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The Grand Mafia Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Own the Top Mob across the City

The Grand Mafia is YottaGames’ new strategy title, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. If you have played a lot of base-building strategy games before, then chances are that you have not yet delved into one that is centered around a “Mafia” theme. The Grand Mafia further makes itself unique by incorporating a storyline within which the initial progression of your mob and territory’s growth revolves in. There are plenty of content to ensure countless hours of active and idle progression.

The graphics are pretty decent as well and the interface is very welcoming to even total beginners in the genre. If mobs, hits, and gangster-related skirmishes and activities are your thing, or if you revel in any type of base-building strategy game, then jump in on The Grand Mafia and find out just how ridiculously addictive it can be.

The Grand Mafia sets you on a role as a member of a top-class mob that lost its luster as its Godfather, along with most members of its family, has been wiped out by opposing gangsters. More so, you have been set up to pay for those crimes and have just been out of prison to exact revenge. As you continue to rebuild your fallen family, you will seek to take back control of the city and recruit former associates to join your call.

the grand mafia strategies

The city is littered with danger in every corner and you must align yourself with other mob bosses in a faction to bolster the growth of your influence. It is a steep and trying path back to the top of the mob ladder but with unfailing effort along with the right people and alliances by your side, it is a feat that you can certainly accomplish.

There are certainly a lot of game mechanics and features in The Grand Mafia that can seem a bit overwhelming for beginners and experienced players alike. Given that what most strategy game aficionados maybe used to are either strategy games on modern warfare or themes revolving around empires and gladiators, the concept of one that is closer to reality can bring about a lack of familiarity. The Grand Mafia, however, works much like any base-builder strategy game. The existence of quests or missions as well as the concept of multitasking has been well-injected into the game.

Considering the simple interface and newbie-friendly one-tap controls, even a total beginner will easily get used to the basic aspects of the game to explore and engage in. If you are looking to grow your family and dominate the city, the check out our comprehensive beginner’s guide for The Grand Mafia below!

1. Follow The Story Chapter Progressions

The Grand Mafia certainly holds an intriguing and mildly immersive story line. Beyond getting to know the gist of what has transpired to motivate the protagonist to take on the mantle of the godfather, and consequently engage in various criminal activities, progressing through the quests associated with each of the game’s chapter has its own set of perks and rewards that can tremendously boost your career progression.

the grand mafia story chapter

Both account level and experience stand as a very important aspect of any base-building strategy game. Often, your account level serves as the main key in unlocking the rest of the game’s features. Although there are plenty of ways to earn EXP and raise your account level in The Grand Mafia, the completion of each objective within the story chapters are your main source.

As The Grand Mafia is loaded with a plethora of activities for you to engage in, following the main quest actually serves as your guide towards making progress in every aspect of the game. There may be restrictions in construction and upgrades as well as in some activities but often, you will find yourself able to have a variety of choices as far as prioritization of efforts go.

Looking into each chapter objective, by tapping on the quest line at the lower left side of the screen, you can choose which from among the list can be accomplished more easily so be sure to prioritize those. Some can also be engaged in consecutively while others are dependent on some objectives within the same list.

Do note that some objectives in the story chapters take time to complete. Being situated in such scenarios will be your cue to take on other missions or activities. There are a lot of quick actions you can take along with quests that you are pursuing and for starters, claiming production items and free supplies within your territory are part of the regular tasks you should be doing.

2. Maximize Efficiency By Always Multitasking

Just like any other base-building strategy game, one of the core aspects of The Grand Mafia is that you are settled on a huge world where there are other mob bosses who started ahead of you in amassing power and resources. While this predicament may seem like a disadvantage for some, all is made fair thanks to the “Truce” shield that protects you from attacks from other players in conjunction with the much quicker inflow of rewards and bonuses at the early part of your journey.

It is very much possible to overtake a lot of players in terms of power and progression as there are hardly any delimiting factors to keep you from engaging in as many activities as you want. For the most part, it is all about efficiency and your ability to multitask.

how to multitask in the grand mafia 

The Grand Mafia holds a wide variety of mechanics that serve as measures and monitors of your productivity ranging from constructions, building upgrades, training, and investments, which is the counterpart of research in conventional strategy games. The idea is to ensure that each of these processes are busy before you engage in the rest of the other activities that require your attention.

Note that there are countdown timer bars allotted for each of these processes at the upper left corner of your screen and that idle ones are signified by an icon below it. Before you click on the icon to assign a task to any process, be sure to countercheck if there are more immediate undertakings to consider relative to the plot tasks at hand.

Construction is the most important process that should be utilized to the fullest. As you start your climb back to the top of the mob list, you will have an option to try out an extra construction queue for free, which potentially can double the speed of your construction and building upgrades for 24 hours. Once you choose to activate it, be sure to make the most out of its limited time use since there will be no other free chances to have another extra construction queue again.

For the best results, prioritize construction and upgrades that coincide with the requirements of the plot tasks. Otherwise, assign one construction queue for an upgrade that takes long to complete and the other one for quick upgrades.

Investments can be made via the investment center and there are numerous ways to go about investing. In some cases, the ones to prioritize should still be aligned to the requirements set in the quest objectives but for the most part, you are free to invest as you wish. There are initially 4 categories to choose from, each with its own set of items to consider. As your investment center increases its level, more categories can be unlocked.

Be sure to take note of prerequisites on some items you can invest in. Read through each of the investment option’s description and backtrack the path you must consider to unlock the option you need. Other than requirements listed in the story quests, one of the priorities here is the hoodlums investment to unlock higher level associates in training.

As far as training associates is concerned, there are some milestones to reach relative to the completion of quest objectives. As long as you are continuously training people, you should be good. For starters, it is best to balance out associates by type and once you determine what types you need based on the perks and buffs granted by your enforcers, train more of the types that give you an advantage.

At some point in your progress, you will unlock additional quests to complete in addition to daily ones and the ones associated with the campaign. Both the Family Tasks, and Faction Tasks will have countdown timer bars along with the main production processes as well.

3. Join A Faction As Soon As You Can

Towards the end of the tutorial session, The Grand Mafia makes it easy enough for you to join a faction. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of factions, it is basically the same with guilds, alliances, clans or any similarly-named player groups that work together towards a common goal. As a staple feature for any MMO game, regardless of genre, this is one aspect of the game that should be well taken advantage of.

While you can always opt to play solo in any MMO, the chances of survival are bleaker in strategy games if you do not align yourself with any faction. As such, you should choose to join a faction as soon as you are able to in The Grand Mafia.

the grand mafia faction

Reasons for aligning yourself with a faction are not just a necessity for your survival. There are numerous perks to receive as a member of any faction, regardless of how much effort you actually put in. There are more benefits for everyone, however, the more active you are. As an end result, it is best for each and every faction member if each member is working as hard as they can for individual and mutual goals.

One of the biggest perks you can continuously receive by being a member of an alliance is the construction and investment assist. As building construction and upgrade takes a lot longer to complete the higher the structure’s level grows, each fellow faction ally can send you aid and reduce the completion time by a minute.

The same applies to investment ventures. While you can quickly see all faction-related activities and features via the “Faction” button at the bottom of your screen, a separate icon pops up at the lower right side of the screen to indicate that a fellow faction member needs assistance. A simple click on it will suffice to provide aid to everyone in need. Likewise, you will be able to tap on a similar button to ask help from every ally from the faction as well as soon as you start constructing or upgrading a building, or invest in any aspect of your mob.

When any faction member purchases a gift or defeats a kingpin on the map, gifts become available for every other faction member. Whenever a faction member claims the gift, the gift gauge meter and another gift becomes available for everyone once it maxes out.

It is important to stay active within your faction and also make donations to various faction researches being conducted. Research effects make each faction member stronger so consistent donations from every member is a must for the entire faction to prosper. While these may cost you resources, note that every bit of help and support you provide to your faction earns you faction favor points that you can exchange at the shop for various items.

There are a lot of faction-based battles you should also partake in so be sure to keep an eye out for raid invites that provide you rare rewards. You can also initiate similar quests using an item but before you do, be sure that there are numerous faction members online and available to provide you support.

One great feature in The Grand Mafia is the near-instant teleportation you can do to once you join a faction. As this is a must for all base-building strategy games, being a part of any faction makes it important for you to relocate close to your allies. That way, it becomes easier to organize and launch a joint assault against surrounding NPCs or other players as well as provide a good defensive strategy for each and every member.

4. Explore The Surrounding Areas

The progression and development you engage in within your territory is constant preparation for what goes beyond it. Early on, there will be plenty of story quest objectives that will require you to venture out into the world but, beyond that, exploring around on your own will serve its own purpose. There are NPCs and various areas that can earn you a lot of valuable resources. On top of that, checking the opposition, or the status of other players around your territory, is an important aspect of the game as well.

To start off, the search feature at the lower left side of the map can help you search for street bruisers, detectives, and merciless riders. The street bruisers stand as the easiest targets from the bunch and you will have a maximum of 10 attempts each day to eliminate as many as you can. Once you have expended an attempt, you can earn an extra one in 2 hours and defeating one level unlocks the next one. Note that once you can target and defeat a higher level group of street bruisers, you should do so as the rewards they offer are much better.

The detectives and merciless riders stand as kingpins that require energy to take on. Both these NPCs offer great rewards but you also need to research on the “kingpin” node for you to be able to challenge higher level targets. There is a huge disparity between the strength level of cabrons and kingpins. Cabrons can be eliminated with a single attack, while hunting kingpins require several attacks to take down.

the grand mafia surrounding area

For these types of enemies, launching consecutive attacks on a single target is important as subsequent attacks will earn you a damage boost. Given that energy is limited and that each of these NPCs are only available for a limited period of time, it is difficult to eliminate even the first level targets.

Although resources will be plentiful when you start off, the costs of development and maintenance of your mansion and territory will soon make in-house production insufficient. To ensure that you will always have more than enough resources to go around, it is necessary right from the start of your journey to constantly farm for additional resources.

On top of your turf as well as turfs of other players on the map, various other structures can be located. These are mostly resource spots that can earn you one of the five resources you constantly need to stock up on. You can rob banks for extra cash, armories for arms, depots for cargos, metalworks for metals, and jewelers for diamonds. These structures also come with different levels that basically reflect how much resources they have.

Note that while your city may still have protection for the first 2 days of playing or so, your associates outside of it, especially those camped at resource spots can still be attacked by other players. In any case, you can always command them to return to your turf whenever danger arises or when you have filled your need for the resource and would want to have your associates pursue a different objective.

Although you will have temporary protection from skirmishes and turf wars, along with an early relocation to your faction allies, it is best to have a good idea of the general category of surrounding player turfs. To make it easy, you basically categorize them into two groups: predators and prey. Those whose turf levels are much higher than yours potentially impose danger to you once the peace shield drops.

On the other hand, players who have low-level turfs, especially those who may have already abandoned it are your targets once you are ready to drop your protective shields. It is best to wait for the right moment to launch an attack against anyone but, just the same, careful analysis of the surrounding geography will always do you good.

5. Keep Your Enforcers Upgraded

One of the top fun factors in any strategy game centers around the generals or troop leaders you can collect and upgrade to lead your armies into combat. Although there are no gacha mechanics in The Grand Mafia relative to the acquisition of enforcers, obtaining them through accomplishments and rewards involve some luck. There are currently 21 enforcers in the game to unlock and upgrade and each one has his or her own unique set of skills to help your associates and your turf prosper. As such, it is only fitting for you to empower them as much as you can to ensure that they claim victory in any endeavor to assign them to.

To start off, each enforcer boosts the performance of 1 of the 4 types of associates you train in your turf to do your biddings. On top of boosting the number of associates the enforcer can bring with him or her in battle, enforcers also exhibit passive abilities that can boost his associates’ stats in combat. While some of these buffs apply to all associates, most only impact the specific type of associate the enforcer specializes in.

how to upgrade enforcers in the grand mafia

As a strategy, you should later on bank on armies where an enforcer leads the type of associates that benefit from his or her buffs. Initially, though, it cannot be helped to form squads that comprise of mixed types of associates as you continue to train more and raise their numbers.

The most basic way of empowering an enforcer is through levelling up. Enforcers engaged in battle, whether through the campaign or kingpin hunts, earn experience points. Levelling enforcers up is actually easy and you will also obtain a lot of EXP items to further boost their growth. As you will continue to unlock more and more enforcers, though, it is best to save these consumable items for when a new enforcer needs to catch up in terms of level.

Each enforcer can be equipped with 6 different types of gears as well. This will vary from one enforcer to the next and in most cases, you will have to set a prioritization of sorts in terms of which enforcer gets the item first. Enforcers with a full set of gears can be ranked up and for each rank up, the number of associates he or she can bring along tremendously increases.

There will be a near-endless clamor for more shards of the enforcers you have unlocked as you will need these shards to upgrade the enforcer. Every upgrade unlocks a new set of passive and active skills. You can obtain more shards from progressing through the campaign mode and there are also some unique battles and in-game events that reward you with extra shards.

6. Progress Through The Campaign

Given the number of activities you can engage in as you manage and develop your turf and associates in The Grand Mafia, it can be easy to overlook the campaign mode. Just right in front of the Oakvale signage within your turf, you will see a monument that is unlike any of the other structures around it. If you tap on it, you will be taken to the game’s campaign mode, which is a unique feature not commonly found in other base-building strategy RPGs.

the grand mafia campaign progression

Progression in the campaign mode basically revolves around your overall influence, or power dependent on the level and strength of enforcers, the number of associates you have, and the active buffs and boosts provided by different structures and investments. You can instantly clear a stage within the campaign once you meet the minimum required influence to do so. What most beginners might not know is that you can actually challenge the next stage even if you fall short of the required, or rather recommended, influence level and still manage to bag a win and progress through to the next stage.

You need to consume stamina whenever you challenge a stage within the campaign and it also replenishes over time. If the disparity between the recommended influence level and your current one is not that huge, then feel free to challenge the stage. There are various rewards to obtain from each battle and once you clear a chapter, its Elite Mode will be unlocked, offering a more challenging version of the stages you have completed and leaving you a chance to earn different enforcer shards.

For the best results, plan well ahead of time with regard to which enforcers you want to unlock or upgrade first. There are limited number of attempts daily per stage so you may want to consider prioritizing as far as farming for specific enforcer shards are concerned.

7. Accomplish As Many Tasks As You Can

Following the story quest, along with the continuous production and development of your turf and the regular ventures outside of it can be a grueling routine. Still, though, waiting times leave a lot of extra time for you to engage in a variety of other activities to engage in to further boost your rise to power. This is where the task feature of The Grand Mafia comes in. While some of these tasks relate to your overall progression across various aspects of the game, some are additional routine feats you can take on side by side with the others.

Family Tasks and Faction Tasks work the same and all you need to do for each list is to start the quest and wait for it to complete to pursue another one. Keep in mind that both lists refresh once every 6 hours, which means that you can complete several sets of each type within the day for more rewards. Note that there will be a progress monitor for both on the production monitoring queues you have at the upper left side of the main screen, along with progression on building construction and upgrades, associate trainings, investments, and rallies.

the grand mafia tasks

Daily Tasks are mostly made up of small objectives that are easily accomplishable and relate to the usual activities you engage in on a daily basis. Unlike in most other games, though, The Grand Mafia offers a very long list of daily tasks to accomplish with some even unlocking similar, yet more challenging to complete, feats once the current ones are satisfied.

For the best results, you should make it aa habit to look into the list of accomplishable objectives as you may overlook certain activities that are otherwise easy to complete. Be sure to let it serve as a guide for you as you try to finish each task. Note that on top of the rewards you can earn from completing each task on the list, more can be claimed via the gift boxes on the top of the page based on your overall activities.

The Turf Tasks are the counterparts of achievements in most other games and essentially reflect milestones reached across all aspects of the game. Compared to daily tasks, some of these tasks may take a while to complete but the one-time rewards you can obtain from each accomplishment will tremendously help your cause. As such, you should also browse through each accomplishable feat and try to focus on the ones nearing completion.

8. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

There are plenty of rewards you can earn from practically every action you perform in The Grand Mafia. Other quests and accomplishments also earn you tons of extra rewards but beyond all that, more can still be earned through the in-game events. The Grand Mafia holds various events consecutively, which you can access via the shifting icons at the upper right side of the screen. While some events may be designed for paying players, free players can actually benefit from a lot of these events.

how to earn more rewards in the grand mafia

From simple login rewards to bonuses that can be obtained following your progression, the time-limited events offer rewards that are typically even better than the usual ones you obtain from quests. In essence, the rate of progression you need to align with considering events are typically more challenging than the usual objectives.

However, given the limited period within which you must accomplish those certainly make the hard work worth the rewards to claim. Be sure to check each of the event icons regardless of whether there are indicators on it or not. There are surely objectives you can accomplish within the period of time provided.

9. Always Check Your Mail And Inventory

With the various resources and items to gain from activities you engage in, as well as the rewards to claim from tasks and events, the task of checking on your growing supplies can often be overwhelming. As most actions are also logged on your mail, it can happen that your unread mail will reach proportions that make it hard to check on each and every one of them.

the grand mafia inventory

For the in-game mail, which you can access via the mail icon at the lower right side of the screen, pay close attention to the “events” section. These messages almost always contain rewards you have earned from the completion of certain feats laid out in the event objectives. As you open each one, be sure to click on the “claim” button at the end of the message.

Not all rewards directly convert into readily-usable resources or items as well as some come in packages or chests that you need to unlock first to obtain the actual rewards. The crates tab of your inventory will typically be filled with crates of varying rarity. These crates contains gears that you can equip on your enforcers so opening all of them up is best done sooner than later.

On the other hand, resources are best left in your inventory if you do not need extra amounts of the specific resource. Keep in mind that in base-building strategy games, there is a limit to the amount of resources you can protect from plunders and the same is based on the capacity of your storage. Given this scenario, it is best to keep resource amounts in line with how much resources you can keep safe from potential enemies and only consume the ones in your inventory for immediate needs.

10. Prepare Well Before Launching An Attack

The growth and development of your turf and the continuous process of amassing influence and growing your mob all boils down to demonstrating the magnitude of your influence on everyone else’s turf. While The Grand Mafia’s PvP-centric gameplay makes it reasonable enough for any player to jump in on the action at the soonest possible time, doing so still requires a bit more planning and preparation for what comes after doing so. It has become a standard step for most base-building strategy games to prepare well before launching any attack against another player but for total beginners new to the genre, laying out the pre-conflict basics is a must.

To start off, your initial protection program is a very important perk that you should fully take advantage of. You get free protection from player attacks for the first 3 full days of playing provided that you do not attack or even scout any other players.

Likewise, this benefit will assume that you are ready to mingle with your neighbors once you start to upgrade your mansion to level 9. If you happen to lose your peace shield and decide that you still need more time to prepare for an attack, then you should have some combat resources that can replenish your shields for a few more hours.

the grand mafia attacking strategy

It is a common notion for beginners that a turf’s level is the sole basis of its influence of power. Seeing a seemingly defenseless neighboring turf that has a lower turf level than yours may instinctively prompt you to drop down your shields and go for an offensive. While you have a good chance of winning against such odds, there is still a chance of losing. It can happen that a turf has lower level than yours but possesses a much larger mob of associates or even more developed enforcers.

As such, it is wise to always scout ahead of an attack. Note as well that merely scouting will drop your immunity cowl as well so scouting per se is almost synonymous to actually launching an attack.

Another point to consider before launching an attack is the faction that your target may be a member of. Factions are supposedly designed to work as a single functioning unit for most cases, which means that if you choose to attack a member, you basically decided to declare war on the whole faction.

For starters, therefore, potential targets must be narrowed down to player turfs that do not belong to a faction. Otherwise, you may want to communicate first with your faction as a unified offensive against any turf or faction leaves you with a better chance of success.

Relative to factions, it is possible that you landed in one that is not as heavily active as you hoped it would be. Before you decide to wage war on any turf, be sure that you already belong to a faction that suits your preference and play style and likewise can provide ample support to your on both offensive and defensive standpoints. Should you choose to shift to another group, be sure you can relocate close to where your new allies are as well.

Last but not the least, you should protect your resources and choose to lodge enforcers and associates within your safe house. Again, your storage can only protect a limited amount of resources based on its level. Before you launch an attack, always assume the worst and that you will be attacked as well sooner or later. As a preparatory precaution, keep your supplies within what can be protected by your storage from plundering.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for you regarding The Grand Mafia. We certainly hope you learned some valuable tactics from the topics we discussed and that you reveled in reading it as well. In case you chanced upon some neat tips, tricks, or strategies of your own, we would love to hear about them so do not hesitate to share them with us below!


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