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Pokémon Masters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Dominate Each Battle

Long-time mobile gamers who enjoy unique RPGs and CCGs are most likely familiar with DeNA Co., Ltd. Dena is a Japanese company that has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2011 and has developed and published a lot of successful titles. Though a lot of DeNA’s top games released internationally like Blood Brothers, Rage of Bahamut, and HellFire: The Summoning has been discontinued, the company has recently went back to releasing games globally starting with Pokémon Masters.

Pokémon Masters is a unique Pokémon adventure game that offers plenty of new elements to the highly popular franchise. While there exists a wide variety of Pokémon games in the mobile gaming market, Pokémon Masters sets itself apart by being centered around trainers instead of Pokémon for a change. With just a little over a week after its release, Pokémon Masters has already been downloaded more than 10 million times across both Android and iOS platforms and continues to retain largely positive reviews from users.

Beyond the superb art and animations, Pokémon Masters’ gameplay, which is not limited by in-game stamina, leaves a lot of adventures and missions for players to spend a whole lot of time on. While Pokémon Masters offers more than enough to play and enjoy entirely on your own, co-op battles with friends adds even more to the fun and excitement it offers. Pokémon Masters is a definite treat for fans of the series but if you enjoy strategy adventure RPGs, especially ones you can play as much as you want, then you may want to look into this game.

pokémon masters guide

Take on a slightly different Pokémon Trainer role as Pokémon Masters sets you on an adventure where you recruit familiar trainers from the series to join you on your quest towards becoming the best one. Each trainer has a specific Pokémon as partner and the means of being able to tap into other Pokémon is through recruiting other trainers. Every battle you engage in earns experience points for your trainers as well as basic resources to power them up and as the challenges before you grow, you will need to constantly train to match and even surpass each opponent.

The gameplay mechanics of Pokémon Masters may differ from other RPGs including other Pokémon games but in most cases, it has been made much simpler to understand and play. The initial part of the story serves as the tutorial and should be sufficient enough to give you a good grasp of the game. Each new game mode or feature you unlock comes with a brief and simple guide as well. Unlike standard Pokémon game mechanics where each Pokémon type has advantage and weakness against several elements, each type in Pokémon Masters only has an advantage and weakness on a specific element. In addition, there is no need to memorize which trainers to bring in battle as recommended elements or types of attack can be seen before each battle. More so, each enemy’s weakness is shown as you duel with them in battle.

With the absence of an in-game stamina that serves as a limit to much time you can spend on the game, your growth and progress in Pokémon Masters is almost entirely dependent on how much time you spend on the game. Easier even, is the inclusion of an auto battle system which can help you with the grinding for experience points and resources without constantly having to be totally focused on the game. If you find yourself stuck in a particular battle or simply looking for more efficient ways to progress through the game, then check out our Pokémon Masters beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to help you dominate each battle.

1. Progress Through The Main Story

Like many RPGs that presents itself with a story to better immerse players into its world, Pokémon Masters takes you through an immersive story campaign where you primarily get to familiarize yourself with the game as well as earn basic resources to help you on your adventure. The main story of Pokémon Masters is the primary game mode and as such, should be prioritized as much as possible over all other quests and missions that the game holds.

pokémon masters main story

On top of the numerous basic resources you will need to strengthen your team, rewards in the game’s main story campaign include sync pairs that you can obtain for free and are mostly necessary to be able to challenge later areas within the story as well as other game modes. Some features of the game are also locked behind story chapters that you need to accomplish. On top of it all, the first completion of stages within the main story serves as your best primary source of gems. As gems are precious premium currency you need to acquire more Sync Pairs from the shop, pushing to get more of it as early as possible will better prepare you for the tougher challenges ahead.

Keep in mind that some sections within the main story are entirely made up of dialogues and clearing them for the first time instantly awards you with some gems. All other stages that involve engaging in battles earns you experience points for your team as well some items you will always need to strengthen you sync pairs. Remember as well that your progress within the main story earns you extra rewards via the missions so that in itself is an added reason to push through with the main story.

2. Stick With Recommended Types

What makes Pokémon Masters relatively easier to play compared with most mobile RPGs or even standard Pokémon games is that you will hardly need to memorize which attack types work best against which enemies. Before each battle, You will see the recommended types you should put into your team to more effectively take on the oncoming challenge. At this point, you should always check if even at least one of the recommended types is represented in your team.

pokémon masters tips

You may have a limited number of choices as far as sync pairs are concerned early on especially if you have not yet scouted additional ones from the shop. Just the same, pushing through with the story will always reward you with a sync pair representing a damage type that will be needed in the succeeding chapter. If you do have multiple choices for sync pairs, you can also go for the optimize feature of the game which automatically selects the best types for each battle. To do this, simply tap on the “edit” button in the pre-battle screen and then tap on the “optimize” button.
Choosing to go with the recommended types for each battle will definitely make it easier for you. In the main story, you will not likely be in a situation where you will have to go into battle without having any sync pairs to carry your team through. In training courses and event battles, however, things may be a little more challenging as some battles may require specific types you do not have yet in your roster of sync pairs.

3. Spend Time Beating The Training Area Courses

Battling through the main story chapters will actually be a breeze on the initial stages. The sync pairs whom you will recruit as you complete chapters will not necessarily be at level 1. As such, they will still be able to join succeeding battles without much grind or level up manuals. As you progress further into the main story, though, battles will naturally become much more challenging and for the most part, grinding away at the training area becomes a necessity to be at least at par in power with the opponents you need to defeat.

You will love the game and its exclusion of in-game stamina as you can grind as much as you want for the resources you need to get stronger. There are various courses readily available in the training area and more challenging courses as well as entirely new ones become available when complete the starting courses per category and progress in the main story. The training area is your definite go-to place once you taste defeat against an opponent in the main story and for basics, you will more likely spend time in the Level-Up Course and the Strike, Tech, and Support Courses.

pokémon masters training area course

The Level-Up Course is offers a huge boost in experience points for the sync pairs you will actually in that course. You will additionally receive Level-Up Manuals as rewards for each course completion. As a basic strategy, follow the recommended types to use in combat to finish each run faster then use the manuals on sync pairs that you want to prioritize as far as experience points and levels go. Finishing the normal mode of the Level-Up Course unlocks its hard mode. This will be folds tougher than normal mode and requires different sync pair types to accomplish so you may want to ready yourself for that as well.

Next to the Level-Up Course are the Strike, Tech, and Support Courses that reward you with buff blends, tech tonics, and aid ades respectively that you need for your sync pairs to learn new moves and passive skills. These consumable items are also essential to raise the level cap of your sync pairs. Keep in mind that the initial courses available are easy to complete and requires little effort. For the most part, you can utilize auto battle here and even make a series of quick runs while watching T.V.

While sync pairs start off with two skills, you can immediately unlock a third skill through the use of training machines. These may not be as easy to farm compared with the previous resource materials so it adds to delimiting the sync pairs you upgrade following prioritization we mentioned earlier. Even before you unlock any skills, you can already tap its icon to view information about it. Be sure to do this first as it may help you decide when in a tough decision point choosing between two or more sync pairs of the same type.

Last, and probably the most challenging upgrade feature, comes the potential upgrade. This is the means by which you can raise a sync pair’s star level and consequently boost their stats and increase their level cap. As this provides the most boost in a sync pair’s quality, it is expected to be the most challenging feat as far as upgrades are concerned. You need Power-Ups to initiate this upgrade and these can be acquired through exchanging vouchers obtained from events in the shop. Once you obtain enough vouchers from events, therefore, be sure to prioritize Power-Ups over everything else at the exchange.

3-star Sync pairs can only be levelled up to a cap of 30 and the higher the star value of other sync trainers, the higher the star cap goes. Once you finish chapter 4 of the main story, however, you will be able to access the “Reach Past Your Limits” training under the Special Training: Battle Techniques category. Once you succeed through it, you can finally tap on the “Team” icon” and unlock level caps for your sync pairs. Depending on the class of the sync pair, you will need buff blends, tech tonics, or aid ades to increase their level cap.

4. Empower At Least One Sync Pair For Each Type

While there are practically limitless availability of the basic resources you need to power up your sync pairs, higher levels in terms of level and other upgrade features require resources that are much challenging to obtain. Whether you have an overabundance of potential sync pairs you want to level up and develop, therefore, you should learn to focus on only some of them early on.
The best way to go about it is focusing upgrades on one sync pair for each type. You can never go wrong with this method as various main story battles, training courses, as well as time-limited events hold a mixed requirement that cuts across all sync pair types. While you may want to have more than one fire type, for example, as it may be recommended for a particular battle, it will be wiser to spread your resources across as many different types as possible.

pokémon masters strategies

Beyond element types, choosing among various sync pairs within each type may pose as a decision point. Be sure to consider their class as a good mix of strike, tech, and support classes make up an efficient trio. Keep in mind as well that just because some sync pairs are free via main story rewards, it makes them inferior. While some sync pairs seem more attractive than others, each one is actually quite useful. Likewise, do not prioritize your selection of sync pairs based on potential or number of stars. While higher rarities or sync pairs with higher stars start off stronger, your 3 star characters are equally capable of reaching a 5-star potential later on. Considering everything, therefore, prioritize based on the skills each sync pair has and how you use each one to make a formidable team in combat.

5. Aim To Accomplish Missions

Each battle you engage in as you play Pokémon Masters earns you rewards and for first time completions, there are even extra items to gain. Beyond all the instant rewards you receive for completing stages across the game, there are even more in store based on the accomplishments you make and your general progress. You can unlock missions after completing chapter 2 of the story mode and once you do, be sure to check it out.

pokémon masters missions

Missions in Pokémon Masters fall within 3 different categories: Daily, General, and Event. Daily missions need to be accomplished within a limited period of time and should typically fall within the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. General missions stand as achievements or milestones that offer greater challenges to reach once you accomplish the previous requirements. Event missions are likewise time-limited but can be accomplished anytime within the event period. As Pokémon Masters can hold multiple events at a time, be sure to check for arrowheads at the top of the events tab as each event holds its own unique set of missions.

6. Participate In Time-Limited Events

There are time-limited events in Pokémon Masters that offer plenty of rewards. The only challenge in being to participate in them is to complete chapter 5 of the main story. While your initial source of gems in the game are obtained from progressing through main story chapters and accomplishing missions, the various events held in the game provide a huge boost towards earning more of them. While there are only a number of days available to push through with event battles, you can actually win a lot of the earlier battles even if you have just finished the fifth chapter of the main story.

pokémon masters events

Keep in mind that some events follow the same format as the regular story chapters in which some parts are mere storytelling that instantly rewards you with gems once you read through them. Be sure to push through extra challenges that becomes available after completing the event story as these also provide gems as rewards.

7. Talk To Trainers In The Pokémon Center For Extra Items

At your home screen, which is the Pokémon Center, you can randomly see trainers loiter around. Whenever there are exclamation marks on them, tapping on them to enter into a conversation can lead to earning you items as rewards later on. Once you see a trainer with a magnifying glass icon , that means that speaking to that trainer again will earn you a random item.

pokémon masters trainers

There are certainly a lot more to see and experience in Pokémon Masters considering its many offerings but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope you picked up a lot of useful tips and strategies from the lot we shared and if you discover other ones as you delve into the world of Pokémon Masters, do not hesitate to share them with us!