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Food Street Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build Your Restaurant Empire

Food Street is a restaurant simulation game created by Supersolid for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you are given a simple restaurant with three tables to start with. It will be up to you to continuously expand your business in order to add more tables, customize the décor, and offer a wide variety of dishes. The game leaves you in charge of every stage of fulfilling your customer’s order. That means you will have to produce your own ingredients, cook the food, and serve them.

As you progress in Food Street, you will be able to unlock new cooking stations that will allow you to offer more dishes. Of course, that also means you will need to keep more types of ingredients in stock. The bigger your restaurant gets; the more hectic things will become. Make sure you stay on track with the help of our Food Street tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Level Up ASAP To Unlock New Stuff

how to level up in food street

There are a lot of things for you to do in Food Street, but not all of them are immediately available. You will need to reach specific levels in order to unlock the other parts of the game. The higher your level, the more content you will be able to access. The good news is that you earn experience for harvesting crops, cooking dishes, and completing orders from the main restaurant. You also earn additional experience when you complete orders from the Food Truck. Check out the list below of the different things you unlock when you level up.

Level 5 – Outfits
Level 7 – Trading
Level 9 – Chef Tasks
Level 12 – Food Club
Level 15 – Food Truck
Level 25 – Fishing

2. Manage Your Inventory

Before you go on a cooking spree in order to get a lot of experience, make sure you understand how the different inventories work. There are two main inventories in the game. The first one is the pantry, and this is where all your raw materials go. The crops that you harvest go here, so you will most likely fill this up if you’re not paying attention. The second inventory is the fridge. This is where all the cooked food items are kept, that includes dishes, milk, cheese, and so on.

food street inventory

It’s a good idea to keep around 3 to 4 of each raw ingredient on hand, so you will be able to quickly queue up a dish when an order comes in. You may want to keep more of ingredients that take a long time to harvest, but still mind your total inventory space. As for the dishes, you should only pre-cook dishes if you accidentally harvest more than you can fit in your inventory.

Both inventories can be upgraded, but it will cost you upgrade materials. The upgrade materials are hard to come by since there is only a small chance for them to drop when you are completing tasks. If you have to choose, pick the pantry over the fridge. The alternate option is to upgrade by spending gems, but that can be very expensive since you will need to spend real money.

3. Keep Your Stations Organized

The game starts out simple with just a few things to keep track of, but don’t let that fool you. It is best if you move things around early on, so it will be easier to fit new stations and items as you progress. Don’t think too much about aesthetics because that has no impact on the game. There is no best way to arrange the things since people have different play styles but try to find a way that you will be able remember where everything is.

You should also maximize every bit of space available because you will also need expansion materials in order to buy up the other spaces. Since those also drop at a random rate, it will take you a long time to get all the materials you need. The last thing you want is to have to rearrange everything when you’ve run out of space. It’s easier to prepare ahead of time.

4. Feel Free To Delete Orders

food street orders

When you tap on the clipboard at the lower right corner of your screen, you will be able to pull up the orders. The number of orders you have is the same as the number of tables. As you add more tables to the restaurant, you will be able to accept more orders. That can be a good thing since there is no time limit for regular orders. Having several choices means you can work on the ones that you like.

If you receive an order that takes too long to make, and you don’t feel like making that dish, you can just delete it. There will be another one after a 30-minute cooldown, anyway. Other than having to wait 30 minutes for the next order, there is really no penalty for deleting orders. Deleting orders is also a good idea if you get ones that require plenty of fruits. You wouldn’t want to use up a lot of fruits because you don’t want to end up with a lot of dead trees. Trees need to be cleared out using building materials, which means cheap orders aren’t worth killing trees over.

5. Don’t Use Up Everything You Produce

Fruits and vegetables can be grown for free, but you will need something to plant. If you use up all that you have, you will need to spend gems to buy more of what you need. You might think you can just buy more from the market, but you can’t really control what is on sale. Do you really want to wait around until the item you want becomes available in the market? The best way to prevent accidentally using everything you have is to always keep one of each planted. You can just free up space if you need to make a lot a particular fruit or vegetable.

6. Check The Market For Items You Need

As we mentioned earlier, you have the option to check the market for items that you need. You will be able to unlock it when you reach level 7. It is a good idea to keep an eye out for fruits on sale in order to save your own trees. All items for sale in the market only cost gold, so you have a chance to buy useful items here. The catch is, you have to be both quick and lucky. You are only presented with a limited number of stalls each time you visit the market.

food street market

It takes 10 minutes for the list to refresh. If you want to refresh the list sooner, you will need to spend gems or watch a video advertisement. As soon as the list is refreshed, make sure you check the stalls quickly. The items usually get sold out quickly. Sometimes, the item is still available but when you click on it, it’s suddenly sold out.

7. Complete Chef Tasks

When you reach level 9, you will be able to unlock chef tasks. These are a list of tasks that you need to complete within a certain time period in order to earn chef points. As you earn more points, you will fill up the bar at the top and raise your level. You will also receive additional rewards when you reach certain milestones. Rewards from chef tasks are tickets. You can then exchange these tickets for great items from the Prize Tent.

food street chef tasks

When you complete the second milestone from the chef tasks, you will be able to compete against other players. The chefs with the most points will receive additional rewards, with the top three receiving the best rewards. Don’t get too carried away when participating in the chef tasks. Some of them will require you to make a lot of a certain dish, which could result in a lot of unnecessary items in your fridge. You are free to delete tasks if they do not align with the orders that you have at the restaurant. There will be a 30-minute cooldown before another task becomes available, but at least you won’t have to stick to making items that you won’t be able to use.

8. Don’t Forget The Takeout

Once in a while, you will see a customer walking around with a thought bubble. Tap on him to see what he wants to order. There is also no time limit for fulfilling a takeout order. When you tap on the customer, you can ask him to wait while you make the food he wants. If you don’t feel like making the food he wanted, you can just decline the takeout order. Another takeout customer will come around after a few minutes. The difference between a takeout and a regular order is that you earn chef points for completing takeout requests. It may not be a lot, but it adds to your total for the week, helping you inch your way to the top spot each week.

9. Join An Active Club

food street active club

Food Clubs are unlocked at level 12. It is a good idea to join one as soon as possible. There are plenty of clubs that allow anyone to join, and it’s alright to start with those. Depending on how active the club is, you may wish to look for a better one once you have a better grasp of how the game works. It is important that other members of your club are active in order to reap the full benefits of being part of a club.

Aside from being able to ask for advice from veterans through the club chat, you will also be able to ask for items. You can ask for food items, building materials, and even event tokens. Don’t forget to return the favor by donating what you can to other club members as well.

Another reason to join an active club is to participate in events. Events are similar to the weekly chef competitions in the sense that you need to earn points, but the difference is that the entire club needs to contribute. You won’t be able to carry your club’s performance even if you play 24/7, so you need fellow members who are active.

Events have separate plots for planting and stations for cooking. Some event orders may ask for dishes from the main restaurant, so be prepared for that as well. Events are also held regularly, so don’t focus all your efforts on them. You don’t earn experience from Events, so you will get stuck in terms of progress if you neglect your main restaurant.

10. Ask For Help, When Needed

As we mentioned earlier, you can ask your fellow club members for extra items, but did you know that complete strangers can help you out as well? The best use for this is when your fruit trees run out of fruit. They will wilt and you will need to use up a Saw to get rid of it. If the tree ran out of fruit for the first time since it was planted, you will have the option to ask for help instead of removing the tree. If someone helps you, the tree will restock, and you will be able to harvest from it one last time before having to remove it. Make sure you always do this because Saws are building materials that you don’t want to spend until you absolutely need to.

food street help

You can also ask for help with food truck orders, but since these always ask for a lot of items, it will be very hard to find any player who will be willing to part with his stuff. Helping out with trees, on the other hand, is free, so you just need to leave the tree alone and someone will eventually drop by to refresh it.

11. Complete Food Truck Orders

food street food truck orders

The food truck rolls in when you reach level 15. You will need to spend 1000 gold to repair it but once it is operational, you will be able to complete food truck orders. The truck will ask a lot of the same food items, so it might take a toll on your inventory space. Focus on one order from the truck at a time and turn it in as soon as you can to make room for subsequent orders. You also earn coins and experience for every food truck order you complete, so you still get something out of it even if you are not able to complete all the truck orders in time. If you successfully complete all food truck orders, however, you get to earn silver and bronze tickets that can be exchanged for more prizes.

12. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

The game gives you rewards whenever you reach certain milestones. Nearly everything you do in the game is tracked and has an equivalent achievement when you do it enough number of times. For example, you get a reward for completing 10, 100, and 1000 takeout requests. The higher the milestone, the more gems you get as reward. Achievements are the easiest way to earn plenty of premium currency for free, and you earn them by simply playing the game more.

You will know if you completed an achievement if a check mark appears above the cabinet in the far-left corner of your restaurant. This cabinet can be moved, so just make sure you remember where you place it once your restaurant gets bigger. You can also check your progress for each achievement, so you can prioritize those that you are close to completing.

13. Spin The Wheel Daily

how to get more rewards in food street

Near the Outfit station, just by the docks is a prize wheel. Tap on it to enter the daily spin menu. This is where you can spin the wheel for a prize. You get one free spin per day, so make sure you always claim it. You can spin again by spending gems, but since the prizes vary in terms of value, it’s better if you hold on to your gems. Prizes can be as cheap as a single piece of vegetable and can be as valuable as gems or even building materials. It’s all up to chance, so you might as well just claim the free spin in case you get lucky.

14. Look For The Hotdog Man

Once in a while, you will see a man in a hotdog costume walking around your restaurant. Tap on him to bring up a random ad offer. You won’t know what the prize is until you watch the ad, but you can avail of this several times throughout the day. The hotdog man will have a gift icon above his head when an ad offer is available. Take advantage of it because there is a chance to get building materials. Most of the time the reward is just gold, but that’s still useful when it adds up.

food street hotdog man

If you don’t want to look for the hotdog man, the ad offer indicator also appears on the billboard beside your restaurant. When the billboard changes into a gift icon instead of the Supersolid logo, that means an ad offer is available. Keep in mind that this offer is the same as the hotdog man, so if you accept the one on the billboard, the hotdog man’s offer will go on cooldown as well.

And this ends our Food Street beginner’s guide. Running your own restaurant business is no easy task, but with the help of our Food Street tips, cheats and strategies, you’ll have the hottest bistro in town! If you know additional tips or tricks, feel free to share them with us in the comment section!

Loretta Sandusky

Wednesday 6th of July 2022

Im trying to find out what level you get marby on foodstreet.


Thursday 10th of March 2022

I want to know how to get more saws and hands!


Sunday 16th of January 2022

Hi, how do I sell festive food in market? Thanks


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

Do you have to visit other Cafe`s? Why? I dont see an option to do anything while im there. Also, how do you add friends? I dont mean my actual real friends. Other players I can visit.


Monday 19th of July 2021

How do I send a personal message to a player that has left the club I am in please?