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Dragonscapes Adventure Coupon Codes (October 2022 Codes)

Where there are games that have huge and/or growing fanbases, the developers need to find a way to keep that fanbase intact. While some would settle for incentive programs in-game, others would produce coupon codes.

Dragonscapes Adventure, created by Century Games, is a game that involves lots of exploration and dragon-raising. You are here to work alongside a young woman named Mia who finds herself on a mysterious island inhabited by dragons.

While some facilities of the island still remain intact, it’s up to you to help figure out what secrets lie beneath the mist that shrouds it. You’re bound to find newer, more advanced facilities, abandoned structures, new dragons, or even treasure. The only time the adventure stops is the time you stop exploring. But sometimes, even adventurers need a little help every now and then.

That’s where the coupon codes come in!

Coupon Codes? What Are Those?

These coupon codes are given out as gifts from developers to the players. Most games do it nowadays to keep their players motivated by granting them large swathes of resources and bonus items. These items may range from premium currency to exclusive event items to in-game currency to materials. These codes can only be used once per player, however, and cannot be used repeatedly to gain the same prizes over and over.

How To Use Coupon Codes In Dragonscapes Adventure

To redeem the prizes from a coupon code in Dragonscapes Adventure, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Look For The Settings Menu

dragonscapes adventure coupon codes step 1

On the main screen, look for the Settings Menu which looks like a gear. If you are a new player, this button will be highlighted with an exclamation point that signals you if you would like to save your progress.

Step 2: Access The Gift Code Prompt

dragonscapes adventure coupon codes step 2

Once you have opened the Settings Menu, you should be able to find four blue boxes below: A speaker (Sound), a musical note (Music), a present (Gift Codes), and a globe (Language). Tap on the icon that looks like a present.

Step 3: Enter the Code

dragonscapes adventure coupon codes step 3

After tapping the present, you will be prompted to enter the code. When the code has been entered, hit confirm and the rewards should be given to you automatically.

Dragonscapes Adventure Coupon Code List

dragonscapes adventure gift codes

While almost all of these codes have expired, please be sure to follow this page or be up to date with Dragonscapes Adventure by following them on social media or by joining their official Discord server. Below is a list of coupon codes for Dragonscapes Adventure.

(NOTE: These codes are case-sensitive.)

6g239oACTIVENovember 3, 2021
w4fqwcACTIVE November 2, 2021
ki4k6vEXPIRED October 31, 2021
ocytwyEXPIREDOctober 31, 2021
ydudloEXPIREDOctober 26, 2021
39almqEXPIREDOctober 23, 2021
trr35nEXPIREDOctober 22, 2021
6ebtumEXPIREDOctober 18, 2021
rz4cwsEXPIREDOctober 15, 2021
o7fxrkEXPIREDOctober 15, 2021
a7vau6EXPIREDOctober 31, 2021
47kzl6EXPIREDOctober 10, 2021
h0w26jEXPIREDOctober 2, 2021
2jf74mEXPIREDSeptember 30, 2021
912gduEXPIREDSeptember 29, 2021
a46jk8EXPIREDSeptember 30, 2021
7b1tg5EXPIREDSeptember 30, 2021
mw1n97EXPIREDSeptember 22, 2021
46me8gEXPIRED September 30, 2021
3d5he1EXPIRED September 23, 2021
0w3l7kEXPIRED September 18, 2021
o2hx46EXPIRED September 15, 2021
of5p83EXPIREDSeptember 15, 2021
gcc72kEXPIREDSeptember 9, 2021
q6mw0uEXPIREDSeptember 8, 2021
ra3ca9EXPIREDSeptember 6, 2021

Where Can I Get More Dragonscapes Adventure Coupon Codes?

There isn’t exactly any place you can get more codes, but you can stick around a game’s social media sites as well as their official Discord server just in case that they may release new ones. Additionally, you may also bookmark this page and check back every month for newer codes.

Did we miss a code for Dragonscapes Adventure? Leave it here in our comment section below!


Monday 6th of September 2021

Codes are expired