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Bold Moves Answers for All Levels

Level 21:

You alone Must Fill Yourself with Love in all Your Empty Snattered Spaces.

Level 22:

Love Looks Outward, Toward the Other

Level 23:

Love Liberates

Level 24:

Each of us is of Infinite Worth

Level 25:

The World Will See You the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat Yourself

Level 26:

What I want for each of you is to be able Claim the Essence of Phenomenon that is Your Life

Level 27:

You Should always Let Other People in so they can Shine next to you

Level 28:

The Longer The Search The Sweeter The Find

Level 29:

Always Think Higher and Feel Deeper

Level 30:

Your Potential is Infinite and is always Bigger Than Whatever Problem You’re Going Through