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Brawlhalla Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win More Matches

Brawlhalla is a multi-platform fighting game that supports cross-play across iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, for a community that will always be up for a match.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play game with a wide variety of modes and frequent updates that will keep you coming back for more. There are also no pay-to-win advantages or premium content that will affect gameplay, so all players are always on equal ground. The game has just got released on iOS and Android platforms.

The developer of Brawlhalla is Ubisoft, the studio behind franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and Prince of Persia. In the mobile gaming space, Ubisoft has released gems such as Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos, South Park: Phone Destroyer and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot to name a few.

brawlhalla legends

With a growing roster of more than 50 Legends and counting, an ever-evolving metagame, and modes that will cater to players on any level on the competitive scale, Brawlhalla offers a unique fighting game experience that can now be played on the go with its launch on mobile devices.

If you are looking for ways to win more matches, then be sure to stay with us and read our Brawlhalla beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Know The Mechanics

The mechanics of Brawlhalla are similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., with fighters trying to score points by knocking their enemies off the stage. There are no health points in the game, but players who have been dealt more damage by their enemies’ attacks are knocked back farther, which makes it harder for them to get back on the stage.

brawlhalla color bars

Bars with different colors accompany the icons of each player at the top of the screen. These bars represent the amount of damage that the Legend has received. White means no damage, then changing into yellow, orange, and red as the damage piles up.

The characters of Brawlhalla, referred to as Legends, will each be able to wield two types of weapons. However, at the start of the match, players will have no weapons equipped, as you will have to pick them up as they appear. The type of weapon that players pick up alternate between the two types of their Legend.

There are two types of attacks in Brawlhalla – Light Attacks and Heavy Attacks. You can press the side or down buttons while pressing either attack button to access other moves. In addition, more moves can be pulled off by using Light Attacks while in the air. Meanwhile, using a Heavy Attack while in the air triggers a Recovery move to try to get back on the stage, while pressing down and the Heavy Attack button unleashes an attack that targets enemies below you.

brawlhalla throw

Other on-screen buttons during a match include the Throw button, for when you pick up throwable items such as bombs or when you want to drop your current weapon to pick up the next type, and the Dodge button, to protect yourself from incoming attacks.

2. Try All The Modes

Brawlhalla comes with different game modes that offer different experiences and competitiveness levels, as well as introduce players to the universe and characters created for the fighting game. Here is a quick rundown of the modes so that you would know what to expect before jumping in.

Online Play

brawlhalla online play

Online Play is for casual matches in Brawlhalla, offering Free-for-All, Strikeout 1v1, Friendly 2v2, and Experimental 1v1 modes.

Free-for-All is the standard match of Brawlhalla, where four players aim to score the most points within a time limit. Players get 2 points for knocking out an opponent, lose 1 point for getting knocked out, and lose 3 points for falling off the stage on your own. In Strikeout 1v1, you choose three Legends, and the goal is to knock out your opponent three times first, with characters changing after each knockout. In Friendly 2v2, players will team up with a friend or a random player against a pair of opponents, each with three lives. Lastly, in Experimental 1v1, players can try out features that are being tested before they are added to the main modes.


brawlhalla ranked mode

There are three options for Ranked battles in Brawlhalla, namely Ranked 1v1, Ranked 2v2, and Join Ranked. The goal in each Ranked battle is to knock out your opponents three times, but with Join Ranked, you can specify the player who you will be going up against.

Winning and losing Ranked matches affects your overall ELO rating, as well as the ELO rating for the Legend that you used in the fight. At the end of each season, players will get rewards that include Avatars, which can be shown off next to your name on podiums, and Glory, which is an in-game currency for purchasing premium cosmetics.

Battle Pass

brawlhalla battle pass

The Battle Pass option on the main menu reveals your progress in the current season of the Battle Pass. Players can acquire various rewards as they accumulate Battle Gems from playing the game and completing missions, though you can access even more rewards if you spend $10 to unlock the Gold track.

Players can earn Battle Gems from Daily, Weekly, and Battle Point missions. If you don’t like your Daily mission, you can re-roll it once per day.

Custom Game Room

brawlhalla custom game room

Custom Game Room, which offers the Create Room, Join Room, and Browse Room options, allows players to create or join matches with special rules. Matches here are mostly for fun, for interesting battles with your friends or random players.

Brawl Of The Week

brawlhalla brawl of the week

The title of the Brawl of the Week on the main menu will change depending on the brawl that Brawlhalla players will be able to join. Unlike custom matches that change the match rules, brawls introduce an entirely new mechanic.

For example, in Water Bomb Bash, players can pick up and throw water balloons that deal a significant amount of damage to opponents. In Bubble Tag, teams of three look to encase their opponents in bubbles, while also popping the bubbles that have enveloped their allies.

Offline Play

brawlhalla offline play

Brawlhalla beginners are recommended to begin with the Tutorials and Training options under Offline Play to learn about the game’s mechanics and to get a feel of the controls. This is to make sure that you don’t get into your first match without understanding what is going on around you.

Offline Play also offers the Couch Party option, for creating private game rooms that your friends on the same Wi-Fi connection can join, and the Tournament option, where you can test your skills against CPU opponents in 1v1 matches.

Meet The Legends

brawlhalla meet the legends

In Meet the Legends, you can access the level, stats, weapons, and available skins for all the characters in Brawlhalla, as well as the lore behind them. You will also be able to check your history with the Legend, including how much you’ve played as that character, the damage that you’ve dealt for both of their weapons, and their ELO rating for the current season.


brawlhalla store

The Store option takes you to Brawlhalla’s in-game shop, known as Mallhalla. This is where you can spend all the Gold, Mammoth Coins, and Glory that you accumulate from playing the game, on items such as Legend skins, KO effects, podiums, and emotes.

The items offered in the Store are purely cosmetic and will affect not your gameplay in any way, so you won’t have to worry that other players can become unbeatable by spending loads of real-world money. However, while spending on Store items is not a requirement to do well in Brawlhalla, dressing up your favorite Legend with skins and other cosmetics will help them stand out during matches and show how serious you are with the character.

3. Get To Know The Legends

Brawlhalla, similar to games such as League of Legends, offers a rotation of eight free characters that change per week. Players, however, may choose to spend Gold and Mammoth Coins to permanently unlock a character.

brawlhalla free legends

Each Legend is capable of wielding two kinds of weapons from a list that includes Axe, Blasters, Bow, Cannon, Gauntlets, Hammer, Katars, Orb, Rocket Lance, Scythe, Spear, and Sword. Each weapon has certain strengths and weaknesses, with different abilities and combos in addition to each character’s signature attacks. Through Offline Play’s Training mode, you can try out every single Legend in Brawlhalla, even those who are not part of the free rotation, to find the character and/or the weapons that suit your playstyle.

Each Legend comes with six signature attacks, specifically the three Heavy Attacks for their two weapons. Meanwhile, the Light Attacks are the same between Legends that share weapon types. Your preference of Heavy Attacks will be an important factor in the next step.

Also playing an important role are the four stats of each Legend, which range from 1 to 10. Strength affects the amount of damage that Legends deal and how far they can knock opponents off the stage, Dexterity affects the recovery time after finishing an attack, Defense affects the amount of damage that Legends takes from attacks, and Speed affects how quick a Legend moves when jumping and running around the battlefield.

After trying out all the Legends, you should pick out two to three Legends who will be your main fighters. You really only need one, but a few more options would not hurt for variety. Once you have chosen, the goal is to unlock the Legends so you won’t have to wait until they are available in the free rotation to get to play them.

There is an option to unlock the Legends of Brawlhalla for a one-time payment of $20. However, that will also unlock characters that you may have no plans of using. Instead, grinding for Gold to unlock the Legends that you want to focus on may prove to be a more practical option, especially as the grind will also help you practice to get better in the game.

4. Brawlhalla Battle Tips

While there are multiple match types in Brawlhalla, there are some tips that you can follow across all of them so that you will become a better player, and eventually start racking up the first-place finishes.

brawlhalla battle tips

The first tip starts even before the fight starts. After choosing your Legend, you will see options such as changing the skin, color, and stance of your character. If you chose a Legend that’s part of the free rotation, it is recommended that you choose a color scheme that is not the default one. This is because there is a chance that another player in the match will choose the same Legend, and if you both go with the default color scheme, it may be too confusing to keep track of which of the duplicate Legends you are controlling.

Once the match starts, the first thing you should do is to acquire a weapon, represented by the swords that fall from the sky. While it is very much possible to deal significant damage while unarmed, it will be a lot easier to fight and survive while wielding a weapon.

As the match progresses, always try to stay in the middle of platforms, away from the edges. While this is impossible to do for the whole match as you will need to move around to both deal and avoid damage, it is generally ideal to avoid the edges to prevent yourself from being thrown out repeatedly, in addition to avoiding accidentally falling off.

brawlhalla diagonal wall

Most of the maps of Brawlhalla, however, change over the course of a match, which means that you need to be constantly aware of your environment. There are certain areas that open up that become prime spots for knocking out opponents, such as diagonal walls that opponents can bounce off and straight down, and high edges at far corners that are more difficult to reach when recovering.

It is tempting to keep using your Legends’ Heavy Attacks, as they deal more damage, but you should be switching them up with the quicker Light Attacks so that you will not become predictable. You may also discover combos that combine Light Attacks and Heavy Attacks. You should also learn to use the Dodge button, as it is a very crucial tool for avoiding the piling up of damage on your Legend that is often overlooked by players.

5. Master The Jumps, Recovery Moves To Avoid KOs

Another important battle tip for Brawlhalla is mastering recovery, which will allow you to get back on the stage even after being thrown off the platform. You may get knocked out instantly if you have received too much damage, but if you have the opportunity to do so, you should always fight to get back to the stage.

Once you find yourself thrown off the stage, you can use a combination of Jumps and Recovery moves, which is a Heavy Attack while in the air, to get back on the level and avoid getting knocked out. You can use Jumps and Recovery moves for a combined total of four times, e.g. three Jumps and one Recovery move, or one Jump and three Recovery moves.

brawlhalla practice

To get the most mileage out of your Jumps and Recovery moves, make sure to press the buttons while at the peak of the previous Jump or Recovery move. By timing the next command with the maximum height of the last one, you will be able to move up or forward across the most distance possible.

You can practice all you want in Offline Play’s Training mode, so you can see how far out from the edge is within reach of a series of Jumps and Recovery moves. You can also study some of the trickier maps so that you will know the locations where you will be relatively safer from knockouts.

The most important thing to keep in mind when your Legend has been thrown off the stage is to not panic. Rapidly tapping the Jump and Recovery buttons will only diminish your chance of being able to get back on solid ground. Keep your eye on your character and time your button presses properly so that you will be able to get back at the opponent who dared to try to knock you out.

6. Keep On Playing

Brawlhalla’s mechanics and controls are very simple on the surface, but it takes a fair amount of playing time before you will be able to appreciate everything that the game offers.

Continuous playing, first and foremost, will allow you to progress your Battle Pass by completing Daily, Weekly, and Battle Point missions. While the Battle Pass rewards are cosmetics, the experience that you gain from playing matches and completing these missions will help you figure out the ins and outs of your chosen Legends, as well as learn how to fight against other characters.

how to level up fast in brawlhalla

Accumulating experience points for your favorite Legends will unlock additional color schemes. However, more importantly, leveling up Legends will open up Stances, which make slight adjustments to your character’s stats. This will further make the Legend fit your playstyle, in addition to their weapons and moves.

If you pour in the time and effort in playing the game and learning your Legends’ moves, you will soon find yourself mastering the art of knocking out opponents in Brawlhalla, on your way to becoming a feared name on the battlefield.

And this ends our beginner’s guide for Ubisoft’s game, Brawlhalla. If you happen to know any other tips or tricks for the game, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below!