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Bold Moves Answers for All Levels

Level 11:

A Belief Is A Thought That Is True For You.

Level 12:

All You Can Ever Do Is Be The Best Version Of Yourself Right Now.

Level 13:

The Greatest Miracle Is To Still Be Alive

Level 14:

When All Else Fails, Love

Level 15:

Grace Is A Power That Comes In And Transforms A Moment To Something Better

Level 16:

Live Right This Minute. That’s Where The Joy’s At.

Level 17:

To Really Be There With Another is to See Greatness

Level 18:

In the End, all the Stress, all the Crazy It Always Works Out

Level 19:

Forget all your Learnings Just Remember That Now is the Moment that never Ends.

Level 20:

You Are a Divine and Perfect Spiritual Idea