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BitLife Bijuu Mike Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge

BitLife still keeps on maintaining its rock-solid fanbase now that it’s in its third year, and it’s pretty clear to see why — like many other older games that are still frequently played to this day by iOS and Android users, BitLife has weekly events that players can complete for additional content (in this case, hats and eyewear for player characters and NPCs alike) as well as bragging rights. These events, as you should know by now, are called challenges, and Candywriter has rolled them out on a weekly basis, almost without fail, every Saturday afternoon Eastern time.

While not as common as movie/TV show challenges or musical challenges, Candywriter has occasionally launched new challenges dedicated to YouTube personalities. The first one of note was the PewDiePie Challenge, and at this point, he doesn’t need any introduction. Then, a few weeks ago, we got the Tanya Bregar Challenge, which was a tip of the hat to the Canadian YouTuber famous for her BitLife playthroughs.

bitlife bijuu mike challenge requirements

Now, the game is shouting out Bijuu Mike, the neon green-haired YouTuber best known for his gaming videos. Eagle-eyed players would have noticed his name among those whose channels you can watch when you decide to watch YouTube videos with a friend on BitLife. And now that he’s about to celebrate his 29th birthday (on October 26), he’s got a challenge named after him as well. Read on, and we’ll show you how to complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in this week’s latest BitLife mini-strategy guide.

Creating A Character: Give Him A Special Skill If You Have God Mode

If we’re strictly going by the requirements of the Bijuu Mike Challenge, the only thing you need to make sure of when creating your character is that he be male and born in the United States. But you will soon learn why it’s important to do this — we strongly recommend giving your character a Special Skill if you have God Mode enabled, or at least giving him high Looks and at least average Smarts. If you don’t have God Mode, then we would suggest re-rolling your character until he has that latter combo of 80+ Looks and 50+ Smarts.

taking guitar lessons in bitlife

Why make your character physically attractive and at least capable of stringing two sentences together? It all boils down to the requirement that you have at least 3 million YouTube subscribers — in order to easily hit this number, it pays to be some sort of celebrity.

You can choose Music and embark on a musical career as a solo artist (for more money) or as part of a band, or you can choose Sports, join your school’s basketball, football, baseball, or soccer team and get your Performance bar filled up to 100 percent, and get drafted/sign with a professional club. (For obvious reasons, do NOT choose Crime as a Special Skill and stay away from trouble/dangerous situations throughout the challenge!)

trying out for the football team in bitlife

And if you don’t have God Mode, you can parlay those good Looks into an acting career. All of these options will inevitably lead to 100 percent Popularity if you go on tours as a musician, cut commercials and participate in photoshoots, and/or reach superstar status as an athlete, and that means reaching 3 million subscribers on YouTube at some point in your career as a famous person.

Now you should also make sure that you sign up for an in-game YouTube account at the soonest possible time, meaning the age of 13. But what do you need to do in order to make your BitLife video go viral?

Post BitLife Videos Almost Exclusively Until You Go Viral

Without a doubt, the trickiest part of the Bijuu Mike Challenge is the one where you need to have one BitLife video become a viral sensation. Unfortunately, this is still, by and large, a luck-based endeavor, and there is sadly no magic formula or secret sauce that could ensure viral success on the video-sharing platform. It would obviously help if you have good Looks, but other than that, you need to be patient as you keep sharing BitLife videos on YouTube from the moment you are able to do so.

posting a youtube video in bitlife

That would mean sharing at least three (but no more than five or six) videos from the age of 13 onward — you’ll want to focus mainly on BitLife, but sprinkle in a few Challenge, Dance, Gaming, or Vlog videos every once in a while so that your viewers don’t get tired of the same old content. Keep doing this until one of your video uploads is considered viral, which typically means at least tens of thousands of views.

Once again, we should reiterate that it’s exclusively (or almost exclusively) about luck here — it may take a few videos or it may take upwards of 20. Generally speaking, we’d still go by one out of every 15 videos going viral.

bitlife viral video

But just as long as you aren’t stuffing your subscribers with too much content (10+ videos) per year, as that could cost you some of your fanbase regardless of the videos you post, chances are good you should get that viral BitLife video before your 20th birthday. (If you’re 19 and still haven’t gone viral, you can quit the game before accepting a run-of-the-mill outcome, restart the app, post another BitLife vid, and repeat the process until one of the clips becomes viral. This ensures your character won’t be too old by the time you complete the challenge.)

Just Go On With Your (Bit)Life Until The End Of The Challenge!

The final requirement of the Bijuu Mike Challenge asks that you do not post another BitLife video on YouTube after your last video goes viral. This is very easy — just make sure any clips you post afterward are Challenge, Dance, Gaming, or Vlog content, as other types of content may result in lost followers. But if you did as we had advised and embarked on a celebrity career as a musician, actor, or athlete, the truth is that you don’t really need to post any more videos after that first viral hit! Your subscriber count will increase organically over time, and you should be at the 3 million mark by the time you reach your early 40s.

bitlife youtube activities

If you chose to become an actor or a musician, ensuring you stay within 3 million is easy — just don’t retire from either occupation, and for the latter, keep on releasing new music and touring. For athletes, who typically retire in their early 40s, that means staying famous and relevant by starring in commercials, releasing books, or doing sexy photoshoots.

Yes, it is possible to remain within 3 million even if you are no longer famous, but posting anything on social media at that time will remind your followers that you’re all washed up, and that could result in a mass exodus of followers, regardless of platform!

completing the bijuu mike challenge in bitlife

Summing it all up, once you’ve gone viral, make absolutely sure you aren’t selecting “BitLife” if you choose to keep sharing videos, and keep your career and/or relevance going if you chose to become a celebrity in an effort to fast-track your road to 3 million subscribers. Once you’ve reached the 50th anniversary of your viral BitLife clip, that should do it for the challenge and free you up to choose a new accessory from the four prize chests.