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Bold Moves Answers for All Levels

Bold Moves is a unique word game compared to the ones we usually cover. Instead of guessing individual words, this game will require you to match colors so you can collect letters and come up with a phrase. (And when we say “match colors,” we mean Match 3 gaming here, thus adding to the unusual nature of the game.) The phrases are usually inspiring quotes – the ones you see on postcards or motivational posters – and the game even suggests that you can share these quotes with your friends. But will you be motivated enough to solve all the phrases in this game and come up with the correct answers?

It probably won’t be easy for those who are just picking up this game or moving over from more conventional word games. But since one of the things we specialize in is providing answer keys for word games, we’ve got a list of Bold Moves answers and solutions right here. We’ve solved as many puzzles as we could, though we won’t include Match 3 tips together with the answers – it’s pretty much conventional Match 3 in this game, and as you probably know from these games, it’s all about matching three pieces or more of the same color, with bigger matches being better.

Level 1:


Level 2:

Bet On Yourself Always

Level 3:

Believe Things Will Be Good

Level 4:

My Life Is An Unfinished Painting

Level 5:

Give Without Expectation

Level 6:

Follow Your Passion

Level 7:

You Were Born For This Wilderness

Level 8:

Imagination Is Our Soul

Level 9:

Don’t Accept Less Joyful Life

Level 10:

I Believe That If You’ll Just Stand Up And Go, Life Will Open Up For You.