best to ride the storm out and make sure your customers get served during those levels. Chaining is best done during slow periods, or, in other words, your diner’s off-peak hours.

4. Match The Color Of Customers’ Clothes To The Color Of Their Seats

It may just be one customer, but just as long as you can match the color of someone’s clothes to the seat where you assign them to, you can get a good number of points for doing that.

5. Improve Your Customers’ Mood By Serving Them Coffee

It’s not always going to work, but if you encounter customers who are upset, you can improve their mood with some coffee. That’s going to make them more patient, while refilling any hearts they lose while waiting in the lobby.

6. Don’t Sit Two People At A Table For A Party Of Four

If you see two people enter your diner, do not ever sit them at a table for four people. That’s going to leave actual parties of four with egg on their face, and by that we don’t mean the eggs you may serve. That’s going to result in a lot of delays, and a lot of unhappy customers.

Alicia J Weston

Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Still dont know how to get to next level