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Idle Egg Factory Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Manage Your Factories and Best Practices to Improve Your Farm’s Income

There’s something about idle farming games that gets players of all levels hooked. Whether you’re the competitive or the casual kind, the idea of earning resources over time is simply enticing.

idle egg factory money click

Perhaps, it’s due to our inner desire to become billionaires. But beyond that, what usually attracts us to such games is the cute factor of the humorous, quirky concepts available, just like in Idle Egg Factory. In the game, your objective is to continuously grow your earnings as you rake in cash from the eggs, milk, and wool produced by your farm animals.

idle egg factory chicken sampler

Managing livestock is not a new idea. In fact, the most known ancestor of online farming games, Farmville, introduced the element of raising cattle and poultry during its hey days over a decade ago. Solid Games, the developer of Idle Egg Factory, is aware of that. So in a bid to be distinct, they gave the concept a crazily fun spin! Each animal you can unlock has their own unique getup and those traits reflect on their produce.

idle egg factory rubber chicken

Your objective in the game is to progressively increase your earnings as you get newer animals, open better factories, unlock farm items, and research tech that will boost the flow of cash. A simple objective, yes and we are giving you this Idle Egg Factory guide just to make your experience extra fun and efficient. There’s no denying that is an easy and stress-free game and we’d like this to be the only guide you will ever need to read about Idle Egg Factory.


Things are pretty direct in Idle Egg Factory. The idea is to buy animals until you fill all 10 slots in each factory. The cash required to buy the next animal within the same factory would not be a problem. Usually, the natural flow of cash will be enough to keep buying animals instantly; if not, it will just require a very short wait time.

idle egg factory f1 chicken

While the above is true, rushing to fill all 10 slots in a factory right away is not a smart and efficient approach. What is strategically wiser to do is to upgrade your current highest chicken/cow/sheep before unlocking the next one. If your amount of cash allows it, fully upgrade the animal before the slot you wish to unlock and better yet everyone before it.

idle egg factory max first

The reason why it is better to upgrade to Level 25 the “lower” animals before unlocking the next is the force ad watching phase. Each time you buy new animals, there is always a forced ad-watching phase. Watching long ads will put you to offline mode and having maxed out your current animals will ensure that you will get more cash out of idle earnings.

With the importance of maxing out your animals all cleared here, we’re sharing in the subsections below the finer details about upgrading animals and other tips, tricks, and strategies to plow in cash faster into your pockets in Idle Egg Factory.

Early Grind

idle egg factory pilot chicken

If you’re new to Idle Egg Factory and you feel like you’re stuck in the first factory, the chicken/poultry farm, know that it’s just normal. You are really meant to spend your first few hours just having chickens. It will take a good deal of waiting and some conscious controlling before you can unlock your second factory (your first cow/dairy farm).

idle egg factory dairy farm

The cash inflow you can earn from your first chickens will merely feel like droplets against what is required for the cow farm. The image below shows the output of slots 1 to5 at Level 25, Stage 0. Understandably, with such a trickling income, you need to wait things out. But there are methods to “shorten” the waiting needed.

idle egg factory first chicken max 0

We experimented with purely farming JUST by using chickens. Unfortunately, despite using efficient upgrades, we weren’t able to gather the required amount to open the higher factory after a day of waiting and using ad-assisted bonuses.

idle egg factory ag req

It is a must that you open the factory next to it, the cow farm. To give you an idea how much the cow farm can help, the slot 10 chicken at Level 25, Stage 4 can be out-farmed by the slot 2 cow just at Level 17, Stage 0.

idle egg factory must cow

As the cows offer much more profit, you can easily hit the earning amount set tasks with them. By the time you’re able to open your cow farm, it would take less than an hour to unlock 10 cows across 2 production lines and then open the sheep farm in just a bit. Just to note, the 6.2ag farm will not give you an additional factory to manage, it will simply give you a better-earning chicken farm and it will be treated as the 4th factory.

If you will continuously play in just one session the moment you have unlocked the sheep farm, you would have enough earnings to finally be able to afford the 6.2ag factory. Having your first three factories does not only let you afford get your fourth, it will also pull upward the prices of golden eggs, simply because golden milk and fleece have better prices.

Upgrading Animals

The most basic way to increase income per animal is by leveling them up. This is pretty straightforward since the option to do so and the amount required is directly visible. But beyond leveling up, the other way to get more cash out of each of them is through stage progression.

idle egg factory stages

You can further boost a particular animal’s earning potential by promoting it to the next stage. Each animal can be upgraded up to 25 times per stage. All animals start at Stage 0 and may be progressed up to Stage 10. Basically, you can upgrade an animal up to level 25 each stage and it will exponentially increase their output. We have taken the liberty to jot down how much income increase each stage gives.

Bronze: Stage 1 – 100%, Stage 2 – 300%, Stage 3 – 700%, Stage 4 – 1500%,

Silver: Stage 5 – 3100%, Stage 6 – 6300%,

Gold: Stage 7 – 12700%. Stage 8 – 25500%, Stage 9 – 51100%
Diamond: Stage 10 – 102300%

Stage progression means you can upgrade every animal for a whopping total of 240 times (24 upgrades over 10 stages). Take note, though, that the means to promote animals to the next stage is only thru watching ads. You can take away this force ad-watching phase if you will pay for their Idle Egg Factory’s ad removal option.

idle egg factory chicken upgrade

For best practices in utilizing stage progression, we only suggest to max out the animals in slots 10 and 9, the last two ones since they are the give more expensive produce in the mix. Let your willingness to watch ads be meant for something else, this we will discuss in a latter section.

idle egg factory must upgrade

Shall you choose to progress the stage of your animals in any slot, ALWAYS make sure to set them at least to level 5. Otherwise, they won’t be as productive as before. In the set of images below, you can see that a Level 1, Stage 1 sheep has a lower cash per second output than the Level 25, Stage 0 one below it.

Since the resulting gold of lower levels will be lesser, the best practice is to never go offline until you have pushed an animal’s level beyond its previous max output. Practically, you want to spend all your cash as much as possible before logging out or closing the game for optimum offline income.

idle egg factory offline income

The main advantage of resetting/stage promotion is that it is a cheaper alternative and a much efficient alternative to spending cash for research. As soon as you have 3 factories opened (even if it is yet the first three of each type), your farm’s natural earning rate can sustain continuous cycles of level 25 > reset > set to level 25. Remember that when ads play, the game will treat as you offline, hence giving you offline earnings.

Buying Animals

We discussed earlier in this section that you have to consider the ads when buying new animals. Filling in slots 1 to 5 will be instant; if you do not avail of the ad removal option, you get an ad shortly after buying an animal. Meanwhile, for slots 6 to 10, let the ads be your friend.

idle egg factory slots 6-10

In slots 6 to 10, you are given 4 cards upon unlocking a production line. Basically, you have a 25% chance to get a chicken/cow/sheep that produces normal baseline value of cash and the rest earns 20%, 40%, 60% more. Naturally, you will want to earn more from your livestock, so always aim for the 60%.

idle egg factory 60% first draw

If you’re lucky, you may right away get the 60% in your first draw; if not, do not hesitate to keep re-rolling until you get it. No matter much time you put in the game, your animals in slots 6 to 10 will be with you for a day at least, so it’s only right to get the best ones, it’s worth tanking those ads. If it may help convince you, know that there won’t be an additional ad-watching phase once the animal is already on the production line (unlike in slots 1 to 5) if you have re-rolled at least once.

idle egg factory target 60%


One of the information you’ll get when you tap on the tip (exclamation point) buttons is a reminder that tells you to research. Basically, researches will upgrade the earning potential of your farm There are two categories of research in Idle Egg Factory: Common and Epic.

idle egg factory research hint

2.1 Common Upgrades and Priority

The common upgrades cluster will only affect the animals within the factory where you clicked the research button from and is paid for in cash. These upgrades are costly at their higher levels, but will be boost your cash flow nicely.

Simply put, research fine tunes your farming potential. While every research is beneficial, it will still be good to know the ideal priority for them. The effects of the upgrades are already mentioned in the UI, but as for their positive impact on your productivity, below is our recommended prioritization.

idle egg factory research

#1 Upgrade type 2 – Comfortable nests/Nutritious feed/Sharp scissors

As a direct upgrade to your products’ prices, this should be your top priority. because the prices of your products determines your earning output. Burst cash bonuses from golden produce, stack of cash, and flying coins are based on your earning output, so the higher your products’ prices are, the bigger those cash bonus amount will be.

#2 Upgrade type 1: Safe transportation

This perfectly complements with upgrade type 2 because it boosts your cash per second. Think of the DPS (damage per second) concept in RPG and MOBA games which factors in damage and attack speed. If you upgrade the speed of conveyor belts, that factory’s cash per second numbers will shoot up.

idle egg factory safe transportation

#3 Upgrade type 3: Efficient production

This upgrade gives a minimal yet still helpful production boost to 3 animals. The animals that will be affected by this upgrade are not random. At lower upgrade levels (1-9), the ones that will benefit from this research will be those occupying the first 3 slots; you will notice that the animal on slot 3 will be a bit faster than the one on slot 4. By level 17, you will see that that the rest will begin to catch up (with the first 3 animals’ speed) and then by maxing this research, every animal will have a uniform, upgraded production speed.

#4 Upgrade type 4: Product quality

Basing on description, it initially looks like the second best research next to the price increase, since it suggests an increase in revenue right away. However, its effect isn’t as good as upgrade type 3 which will eventually affect all production lines at max level; this upgrade will only boost the cash per second output of the animals occupying slots 1- 3.

idle egg factory quality upgrade

Our best practice recommendation is to only max out upgrade types 1 and 2. Maxing type 3 is optional, but if you are stuck in a waiting phase to saving up to unlock a higher factory, it will surely help. Upgrading type 4 for a few levels would be a good way to spend extra cash before you logging out.

Regardless which upgrade type you wish prioritize, we’d like to emphasize that you can get the most value from spending 30 seconds to watch ads if you do it as a workaround for common upgrades. With every single detail about common upgrades explained, let’s now discuss epic upgrades.

2.2 Flying Bonuses and Epic Upgrades

In contrast to common upgrades, the improvements from epic upgrades would be account-wide, meaning it will do permanent changes to your entire Idle Egg Factory experience. As they will have more impact, these upgrades require diamonds instead of cash and there is no ad-watching phase workaround.

idle egg factory epic upgrades

As you can see in their descriptions, the first three epic upgrade types will affect the flying bonuses while the fourth one pertains to making cost of researches cheaper. They are very functional depending on your play style and appetite for watching ads if you’re on free-to-play. Let’s set our focus on the flying rewards.

Auto Collect | Auto Collect Time

idle egg factory auto claim

As the name implies, this buff, while active, will make every product that drops from your main conveyor belt to be collected sold instantly. You can see that even if the delivery truck is waiting and there are boxes ready for pick-up, the claim button will “0” on its own suggesting that the earnings directly go right into your pocket. This will affect all the factories that you have. Without this buff, you have to manually switch across your three factories and tap the collect button.

idle egg factory auto

The default duration of the auto collect buff is 10 minutes and the epic upgrade for it will give 30-second increments per level. In essence, this is the most valuable flying bonus if you plan to stay online in the game for long periods. Whether you’re on mobile or running the game on an emulator, the auto-collect buff lessens the taps you need to control the game.

Speed Boost | Boost Time

idle egg factory speed boost

With the speed boost, your entire farm’s earning potential temporarily increases since it tweaks the cash-per-second calculation. This will affect the rate in which your animals give off their produce and the speed of the individual and main conveyor belts. As it affects your cash-per-second output, you will that the numbers on the right hand side of each factor will reflect the change.

idle egg factory boosted cps

The base duration of the speed boost is 5 minutes and availing upgrades for it will grant you +30 seconds for every level. Our suggestion is to get it to level 10 just to make it uniform with the auto collect buff. It is very common to obtain them and have them both on at the same time. We suggest to prioritize the upgrading this to level 5 before you got for any other epic upgrade.

idle egg factory dual buff

Timed Boosts Facts:

1. Even if you have leveled up auto-collect and speed boost, the duration in their activation UI will still mention the default values (10 and 5 minutes). However, once you activate them, you will see their actual, upgraded duration in the running timers.

2. The countdown timer will only count the time you are active in the game. This means that if you go offline, have switched apps, or you watched a long advertisement, its duration will not be consumed. The timer will only run during active screen time.

3. The auto-collect and fast production buffs appear randomly and their presence may even overlap (a buff is already active and then new ones will float). However, activating two at a time will not increase the duration, it will only refresh the timer.

Floating Coin | Free Cash

idle egg factory flying coin

The floating coin gives an enormous sum of money in one go in exchange of watching a 30-second ad. In our experience, the burst of income it offers has helped us do animal upgrades and unlock factories because it is THAT much.

To give you an idea, the amount it offers beats what you can get from golden produce and even an ad-boosted random gift – stack of cash. If you’re curious, the hierarchy of cash bonuses is Random Gift – Stack of cash < Golden Produce < Flying Coin < Top Lucky Spin Cash reward. We were fortunate to have time the existence of bonuses to prove this, see the compiled image below.

idle egg factory reward comparison

The amount of cash you can get from floating coins is the highest, most certain value you can get from watching ads. Despite that, we recommend to give it the least upgrade priority last since its appearance is random and you’ll be better off with the other options that are more constant and lasting.

Lab Upgrade

We’re opening this part by saying that lab upgrade is the most important among the four epic upgrades. It will make the most cash-demanding feature, common upgrades, a bit more affordable per level up. In the image below, you can see how just 3 levels of lab upgrade took chunks of the prices for common upgrades.

idle egg factory lab upgrade impact

Since its effect is account-wide and will essentially maxing all common upgrades much more accessible, we recommend giving it the most priority. Prioritization still depends on your playstyle, if you spend a lot of active screen time or you run Idle Egg Factory on a separate device or window, putting early points on the flying bonuses suits you better and upgrading them will matter more to you. On the other hand, if you only plan to visit the game a few minutes a day, then focus your diamonds to lab upgrades.


Meeting the requirements for achievements and missions will help you gain cash and diamonds, respectively. The conditions for achievements are local to each factory type; this means that you get 4 different achievement checkpoints each for your chicken, cow, and sheep factories.

idle egg factory achievement perk

Their effects are straightforward: a juicy X2 income multiplier for each. See how in the image above, after we claimed one achievement, the cash-per-second for the chickens were doubled. These x2 multiplier fully stacks with each other, so if you’ve successfully attained all 4 achievements, the cash-per-second numbers you will see would be x8 of the supposed baseline values.

idle egg factory achievements

In total, you can get 12 achievements in your Idle Egg Factory journey. Take note that when you transition to a higher version of a certain factory, the achievements as well as their requirements and effects do carry over, they will not be replaced.

The first two achievements will simply look at the quantity of a factory’s produce in general, with the first one checking at 5,000 and the next at 50,000. The latter two, meanwhile, has a particular animal costume requirement. In our most advanced account, we faithfully go for the chicken with 60% bonus which makes us miss the required chicken, the one that produces Rabbit eggs. When we opened another poultry farm, we specifically hunted through re-rolling the one with Rabbit ears and that did the trick!

idle egg factory hunting achievements

Since the x2 bonus for an entire factory will give much more profit than having just one chicken that earns 60% more, it is okay to let go of that small bonus discrepancy just to bag the achievement. The required costumes appear to be constant across all the accounts we have, but the bonus earnings percentage of the corresponding chicken/cow/sheep that will meet the condition may be in random. Who know? You might be lucky that your account would all set them at +60%?

idle egg factory missions

For its part, accomplishing missions is something that can be done passively. Whether it requires you to open more factories, get more animals, play a certain number of minutes, or reach a target income amount, they can all be met as you keep on playing the game. The only tip we can give about this is to avoid ad-watching phases when you are aiming to accomplish a mission that requires particular minutes. Watching long ads will make you go offline and it will snap your running playtime duration.

Missions become easier to accomplish the deeper you are in your Idle Egg Factory journey and since the rewards from them are diamonds, they eliminate any need for you to pump real currency in the game just to get heaps of it. You get missions in sets of threes, so you have to finish what’s on your plate to keep on earning free diamonds.


idle egg factory farm view

Tapping on the farmhouse icon will bring you to the farm view. The hammer button on it will animate (bounce) once there is a harvestable income from any of the three farms there. The farm has some interesting features and upgrades that will help you manage factories, upgrades, and trickling income from a separate chicken, cow, sheep farm. If you’re here to know about the features of the farm in Idle Egg Factory, take your time to browse the details about them below.


Cost to open: Free

Cost to upgrade: 25 diamonds and increases by 2 diamonds per level

Effect: Extends the time the game allows you to earn offline income by 6 minutes and increases offline earnings by 50% per level.

Water Tower

idle egg factory water tower

Cost to open: 20 diamonds

Cost to upgrade: starts at 11 diamonds and increases by 2 diamonds per levelEffects: Lowers the cost for leveling up animals occupying slots 1 to 5 by 1% and reduces the waiting time when opening slots 6-10 of a factory.


idle egg factory mill

Cost to open: 40 diamonds
Cost to upgrade: starts at 15 diamonds and increases by 2 diamonds per level

Effect: Increases all profit by 1% percent per level


idle egg factory barn

Cost to open: 60 diamonds

Cost to upgrade: starts at 20 diamonds and increases by 2 diamonds per level

Effects: Lowers the cost for leveling up animals occupying slots 6 to 10 by 1% and reduces the waiting time when opening a new factory by 10% per level.

Of all the farm structures, the Mill gives the most value because it grants an outright boost to all the income you get from your factories. When planning to max upgrade farm items, this should be given the top priority. The next important one is the House because offline farming is at the very heart of this idle games; earning more when offline is a win-win situation. The benefits from the Barn and Water Tower looks good on paper, but those are effects that can be achieved with ease either through natural course of waiting for income or by watching ads.

Like we hinted earlier, there are separate chicken, cow, and sheep farms within the farm view. They can be unlocked for 2, 4, and 6 diamonds, respectively. Opening these farms will be purely on your preference; we’d like to stress that they are just optional features. The amount of cash you can periodically harvest from them would not matter in the long run and we will tell you why.

idle egg factory external farms

These external farms will generate a set amount of cash that will be based on how much you’re earning from a particular factory type the moment you unlock them. This means that if you open them too early, they will lose value early too.

To illustrate this, we have set side-by-side in the image above how the chicken farms from two accounts looks like. The one on the left, a lower account, promises billions worth of income, while the one on the right is a measly amount just by the thousands. This is because we opened the latter too early when we were still feeling the game out. We have further confirmed this by opening the cow farm early in the lower account; the difference can also be seen above.

Upon claiming the income from external farms, they will enter a 5-minute cool down period. The longer you play Idle Egg Factory, the greater your cash-per-second earnings will be and as such, you will realize that the per-5-minutes bounty from external farms would quickly lose their value. If we must further emphasize, we don’t recommend to ever use your diamonds just to quickly claim their promised amounts.


Idle Egg Factory, like most free-to-play games, is fueled by ads. What’s good with the ads here is that they don’t pop out of nowhere or without your intervention, all ads correspond to claiming a certain reward.

idle egg factory ad use sample

There are two types of ads in Idle Egg Factory: the short and long ads. Short ads may be closed after 5-10 seconds and they play after claiming something that you have earned or paid for, like selling golden produce, buying a new animal, and claiming an achievement. Other ad-watching phases will be met with the longer ads. The lengthy ads will take at least 30-seconds of your time. To help you become more efficient with tanking ad phases, we’ve ranked the actions that invoke long ads based on their worth.

#1 Unlocking the space for production lines 6-10 since it can save you 20+ minutes of waiting time in exchange for viewing a 30-second ad.

#2 Availing common researches when you do not have enough cash for it. No matter how great and constant your inflow is, you would never have enough money to max an upgrade type in one go, hence, the impending need to use watch ads to push for research levels.

#3 Claiming the cash from flying coins. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the only burst of income that beats the flying coin is the top cash reward from the Lucky Spin; viewing ads to claim this randomly-spawning bonus is a wise move.

#4 Re-rolling the animals you get for production lines 6-10 as you aim for the ones that earns 60% or when hunting for an animal with a particular costume/skin (to attain an achievement).

#5 Earning turns at the Lucky Spin.

#6 Taking advantage of the x2 multiplier for offline rewards.

#7 Resetting animals for stage progression.

At this point, you should now have a clear idea which actions deserve your willingness to watch ads the most. But still, if you’re the type who doesn’t really mid ad-watching phases or you are simply persistent to farm things quick, it is your call. Idle Egg Factory is a resource earning game after all and accepting ads is simply part of the grind.

If you have read the article from the top up to this part, we are confident that you are already well-equipped in managing your farm. Even so, before we let you go, we’d like to share a recap and few other essential matters that shall be part of your perspective as you pump up your factories’ cash flow.

Quick facts about Idle Egg Factory:

1. Your earnings from the three factories you can have at a time are separate. If you don’t have the auto-collect timer buff, you have to manually switch across factories to collect your earnings.

2. Upgrading your animals does not only increase the prices of their produce, it also boosts their production speed. In the image below, the cows at slots 6 and 10 have been upgraded to level 25; you can notice how crowded the numbers and milk are by their production line compared to the ones at level 1. Resetting will reboot a production line’s speed to base value, so make sure to level your animals up to optimal and achievable levels.

idle egg factory earn rate

3. The Lucky Spin works best at the very early game because the bulk cash you can receive from it exceeds the amount from rewards that scales with your earnings like other ad-fueled bonuses (flying coin, golden produce, random gift – stack of cash). If the spin didn’t land you a cash sum, diamonds are much more welcomed since you can use them for epic upgrades and farm improvements.

4. There is a limit to the earning window in which you can gain income while away from the game. As such, if you wish to not miss out on earnings, it will be best to open the game after two-hour intervals. You can extend this window by upgrading your House.

idle egg factory house upgrade

5. You can avoid forced ad-watching phases by disconnecting from the internet (switching off Wi-Fi/data or go airplane mode). This is advantageous when you’re trying to earn the diamonds from missions that require straight playtime minutes.

6. You can only have three factories at a time. When you open the next production line from a particular factory, the game will count it as an additional factory although it will only technically “promote” that specific poultry, cow, or sheep farm. Keep this in mind when trying to accomplish missions that require you to own a certain amount of factories.

7. Once you tapped on a floating reward, closing the pop-up window without watching the ad paired with it will make you lose and skip the bonus. You will have to wait for the next auto-collect, speed boost, or flying coin to spawn.

8. There is no definite time on when golden produce appears at the left hand side of the screen. What we can tell is that up to two may appear at a time and their occurrence is totally random. There is no fixed time when the first one will appear (upon opening the game) nor there is a standard time gap until the next one comes. We tried to time it (as part of our attempt to make this guide absolute), but there really is no fixed time. In our observation, however, time gaps can span from 2 to 10 minutes.

idle egg factory golden cow

And that would be it! We hope you enjoyed our extensive guide for Idle Egg Factory. You can count that all the information we have shared here are based on multiple days’ worth of play time across different accounts and we have checked all game-related data as well.

idle egg factory bling chicken

If you dig how deep we devoted our focus on this simple game and have other insights about Idle Egg Farm that we have missed to discuss, feel free to let us know in the comment area! Thanks for your time to check out our Idle Egg Factory guide. May your animals stay healthy and their produce be ever bountiful!


Thursday 27th of April 2023

Thanks for all your advice 😃 Im hooked on this game! Just wondering if you can help me please. Re Achievements - is there a way to get the Gentry Sheep and Rabbit chicken back? Will they be one of the ones to come back again when I click the egg and get offered to change? I had them at some stage, as I have 35/1000 of the Gentry Sheep, and 204/1000 of the Rabbit eggs. Does it even matter if they arent achieved? Is it worth “upgrading a factory”? Thanks in advance 🙂


Monday 17th of April 2023

Idle egg factory Is there a next level to the farm? I'm maxed out. Can't find anything on this.

Tamara Romero

Sunday 18th of December 2022

I keep earning CEO cards. When I click on the ceo button there is nothing in there. It is just empty. Are you waiting on an update? Will we loose our current cards?

Thank you!