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BitLife PewDiePie Challenge Guide: How to Become a Viral Sensation in the PewDiePie Challenge

Mobile gamers have enjoyed BitLife for a little more than two and a half years now, and most of those years have seen them stay busy on weekends (and the early part of the new week) by completing challenges on the long-running life simulator. Regardless whether you’re playing the iOS or Android version, Candywriter has been launching these challenges every Saturday afternoon — limited-time events based on a certain theme, with anywhere from three to six (usually four or five) requirements that you’ll need to achieve by using one or more of the game’s many, many features or menus/sub-menus.

This week’s challenge does not pay tribute to a popular movie or movie franchise/TV series, but it does tip its hat to a real-life celebrity — an internet celebrity, to be more specific. That internet-famous individual is none other than Felix Kjellberg, who you may know better as PewDiePie, the Swedish YouTuber who’s best known for his gaming videos and his occasional controversies in and out of the video-sharing platform.

bitlife pewdiepie challenge requirements

This new challenge tests how well you can reach his level of fame by doing what he does best (and little else), so with that said, our BitLife mini-strategy guide for the week shall show you how you can quickly complete the PewDiePie Challenge and become similarly internet-famous — at least in the BitLife universe.

First Requirements – Be Born Male In Sweden, Post Only Gaming Videos On YouTube

The first requirement of the PewDiePie Challenge is as straightforward as you can get. Being that PewDiePie was born in Sweden, your character for this challenge also needs to be a Swedish male — birth city is irrelevant, as are most of the introductory stats, though it’s best if you keep re-rolling until you get a character with Looks at 75 percent or greater. You’re going to need to have good Looks in order to help you complete some of the other requirements, so it’s important that you keep this stat in mind when creating a new character for the challenge.

posting a video on youtube in bitlife

The game will allow you to start opening social media accounts once you reach the age of 13, and that’s when you can open a YouTube account and start posting videos. Unlike other platforms, you will start out with no followers whatsoever on YouTube (as opposed to a few dozen on others), but that’s okay — the important thing is that you post nothing but gaming videos on the platform.

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That’s right — no other type of video should be shared on YouTube, otherwise you automatically fail this requirement and will have to start from scratch. (i.e. by redoing the character’s life or creating a new one!) This is very crucial, but once the game senses that you’re posting gaming videos and gaming videos only, “Gaming” will eventually be auto-selected once you head to the YouTube section in BitLife’s Social Media sub-menu.

Going Viral (Still) Mostly Boils Down To Luck In BitLife

As it is in the real world, there is no foolproof formula that could guarantee the viral success of a YouTube video. Sure, you can stick to popular topics such as gaming, but in BitLife, the chances of a social media post going viral are mostly random, and in all honestly, very small. That may be the biggest hurdle in the PewDiePie Challenge, even if the first two requirements, as detailed above, are pretty much self-explanatory.

viral video in bitlife

With that in mind, we would simply suggest posting at least five gaming videos per year on YouTube. You can create other social media accounts as well and post content there, but even if you become a viral sensation on Instagram or Facebook, for instance, your larger following won’t influence (no pun intended) the chances of reaching similar popularity on YouTube. The important thing is focusing on YouTube until you go viral; you can create the other accounts later on in the challenge, preferably as you set out on the path toward becoming famous for something more than just your gaming videos, as we’ll detail in the final tip.

Become A Famous Entertainer To Significantly Boost Your Follower Count

Although it is possible in BitLife to become a famous Influencer, thus allowing your Fame score as a celebrity to drive tons of followers to your social media accounts each year, it still isn’t as easy as it is to become famous through other, more traditional forms of entertainment. So while you can definitely make some money for a while by endorsing products on social media, it’s better to find work as an Actor, Musician, or whatnot if you want to achieve the final requirement — have more than 10 million followers on YouTube as quickly as possible.

The same process as usual follows — use Work Harder at least once per year after getting a job in the entertainment industry, and you should become famous in a little more than a decade on average. But once you’ve become famous as an entertainer, you shouldn’t neglect your social media if you want to reach the 10 million mark on YouTube sooner rather than later.

reaching fame in bitlife

Keep posting gaming videos, make occasional posts (just not political ones) on other platforms, and endorse products, just as long as they aren’t unsexy enough (e.g. insurance, car brakes, mandolin slicer, etc.) to cost you several thousand followers. This is also where you can start opening accounts on other platforms if you haven’t yet — make sure to get them verified once you’ve reached 200,000 followers or reached 50 percent Fame, whichever comes first, as verification could boost your Fame stat by close to 20 percent per platform!

If you chose to keep posting at least five gaming videos a year even as a famous entertainer, you may want to slow it down a bit once you’ve reached the one million follower mark — there is, after all, such a thing as saturation, and that’s what happens when you start losing followers even if you post non-political content that goes down well with your audience. This may be in force for a few years, but if your Fame is consistently at 100 percent (keep doing commercials and photoshoots to keep it there) and you’re already past a million followers, your follower count will keep increasing at a rapid rate even if you simply hit the Age button without posting new content on any platform.

social media channels in bitlife

Granted, you probably won’t reach 10 million followers until you’re well into middle age — in fact, our test character was 64 (or more than twice the real PewDiePie’s age) when we completed the challenge, and that was because he was 29 at the time he was hired as a Voiceover Actor. But if you accept an entry-level entertainment job straight out of high school, become famous in your late 20s, and consistently share YouTube gaming videos, you should complete the PewDiePie Challenge by the time your character is in his early 50s or thereabouts. (As usual, you can unlock a new hat or eyewear as a reward for completing the challenge!)