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Conquerors: Golden Age Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Gain Sufficient Resources and Build a Mighty City

Factions and tribes seek to dominate kingdoms one province at a time. As the leader of your city, you refuse to just be a spectator, recognizing that the moment is ripe to rally your band of heroes, rake in riches, join an alliance, and raise a formidable army to seize your own glory and territory.

conquerors golden age cover

Set in the rich Arabian region, Conquerors: Golden Age beautifully blends historical, mystical, and mythological inspirations from the cultures and civilizations of the Middle East into a real-time strategy and city-building game. It carries a unique appeal that can make one appreciate how brilliant of an idea it is to swerve away from the usual European, sword-and-sandal theme that most games present.

conquerors golden age cutscene threat

IGG, the developers of Conquerors: Golden Age, is a legitimate mover in the mobile gaming universe being the same team behind iconic franchises like Lords Mobile and Castle Clash. Their mastery of what can keep mobile gamers hooked is evident because apart from its distinct theme, Conquerors is truly loaded with features to keep players engaged.

conquerors golden age victory

Being the leader of your city, you will be given story challenges that usually revolve around eliminating threats to peace, pursuing rebels, and developing your city to be a respected figure in an era of endless power struggle. Through this journey, the game will constantly offer interface guides to help you deal with internal tasks; as for external actions, joining a guild will let you team up with like-minded individuals to improve your chances of thriving in the treacherous desert.

conquerors golden age region map

With the number of challenges in Conquerors: Golden Age, mastering the game is like taking on a giant and may appear to be intimidating at first. But like how one should do against a bigger foe, all you have to do is to attack the legs first, deal with its base and work your way up.

The base part of the challenge in Conquerors: Golden Age is securing resources so that you can grow your army and continue to afford tech and building upgrades. In this note, we’re kicking off this Conquerors: Gold Age beginner’s guide with facts and tips about how to gather supplies for your city and your means to collect and generate them.

conquerors golden age farm

We will discuss all of the currently active and available means and points of getting resources, as well as detailed tips and feedback about them. If you are looking for a solid guide about Conquerors: Golden Age, this is the right game guide article for you. Get your war rations ready and saddle up. This will be a long ride to battle!


conquerors golden age harvesting

Having enough resources to raise an army and run a progressive city is your general focus in Conquerors: Golden Age. Just like the real world, there is a huge variety of resources and consumables in the game and the list will only become longer if we talk about crafting materials.

conquerors golden age resources tab

For the purpose of keeping this guide simple yet substantial, we are zeroing in to the basic types. This section is meant to tackle the relevance of resource types, the ways to acquire them, and tips to manage your stock for each. We’re also sharing a feedback on how we see the value of all the features where you can get resources.

conquerors golden age stables

The basic resources in the game are the ones shown on top of your screen: food, lumber, ore, and gold. Researching tech, recruiting troops, and upgrading/building structures would require one or two of the first three; gold, meanwhile is the “base” premium currency that can be spent to acquire almost everything.

1.1 Internal Nodes – Production

Food, lumber, and ore may be generated when you build on the pre-determined plots outside your city’s walls. The amounts you can gain per batch from every Farm, Sawmill, and Mine are influenced by each facility’s level and related tech in your Academy. Upgrades from such means are permanent.

conquerors golden age resources tech tree

You can instantly gain resources upon unlocking and activating the leader ability called Bumper Harvest (a “burst” generation skill with a 24-hour cool down). Additionally, you may use a Production Boost item to double the production speed of your internal resource nodes. This boost may be purchased with coins but you can ‘organically’ buy the cheapest variant (8-hour boost) by grinding out Honor Points. We will discuss this in better detail later.

conquerors golden age boosted nodes

If you regularly train troops, upgrade structures, and research tech, you’ll eventually realize that the amounts you can gain from your internal resource nodes will not be enough to fuel a steady progress for your city. It was designed as such to push players towards the premise of the game: conquest or launching expeditions.

conquerors golden age upkeep

Practically speaking, the food production will only be enough to feed your army and treat wounded troops; the lumber would be sufficient to build and replenish traps (city defense); mined ore can only sustain a few hero ability/tech upgrades. In total, you should look into other sources to boost your city’s advancement.

TIP: When building on an empty plot, you can swipe and choose from building a farm, sawmill, mine, infirmary, and barracks. We suggest to max out the allowed number of mines and barracks because they bring the most value, ore is the rarest basic resource; barracks, increases troop training size and speed.

1.2 External Facilities – Gathering

When you explore outside your city, you will see various similar resource nodes that you have within. As opposed to being able to harvest resources in short time intervals, you would need to wait for your expedition team to collect their contents and get back home.

conquerors golden age external resource facility

You can check how much resources each external resource facility holds. Without the help of hero Army Skills, leader abilities, or equipment-given boosts, it may take up to three hours to extract every bit of resource from them. Despite the long harvest time, the total haul would be higher than what internal nodes can offer.

conquerors golden age hijacked node

The higher output total is an upside, but there is one downside to using external nodes: if there is an aggressive, non-allied city near you, they can hijack the external nodes you are harvesting from. Should your heroes in the attacked node be outmatched, they will be kicked out and you will only earn what they have to gathered until the time they were booted out, similar to prematurely recalling your troops when they aren’t done gathering yet.

Despite the great haul, the long waiting time required to exhaust external resource nodes will limit you from aggressively upgrading buildings and tech. The amount from them, of course, will still be a welcomed inflow.

conquerors golden age under-leveled

Their main “function” is to be an outlet for your under-leveled heroes to give them something to be productive with. Also, it is a good practice to maximize the allowed number of Expedition Teams for your city. Sending heroes to gather resources is most ideal when you’re out of Energy (the currency token for fighting rebels) and Stamina (the currency token for Campaign battles)

conquerors golden age food bonus
Al-Basra, a basic hero you can gain early in the story, has a food gathering bonus.

Pay attention to the Army Skills of your heroes; some gives bonus speed in gathering certain resources. You may want to fit your expedition efforts with their strengths. Note, however, that Army Skill bonuses are boosts that will affect the entire city and not limited to the gathering expedition such heroes will be sent to.

The main idea when using external nodes is to maximize the number of expeditions you are allowed to have; if you have 3 slots, use 2 to gather resources and use the remaining one to fight rebels. When you run out of Energy, use the last slot for gathering as well. Your expedition slots can be increased by reaching VIP 15 or researching the Military>Leadership techs.

conquerors golden age gather boost

TIP: Go for at least a level 2 farm/sawmill/mine because level 1s do not offer Gatherer’s Chests, they are a good source of time boosters and Hero EXP cards. Additionally, it would hasten the process a lot if you will use a Gather Boost and if you’ve unlocked the player Ability called Expedite Gather, activating it will make you empty out external resource nodes much faster within its 2-hour duration.

Apart from farms, sawmills, and ore mines two other resource node types exist: boot camp (Hero EXP) and mint (gold). The lowest levels of these two would require a minimum of three hours to exhaust and they don’t give out Gatherer’s Chests.

conquerors golden age mint

Additionally, they commonly spawn in conflict hotbeds or places populated by cities that occupy a province. If your total Might is not 10M at least, we recommend to stay away from them because the chances of getting hijacked is understandably high.

1.3 Daily Bounty and Rewards – Interactions

The price of everything increases as you progress deeper in the game, from tech and building upgrades to recruitment costs, they all go up proportionately. What once required just a few thousands of food/wood/ore will eventually cost 6 digits and more later in the game.

It won’t take long to realize that the resources you can get from both internal and external nodes would sooner or later be insufficient especially if you are active in battles. Battles will deal you inevitable losses even if you have a decent win rate.

conquerors golden age war costs

The troops commanded by your heroes will be thinned out and replenishing will require you to spend extra resources to treat the wounded and replace those that are killed in combat (plus the waiting times required). Constantly keeping a fully-staffed army is a luxury you can only afford if your city has enough wealth. What’s great about Conquerors: Golden Age is there are several interactions and reward mechanisms that can totally address any resource woes.

conquerors golden age inventory

Resource bundles are common rewards in all points of the game and the rate that you can acquire dozens of them assures that your city will never run dry as long as you are active. Below is a list of actions you should look out for and exhaust every 24-hour cycle. The features below is the equivalent of “dailies” in MMORPG titles. 

Treasure Hunt: There are two types of Treasure Hunt in the game. The first one is the story-introduced island discoveries of Sinbad, where your reach depends on the level of your City Hall. The second one is from within your city which is capped at six stages/attempts per day.

conquerors golden age treasure room

Treasure Hunt works exactly the same as the treasure room phases in Evony and has the general, nostalgic feel of Prince of Persia from decades ago. Each treasure room works like a puzzle and your goal is to make a way for Sinbad to reach the treasure, eliminate enemies, or free an imprisoned maiden. The idea is to meet the clear condition while figuring out the proper sequences for any levers and switches, similar to how things work in Homescapes.

conquerors golden age treasure islands

The in-city treasure hunt grants more rewards and better ones to boot. Above is an example of what you can get in each of the six available runs per day. It only gives one unit of resource bundle, but the Crests, Enhancers, and Draft Notices are extremely valuable items you wouldn’t want to miss.

conquerors golden age city treasure

TIP: Watch the ads to double everything. Draft Notice is an item that lets you instantly summon a troop type of your choice for free; it is particularly useful when you need to quickly replenish your ranks. The City Treasure hunt is where you can consistently acquire this precious consumable.

Third-Party Ads: Not to be confused with the optional ad-watching opportunities; Conquerors: Golden Age has a dedicated section for Third-Party Ads. You will usually see an independent option for it as one of the floating icons on the upper right part of the screen, but if you have claimed at least 5 times already, you may have to dig through the tabs within the “Ready” option.

conquerors golden age third-party ads

You get up to 10 ads for every 24-hour cycle and the quality of the rewards are consistently good. The standout ones will be a total of 300 jewels, 2 hero relic boxes, and 2 premium hero summoning scrolls. It is highly recommended that you consume all 10 ads daily. In our experience however, we had a few days where the game ‘limited’ us to only view 8 or 9.

TIP: Before you watch the first of the 10, claim one Playtime Chest first, so you can immediately claim another once you are ready for the second ad. Also, to avoid the bug that we encountered, it is best to watch ads 7 to 10 consecutively.

Playtime Chests: Perhaps the form of freebie that best showcases how generous the developers of Conquerors: Golden Age are. Playtime Chests are rewards that you can harvest for an infinite number of times in a day and what you receive somewhat gives you a confidence that you can keep your city well-stocked.

conquerors golden age playtime chests

Upon claiming one, there is a cool down period that starts at 1 minute and will increase accordingly depending on how many times you have claimed within the day or the intervals of how frequently you claim. The loot always includes multiple basic resource bundles and time boosters.

TIP: Use this as an activity “spacer” or something that you should check or claim, say, after every time you have fought 1 to 2 rebels or engaged in campaign battles. In terms of treating it as a daily task, we advise to prioritize claiming one as soon as you log-in for the day.

VIP Chests: Gamesthat involve hero collection normally offer a free VIP status to players (example, Blitz: Rise of Heroes). Conquerors: Golden Age grants a similar “free-mium” to players and the benefits from it will only increase as you push your account’s VIP level.

conquerors golden age vip chests

A solid perk for being a VIP are the VIP Chests which you will be eligible to claim one once you get to VIP level 3. The haul includes gold, time boosters, and several bundles of basic resources that will enable you to finance multiple upgrades.

Like the Third-Party Ads and Playtime Chests, you can access VIP Chests through the “Ready” icon that sits on the upper right portion of the screen (when you’re in your city).

conquerors golden age vip points

TIP: Do not conserve the items that give VIP points, use them right away soon as they land in your inventory. The cool down period if you can already open more than one VIP Chest is 30 minutes, so if your playtime is limited, get a chest first to ensure you can get another before logging out.

Wishing Well: At Chapter 7, there will be another neat treat within your city, the Fountain. The Fountain basically grants you access to use a consumable called “Free Wish.” Each charge of wish can be consumed to gain food, lumber, or ore.

conquerors golden age fountain

Improving your Fountain is part of your series of growth/story quests. Upgrades will eventually increase the number of free wishes you receive daily and the quantity of resources you can get from wishing will go up too.

conquerors golden age x1 vs x2
The left screenshot shows the ore received for a x1 wish rated at +6570; the right is x2 rated at +6470.

TIP: It may appear to be good idea to distribute your wishes equally for food, lumber, and ore. However, we suggest to wish only for ore since the resource bundles for ore is a much rarer loot in all reward points. If you will use 5 or more wishes, we highly recommend to go for a bulk wish because the bonus amount will be greater compared to the growth when wishing one at time.

Leaderboards: Usually, leaderboards serve as an inspiration to players, giving everyone something to aspire being a part of. After all, a spot in it gives bragging rights and in-game rewards. In Conquerors: Golden Age, even if your Might and your kingdom cannot fly with the top dogs yet, you can benefit from the Leaderboards.

conquerors golden age leaderboard loot

When you browse the Leaderboards (tap on your avatar and look for its icon at the bottom of the screen), you will be able to check the best players in many categories. Select any category with a red notification dot and simply hit the like button for up to 5 players from two categories (one from Player Ranks; one from World Ranks).

TIP: The rewards from liking will be random and what you’ll mostly get are time boosters. Occasionally, or for at least 4 of the 10 allowable likes, you can get resources bundles.

Secret Mart: This feature is a sweet teaser for players who have not spent real currency in the game yet. You can access it by tapping on the Benefits option at the upper right corner of the screen (while you’re in your city). Inside, you will see tabs which showcase different options for players to spend real currency on. Look for the Daily tab and claim the free chest.

conquerors golden age daily mart

While the loots from it are random and rarely contain any resource bundle, no one’s saying “no” to something free, right? It has a strict cool down of 24 hours upon claiming, so it’s best to claim it early in the day.

Quests > Daily: This is where you can get the most resources from. There is a list of actions that has a corresponding set of points. As you perform common tasks, you accumulate points which will eventually unlock a maximum of 8 chests.

conquerors golden age daily chests

In total, the daily chests can give you millions of food, lumber, and ore. Add to that, there are other valuable items which include EXP cards, time boosters, and event-related consumables.

conquerors golden age 3rd daily

Nearly 90% of reward claiming windows offer an ad-watching opportunity and unlike in other games where watching ads only gives measly extras, the benefit from viewing advertisements in Conquerors: Golden Age doubles all preset loots. In the screenshot above, check how much we got just from Daily Chest 3 with the help of ads.

TIP: Make it a habit to check the other two other tabs in the Quest section, Recommended and Get Stronger. There are millions worth of basic resources and thousands worth of gold plus other items ready to be claimed as you actively improve your structures, heroes, and tech.

1.4 Other Dailies and Helpful Actions

With so many harvestable items in the game that only require taps and some waiting time, it shouldn’t be too hard to collect what you need to enrich your city. But you’ll be pleased to know that the farming doesn’t stop at we discussed in the previous section, there are other features in Conquerors: Golden Age that you should include in your playtime routine.

Daily Sign-in: Most games will welcome you with the daily login bonus window, often even showing your progress and tempting you with a consecutive sign-in bonus. The case is a bit different in Conquerors: Golden Age, you should actively visit the section for Daily-Sign in and do it manually.

conquerors golden age sign-in benefits

To claim the freebie, go to Benefits > Sign In. You will notice that there are just few basic resources in the set of rewards (which is why we did not include it in the earlier subsection), but the range of rewards are too good to miss. The rewards move forward in time with the daily server reset.

TIP: In our experience, we only noticed the non-automatic claiming about two weeks into the game already, so we missed a lot of days in our first month. If you have skipped a day and you feel that the next claimable item is something that you need, feel free to use gold for a “make-up” sign in. We suggest to do this only to claim Enhancers, relics of heroes you do not yet own, and Premium Recruitment Scrolls.

Pet Hunt: The Pound is a feature meant to be unlocked when your city reaches Level 20. This will open a hunting activity that you can only do once a day. Through the Pound, you’ll be able to get pets and start hunting. You will be given a default amount of 25 arrows per hunting session.

conquerors golden age hunting

There are no direct loots or rewards to gain from hunting, but the points you accumulate can be exchanged for pet food, an extremely rare resource. Pet food can be used on any pet you own to make them level up. The higher the level of your pets, the better their skills and bonuses become.

conquerors golden age pet benefits

Your main benefit from hunting and leveling up your pet will be in form of the bonuses which can increase your combat potential. If you have multiple pets, the bonuses from them will stack, hence, giving your army an increase in attack, defense, and HP. Some pets even give out-of-battle boosts like training, travel, research, and construction speed increase. Every bit of bonus can helps your city, so make sure to upgrade your pets whenever available.

TIP: When hunting, always go for double strafes, this occurs when an arrow hits two animals that are lined up together; occasionally, a triple strafe may even be possible. The main strategy is to take your time and observe each animal’s speed before shooting. Remember, you only have 25 arrows so make sure that each shot counts. Also, take into account the projectile delay so you may want to aim in advance when shooting fast targets like hares and birds.

City Mentor: The mentor randomly appears within your city and her presence is signaled by a gift symbol bubble. She will ask you a trivia question to check your knowledge about Conquerors: Golden Age. Whether you chose the correct answer or not, she will give you a reward; giving the right answers, however, assures that you will get more than 1 piece of whatever item she hands out. The most common reward from her are time boosters.

conquerors golden age mentor

TIP: If you notice that the Mentor has not appeared for a while, try finishing the upgrade of a structure (with the help of boosters) or fight 1 rebel/campaign battle. Progressive actions will prompt her to appear sooner.

Taking advantage of all the mentioned dailies in Conquerors: Golden pairs up nicely with what you can get from internal and external resource nodes, so make sure to do all of them. Just in case you want to take things to the next level and bag more resources, time boosters, and many other useful loots, check the next section on what you can grind to push your pace towards glory a bit faster.


With so many chores to accomplish, simply tapping through prompts and objects with red notification markers can make one overlook the tasks that matter the most. Apart from the dailies we discussed above, there are activities you won’t be prompted for but you must consistently do. These activities complete your grind in Conquerors: Golden Age.

2.1. Fighting Rebels

conquerors golden age rebels

One of the basic tasks that the tutorial phase will introduce to you, fighting rebels must be treated as an enjoyable duty. The desert is teeming with rebels ready to be dealt with and eliminating them is guaranteed to give you Player EXP, Hero EXP, resources, and time boosters.

Fortunately, fighting rebels is easy and will never be a hit-or-miss situation; as long as you will use a team with a higher total might than the rebel, victory is assured.

conquerors golden age rebel battle comparison

There are two ways to fight a rebel, single combat and the X4. Referring to the screenshot above, you can see that the X4 option is the more efficient choice. Still, going for single combat is not bad either, especially if you wish to distribute the use of Energy to give EXP to more than 5 heroes. Base on over 400 rebel battles, we have prepared quick facts from our conclusion about the two fighting options.

2.1.1 Quick Facts About Fighting Rebels in Conquerors: Golden Age

– Single combat deals lesser damage to Might.

– Single combat conserve units better in terms of the number of troops that may potentially be wounded in the aftermath.

conquerors golden age fluctuations

– Despite the two earlier facts, an occasional ‘spike’ may happen, meaning that that the number of wounded and Might deduction may suddenly become bigger than usual. The spike may happen in either single combat or x4. If it happens in single combat alone, the impact on Might and troop count in single combat may become uncharacteristically greater.

– Player EXP and Hero EXP gains are equal; the gains from x4 is the outright total of single combat gains multiplied by 4. The gains will not fluctuate in any way as long as you are consistently fighting a rebel of a particular level.

– The Player EXP Hero EXP that you see in the battle report is NOT the total which is yet to be distributed; it is the exact amount each hero has received.

conquerors golden age zero casualties

– The losses in Might and troop that you see in the battle report is not a fixed amount; it may fluctuate even if you are consistently fighting a rebel of a particular level. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may end up receiving no damage at all.

– Naturally, the X4 option will net you more loots and the chance of obtaining a Hero Relic is much better compared to single combat.

conquerors golden age first victory

– Your first victory over a rebel of a particular level guarantees a preset Hero Relic. However, it does not mean that such particular rebel type would be a reliable source of whatever Hero Relic it drops the first time. Subsequent Hero Relics drop are totally random.

– Battling rebels is the best way to pump EXP on your heroes when you run out of EXP items. Make sure though to fight the highest-leveled rebel possible for your preferred team composition, especially when you’re trying to make an under-leveled hero ‘leech’ EXP.

With what we listed in this subsection, we’re confident you already know everything about fighting rebels in Conquerors: Golden Age. Remember, as we mentioned earlier in this guide, you should spend your Energy first before committing your heroes to expeditions, so be active in wiping them out to take advantage of the EXPs and loots.

2.2 Redoing Campaign Stages

Your ability to advance through campaign battles is limited by your heroes’ Might. Sometimes, the gap in difficulty between one stage and the next is too great, thus putting you in a plateau or a situation where you cannot simply move forward yet. But don’t fret, that is normal and campaign battles will still be useful.

conquerors golden age gear hunting

The main use for repeating campaigns is to gather equipment for your heroes. When you click on an empty item slot on a hero and it still has a yellow cross, the crafting window will open and it will indicate the gear and the material(s) that you lack to craft it. By tapping on the needed material, you will be taken to the window that prompts the start of the specific campaign stage your desired material has a chance to be dropped from.

Basically, you have the option to do a full sweep (costs 120 Stamina), a single sweep (6 Stamina in Normal; 12 in Hard), or rematch the stage (essentially, a single sweep). Regardless which option you pick, the loots will be random; there is a chance that a full sweep will not net the quantity of gears/materials you need.

Since single sweep and directly fighting requires the same amount of Stamina, you may be curious to know which is the better choice. Sweeping will appear to be easier because it is convenient and quick, while fighting gives you the feeling that you have done more so you will become much hopeful to receive more and when drops coincide, you may tend to believe it is better.

conquerors golden age campaign drops low
                  Side by side are the rewards from Stage 1-5 with direct battle results on the left and x1 sweep on the right.

To end speculations, we’ve tested both options dozens of times and the results are consistent: the item drops remain random, there is no “better” choice that has a higher chance to drop gear/crafting materials. However, the individual Hero EXP awarded from actually fighting the stage versus the total EXP obtainable from the Hero EXP book drop varies.

At lower stages (refer to the previous screenshot), the EXP books will give a bit more, but in higher stages, the EXP each hero receives from actual combat trumps whatever the EXP books can give. The higher EXP gain is the upside, but since actual fighting happened, some troops will be wounded and killed.

conquerors golden age rerun downside

In the end, the answer to which is the better choice are actually questions. Are you willing to spend extra resources and time to replenish lost troops in exchange for more EXP? Or perhaps, do you want to do things quicker and try your luck to get gears and crafting materials in just a few taps? The choice is ultimately up to you.

TIP: Unlike in other games where you can gear up the heroes you collected, Conquerors: Golden Age has no shop that directly sells hero equipment nor the crafting materials needed to upgrade them. That is why when you hit a campaign plateau, it is smarter to dedicate your Stamina to hunt for gears instead of repeatedly trying a stage you’re stuck at, especially when your best team’s Might have not dramatically increased yet.

2.3 Engaging in Guild Tasks

If you’ve been playing Conquerors: Golden Age for a while now and you have not yet joined a guild, join one as soon as possible. Yes, we are opening this subsection with a command! Belonging to a guild does not only put a tag by your name to warn would-be attackers that someone has your back, it comes with a handful of benefits to help you grind too.

The perks start with being able to collect Honor Points and Guild Credits for each time you donate. When there is an ongoing research, guild members will be able to donate 3,000 food or lumber up to 20 times. This limit will eventually reset, allowing you to donate more. If you are super active, you can approximately donate up to 60 times a day.

conquerors golden age guild research

Donations will speed up the ongoing research, thus helping your guild. In return, you can use the Guild Credits you receive to initiate researching guild tech (if you are at least an R4) and spend the Honor Points in the Guild Mall.

conquerors golden age guild mall

The Guild Mall offers a wide range of items that you can use to progress your city. It has time boosters, gathering and production boosts, and other tactical items that may help you in combat or protect your city. We won’t list the available items anymore as it may eventually change. It will be best to see it for yourself once you already have a guild to call your own.

conquerors golden age guild tech

As you keep on donating, you will fill a progress bar with certain points that correspond to Guild Tech chests. From the first to the fourth, they contain Player EXP cards, Tech Boosters, steel, chests for different set-item player equipment, and Hero Relic boxes and their quality increase accordingly.

conquerors golden age guild quests

Another guild-related grind is joining in Guild Quests. These are risk-free, no-cost quests that you should always participate in. Each Guild Quest can only welcome certain heroes and you can send as much heroes as you want. The heroes you will field in Guild Quests will remain available for use; you can still send them to expeditions, campaign/rebel battles, and even coalitions.

Participating in a Guild Quest gives you a 30% chance of receiving a Guild Chest once the task is done. These chests may grant one hefty bundle of basic resource, some gold, time booster, or a Premium Recruitment Scroll. Apart from that, all the heroes you sent will earn a set amount of XP while you receive a certain number of Honor points. This feature is accessible through the Ready option when you’re in the city.

conquerors golden age aid

The grind opportunity in a guild does not end from obtaining item rewards and EXP points. Guild members will be allowed to aid each other’s tech researches and building construction/upgrades. When there is an opportunity to assist a guild mate, you’ll be prompted by a glowing icon on the bottom part of the screen; the same prompt will appear for everyone in your guild whenever you start researching or upgrading.

Giving aid awards you with Honor Points and given how easy it is to do, you’ll be able to effortlessly gather enough to afford items in the Guild Mall regularly, especially if the guild has at least 20 active members. On the other hand, each aid you receive will shave off at least 5 minutes of any ongoing construction or upgrades. When improvements happen faster, the smoother your grind will be.

Joining a guild, especially the powerful ones, will give you direct and indirect economical and strategic advantages and you will find that out if you have been in one long enough. Be in one and discover the benefits.

Grinding means going the extra mile to progress quickly and if you will actively fight rebels, wisely redo campaign battles, and become an active guild member, you can see your city’s Might go up in a steady pace. Do grind with passion and purpose and rise to be a great leader!


On your pursuit to lift your city’s reputation, you will realize that the main body of the challenge in Conquerors: Golden Age is related to Might. As a leader, you are responsible to increase your city’s Might, exploring all possible and efficient means.

conquerors golden age might total

The Might of a city is an indicator of its military strength and overall development. Most guilds require a minimum Might to let someone in, the leaderboard has multiple categories related to it, and your best team’s Might dictates up to what level of rebel you can beat. It is your general badge of strength.

3.1 Contributors to Changes in Might

Might is the equivalent for what is universally known as CP or combat power. It can be increased through heroes (recruiting/leveling/equipping/promoting/upgrading skills and talents), structures (building/upgrading), and tech. Basically, any progress counts toward Might.

conquerors golden age might

The more expensive a construction or tech research, the more Might it gives. If you are laser-focused on increasing Might, you should consider prioritizing the buildings that gives more.

Due to the construction max limit of only up to three projects at a time (on F2P it’s just 2), you have to carefully select the buildings to use the slots wisely. This means you may have to bump off upgrading ‘lesser’ structures like farms, sawmills, and mines in favor of buildings like the Watchtower, Gate, and City Hall.

conquerors golden age tech might
After a research that has a duration of over 16 hours, we only received 3,000+ Might.

Researches, although equally impactful for your city as building upgrades, does not give as much Might. This is true even for techs that are expensive and have long wait times. Another thing with tech, is that they branch from one another (tech tree), so upgrading lower tech is mandatory before improving more expensive and time-demanding ones.

conquerors golden age might deduction

Your Might can also decrease; failing attacks/sieges/raids and losing battles are guaranteed to significantly reduce your Might. In the screenshot above, we did not send our best team to attack an Intruder Base and paid the price. The Might lost in defeats are based on how many of your troops died in battle and can only be regained once you have fully replenished the squads of the defeated heroes.

Although Might is merely a reflection of a city’s overall progress, it tells a lot about a player. It can act as a warning for any hostile cities near you or an invitation for friendly guilds to welcome you. Normally, players only attack cities that have a Might significantly lower than theirs, so there is a purpose and need to actually rush increasing Might.

3.2 Heroes’ Impact

conquerors golden age current might

More than any other dynamic, your heroes define your city’s might. Heroes form and command a squad of their own so the more heroes you have, the higher your active troop count will be. The number of troops a hero can accommodate in their squad can be increased by leveling them up (Hero EXP), upgrading the training building for their troop type, researching troop-specific tech, and certain equipment.

conquerors golden age might at 20

To give a concrete example, the screenshot above shows our Might with 20 heroes in our roster. We then decided to acquire another hero, Murat. Upon fielding Murat in a replayed campaign battle just once, giving him 2 equipment, and granting him a full squad of his own, our Might has dramatically increased.

conquerors golden age might at 21

Overall, every form of enhancement applied to a hero (leveling up, equipment > promotion, talent upgrade, crests) and upgrading the training facility of their troop type will all work to increase Might.

While battles and expedition only allow you to field up to 5 squads a time, the more heroes you have in your roster, the larger your army will be. As the greatest mover of the Might needle, you should give high importance to recruiting heroes.

3.2.1 Recruiting Heroes

Due to the sheer volume of items and resources you can get from multiple points of the game, it is understandably hard to keep track of what you have already acquired. This is particularly true with Hero Relics, the materials that serve as the counterparts to hero/character cards in hero collection games. To win a hero’s allegiance, you need at least 10 of his/her relics.

conquerors golden age target recruit

Apart from directly scrolling down when browsing the Heroes tab, another way to see the Hero Relics you have acquired is by checking the Jewel Exchange tab of the Bazaar. From there, check if there are relics of heroes you have not yet summoned. In the screenshot above, we noticed that we have 7 relics of Tariq, a hero we haven’t recruited yet.

conquerors golden age tariq acquired

We have proceeded to check our Bag (inventory) for Relic Choice Boxes. Luckily, we have three pieces of Relic Choice Box II and Tariq is one of the options. Once we have recruited him, we wasted no time to gear him up and promote him to Stage 2 to double his Army Skill bonus and further increase the Might his inclusion brought to our city.

conquerors golden age heroes stadium

Another way to get heroes, of course, is through the Heroes Stadium, one of the features that the early tutorial phase will run you through. After the story-directed summoning, the draws will be totally random. Draws from the bronze and silver options may sometimes not even pull up a Hero Relic.

The gold option is the one guaranteed to give you a new hero. However, if the drawn hero is someone who is already in your roster, he/she will be converted to three Hero Relic pieces. You will also receive resource bundles and other items for choosing the most expensive recruitment option.

TIP: If you’re fairly new to the game and you only have about a dozen heroes under your command, spending 1,800 gold per summon in the Heroes Stadium is ideal because the chance of pulling out a duplicate is yet slim. Meanwhile, if you have 20 heroes already, it would be best to go for targeted summoning, check if the Hero in the Bazaar shuffle is someone you wish to recruit, then follow it up using the corresponding Relic Boxes in your bag.

3.2.2 Forming a Team

When you browse your profile and inspect your Might, you can see that one of the listed option will say “Best Squad Might.” It’s quite self-explanatory, your 5 heroes with the highest combined Might would be it.

conquerors golden age story heroes

By default, players will have teams that are infantry-heavy because the majority of the story-given heroes are infantry: Balqees, Shujaa, Ertugrul, and Nasir bin Murshid. These 4 are already formidable fighters; apart from being naturally durable (Infantry is positioned in the game as tank), they possess tactical, offensive, and defensive skills which makes them mainstays in everyone’s army.

You can opt to veer away from an infantry-dependent lineup, but it would take time. No matter what troop type you plan to specialize on, you must prime your army production in a way that you can replenish the ranks. In an earlier section of this guide, we mentioned how expensive it is to deal with troop casualties; know that it will be a looming concern especially when you begin attacking other cities.

conquerors golden age troop imbalance

In our case, running an Infantry and Cavalry team caused a bad disproportion in our military. From all the city attacks, campaign stages, rebel battles, and raids we’ve engaged in, we ended up pulling our city’s Infantry and Cavalry ranks too frequently when refilling the squads of our main heroes.

The lesson here is to try and groom two heroes from each of the four troop types. Not only it will help ensure you can avoid a troop population imbalance, you also get to have a Team A and Team B dynamic. Having two ready teams is a good privilege to have because in the event you can’t afford to fully replenish a hero squad, his/her substitute can step up anytime.

Being forced to wait for a couple of batches from the training facilities is not a good situation to be in. It is better to always have a full team with considerable Might ready, so your stronger heroes can stay busy either doing campaign reruns or rebel battles.

3.2.3 Understanding Heroes

Knowing which heroes to build your army on is entirely dependent on who you get and what you have. If you plan to invest in the game and spend real currency, your possibilities are father and wider because you’d be able to use the gold hero recruitment option much more frequently. However, Conquerors: Golden Age is a game where being F2P is no handicap.

conquerors golden age hero

Taking advantage of what your heroes can offer is must. While some are better rated than the rest, all heroes in Conquerors: Golden Age have their own skills, talents, and Army Skill and it’s your role as a leader to leverage their strengths and that will only be possible if you understand what they can bring to the table. This subsection of our guide aims to explain the details you see when browsing a hero.

conquerors golden age army skill
This is the Army Skill of a tier 2/green Kadir. The base value was 1.5%

Army Skill – The bulk of text you see at the upper part of the screen. It is the passive, non-combat bonus that a hero can give. This fully stacks with other forms and sources of similar bonuses (other heroes, tech, pet bonus, player equipment). When you promote a hero (done by giving it all the 5 equipment it needs), it will increase for the amount of the base value.

conquerors golden age hero skill upgrade

Skill – This pertains to the skills only available in battle. Some heroes have skills in form of a nuke, others have buffs, and the best ones have a combination of both. They can only be leveled up once you have gathered enough Hero Relics to fill the progress bar.

Talents – They can be explored and upgraded in the same ‘tab’ with skill. These are passive boosts to the squad a hero commands; it can be in form of an increase in HP, troop count, and offensive/defensive capabilities. Some heroes can extend the bonuses to other squads.

conquerors golden age talents

The extent of how many upgrades you can do depends on the level of the training facility for a particular hero’s troop type, you can upgrade talents even for freshly-recruited or under-leveled heroes. Note that upgrading will cost a lot of ore at latter levels. Since you have to individually purchase upgrades for each hero, you need to mine and stockpile.

Crests – Accessible in the third tab, this feature acts as an extension of the passive traits of a hero. You can outfit a hero with crests that will synergize with their strengths or patch up any weaknesses. Technically, you can customize heroes by outfitting them with crests of your choice.

conquerors golden age crests

Unlike talents, crests slots will only unlock at preset points, so you have to level a hero up before making them wear crests. The certain places where you can acquire crests/crest boxes are the in-city Treasure Hunt, Daily Chest 8, Guild Donation Chest IV, and Third-Party Ads.

To cap this part of our Conquerors: Golden Age guide, you should focus on building an army around the heroes that you can benefit the most from, be it for the economy of your city or your ability to win battles/sieges. Take your time to read hero details, especially if you plan to use real currency; know that you can check information even for the ones you do not yet own.

conquerors golden age heroes not in roster

More than just the flagbearers of Might, Heroes hold the key to your advancement in Conquerors: Golden Age. Do your best to make the right decisions with them so no expeditions, campaign battles, and wars against other cities can stop you on your way to be a recognized name in your kingdom.


A great portion of this Conquerors: Golden Age guide highlights the importance of resources and the points where to acquire them. However, none of those dailies and grind efforts can equal what you can haul when successfully attacking a city.

conquerors golden age loot

Most cities will have a hefty portion of their resources exposed. After all, the Warehouse, the facility responsible to safely store food, lumber, and ore, is not an enticing building to pour upgrades on. At level 10, a Warehouse can only store 500k food and lumber and 100k ore; the Might it gives is also inferior compared to most unique structures.

conquerors golden age quick bucks

Leaving resources by the millions and upwards vulnerable, plundering another city can be profitable. At one point, after attacking 5 cities in a row within just 30 minutes, we were able to amass more than 10M food and 11M lumber. That is even after queuing in a couple of tech upgrades, ordering a full batch of troops, and utilizing the Bazaar trick (we will discuss it later in this guide).

The point here is Conquerors: Golden Age framed the idea of winning battles at the very heart of the game. To ace each battle, comprehending the key matters of combat is a must and this is the section of our guide aims to help you with that.

4.1 All About Offense                               

Since its release more than six years ago, Conquerors: Golden Age has grown a massive user base making its social aspect incredibly alive. The public chat for Conquerard (global) and kingdoms is running 24/7, teeming with users enjoying the game.

conquerors golden age kingdoms

But beyond being social, the players of Conquerors can get truly competitive too. Millions participate daily in the PvP activities. This means that scouting, attacks, raids, and province invasions can happen often, especially in hotly-contested kingdoms.

Naturally, the players who have been in the game for a long time now already have developed rich cities, have a roster of strong heroes, in command of big armies, and belong to powerful alliances. That is exactly why, whenever you plan to attack, you have think carefully. Remember, raising an army takes a long time and a huge deal of resources so make sure that you will only make calculated risks.

conquerors golden age successful attack

In this subsection, we will share to you guidelines on how to estimate other cities so you can avoid biting more than you can chew (or taking on a foe that can easily wipe out your squads).

4.1.1 Study Your Targets

When looking for targets, the first thing you must check should be the signs of strength and development. The usual indicators for those will be the level of their City Hall and Might. The level of the City Hall implies how focused the leader is because each upgrade level has several conditions intertwined with upgrades of other buildings and such can only be met if the player is committed to the game.

conquerors golden age target analysis

The second thing would be to analyze their Might. When you check on the Player Info, the details on total Might, Kill Points, Ranking, and Territory Battles are readily available. If there is wide gap in your favor in all your departments, treat that city as viable target. In the screenshot above, while we have an over 2M edge in Might and stands nearly 200 spots higher in the rankings, the other player is miles ahead in terms of Kill Points and number of Territory Battles participated in. The conclusion: this player can wipe out even my best team; its best to check another target and we did.

conquerors golden age target details

The third step is to see further info. From this view, you can check a player’s battle stats and guild, these are very important. Moving on to another target, we spotted the guild leader of a player who once attacked us. Viewing more info allowed us to see more than the lead we have in Might and kills; it opened our target to deeper analysis.

– Battles Won suggests the army’s reliability. Plain and simple.

– The number of Scoutings tells if the player is a risk taker or prefers a calculated approach. Since it was 0, it suggests that the battles he initiated are poorly planned.

– Having a higher number in Troop Losses that Troops Treated signals that he forces gets wiped out often. Yet another indication of his military strength.

– Best Squad Might is the final telling sign, if his troops are all at home, the gap suggests that my contingent could eliminate them.

The fourth consideration is to check if your target has a guild. When you attack a player belonging to a guild, all of his guild-mates will be alerted. Most guilds, even the lesser ones, are responsive and retaliatory; when you go after a member, expect that your city will be attacked or at least be scouted shortly. Your main purpose here is to check the stats of the member with the highest Might and estimate their capability to get back at you.

conquerors golden age march out

The fifth and final angle to look at is location. Whether your target belongs to a guild or not, you must check around your own and your target’s surroundings. Location check is vital due to the following reasons:

Distance – Target city shouldn’t be too far from yours because if you’re out of Fast March buffs, your opponent has an opportunity to use Shield. This is particularly important if you’re attacking in response to a recent attack or scouting. Make sure that the travel time is less than 15 minutes (the duration of Battle Craze) because if you get lucky, you can imprison their city’s leader.

Potential Backlash – Some guilds are allied with one another (such arrangements are done over social media and Discord) and an unforeseen, brutal retribution might be awaiting for you. If there is a nearby city with a City Hall that is of equal or higher level than yours and has a greater Might, be prepared.

Post-attack Vulnerability – Attacking another city puts you in a Battle Craze turning your name on the map to red. There are advanced players who hunt for Battle-Crazed cities because they can net up to 300 gold from the leader’s capture. Check if there is a powerful city within your 200-mile radius.

conquerors golden age preemptive strike

Additionally, if your target is adjacent to his guild-mates, the chance of retaliation is much higher. There are two ways to deal with this: brace your city for a series of attacks or strike preemptively. As you can see in the screenshot above, we preferred the latter since we have superior military.

If you follow the above five-step target analysis before deploying your forces, you will be able to estimate your chances of winning even without sending a scout first. In Conquerors: Golden Age, scouting is considered as an act of aggression and it will put your city in a state of Battle Craze; sending scouts can provoke players because an attack usually follows next. If you are committed to attack anyway, storming in unannounced is sometimes better.

Whether to use scouts or not is up to you. It depends on what is your preferred approach to war. Speaking of which, let’s move to discuss tips that could further fine-tune your attacks.

4.1.2 Tips for Attacking

Although waging a war is linear, there are multiple ways to draw the line that connects point A (your city) and point B (your target). After all, Conquerors: Golden Age is classified as a real-time strategy game, so mixing up different approaches in your war efforts is ideal. Regardless if you’re prepping for an AI fight or getting ready to siege a human player’s city, the actions and strategies below will be useful.

Send scouts – Although we indirectly ‘advised’ against scouting earlier, sending a scout can prove beneficial. Upon successfully scouting, you will be able to know which heroes are present in the city/resource node/Intruder Camp that you plan to attack; the presence of traps will be identified too.

conquerors golden age scout report

The intel you can get from scouting will allow you to tweak your attacking line-up to potentially counter the defenders or avoid being hit by their strengths. In the screenshot above, we learned that the target has 2 squads of cavalry and 1 squad of siege engine; we can then build a team that are strong against those troop types.

conquerors golden age traps

Cities will always be outfitted with traps and because scouting intel can identify their presence, you will have the opportunity to configure your attacking team. Based on the above image, the city we scouted have a lot of logs, this type of trap is strong against infantry. In response to that, the smart adjustment is to avoid sending infantry because he has enough to erase an entire infantry-type hero’s squad.

Use offensive buffs –
There are a few offense-oriented buffs in the game that can give you some confidence when staging an attack. Learn here what they do and their strategic implications.

conquerors golden age offensive buff 1

With the help of this buff, your army can fight with a much bigger force closing any numbers gap when you’re disadvantaged or further widening it when you have the upper hand. Note that this does not magically add troops to your squads, it rather allows you to pull some of your city troops (reserved forces) into active duty.

conquerors golden age offensive buff 2

Blessing – It may have a blade for an icon, but it does not only temporarily boosts damage; this buff also boosts your troops’ defense and HP by 20% for 8 or 24 hours.

This is best used when you’re allotting time to attack cities, raid caravans, and fight Intruders. It is much more fitting to use when you are uncertain that you have the edge in the would-be fight. Note that despite the increase in attributes, it will not increase your Might.

conquerors golden age offensive buff 3

Life Saver – Increases your Rescue Rate for an hour. Rescue Rate pertains to the troops injured in combat that can make it back to your city for treatment. The higher the rescue rate, the less troops you have to replenish and treat.

When you already feel the burden of losses from battles and fully understand the impact of losing a lot of troops, you can feel trigger-shy to use your best squads. This buff takes away some fear to go all-in. It is most suitable to use when attacking a province or when you really mean to attack another player, the types of combat where the game has no default ‘discount’ or protection rate for troops.

Activate Abilities – As you increase your Player Level, you can unlock abilities. The abilities that can help offense would be Demoralize (minor DEF and HP reduction to your enemies for1 hour), Combat Aid (+20% Rescue Rate for the next hour), and Battle Orders (a one-hour, 5% increase to Troop Limit).

conquerors golden age rush tactics

Additionally, if you have gathered intel from scouting, selecting the right Rush Tactic can also swing some favor to your side. For example, you are attacking a city with 10 squads and 5 of which are cavalry, selecting Cavalry Rush can ensure that you will deal more damage.

If you combine the steps in analyzing a target and applying the tips for offense shared in this guide, you’ll be on your way to become a leader capable of rampaging through cities within and below your Might. Happy hunting!

4.2 Details in Defending

The previous section acquainted you with how to mount an effective offense, but to truly thrive within your kingdom you should be equally versed with the ways to defend yourself.

Defense is an entirely different animal because you will be purely dealing with other players. As such, we will plot this subsection of our Conquerors: Golden Age guide differently. To fend off a sentient rival, we have prepared for you tricks you can employ to stay alive and elusive.

4.2.1 Defensive Considerations

No matter how engaged you are in the game, it is understandable that you can’t be online all the time. There will be hours that you will be unable to attend to your city, but before going offline, you have to take into account the following matters:

Your current resources stockpile – Like we have shared at the start of this guide’s section, plundering another city is the fastest way to earn food and lumber. If a hostile city has scouted yours and they saw that you have millions of resources exposed, you will likely be attacked, especially if your Might is lower than the scouting party’s.

conquerors golden age millions plundered

This happened to us when our city was just days old. Back then, we didn’t know yet that every single drop of resource listed on the top screen total can be seized. Don’t do the same mistake; avert disaster by leveling up your Warehouse or spending as much resources as possible for expensive building and tech upgrades and a full batch of troops before going offline.

Your troops’ location – When your city or a resource node is about to be attacked, the game itself will give you a tip about sending your troops to expeditions to keep them out of the city/resource node. At the surface, it sounds like it doesn’t make sense because your troops are the combatants of your city and they are supposed to defend it, right? However, the main purpose for this is to prevent a wipe out.

conquerors golden age saving troops

We have witnessed this tactic when we saw two warring cities by chance. In the patched screenshots above, you can see that both players are sending troops to destroy each other’s cities. The other player did a clutch camp creation before his enemy reached the city.

In accordance to this tactic, you can send your spare troops (especially the under-leveled) ones to far expeditions or make them hold camp somewhere else on the map.

Length of offline time – Your city is much more vulnerable when you’re offline because you will not be able to entertain and respond to scouting/attacking alerts. As such, try to estimate how much time you will be off the game. Fortunately, the game has defensive buffs that can get your absence covered.

conquerors golden age defensive buff 1

Shield – This offers absolute protection for your city preventing any scouting or attacks from other players for 8 or 24 hours (it has a 3-day variant only purchasable by gold). A true necessity for any city, even stronger players still use this. Note that it will only protect your city, any external resource nodes you’re using can still be attacked.

You can organically purchase the 8 and 24-hour versions from the Guild Mall just by being active in donations and aids. As this foils aggression, you will be unable to use it when you are in Battle Craze for balance reasons.

conquerors golden age defensive buff 2

Fog – Works exactly similar to the Shield but only prevents scouting. It has 8 or 24-hour variants that can also be procured from the Guild Mall (it also has a 3-day and 7-day versions purchasable by gold). While it cannot stop attacks it is often a sufficient protection because almost all players would send a scout first before attacking cities.

Consider using the appropriate protective buff fitting to the length of time you will go offline. They are investments that will protect your other investments, so don’t hesitate to spend Honor Points or gold to always have one.

4.2.2 Dealing with Attackers

Being aware of the defensive considerations above is not enough; you also need to know what to do in the face of danger. We are sharing here methods on how you can respond to what the game considers as acts of aggression, scouting and attacks.

conquerors golden age under attack

Scouting and attacks on a resource node – Resource nodes are rarely scouted; players usually attack right away especially the veterans. There are actually players who just teleport (use Relocate) around the map and look for occupied resource nodes to attack. They do this to rack up kill points.

When a player scouts a resource node first, it could mean that they are not confident with the force they are sending. But if the provocation turns to full aggression, here is what you can do.

1. Go to the resource node and pull out your troops. You have to do this quickly so the incoming attackers won’t catch your heroes. If you were not able to recall troops on time and they are defeated, the node gets taken over. Either way, observe the attacker.

2. If you notice that the attacker did not actually occupy the seized resource node, it means they are just looking for kills. Simply retake the resource node once the attacker has teleported away.

3. If the attacker stayed on the resource node, you can either choose to retaliate and retake it or simply go to another resource node, preferably one that is farther from the attacker. Estimate the enemy first by using the 5-step target analysis we shared earlier in this section. Should your force be superior, proceed to attack; if not, just move on.

conquerors golden age takeover prone
Kill-hunters usually scour the nodes near or within provinces.

Based on our experience, kill-hunters only go for resource nodes that are level 5 or higher. Steer away from danger, only go for a level 2 node until the tension in the area has mellowed down.

Scouting and attacks on your city – As we have mentioned earlier, scouting is a prelude to an attack. If you have upgraded your Watchtower, you’ll be able to learn who sent the scout. Don’t take chances and dismiss it as ‘just’ scouting, proceed to do the following defensive moves:

conquerors golden age scout seen

1. If you are able to react to the scout before it touches your city, activate Fog. Seasoned players know well the impact of failed attacks so when they are unable to scout, they suspend any attacking plans.

2. Should they push with a force to sack your city, use a Shield. Don’t ever think that using two defensive buffs is a waste, remember, there is an observation phase in this thought process and you are merely reacting.

In case you are in Battle Craze or you have no Shield available (or perhaps unable to buy one at the moment), there are two options. You can either brace for an attack or flee. We will break down the steps you can take for both.

Bracing for an Attack – Since you do not have a Shield,it means you have to fight off the attackers. You should then focus on finding ways to prevent your troops from being wiped out and securing your resources. Below are some of the actions you can do.

1. Minimize your troop losses by executing the earlier discussed trick of sending heroes to far expeditions or making them camp away from your city. Alternatively, if you belong to a guild, you can make your troops garrison in an ally’s base.

2. Call for help from your guild mates. Wealthy and powerful allies won’t hesitate at the chance to strike others and may even use Fast March buffs to get to you on time.

conquerors golden age artisan

3. Have a complete set of traps. Consider using time boosters to instantly fill your trap storage. Additionally, you can use the Artisan ability to gain some traps instantly. Setting traps is of utmost importance especially if you won’t make your heroes stay and fight.

4. Use the leader ability Safeguard. Even if you lose the battle, you will at least keep your resources intact. Only use it when the enemy is about to reach your city to maximize its duration in case your opponent (and his guild) go for a series of attacks.

5. Ensure that you will only have a small number of resources displayed on the top of your screen. As suggested earlier, you can take a heap off your wealth by ordering a full batch of troops and starting expensive structure upgrades and tech research. 

conquerors golden age bazaar

6. If there are still millions of resources left after spending, do the Bazaar trick. The trick essentially lets your Bazaar become an extension of the Warehouse. The Bazaar will often have deals that are priced by the millions, buy every single deal purchasable with food and lumber, use the reset for as many times as your gold can allow.

conquerors golden age mall

This is an ingenious way to ‘pack’ your resources and store them safely in your inventory. Don’t hesitate to use of up to 500 gold for resetting the offers. The total price of the resources you can save via the Bazaar trick is way too little compared to their actual prices at the Mall. After all, you can easily gain way more than 500 gold daily anyway.

When the only choice you have is to fight, make sure to perform all of the steps above especially if the attacker has far greater Might than yours. If the gap isn’t much and you have a full stock of traps, you stand a chance at holding a successful defense. Man your battle stations and do your best to defend your city!

4.2.2 Elusive Tactics

Fighting maybe cool but it is generally not advisable if it will likely be a one-sided encounter. If you’re new to the game, cannot speak Arabic (the main language used in the game), and have not checked the social network portals of Conquerors: Golden Age, it will take a while to know which guilds you should avoid conflict with.

conquerors golden age wanted

In our experience, a player from a strong guild power-tripped to hunt us when we became wanted after capturing the leader of a city that attacked us. We were scouted by multiple cities but none of them were able to attack us despite being in Battle Craze.

What we did to avoid being destroyed? We played elusive. After all, they cannot kill what they can’t hit. The key to being illusive relies on the Relocator.

conquerors golden age relocator

Acts in the same way as Fly Wing in Ragnarok: Eternal Love, this item randomly teleports you which you can use for escaping tight situations. Attacks and scouting commands meant for your city has a certain distance breaking point when you move. The key is to keep using the relocator and be more than 300 miles away from the source of attack/scouting.

The distance you gain can exponentially increase the time required for a marching army or a scout to reach you. Eventually, your pursuers will end pursuit. You don’t have to spam use Relocators, just simply be elusive until the Battle Craze duration is over and then use Shield.

conquerors golden age scout shielded

Once you have a shield up, your pursuers will have no choice but to give up. After pulling off such an escape, players may still be persistent and wait out for your Shield to wear off; some may even go as far and message you to intimidate you.

If you found yourself being hounded by a persistent foe, there is another trick in the book: you can change your name using the appropriate item and include special characters to make it difficult for other players to simply type it out. The messaging system in Conquerors: Golden Age is tethered on names and not player data.

conquerors golden age disappearing trick

Transferring your kingdom plus changing your name is akin to moving places and getting an entirely new identity to shake off anyone going after you. We learned this when it was our turn to pursue another player; soon as he sent his last message to us, he changed names and we are unable to track him down after.

At this point, you are now well-equipped with ideas on how to handle scouts, attacks, and even threats from other leaders. You need to do what you can to stand your ground in the kingdom. Your city needs you to be brave and smart; be sharp in knowing when it is best to fight or flee.

4.3 Campaign Battles

Discussing about combat won’t be complete if we miss the fighting feature in Conquerors: Golden Age where players have the most form of control in, Campaign battles. Accessed through the Portal, this mode holds most of your way to progress in the game’s story line.

conquerors golden age campaign

Campaign battles will be against the game’s AI (PvE), but unlike fighting rebels, selecting a team with a higher total Might will serve no guarantee for a victory. Conversely, even if you field a team with a lower total Might, you can still win.

The key in Campaign Battles is to send your best team with a relative Might to the enemy while minding what the intel says. The intel in the screenshot above suggests to use a hero with a multi-squad attack; since that particular hero is currently under-leveled for us, we used ones that have skills capable to hit multiple squads.

conquerors golden age lower might win

Might disadvantage is not really an issue as long as you understand the enemy’s strength and fit a counter to it. In the combined screenshots above, we are behind by a significant amount of Might. Despite that, we won because upon knowing the enemy will be cavalry-heavy, we used three squads of back-line damagers to thin out their numbers as they clash with our two-squad frontline.

conquerors golden age nuke

Knowledge about heroes is crucial to succeeding in campaign battles. Take time to read what the skills of your heroes does. Some heroes have passives that kick in at the start of the match; some have active nukes and supportive skills.

conquerors golden age skill triggered

The Arena is formatted in the same way as Campaign battles, but that is rather an optional mode of the game and it will take months to years of playing before can be truly competitive in it.

And that zips our Conquerors: Golden Age guide! If you have read the guide from the top up to this point, we want to thank you for taking your time in reading this extensive guide for Conquerors: Golden Age.

It took us some time to be familiar with the game and actually be good, so if you’re just somewhat starting out and you feel that your Might isn’t growing fast enough, just follow all the tips, tricks, and strategies we shared here. The knowledge we shared here enabled us to grow our Might by 1M every 1-2 days. In fact, when we joined our guild, we barely had 5M; now, we are the third strongest member!

conquerors golden age guild closer

Your growth in the game does not only depend on how much hours you play, knowing what to do on those hours is what will help your city develop fast. It is our pleasure to compile for you all the information you need to become an excellent leader in Conquerors: Golden Age.

Whether your new or an old Conquerors player and you think we missed something in this guide, feel free to share to the community what you know, Let’s help each other’s cities out.

Before we head out to attend to our cities, we are capping this article with a set of insightful FAQs that fellow leaders may need to know.


Q: How much time you need to play daily to become strong?

A: There is no hard-and-fast rule to answer this. However, what we can tell is, if you’re just starting in the game and you wish to improve your Might at a decent rate, playing two times for about two hours each day should be enough. The first one is to complete the dailies and the second is to ensure you can do all grind activities especially the guild-related ones.

Q: Some reviews said that you need to pay real money to be good in the game. Is this true?

While spending real currency to buy items, promo packs, and passes can help a lot, Conquerors: Golden Age was designed to still be ‘friendly’ to free-to-play gamers. Follow the tips, tricks, and strategies we shared about daily actions and grinding and you can fare decently.

conquerors golden age progress proof

In the creation of this guide, we are purely F2P yet we are able to consistently gain 1M Might every 2 days and we have a decent winning rate in battles. Although, admittedly, we grinded hard and practically played all day every day. Still, you can advance at your own pace and the information we shared in this guide will remain applicable.

Q: I’m willing to spend real money in Conquerors: Golden Age, what should I buy?

If you are planning to take your Conquerors: Golden Age journey to the next level, the best features to purchase would be any of the following:

– Battle Support Pass because it automatically does administration tasks for you (basically all the dailies).
– 7-Day Windfall because of the unmatched mix of gold, Moonstone, and 12-hour time boosters.

– Arabic Moon because of the waiting time deductions and boosts for gaining Player and Hero EXP.

Note that there is a plethora of things one can purchase, but the three we listed would favor players who are just starting out and may not have too many hours to spare daily to actually play the game. Keep in mind that this is just a recommendation.

Q: I can’t seem to claim all the Daily Quest chests, how can it be done?

A: All of the chores mentioned in the Daily tab of Quests clearly mention their individual conditions; the confusing ones are those asking to gather resources. The sure way to do those is to clear at least a level 4 farm, sawmill, or mine to meet the ones requiring 500,000 food and wood and 50,000 ore (that’s three separate nodes for each in total).

conquerors golden age maxed quests

The game does not check for the total output and that is why even if you finish a particular type of level 2 resource node using all your expeditions slots at the same time, you still cannot accumulate points.

Q: I am able to get all Guild Donation Chests, is there a point to keep donating after that?

A: Absolutely. Even if you have taken all four Guild Donation Chests for the day and there is no ongoing guild tech research to help with, donating will always give you Honor Points. There are items in the Guild Mall that you need on a daily basis and stocking up on Honor Points is a good idea so you can continue to afford them.

Q: How many heroes do I need for a gathering expedition?

A: A gathering expedition can be done even if you only send one hero. However, the more heroes you assign to an external resource node, the shorter the gathering process will be. Try it out, you can see that you can clear out a level 1 farm using 4 heroes a whole lot faster than you would if you just use one hero.

Q: Strong players always attack me, what can I do?

A: Being attacked is one of the bittersweet realities in Conquerors: Golden Age and you simply have to deal with it and adapt accordingly. For this, we have two suggestions.

The first one is to go with diplomacy. You cannot fight back everyone especially against players who have been in the game for years already. Try messaging them and politely request to stop attacking. While the game’s combat nature can be toxic and some guilds (accordingly to veteran players) are ruthless, most of the players especially the ones of Arabic decent are honorable and they will keep their word.

The second way is to be elusive, refer to the defense-related information we shared in the Combat section of this guide.