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Infinite Magicraid Beginner’s Guide: 11 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Best Team and Save the Lowes Continent

Infinite Magicraid is DHGames’ latest turn-based RPG title, that’s available on both iOS and Android. The game boasts a massive roster of over 200 characters to recruit and upgrade, each belonging to 1 of 8 unique factions. Players get to build and command their own unique ultimate team of 5 characters, pitting them against different mobs and boss monsters as well as other players’ teams.

infinite magicraid tips

There is certainly no shortage of turn-based strategy RPGs on mobile platforms alone but Infinite Magicraid has its own share of unique gameplay mechanics mixed in with the usual abundance of adventures and challenges anyone would expect from a strategy RPG. Each hero to recruit exhibits a unique set of stats and powers further enhanced by gears and power-ups as well buffs when paired with the right teammates.

Infinite Magicraid provides means for progression as you actively play but at the same time lets players enjoy idle rewards. While there are some gameplay mechanics that may appear a little overwhelming for complete beginners, there is a rather extensive tutorial to greet you at the start of your adventure and the initial quests provide pointers on first time visits to every menu. Likewise, Info buttons on each menu provide you additional guides to help better understand the mechanics.

infinite magicraid sword harbor

Turn-based strategy games like Infinite Magicraid that have a plethora of characters to recruit and enhance are typically expected to have some characters to be more powerful than others. Despite that fact, however, power is far from everything as strategy and proper team-building can get even the less favorable units far.

If you have just jumped into Infinite Magicraid’s world and in need of help tuning up your starting team and breaking through all the initial challenges, then we got your back as our comprehensive beginner’s guide comes with useful tips, tricks and strategies you need to do just that!

1. Reroll For The Best Heroes

Strategy RPGs that host massive rosters generally involve luck and probabilities. This is known as the gacha mechanics commonly employed in games that lets players collect something and means that you will never know exactly which from among the potential items or units you can obtain will end up actually being acquired. While this common feature can make it difficult for some characters to be obtained, it likewise gives the procurement activity an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

Whenever there are gacha mechanics involved in strategy RPGs, most especially free attempts in the early part of the adventure, you can expect that players will seek out and attempt to work around the initial gacha pulls and go for a reroll. For the uninitiated, rerolling basically means going over your first or initial set of gacha rolls as many times as you need to obtain the best possible characters or at least ones that are well good enough to ensure an advantage especially in the starting to mid game challenges.

rerolling in infinite magicraid

Rerolling does not have solid guarantees as far as pulls go given probabilities attached to each unit based on their rarity. However, repetition naturally gives you an infinite number of attempts to work with those same probabilities, giving you unlimited chances to pull over and over and ultimately leading to yields that can be fairly better than the previous one.

If you are the type of player who prefer going through the adventure with whichever characters you recruit first and doesn’t mind the extra challenge, then you can skip this part. However, if you want an edge right from the get-go and start off with a powerful hero to build your team around with, then proceed to know how to reroll in Infinite Magicraid.

For starters, Infinite Magicraid does not let you sign in using a guest account and being able to use one makes rerolling a lot easier in other games. However, you can still reroll by creating multiple Google accounts with each new one being the account you switch to for every new attempt to reroll.

One you launch Infinite Magicraid, choose to use your first email account. Your first multiple recruit opportunity comes after clearing campaign chapter 1-10. It may seem like quite a run but only on the first instance when you need to take note of some tutorial scripts. There is an auto mode and battle speed multiplier available so latter reruns can go tremendously fast.

infinite magicraid battle

Once you clear chapter 1-10, you will be directed to go for a 10x Refined Wish. You can’t expect much from it as you only have a 1% chance to obtain an epic grade unit here. Once you have acquired the 10 units and finished crafting as instructed, you will be free to claim numerous other gifts and rewards to fund your next reroll. From clearing the campaign down to claiming all other rewards, be sure to pay attention to icons and banners with red marks as you can claim other rewards from them as well as downloading the rest of the game’s data.

Infinite Magicraid also provides helpful gift codes you can still claim at the time of this writing. Within your profile that can be accessed via your avatar at the upper left side of the screen, go to settings. Click on the “Redeem Code” button and type in “test111111”. After clicking “Confirm” enter the code “IM777”. With these 2 codes, you can claim plenty of freebies you can claim through the gift box icon at the left side of the screen. You can now proceed to perform Excellent Wishes more than 10 times and can even spend some gems to purchase more runes from the shop.

infinite magicraid redeem code

For the Excellent Wish, you have an 11.5% chance to obtain an Epic grade hero as well as a 0.7% chance to nab a Legendary one. While probabilities can already tell you how difficult it can be to grab a top grade unit, it is not an impossible feat, especially with rerolling involved. Although we have yet to come up with a full tier list for the game, we know that Hezonja, Katherine, Melia, Serena, and Xia are among the fan favorites. Note, however, that Infinite Magicraid has plenty of awesome epic grade heroes as well.

If you manage to grab one that you like, then you can proceed to link your game progress to your Facebook or Tiktok account. Otherwise, hit the “Switch Account” option under settings and choose to login with another Google account. It may certainly take more than several tries to score a Legendary unit but getting multiple Epic grade ones is not a bad catch as well.

2. Prioritize Campaign Quest Accomplishment

Infinite Magicraid provides a storyline that introduces you to some of the lore’s characters as well a background of their world. The initial tutorial session is a glimpse of it as the campaign story stretches through 11 more chapters each with 10 battle stages just like the first one. On top of clearing the battle stages, though, Campaign Quests require you to accomplish other feats outside the campaign, and you need to clear all the requirements before you can take on the next campaign chapter.

infinite magicraid nordak

While clicking on the World Map at the bottom left side of the screen takes you to the campaign stages for a quick look at your progress across the stages, tapping on the current Campaign Quest shown at the lower left side gives you a better view of all the related tasks associated with each chapter. Typically completing only the fifth and tenth campaign stage within each chapter are among the quest objectives, with the remaining 8 tasks spread out across different features and activities you should engage in as you journey.

infinite magicraid chapter 4

As far as the campaign stages go, there are first time rewards as well as random drops with every stage completion. You need to clear the present stage to unlock the next one within the same chapter. Performance is graded between 1 to 3 stars and while securing a perfect rating is important, it is best to move forward as fast as you can and just sweep the remaining stars you missed later. Its 1 star for beating the level, another one if all your characters survive, and a third one if you do it within 60 turns. As such, it only becomes easier to return at a later time to secure stars you missed.

infinite magicraid campaign stages

Campaign stages are your initial source of EXP for the heroes you take to battle as well as basic gears and EXP to level up your account. In this sense, every campaign battle you partake in contributes to your team’s growth. Stars you earn through the campaign can earn you additional rewards following certain milestones at the bottom of the world map. Stars earned are very much important as well since these determine the amount of idle rewards you can earn over time.

What you should typically go through from one campaign chapter to another is that you will need to complete all 10 stages within the chapter. This will clear 2 of the 10 objectives outlined in the Campaign Quest. Then, you can check the rest of the objectives and try to complete them.

In essence, the campaign quests serve as a basic guide towards progression as every new feature you unlock will have to be ventured as part of completing the objectives. You cannot unlock the next chapter of the campaign map prior to completing all current chapter quests.

infinite magicraid hard mode

It will most likely be apparent that completing all 12 campaign stages still forms part of the start of your adventure as doing so will unlock the Hard Mode, followed by Nightmare and Hell Campaign Stages. Expectedly, more difficult versions of the campaign provide you much better rewards commensurate to the level of challenge each set provides.

Each chapter quest objective you accomplish earns you outright rewards, further providing aid in strengthening your heroes. Additionally, completing the entire chapter also earns you extra rewards at the bottom of the page.

3. Assemble A Synergistic Team

Infinite Magicraid provides plenty of challenges for both beginners in the genre as well experienced and veteran strategy RPG enthusiasts. While the abundance of boss battles and unique challenges are the more evident means of testing your strategic skills, it actually starts from selecting the right members of your team along with how you build each one for them to complement one another.

The game ensures that there are vast ways players can build strong teams, especially considering the overabundance of characters you can seriously take into consideration. Beyond that, there are numerous considerations to take into account as well.

infinite magicraid character

One of the primary considerations to take is a character’s rarity grade. There are 5 rarity grades in Infinite Magicraid indicated by the character’s starting star grade: common (1-star), rare (2 stars), elite (3 stars), epic (4 stars), and legendary (5 stars). There are also Mythic Grade characters but these are special types that cannot be obtained through recruitment or conventional means.

A character’s rarity great certainly impacts his or her strength and potential and while you will naturally want to consider a full team of legendary heroes, other points of consideration will have you looking into epic grade units as well.

We do not recommend considering elite and lower grade units as the number of skills they have alone give them a huge disadvantage. You may consider them early on for lack of better team members but be cautious on not investing resources on them too much.

infinite magicraid elements

Another important point to consider is that a full team of epic or legendary grade characters does not necessarily lead to a strong team. In some cases, even top-notch units banded together will perform less admirably than even lower grade or tier units that have synchronicity.

For the best results, you have to consider each unit’s role, elemental affinity, and even their faction. It is understood that you will have very limited options early in your adventure but it helps to have a goal in mind and at the very least identify characters in your roster whom you will stick with in the long run.

There are 3 basic classes in Infinite Magicraid: Attackers, Defenders, and Support Units. On the hero page, which can be accessed through its icon at the bottom of the screen, the unit class, affinity, and faction can be seen at the upper right side of the hero’s details when you highlight them, beside their rarity grade. Attackers naturally specialize in dealing damage while defenders have tremendous survivability and tend to have skills that boost their allies’ defense and survivability.

Support units can have various skills like healing and cleansing, as well as casting other buffs on allies and debuffs on enemy units. As simple as all these sounds, there are numerous variances per character that have the same class, so be sure to read through what each one’s skills can do.

infinite magicraid mark system

The Mark system or elemental affinity mechanics in Infinite Magicraid very much works like a rock-paper-scissors supplement that applies to damage done and damage received applying to the 3 basic Marks. An advantageous one will have a 25% damage increase as well as 25% less damage taken from the disadvantageous mark. Red Mark beats Blue Mark, Blue Mark beats Green Mark, and Green Mark beats Red Mark. The Force Mark (yellow) have neither advantages nor disadvantages relative to all 3.

infinite magicraid mark counter rules

With this in mind, Having a team with a good mix of the 3 basic elements can be advantageous. Although some of the challenges in Infinite Magicraid may influence you to consider a full team of characters sporting one mark, you will have to primarily focus on a main team with a good mix of these elements. What you want to avoid is taking on enemies comprised largely or entirely of characters that put you at a disadvantage as far as elemental affinities go.

Considering both character classes and elemental affinities in building your ultimate team can already be a task that will require some thought and planning. Infinite Magicraid, however, throws in another important element to consider and this is the faction bond feature. Each unit you recruit belongs to 1 of 10 different factions in the game. In addition to the character screen, you can access the gallery through its icon at the bottom of the screen to see each faction and each one’s members.

infinite magicraid gallery

There are unique faction buffs that apply when 2 or more of its members are on your team. Although only its members are affected, these buffs definitely help the overall team performance. Naturally, having a full team of characters belonging to the same faction is ideal but very difficult to do, especially if most of its members you have recruited do not belong to the epic grade or higher rarity. A team composed of 3 members belonging to 1 faction and 2 more belonging to another is relatively easier to pull.

infinite magicraid team

4. Exercise Prudence In Enhancing Units

With a greater portion of Infinite Magicraid’s entire character roster representing the higher rarity grades that are naturally more difficult to obtain and given that recruiting cannot be expected to happen as often as anyone would want, you are bound to have a very limited selection of units to consider at the early part of adventure.

infinite magicraid legend

Likewise, expect a lot of team roster changes as more suitable characters become available. This coupled with the necessity to enhance your team members to cope with the increasing challenges that come your way lead to decision points as to how to manage your resources.

Levelling up is the easiest way of strengthening characters in Infinite Magicraid. Units you take to battle earn EXP but there are EXP potions you can use as well to instantly give your characters EXP. These potions will prove useful when you switch units for your team to enable new members to catch up to the older ones. Characters have a level cap based on their star grade with level 100 being the max for 5 star characters. This is far from the final cap though as you can also awaken characters 5 times and increase their level cap further.

infinite magicraid fight

Despite choosing to consume some EXP potions on characters you may later replace, this is actually the cheapest resource relative to enhancing characters. Every unit can be promoted to the next star grade through the craft method that you initially go through as part of the tutorial. For example, promoting a 1 star unit to 2 stars will require sacrificing 5 star units.

The same goes all the way to 5 stars. In this sense, even 1 to 3 star units you obtain from campaign stages as well as Refined Wishes will prove useful as they can be promoted to serve as feeds for your favorite characters. There are also Dragon Eggs you can substitute for units at every rank.

infinite magicraid hero crafting

Once a unit has reached 5 stars, or if they are legendary or mythic characters, you can Awaken them and stretch their level cap by 10 more. Awakening has 5 stages with the first one requiring 2 5-star units as sacrifices and an extra one for succeeding stages. Awakening does not just come with stat increase, it also unlocks artifacts as a new type of gear that unit can equip. Awakening also unlocks the Emblem feature, which provides even more opportunities for your hero to boost his or her stats.

infinite magicraid hero enhancement

Finally, heroes of epic grade and above have skills that can be enhanced. Each skill can be enhanced up to level 5 through the use of Skill Scrolls. Using a skill scroll will upgrade 1 skill at random and a higher grade skill scroll or 10 basic skill scrolls are needed to upgrade skills of legendary characters. This is perhaps one of the resources you should exercise a lot of prudence in managing as it is already difficult to max out the skill levels of even an epic grade hero.

infinite magicraid skill upgrade

While prudence can go a long way with regard to consuming resources to enhance your character, what we recommend is to still enhance each member of your team to cope or survive the present challenges you have. Once a better or more suitable unit joins your roster, you can always choose to do the replacement and maintain enhancement activities for the current members of the team.

Infinite Magicraid provides a way to reset characters and reclaim every resource invested through the Regression feature that you can access via its icon at the right side of the screen. Certain milestones reward you with it but purchasing one from the shop costs 1,000 diamonds. As such, only consider this option if resetting the character in question is well worth its cost in diamonds.

infinite magicraid hero regression

5. Choose The Right Gear Sets

Infinite Magicraid’s character and team creation and enhancement options do not end with what we have discussed so far as each unit can also equip 4 basic gear types and 3 artifacts. The greater focus early on is choosing the right gears for your characters as 2 pieces of gears belonging to the same set activate additional buffs. You can get gears belonging to the 12 basic sets from campaign stages and dungeon adventures as well as rewards from events but there are also 13 special sets that you can only obtain via the Forge.

infinite magicraid equipment

With each unit being able to equip 4 gears and activate 2 sets of buffs, you can choose to mix up different sets together. Some choices are more evident than others like utilizing an Attack Set for attackers and a Defense Set for defenders but you should consider reading through what each set does in relation to the skills the unit possesses. Two similar sets are not necessarily the best option for every unit as a good mix of 2 different but synergistic sets can work wonders.

In addition to being classified into sets, each piece of gear also has its star grade as well as rarity. S star grade determines the potency of the stats that come with the gear while its rarity determines how many of the sub stats are unlocked already. Gears can be enhanced by spending gold and every 4 enhancement levels achieved unlocks one of its sub stats or increases it in case it is already unlocked. Gears have a maximum level of 20 and you can expect each new enhancement to cost a lot more than the previous one.

equipment enhancement in infinite magicraid

Both star grade and rarity matters in considering gears. What we recommend, though, for starters, is to only consider investing in gears that are at least 4 stars and at the same time at least have an elite rarity. There are 5-star gears you can purchase from the Market that only costs gold and have a common rarity. These are decent gear options early on but will certainly be replaced sooner or later.

infinite magicraid currency store

There is very little chance for any 2 players in Infinite Magicraid to have the exact same team roster. Beyond that, similar teams can also work very differently based on their commander’s choice of gear sets. Even if it so happens that 2 players have the exact same team with the exact same gear sets, Infinite Magicraid further ensures that each team will still be unique as the sub stats that appear on each piece of gear are also random so you having multiple copies of the same gear belonging to the same grade and star level should still prompt you to look closely into each one.

Relative to gears, you can only hold a maximum of 1,000 gears in your inventory. As much as this number will be more than enough early on, you will quickly amass gears especially if you are an active adventurer. To ensure that you will never run out of available space, and to ensure you only have gears that are worth keeping, and to make it relatively easier for you to find what you need, we recommend selling unwanted gears regularly.

selling enhanced equipment in infinite magicraid

On the Equipment page, hit the “Sell” button, click the rarities and star grades you can afford to let go, tick the “Select All” option, and click “Sell”. You can get some gold off of selling and you can never have too much gold in Infinite Magicraid.

6. Add Friends And Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

We mentioned earlier that Completing Chapter Quests in Infinite Magicraid is not limited to merely progressing through the Chapter Stages. More of the requirements actually encourage you to explore and partake in various features and activities outside the campaign and adding friends as well as joining a guild forms part of these quests.

Of course, we are not recommending that you add as many friends as you can and join a guild immediately just to comply with the quest requirements. Rather, having both in-game friends as well as a guild to belong to can tremendously benefit you and help you earn more of the resources you need.

infinite magicraid friends

Even in the absence of quest requirements, you should definitely gather 30 active friends and apply to as many guilds as you can. With regard to friends, you can easily dismiss inactive ones later on and you can also transfer to a more active guild later.

You can access the friends menu through the small people icon at the left side of your screen. You can apply through the second tab and accept friend requests on the third. Once you have made friends, you can send and receive Rune Shards to one another once each day for a maximum of 30 Rune Shards from 30 friends. This same resource is used for the Refined Wish and while you can only largely net 1 to 3-star characters here, it is still a huge help when crafting feeds for your other characters.

infinite magicraid guild info

No strategy RPG is complete without a guild system and while most of the content in Infinite Magicraid are designed for single player gameplay, having a guild lets you enjoy more benefits resulting from communal support and effort. Guild activities currently only involve a Guild Boss and the Guild Arena. Partaking in both earns you Activeness Points, which in turn earns you various rewards.

infinite magicraid guild boss

You can opt to chat with fellow guild members and even peek into some info of every other member. Checking the team roster of your more experienced or more powerful guildmates can teach you a thing or two about how to build your team so do not shy away from grabbing as much as you can from all the current guild features.

infinite magicraid guild member

7. Venture Bravely Into The Dungeons

The huge adventure you go through in Infinite Magicraid’s main campaign world is only a small fraction of the challenges that await you in your seemingly endless journey. The Dungeon holds plenty of unique and at least equally immersive challenges that will either have you rethink your main team’s roster or even encourage you to form additional teams.

There are currently 8 different game modes to unlock and explore within the dungeons but unlocking each one can take time and effort based on your progression in the main campaign stages and chapters.

infinite magicraid world map

The Dungeon can easily be accessed through its icon opposite the World Map and each dungeon contained inside feels like a unique world within the world of Infinite Magicraid. The Space Temple is among the first game modes you will unlock in the dungeons and progressing through it forms part of the main quests. Each space temple is unique and you will only need to complete it once. There are puzzles to solve, enemies to beat, and 6 treasure chests to grab within each one. Chests contain great rewards and should definitely be sought after as soon as possible.

infinite magicraid volcano expedition

The Dwarven Ruins runs a progressive stage battle where completing the first one unlocks the next. First time completions unlock extra gold rewards but every finish earns you gears. Gears of all star levels and qualities can be obtained here with higher star levels appearing more often as you progress through the stages.

There are 6 different types of ruins to unlock with the first 3 dedicated to the 12 gear sets and the latter 3 being sources of the artifacts you can equip to your awakened heroes. Unlike most conventional strategy RPGs, there are no limited attempts in the Dwarven Ruins. You can always venture in so long as you have enough stamina to do so.

infinite magicraid wave

The Brave Trial is a unique game mode where you follow a trail of battles in a trial and progress to a new one after its completion. Each trial sports a unique condition that work in favor of enemy teams but progressing and earning lucky clovers can balance out the conditions with blessings you can purchase for your team.

HP is saved for your team each battle and you can also spend lucky clovers for heals and revivals. This is one of those game modes where healing and drain will be very important to have on your team. Milestones through battles within each trial earn you treasure chests and the rank you earn within the period can also earn you extra rewards.

the brave trial in infinite magicraid

8. Remember To Dispatch And Claim Idle Rewards

Infinite Magicraid may be an adventure where activity and long hours of dedication can pay off more but it certainly has its share of opportunities for players to earn extra resources without the need for active playing. One of these features is the idle income you generate over time, which can easily be claimed through the chest icon at the right side of the screen.

Rewards are earned every 30 seconds with amounts dependent on your level. Levels increase based on stars you earn through the campaign stages, making progression early on very important. Coins, Adventurer EXP, and heroes can be earned through idle rewards and even epic heroes can be earned once you hit level 12.

infinite magicraid auto-drop rewards

The Dispatch feature can be accessed through the ship at the Southeast side of the island. Although it very much works just like the Auto-Drop rewards, you will have to deploy heroes on dispatch quests and claim rewards after they have completed their task. Each dispatch task requires specific heroes and more quests completed earns you EXP to level up the Dispatch feature.

Higher level tasks will require more heroes or even higher grade ones but rewards will be comparatively better as well. Note that all dispatched heroes can still be used for battles and other adventures. What to plan ahead for here is keeping enough heroes in your roster to tend to multiple Dispatch Quests simultaneously.

dispatch feature in infinite magicraid

9. Spend Excess Stamina To Farm Resources

Infinite Magicraid starts you off with an overabundance of stamina that will be, in itself, a challenge to completely empty out. Additionally, reaching a new adventurer level earns you extra stamina as well as increases your stamina cap. In all honesty and despite having numerous game modes require stamina for participation, you will hardly see the need for extra stamina especially in the early parts of your adventure. To add further, plenty of activity and event rewards also give you extra stamina.

Although it is fairly quick and easy to replay campaign stages and Dwarven Ruin levels that you have already beaten to acquire more of the gears and other resources you need, all thanks to auto mode and the 4x battle speed option, Infinite Magicraid further makes farming and grinding extra convenient with its Multi-battle stamina. This is the energy symbol that is just like the regular stamina but is colored purple. You can use this to initiate repeat instances of auto battles on your stage of choice.

multi-battle in infinite magicraid

For example, you have beaten Stage 11 of the Efreet in Dwarven Ruins and am hoping to nab more 4 to 5-star ATK and Tenacity Set Gears. After clicking on the “Battle” button the first time, you can choose to click on Multi-battle next. Before the final confirmation, you can tick off some options and even auto-sell some equipment with specific star grade or quality. You can choose the number of repetitions, which should be within the available Multi-battle Stamina you have and you are good to go. Note that going offline or closing the app will still continue progression in Multi-battle.

10. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

Actively progressing Campaign Quests and logging in as often as needed to claim idle rewards can tremendously help your progression in Infinite Magicraid. There are more than enough instant resources to earn, practically ensuring that your characters will always have something to look forward to as much as becoming stronger is concerned. Beyond all the resources you can earn considering everything we have discussed so far, however, Infinite Magicraid provides even more rewards that do not necessarily entail additional work or effort.

infinite magicraid daily quests

At the bottom of the screen, the Quest button leads you to various other quests that you can accomplish for extra resources. The Daily Quest targets are the easiest to complete and you will probably clear every objective without even strictly knowing each one. Objectives you clear earn you activity points that unlock chest rewards at the bottom of the page. Advanced quest are like a set of milestones met across every aspect of your adventure and just like the Daily Quests, earns you points to unlock rewards.

Collection Quests relate to the roster of heroes you have recruited and so long as you keep recruiting, you will eventually clear every target. Likewise, be sure to check the Gallery that we mentioned earlier as the feature also earns you rewards based on the heroes you have collected. Adventure Quests deal with your progress through the campaign stages, dungeons, and the arena. Accumulation Quests finally include other milestones like guild activity, wishes made, dispatch, and even gear milestones.

infinite magicraid milestone list

Although we talked about milestones under quests much like achievements in other strategy games, there is a Milestone structure in your island. This takes you to see milestones made within the server and every player can earn rewards as a result of everyone’s accomplishments.

11. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Considering the plethora of features and content that Infinite Magicraid currently has, it should be no surprise that it has plenty of special events running to ensure that the most dedicated players will not thirst for more adventures at the end of the day. Numerous special event banners and icons will be visible on your screen and while some are designed to boost the progression of newer players, others cycle from time to time to keep every player actively engaged.

infinite magicraid events

The Events Banner at the upper right side of your screen serves as your one-stop access, not just to all events in progress but to all upcoming event schedules as well. Like any special event you may have encountered in your previous adventures, you can expect special events in Infinite Magicraid to also be available only for a limited period of time.

A lot of these events’ objectives and goals coincide with the usual objectives and targets set for the campaign quests as well as the other regular quests. While you can easily accomplish some of the targets simultaneously with regular quests, it is always best to peek into each one’s rules and targets and push to get the most out of each one. Expectedly, some rewards for time-limited events will be difficult or impossible to obtain for free anywhere else.

events in progress in infinite magicraid

And this is where we wrap up our Infinite Magicraid beginner’s guide. That certainly was a long and information-heavy discussion, but we hope that some, if not all, the simple tips and strategies we shared will help lead to your rapid progression through your lengthy adventure. If you happen to have started earlier in diving than we did, or perhaps have stumbled upon some cool tricks or strategies of your own, we would happily want to hear anything you would like to add to the list so do not hesitate to share them away down below!