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Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Best Dino Park

Beyond interest, what typically sets mobile gamers apart from one another relates to how much time each one can afford to spend in playing games. Hardcore gamers may be able to afford spending most, if not all, of their extra time on games they really love but casual gamers who have limited time to spend on games will generally have to settle on casual games or a select few games from other genres that require little time to play and enjoy.

Considering casual games, idle clicker games are among, if not the top choice for casual gamers to revel in and a huge slice of the genre revolves around business simulation types. From hospitals to supermarkets as well as factories and different service establishments, idle clicker business sim games have maintained their popularity to different generations of players, both casual and otherwise.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon tips

Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon is the latest from Codigames’ long line of idle clicker games. Much like its other popular titles like Hotel Empire Tycoon, Idle Life Sim and Prison Empire Tycoon just to name a few, Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon provides the simplest gameplay mechanics that even complete beginners can quickly learn and easily enjoy.

Kids and kids at heart who can only dream of running their very own dino park are sure to get a huge treat out of Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon. You are not just given a herculean job of managing the operations of a fast-growing and highly expansive enterprise, but also the task of going on expeditions to capture random dinosaurs from the wild.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon dakota raptor

Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon packs a lot of simple, yet exciting gameplay elements that anyone can easily enjoy. Just like every other idle clicker business sim game from the developer, players are bound to make progress regardless of how they manage their business and how much time they can dedicate on their virtual dino park.

However, if you are aiming to grow and expand your dino park rapidly, then you have come to the right place. Our collection of tips and strategies for Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon will surely help you become a top-tier dino park tycoon in no time!

1. Keep The Income Boost Active

There is certainly a lot to do in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon and you will be inclined to start working on your virtual dino park as soon as you jump in. Every moment spent idly while inside your park does seem like a wasted opportunity to boost earnings but in the case of most idle clicker games, idle time spent for playing video ads that earn you perks or bonuses equally matter as much as every other affirmative action you can take.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon income boost

Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon certainly hosts plenty of video ads to play or watch. There are no such ads that play involuntarily, though, and every ad players can see form part of the game’s ad boost campaign. This means that you will always get something out of watching or playing 15 to 30-second video ads. Each of the ad boost offers in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon is enticing, but we recommend considering the Income Multiplier as top priority on every start of your gaming session.

You can see the video button at the bottom left side of the screen. After you tap on it, you will be presented with an opportunity to play a 15 to 30-second video ad and earn an extra 50% income for the next 10 minutes. Note that this extra income boost will remain active even if you are offline and away from the game and the percentage boost remains the same regardless of how much in come you make. More importantly, you can continue to play ads and stock up the income boost 6 times, for a total of 60 minutes.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon income multiplier

Although you do not necessarily have to play all 6 video ads consecutively, we recommend that you keep subscribing to the boost consistently enough to ensure that every bit of income you earn will be 50% higher. Before going offline and away from your virtual dino park, though, we especially recommend maxing out the period for the boost so you can enjoy a huge capital gain after you return to the game later.

2. Maintain As Little Idle Cash As Possible

Idle clicker business sim games are typically designed to be unique from one another beyond the nature of the virtual endeavor. There are always some mechanics even experienced players will be initially unfamiliar with but there are core mechanics as well that are almost perfectly consistent with all other games within the genre.

One common trait of idle clicker games is that basic currency will continue to increase over time, even if you do not perform any actions following the required ones during the initial tutorial session. While currency, like all basic resources in other game genres, are handled with more prudence, the recommended approach in idle clicker games, in contrast, is to expend them as much as possible.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon improvements

Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon, much like every other idle clicker business sim game, does not actually provide ways for you to waste the cash you earn. There are no such things as unnecessary spending as every bit of cash you use is considered invested into your growing business. Upgrading every aspect of your dino park as well as conducting research on how to improve its performance, form part of what you need to consistently spend on.

While only some upgrade choices directly increase profits you earn over time, all other choices of upgrades as well as research items lead to higher profits in one way or another. For example, an upgrade may be performed to increase the charges for parking space and this leads to an outright increase in earnings. However, spending on upgrades that add more parking slots enable more people to actually drive in, ultimately leading to more profits as well.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon idle cash

Cash spent on any upgrades immediately results in an increase of your cash flow so considering all the above, spending cash on upgrades sooner means improving profits every second following that decision. As such, it is highly recommended that you empty out your growing supply of cash as soon as you can, with a small exception that applies when you are saving a bit for an expensive upgrade or research item.

3. Take Note Of And Pursue The Objectives

Soon after completing the introductory tutorial session in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon, you will be presented with a list of objectives at the upper left side of the screen. The end goal is to acquire a new dinosaur that cannot be captured utilizing your present expedition activities. Each of the objective you accomplish also earns you instant rewards like cash and gems and directly relate to the usual activities you engage in while tending to your dino park.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon objective

If the new dino as well as the extra rewards are not enticing enough for you, you should know that these objectives are not just keys towards expanding your dino park but are exclusively the means to open the new dino habitats. Every new dino habitat you unlock tremendously boosts your idle profits and the added roster of new dinosaurs to obtain from expeditions also make your tycoon adventure even more exciting.

An important point to consider with regard to the objectives is that prior accomplishment of those objective do not count. For example, if you have launched 10 expeditions for 2 dinos before an objective of the same nature pops up, those will not be counted. This same mechanic applies to dinos you released back to nature as well so be sure to make an effort to adhere to the stated objectives for a faster completion of goals that lead to tremendous progression.

4. The Money Vault Should Be Among Your Priorities

Yet another reason for you to habitually consider emptying your supply of idle cash in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon is the money vault, which limits the maximum amount of profits you can hold. Starting off at a mere $50,000, you will find yourself constantly filling up the cash bar at the upper left side of your screen. No earnings will be credited to your cash if it is already maxed out, effectively wasting incoming profits.

A capped out cash amount is actually the only way in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon for you to stop earning idle profits. Just like in any idle clicker business sim game, foregone opportunities to earn more is never good. As such, make it a point to consider upgrading the money vault as among your top investment priorities. While this is among those upgrade options that do not directly relate to boosting income, neglecting it can lead to loss of opportunities to fully enjoy the increased income you earn from your dino park.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon money vault

Considering regular cash flow from actual profits you earn from the dino park’s operations, it can take some time before you can reach the cash cap based on your money vault’s limit. However, if you are one of those players who always take advantage of available ad boosts, then the Economic Subsidy feature will almost always instantly grant you cash that maxes out your cash capacity.

In case you have yet to notice, there is a dollar bill icon that almost always appear at the upper right side of your screen. Tapping on it presents you with an opportunity to earn instant cash as part of the Economic Subsidy Ad Campaign. The amount of cash offered is random but almost always very difficult to ignore. As your money vault reaches new levels and increases its holding capacity, so too does this ad boost’s offer grows.

For the most part, the amount you will be offered will be enough to have you max out your current cash. In some cases, it can even make offers that exceed the current maximum amount of cash you can hold.

5. Follow Basic Investment Strategies

Considering the simplicity and straightforwardness of Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon, much like most idle clicker games, every bit of cash you invest back into your dino park leads to an improvement that relates to an increase in profit. There is actually no wrong way of doing things and you will continue to realize profits regardless of the decisions you make.

As there are numerous ways to go about utilizing income to improve different areas and aspects of your business, however, some approaches will certainly be more efficient than others, ensuring a smooth flow of operations with a steady and sustainable rate of growth.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon investment

What sets beginners and experienced players apart in terms of progressing in idle clicker sim games relates to deciding what to prioritize as far as investment options are concerned. For the most part, the best approach is to consider the cheapest available upgrade option first so you can get more boosts out of the money spent across different upgrade types. If you take a close look, upgrades will always cost more the higher the upgrade level goes but its effects are the same. This means that the smallest investment as against the biggest one within the same area or aspect yields the same results.

As an exception, however, there are some upgrade options that are both very important and very expensive. If you can afford them given your money cap and how much you currently have, then we recommend going for it. For the leftover cash, then that should be considered as a budget for all other upgrade options, from cheapest to most expensive.

Primarily, there will be 5 different areas or facilities that you need to upgrade, 4 of which has their own set of upgrade options. These are the park itself, which can be viewed by clicking on the park entrance; the parking area right in front of the park; the money vault, which we discussed above; the food warehouse, which is behind the parking lot and is necessary for feeding your dinos; and the Meadow Dino Depot, which is just the first of many attractions that will become available in your dino park.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon habitat

For starters, be sure to make a habit out of cycling across all available structures to check relevant costs and requisites. The most expensive upgrade option, if within your reach is a good top priority while the rest of the funds go from the cheapest upgrade options first to increase idle profits.

6. Take Note Of Upgrade Milestones And Expansions

With the exception of the Money Vault, which can be readily expanded and taken to the next level, all other facilities in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon needs to be fully upgraded first before area expansion can take place. Although we consider our above discussion as a basic strategy to help you grow and develop your dino park fast, upgrade milestones as well as area expansion activities that take the facility to the next level, may require you to deviate a little later on from basic investment strategies.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon milestone

After clicking on a facility to perform some upgrades, you will notice its rank close to the top of the window, with a bar beside it that fills up with each upgrade you purchase. The bar actually has milestones indicated by stars and reaching these milestones earns you extra cash as rewards for the first 2 as well as gems for the third and final one.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon parking

Once all available upgrades have been purchased, you need to pay a huge sum of cash to initiate the area expansion. This will take time to complete and once it is done, the facility will have a higher rank and all upgrade options become available again. It is important to note that expansion time grows longer the higher the facility’s rank grows and costs of upgrades will also increase exponentially.

Considering these gameplay mechanics, you will have to strategize around considering a different prioritization scheme to make the most out of upgrades relative to expansions, especially since you will only have one builder and can only perform one expansion task at a time. As such, even while considering the previous strategy, try to focus on maxing out upgrades of one facility at a time and prepare to have a ready cash payment for extra expansion. This will become increasingly important as expansion durations turn to hours later in your adventure.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon expansion

7. Keep Processes Active

Area expansion activities are just a third of the major processes in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon that take time to complete. Running expeditions to capture more dinosaurs for your park as well as conducting researches to improve your park’s performance and profitability also involve extensive waiting times to complete. Like expansion activities as well where you only get one builder available as a free player, both expeditions and researches only leave you 1 team each to perform the task.

Only having one set of employees to utilize for each of the above-mentioned functions can be a huge challenge but one that you can greatly ease down with sound planning and strategy. For starters, make it a habit to regularly check the process icons at the upper left side of your screen. Just below the cash you have, there are distinct icons for builders, scientists, and explorers. The idea is to always keep the left digit at 0, meaning that no one is idle and everyone in your employ is working to improve your growing dino park.

keeping workers busy in dinosaur park jurassic tycoon

Engaging in expeditions is relatively easier especially at the early part of your adventure when you only need to tend to 1 dino depot, which is the Meadows Depot. You will only be able to send expeditions to search for and capture 1 random dinosaur at the start, but conducting research can ultimately have you sending out explorers to retrieve 3 random dinosaurs in one go.

Higher level expeditions that let you have more dinosaurs expectedly take more time to complete and, once you unlock the 4 other dinosaur depots, expeditions will also take longer to finish with each succeeding new depot you unlock. Note, however, that you only have a set of explorers that can go on expeditions for all 5 dinosaur depots, so prioritizing from among them will become important as well later on.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon expedition

Once an expedition is ongoing, you will have a constant notification of its completion time at the upper left side of the screen. This also serves as a quick reference for when there are no ongoing expeditions. It is rather easy to make a habit out of continuously engaging in expeditions especially since unlocking those crates for random dinos with random sizes comes as one of, if not the most exciting feature of Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon triceratops

Just like any other Jurassic Park you have heard of, you also employ scientists in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon. These scientists engage in research that improve the performance or profitability of each area or division within your dino park. There are 5 basic structures as we mentioned earlier, with 4 more to be unlocked as you start expanding your dino park with other dinosaur depots.

The microscope icon at the upper right side of your screen takes you to the research feature in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon. Research is divided into 9 tabs, 1 for each structure that you need to upgrade and rank up. For the most part, each structure can be upgraded independent of the others save for the usual limitations on max cash, which is why upgrading the money vault is very important.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon research lab

Within each category are nodes that each cost some cash to research and research also take some time to complete. You have to start your research from any of the unlocked nodes and completing that research will unlock the connected nodes. Even while some of the other nodes are still locked, be sure to check on what each one does to strategize on your research priorities.

Although on a more advanced note, research should be done in sync with your upgrade strategies. Some of the latter upgrades per structure you can unlock are dependent on unlocking and completing specific research nodes. For efficiency, have a solid end in mind first as to which upgrades you want done ahead of others before initiating researches.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon meadow habitat

While expeditions will primarily take a lot less time to complete than area expansions and researches, there will certainly come a time when expeditions can take longer, particularly on the latter dino habitats you will unlock and maintain. What you would want to do is also consider going for processes that take relatively the same length of time to complete.

Additionally, going for shorter completion times is more advisable if you can still be online by the time they finish while processes that take several hours to complete are best saved for when you will be offline and away from your virtual dino park for at least as long as the processes’ completion times.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon t-rex

Area expansions will take a while to reach early on as the prerequisite is that you need to fully upgrade an area before you can start area expansion. However, our personal experience in Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon is that there is a bigger tendency later on to have several structures or areas having pending area expansions. This is because the completion time of each expansion will typically allow you more than enough time to fully upgrade other areas of the dino park and have them ready for area expansion as well.

busy builders in dinosaur park jurassic tycoon

Considering this predicament, it becomes even more important to focus on one structure at a time and ensure that there is always one area in the park that is prepped for area expansion before the builders finish their current job. Likewise, being able to return to your virtual park once the builders become idle and assigning them to the next area expansion task, ensures that you will never have stunted growth resulting from multiple areas being pended with just one builder working overtime.

8. Always Deploy The Best Dinos

Every expedition you launch gives you a good chance of securing dinosaurs that are better than what you have in your park. A dinosaur’s size, as well as its star grade. determines its profitability as indicated by the cash per customer that they generate. Once an expedition has completed, you can click on the notification at the upper left side of the screen and open the crates that contain random dinos. After seeing the new dinos, you should head back to the dino habitat that houses them to compare them with the ones already there.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon dino list

Each dino habitat can display 6 different dinosaurs at a time although you can have way more than 6 per habitat. Under the “Dinosaurs” tab of each habitat, you can see the dinosaurs deployed and if there are some that you just acquired, you may see green up arrow symbols on some of your deployed dinosaurs. This just means that there are better dinosaurs you can deploy and by better, we mean more profitable. You can tap on the dino portrait with an up arrow and choose a replacement for that dino with ease.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon dino deployment

With a consistent enough deployment of explorers on expeditions, you will naturally find yourself having an overabundant supply of dinosaurs. Since there are limits as to how many of them can be deployed on their respective habitats, you will naturally end up with more dinos in storage than those deployed for your guests to see. You can click on the barn icon at the lower left side of the screen to check on these dinos and you can either view them all at once or categorized by their respective habitats.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon dino depot

This is where you need to go to release some dinosaurs back in the wild. There is a nifty “Release All” button that you can use to quickly and conveniently let them go and receive the lump of cash as compensation but you can also select 1 dino at a time to release them or check their habitat. For the most part, though, you can freely release all of them and the only exceptions are when you have an upcoming expansion that adds more slots for the habitat or if you have yet to deploy the best dinos from a recent expedition.

releasing dino in dinosaur park jurassic tycoon

9. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

We already talked about the nature of Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon, much like most other idle clicker games, containing video ads that you can choose to play for some boosts and other perks. On top of the profit booster we discussed as our first tip, however, there are other valuable ad offers in the game that are certainly worth checking out and should be taken full advantage of to maximize your dino park’s growth and development.

One of the ad boosts that we appreciate and tend to consistently take advantage of is the Economic Subsidy offer. This ad offer presents you with a huge sum of cash for playing a short video ad. Note that this ad boost offers a random amount of cash, which gets larger the bigger your dino park gets. In most cases, what you can get from this ad boost will even exceed what your money vault can hold and after watching the short ad and maxing out your cash, a new offer appears within the next minute or so.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon economic subsidy

Another equally enticing set of offers comes from the processing times. Whether it is an ongoing research or an area expansion in process, you can shave off some of the waiting time by choosing to play a 30-second video ad instead. The length of time that can be taken off from its entirety depends on how long the waiting time is and you have a maximum of 5 times to play ads and shorten the completion time per activity.

For example, if it takes 4 hours for a research or area expansion to complete, playing an ad at this point can shorten the waiting time by a full hour. However, if the waiting time is just about 10 minutes, then playing an ad will only chisel off about a minute and a half from the remaining time. Considering all these, we recommend playing ads earlier to get the most out of them. However, it is important to note that even a 30-second ad is worth playing to reduce completion time by 90 seconds.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon jungle habitat

There is also a Bus Arrival Ad Boost that instantly gets you extra customers. Patronizing this feature also leads to earning more income, which grows even better the more habitats you have available in your dino park. If you can afford to and at the same time need more extra cash fast, then do not hesitate to take advantage of this offer and play ads for more customers.

Like any other idle clicker business sim game, progression in your tycoon career is almost always directly proportional to the amount of time and dedication you spend in your park. Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon, however, is a lot more considerate and forgiving in terms of demanding more time from you as a virtual entrepreneur and lets you continue earning well while you are offline and away from the game.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon bus arrival

After a long break from Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon, you will have a huge sum of cash waiting for you as a result of the idle income you can continuously earn for each minute offline. For the most part, this can easily reach your money vault’s cap especially if you left the income boost up and running while you were away.

However, there is also a welcome back ad boost waiting for you and this offers to double the full amount of your idle income all at the cost of playing a short video ad. This opportunity is certainly worth grabbing unless the default amount is already close to or at the limit of the max cash your vault can hold.

dinosaur park jurassic tycoon offline earnings

Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon will surely provide you with a lot of hours to enjoy and revel in its world. While there is an abundance of upgrades to invest in and expansions to complete, it is not a never-ending adventure as each area in the dino park has its max upgrade rank.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing more content for Dinosaur Park – Jurassic Tycoon following its future updates but for now, this is where we will wrap up our guide. Hopefully, you were able to discover and read our article before you started your tycoon adventure or at least early enough to apply the tips and strategies we shared.

If you have spent a good deal of time in your virtual dino park and chanced upon a nifty trick or 2, though, or if you have some other amazing stories and discoveries you would like to share, do not hesitate to tell us about it as we are always excited to learn new things as well. Be sure to communicate with us through the comment area below!