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Bold Moves Answers for All Levels

Level 41:

If We Live for One Another Together We Can Change The World

Level 42:

If You Want Help, Help Yourself.

Level 43:

As Long as Youre Breathing It’s Never Too Late to do Some Good

Level 44:

The RealGrowth is Letting Go

Level 45:

You are not Here to Shrink Down to less, But to Blossom into More of who you Really are.

Level 46:

Nothing Really Worth having is Easy to Get

Level 47:

Stay Out of Your Own Way

Level 48:

Good Energy Kindness, Decency, & Love

Level 49:

You are Imperfect Permanently and Inevitably Flawed You are Beautiful

Level 50:

We are all Worthy

Level 51:

When you Nurture Your Body, It Reciprocates

Level 52:

Everyone Needs an Opportunity Discover or Rediscover What God Gave Them

Level 53:

You Hold the Keys to your Own Healing

Level 54:

You Have to Cancel Out The Noise and Remember That It’s Your Thoughts That Matter