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BLEACH: Soul Bankai Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Crush Your Enemies

BLEACH: Soul Bankai is the latest action RPG from DeNA, a company which is responsible for many successful mobile titles, such as Attack on Titan Tactics, Pokémon Masters and Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits to name a few.

There have been several mobile games based on the popular BLEACH franchise such as BLEACH Mobile 3D, that we have covered extensively. DeNA’s latest mobile game BLEACH: Soul Bankai offers a unique action-driven experience that caters to both fans of either the RPG or the side-scrolling beat ‘em up genre. With over 10,000 downloads accumulated after its release a month ago, BLEACH: Soul Bankai continues to grow in popularity and maintains a high average review rating from its users on both iOS and Android platforms.

Beyond the anime-styled graphics and flashy moves and combos, the game offers an immersive campaign as well as various other game modes that provide different levels of challenges. There are also plenty of upgrade and enhancement options for your characters and various skills and skill combinations to master. If you are a fan of the franchise and likewise enjoy action RPGs and beat ‘em ups, then you should definitely check BLEACH: Soul Bankai out.

bleach soul bankai strategies

Start your adventure in Karakura Town as BLEACH: Soul Bankai takes you through Ichigo Kurasagi’s distinctively bizarre adventure. Discover and recruit familiar allies along the way and battle your way through hordes of hollows and powerful antagonists from the series. Form a trio of your favorite characters as you take on various challenges throughout your journey. Empower each of your favorite units, as well as their respective zanpakuto, to challenge bigger threats to your town and the entire Soul Society. Power is not everything, though, as strategic fighting and combo executions are a must if you want to defeat even the strongest foes.

BLEACH: Soul Bankai might seem complex on the get-go but you should not be overwhelmed with all the buttons and icons you see. As the initial stages and battles will form part of the tutorial, you will surely be able to get a good grasp of each concept and feature as you progress through the game. There are instructions that pop up every time a new feature is introduced and a help menu is available for each game mode and feature in the game.

If you find yourself having difficulty beating a particular stage or if you simply want a more efficient approach towards strengthening your team and progressing through the game, then read our detailed BLEACH: Soul Bankai beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will surely help you to dominate each battle in the game!

1. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Campaign

The Story Instance in the game serves as the main campaign with its first chapter serving as the tutorial. Like numerous RPGs that feature a story, BLEACH: Soul Bankai makes it so that the most basic features and mechanics of the game are presented procedurally for better understanding. Beyond a great source of experience points to level up your account and characters, the Story Instance holds various important resources you need to strengthen you characters.

how to progress fast in bleach soul bankai

Each story chapter is divided into stages and before you engage in battle on a particular stage, you can see conditions to claim a star at the end of it. Star requirements typically involve clearing the stage, finishing it with at least 2 characters alive, and completing the stage within a certain timeframe. Obtaining a certain number of stars unlock extra rewards at the bottom area of each chapter and completing each chapter also rewards you with a new character amongst other valuable resources. Although it is best to secure a 3-star rating on your first go, there will be instances when you should be okay with only clearing a stage and replay it later for a perfect clear.

For the best results, try your best to move forward with the game’s story before replaying levels or moving on to other game modes. One of the goals here is to obtain characters that are better than some of the starting ones so that you can begin investing your very limited resources in them. Likewise, pushing forward with the main game mode and reaching new levels will be keys to unlocking added features in the game and the sooner you unlock each of the features and game modes, the sooner you can partake in each one of them.

An important enhancement feature that relates to earning stars is the Saketsu. You can access this feature through its icon at the lower left side of your screen and spend your earned stars to unlock stat boosts for your characters. Each node requires 3 stars to activate and follows a linear progression so so you can’t go wrong with any investment here. Be sure to visit this often especially when you have cleared a few stages as every bit of stat boost it provides will help you on your succeeding endeavors.

2. Do Not Rely On Auto Battle Mode

The initial levels in the story mode as well as the entry tiers in most other game modes are very easy to beat even if you mash away at the attack button and skills of your character. As auto mode becomes available soon enough, you can very much count on it to beat some stages with it provided that the characters you use are well within the RP requirement of that level.

bleach soul bankai auto battle mode

As you progress further in the game and encounter more challenging fights, auto battle will become less and less reliable and continuing to depend on it will either net you a stage clear without a perfect rating or even failure to clear the level. Auto mode aggressively pushes your character to go on the offensive and uses whichever skill is available devoid of timing and strategy. Beyond that, the A.I. ignores all red indicators signifying an oncoming attack. As a result, the entirety of the battle will be purely a test of power and luck and chances are, it will not be favorable for you on levels you have yet to clear.

Another downside to using auto battle is that the A.I. randomly switches characters in and out of combat. As you will have one unit that is stronger than the others, that character may not be fully utilized. In some cases, the exact opposite of the tag concept is under-utilized as one of your characters may perish even though that character could have easily switched out of combat.

Most importantly, each character in BLEACH: Soul Bankai has a unique combo that can lock your enemies out if executed firmly and properly. These combos usually need to adhere strictly to a certain sequence of attacks and skill activations and the only way to utilize this power is through manual play. For important battles as well as challenging ones, you can be certain that you will perform better than the A.I. even if you do not consider yourself as an expert in beat ‘em ups or fighting games.

3. Selectively Invest In Character Enhancements

With a free recruit and a new ally to join your group with each chapter you finish, it will come naturally for you to want to power-up each one of them. With the various enhancement and upgrade features available in the game, in contrast with the limited resources you have, splitting these resources across a wide range of characters will net you a stronger roster but most likely a weaker team. Keep in mind that you can only take 3 characters with you in battle and you can only use them one at a time. With that, you should ensure that your top pick stands above the rest in terms of enhancement level to tank the rest of the team through the most challenging scenarios.

Some of these enhancements cannot be avoided since they form part of the tutorial. Other than that, you should exercise discretion in every other upgrade you spend resources on. While you will secure a couple of 2-star characters early on, you may want to hold off on upgrading until after you have obtained your first 3-star character. Given the starting characters, you may invest a bit in Ichigo but just enough to take you through the initial levels.

bleach soul bankai character enhancements

The character’s level stands as the most basic determinant of power in BLEACH: Soul Bankai. Each of your characters’ level can only be increased up to your account’s level. While characters you use in combat earn experience points, it will hardly be enough to keep up with your team’s growing needs especially at the early part of the game. As such, you have to use experience potions to give them a boost and level them up instantly.

Character enhancements can be accessed through the character icon at the lower left side of the main screen. Tap on the character portraits to select your choice and then tap the improve button at the right side of the screen. Levelling up can easily be done through the upgrade menu and each tap of the level up button consumes the needed EXP potions to take your character to the next level.

Next up are all four of your character’s combat skills. Levelling skills up require Tama, or the coins that serve as the game’s basic currency, and specific advancement stones. Once all four skills are fully upgraded, you can advance the character to the next tier or color and earn extra abilities. At this same page, you can see the skills you can unlock per color achieved and once that skill is obtained, a brief description of its use will be presented.

Like any RPG with a gacha element, obtaining the same hero or shards through summoning will hardly be a waste as you will need of lot of these shards to further empower your favorite characters. Under the Soul Liberation feature, you need a growing number of extra shards, Reidama, and Dama to enlighten a hero. Each node unlocked boosts your hero’s stats and completing the entire star will rank up the star level of your hero. The max star level of heroes in BLEACH: Soul Bankai is 7 star so be ready for a long grind if you aim to have any character reach the max star level.

Another enhancement feature is the Soul Boost, which consumes Tenshintai specific to your character’s type and some dama to initialize. Once the stat boosts are maxed, ascending requires a large sum of Tenshintai for a percentage boost in one stat. With this, it will be smart to consider a team composed of units with varying types. If possible, choose one STR type, one AGI type, and one SKL type so that each one will have top priority for Tenshintai consumption.

Considering our enhancement investment strategy along with a mindset of not relying on auto combat, you can heavily invest in your top character and manually use him or her to get through tough battles. While it is okay to spend excess resources on a secondary character, make sure that it will not in any way hamper your priority one character’s growth.

4. Expend Daily Attempts On Other Game Modes

As you make progress in the game and reach new levels, other game modes within the Trial Lands and Secret Base will become available. These are among the reasons why you need to push through with the main story and level up your account. Each of the game modes within these structures offer a specific resource that you will constantly have a need for.

bleach soul bankai tricks

Within the Trial Lands, the Heroic Trial gives you a chance to use a pre-selected specific hero who may not be in your roster. The goal is to reach a certain number of combos and you can get Tenshintai as rewards. The Extreme Challenge pits your team against a character you have battled with in the story and requires you to clear specific story chapters as well as beating the current opponent to move on to the next one. You can earn hero shards here on top of other rewards.

The Secret Base, on the other hand, holds 4 distinct training sessions, each with its own unique reward. You need to reach level 35 to access general training, which rewards you with advanced skin cards that power up your character’s skin. You have 2 attempts to challenge each training per day so the sooner you unlock each one, the sooner you reap rewards from each. Each mode also holds difficulty levels that can be unlocked once you meet the level requirement. As soon as you are able to take on a bigger challenge, you should so as it offers better rewards.

5. Accomplish Daily Missions And Achievements For Extra Rewards

Each battle you engage in as you play and venture into BLEACH: Soul Bankai’s various game modes earns you instant rewards. Beyond that, there are more items and resources for you to claim via the game’s Ninmu feature. Once you see a “!” notification on the Ninmu icon at the right side of your screen, it means that you have accomplished one or some of the objectives and you can readily claim your rewards. Obkectives are categorized into Daily list and Goals. Daily missions reset each day and serves as a guide on activities you should be engaging in on a daily basis.

bleach soul bankai achievements

For the most part, objectives under the daily list can be accomplished without you being conscious about it but just the same, peeking into the set objectives will lead you to what you may have forgotten to spend time on. Credits and experience points are rewarded from completing missions. At the bottom of the page, earning credits lead to unlocking chests that contain Souldama, which is a premium currency, VIP EXP, and Urahara Shop Renewal Cards.

Goals pertain to milestones you have reached in the game and serve as a guide as well to your overall progress. Achievements here offer a variety of one-time rewards but completion of some milestones unlock new ones as well.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, or Divisions in BLEACH: Soul Bankai, offer plenty of additional perks to each member as soon as they join. There are certainly no drawbacks for joining any guild in the game but if you have the opportunity of choosing which one to join, be sure to go for a Division with many active members. The Division’s growth, which contributes to each member’s growth as well, largely depends on each player’s activity and contributions. As such even a smaller Division with more active members can grow stronger at a faster rate.

bleach soul bankai guild

Make it a habit to donate gold 5 times per day to guild construction. You can see at the left side of the construction which establishment is the priority set by the division’s captain. Participate as well in challenging the boss in the raids within your guild. Keep in mind that no single player may be able to defeat the boss but every bit of damage you chip in contributes to its defeat. Every contribution you make to the guild earns you EFF that you can exchange for various hero shards and items at the guild shop.

7. Push To Achieve The Limited Challenge

As soon as you are able to freely move at the main screen, be sure to check out the limited challenge at the top of the screen. This is a time-limited challenge that can be difficult to achieve especially if you do not have a lot of time to play the game. This typically involves reaching a certain account level and the rewards are always very valuable.

bleach soul bankai limited challenge

For the first challenge, you have to reach level 22 to earn 10 Advanced W Coins. These coins are used for advanced summoning and can be bought for 190 Souldama per piece. As such, pushing for the time-limited challenge for 10 of these coins will ultimately allow you to go for a 10x advanced summon and earn your first 3-star character.

8. Do Not Spend Souldama Before Visiting The Wealth Cat

bleach soul bankai wealth cat

The Wealth Cat is also a time-limited event in BLEACH: Soul Bankai that counts down as soon as you dive into the game. You can see it at the upper right side of your screen and can be initiated once you have enough Souldama. At first glance, the Wealth Cat looks like a bit of a gamble but each attempt you make by paying the required amount of Souldama guarantees earning more of it as a result. At VIP level 1, you only have 3 attempts to take advantage of it within 3 days, so be sure to earn the needed Souldama and expend all your attempts here before time runs out.

9. Play Within Free Meal Schedules At The Canteen

Each battle you engage in as you play BLEACH: Soul Bankai costs stamina or EP. While you may find it difficult to expend all your EP on the first fe minutes or hours playing the game, you will soon be wanting to have more of it as you unlock more game modes and farm for some resources in previously beaten levels. Although you can spend Souldama to purchase more EP, there are free ones you can obtain via the Canteen.

bleach soul bankai canteen

On 4 specific time periods within the day, you can visit the Canteen and claim 80 EP plus a random buff that can boost stats for a limited period of time. If you are stuck on a particular stage or challenge or simply want to have more EP for farming or grinding, take note of these times and play within the schedule of free meals as much as you can.

10. Cheese Enemies With Air Juggles

If you have played fighting games before, particularly ones that maximize combos and damage output through a series of attacks on an airborne enemy, then you should probably be delighted to know that air juggles exist in BLEACH: Soul Bankai. Contrary to typical damage reduction mechanics on an airborne opponent as well, enemies in the game seem to take about as much damage from your attacks and combos even while off the ground.

bleach soul bankai air juggles

Regardless of how powerful some opponents are, you should always pay attention to how easy or hard it is to send them up in the air for a juggle. Relative to this, you should also formulate a combo that utilizes as many of your character’s skills as possible to keep the enemy floating and helpless while you shred away at its HP. For best results, pushing enemies towards the edge of the screen maximizes the potential of air juggles. Given an opportunity to do so, always lead or push an enemy into a corner as you ready your skills and prepare to beat him or her much easier.

This ends our beginner’s guide for BLEACH: Soul Bankai. We hope that you found a lot of the tips we shared here to be helpful in speeding up your progress in the game. If you have discovered other tips or tricks in addition to what we have mentioned in the guide, feel free to drop us a line!