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Dragonscapes Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Create a Prosperous Settlement and Grow Your Dragon Menagerie

Farm games are a genre that has garnered a lot of popularity with mobile users over the last few years. If you happen to be looking for a new game to play from this category right now, Century Games has a fresh offering that could pique your interest. It’s called Dragonscapes Adventure.

Some players might be already familiar the work of the Chinese developer if they played games like Idle Mafia or King of Avalon before. It’s not the first time Century Games has dived into the farm gaming sphere either. The studio has previously released a title called Family Farm Seaside, which takes a more classic approach to the genre.

In contrast, the new arrival Dragonscapes Adventure benefits from a more unique backdrop, as it is set on an exotic island that is teeming with cute dragon creatures who can’t wait to become your pets. You’ll be joining Mia, your best friend from college, in a remote archipelago to study dragons and build a new home for yourselves. From the get-go, players are tasked with exploring the new land while also mining it for resources. In addition, they will also be in charge of planting the fields surrounding the base, and building factories to produce additional items needed to sustain their existence on the island.

dragonscapes adventure gameplay

Dragonscape Adventure is a casual energy exploring game, meaning you’ll have to spend an amount of energy from your reserve every time you want to make strides on the island. This involves cutting down trees, removing boulders or shrubs, or basically anything that is blocking your path. Every action costs a varying quantity of energy depending on the size of the obstacle.

While Dragonscape Adventures displays all the components of a classic farm game it does go a little beyond the norm and features a few unique elements like, for instance, a dragon merging component. Dragonscape Adventure is as simple and relaxing as farm games get, as there are no overly complex mechanics to worry about, although the game does have a lot of features you need to keep track of.

Although there’s nothing you could ever do that would completely ruin your budding dragon camp, you might still want to learn how you can progress quickly and efficiently in the game. If you’re interested in finding the best ways to exploit your energy reserve and explore as much of your environment as possible, then check our Dragonscapes Adventure beginner’s guide below for a collection of clever tips and tricks. With the help of our list of strategies you should be able to uncover the archipelago’s secrets fast and raise a beautiful, new settlement from the grounds up.

1. Pursue Quests To Get Rewards

Dragonscapes Adventure is filled with all kinds of different elements and players will need to spend a bit of time in the game before they can fully grasp everything. The best way to do so is not by wondering around the island aimlessly and cutting down vegetation left and right, something that, at first, you might be tempted to do for sheer curiosity’s sake. It is, instead, preferable to conserve that energy for tasks that really need doing.

With that in mind, check the lower left part of the display and tap on the icon shaped like a book. Tap on it to reveal the list of quests that are available to do. These are missions, that when completed, will offer rewards that consist of essential resources including energy, gold and gems. Quests can be quite varied. For example, you might be tasked with building a certain factory, planting a crop, or uncovering an objective that lays hidden beneath a thick blanket of fog.

Take note of the different rewards each quests provide, and try to prioritize those which award you energy – if possible. Usually quests will yield gold coins and XP, but the occasional mission will return some of that valuable energy and even gems.

dragonscapes adventure quests

Energy is the life juice that provides you with the mobility needed to explore the uncharted parts of the archipelago (you start with one island, but soon you’ll be able to unlock more), as well as mine for the resources needed to produce different products in the factories. Run out of juice, and your purpose suddenly narrows down. Sure you’ll still be able to continue working towards completing quests by planting, harvesting or by gathering resources here and there, but otherwise your movements will be limited.

Make sure you read each quest carefully. When you’re not sure what to do or where to search for something simply tap on the objective’s components and the game will immediately take you to the area that needs your attention. Doing so, prevents you committing any mistakes that would otherwise cost you precious energy.

Also be very careful where you tap, since the vegetation and surroundings are pretty thick, you might drop the occasional tap in the wrong place. The most common mishap is accidentally tapping on a tree and taking it down without actually intending to do so and thus wasting valuable energy.

2. Complete Orders

Orders are listed on the Order Board. You can find the panel in the camp center right next to the rocky sign that says “Home Sweet Home”.

These are usually requests for some of the products or crops you can produce in your settlement. So for example, someone could ask for 5 Carrots + 1 Dough + 2 White Sugar cubes or for 3 Bananas + 1 Wooden Spatula. You’ll have to set up production of these items in your factories or fields in order to be able to cater to the needs of your customers. Completing orders is a good way to make extra gold coins, as well as earn some valuable XP. The former helps you level up, which is a requisite for in-game progression.

how to complete orders in dragonscapes adventure

Some orders, though, offer up a more compelling reward. This comes in the form of chests and can contain all kinds of items including candy which can be turned into energy.

Orders and quests can deliver important amounts of XP that will allow you to level up quickly and unlock various new items so you can diversify your production. A large chunk of the game consists in doing just that, focusing on orders and quests, so make sure you comply and resist the urge to spend your energy simply on poking around the island out of curiosity.

With this strategy in place, you’ll also be able to amass a nice sum of gold coins. This in-game currency allows you to purchase new factories, as well as vegetation, dragon nests, and ornamentation elements, so that you can grow and expand your island.

3. Keep Your Production Up

While you can mine the land across your new home for resources, back at home base players need to set up and maintain the production of crops, fruit trees, as well as the items manufactured in the factories they built or restored.

dragonscapes adventure production

In order to ensure that orders are delivered quickly and quests completed rapidly, our advice is to try and establish a constant flow of goods. This means, whenever you’ve harvested a batch of crops you should immediately plant again, on rotation, to ensure you always have a supply of all of these goods readily available. What’s more, don’t put on pause any of production lines.

Always ensure they are working on something. Crafting some items takes a long time, so if you want to advance fast (without spending precious resources like gems) then you should definitely implement this strategy into your gameplay.

4. Choose The Most Efficient Route, Energy-Wise

When exploring the island, is important not to do things just for the sake of doing something. Check the Quest tab and tap on the mission’s components, especially if you are tasked with finding a certain place. The game will pinpoint where you need to be and so you won’t be poking around in the dark aimlessly.

how to save up on energy in dragonscapes adventure

Next, you’ll need to create an efficient route in order to cut down on your energy spending as much as possible. To do so, you should turn on No-tree mode. This can be done from the menu under the blue arrow in the upper right corner of the screen (beneath the gold coins). From there select the pine tree icon to remove all trees and buildings from the environment. This will give you a clearer view of the land, thus allowing you to carve a direct path to your objective.

When faced with a choice between several elements (trees, bushes, shrubs etc) check to see which is the cheapest option in terms of energy and go for that. If the path in front didn’t clear yet just chop down the second cheapest item and so on until you can pass through.

5. How To Get More Energy For Your Adventures

You can’t make real progress in the game without energy. This is why players need to constantly exploit every avenue of producing extra energy. In Dragonscapes Adventure, players can get x1 energy every 1:30 minutes. So the first option to getting more juice would be to exit the game and wait for a few hours until your energy bar is replenished. You can stretch its size by leveling up. But if you don’t want to wait, then employ these methods to access extra vitality.

– Log in Every Day: Players can redeem a small gift each day when they log in the game for the first time. These rewards vary, but at least twice a week, you can also grab some extra energy;

– Complete Quests – Find the quests that reward you with energy and focus on finishing them first;

– Complete the Special Orders: Target the special orders and make them a priority. Once you’ve completed them, you’ll be able to crack open a chest filled with goodies that might contain candy and other items that can be turned into energy. It’s not always a given, though;

– Level up in the game: This can be done by playing the game, basically completing quests and orders. Once you’ve leveled up, you’ll receive a reward that includes extra energy;

how to get more energy in dragonscapes adventure

– Look for the chests, bags and other scattered treasures: Continue to uncover new pieces of land across islands and watch out for the chests, bags and other items that are scattered all over the place. These might contain elements such as candy or chocolate that can be turned into energy. To make sure you don’t overlook them across the environment, switch to No-tree mode. This will remove all trees and buildings allowing you to see a lot better;

– Use factories to create more juice: Throughout the islands you’ll stumble upon energy plants. Restore them if they need to be repaired and then use them to manufacture more energy whenever you need. For example, the Fruit Cart can produce energy from the berries you’ve collected while mining the land. Alternatively, the Chocolate Cart (which you can purchase from the shop for 4400 gold coins) turns Chocolate into energy. There’s also the Pot that uses your gathered items to make more fuel;

– Play the Dragon Slots mini game: This game unlocks after level 14 and you can find it by tapping on the Pet Dragon House which is situated in the camp’s center. This is a simple slot machine game that gives you the opportunity to win small amounts of energy;

dragonscapes adventure tricks

– Tap on the Floating Gifts: floating gifts appear from time to time in Dragonscape Adventures. When you notice one floating around, bound to a bunch of colorful balloons, tap on it quickly. It might result in some candy (that can be turned into energy) or some additional items like petals;

– Log in with Facebook: Signing in with your Facebook account can get you 100 extra energy points;

– Purchase energy in exchange for gems: If you’ve accumulated a nice gems reserve, you can spend some towards buying more energy. 5 gems will get you 20 energy points, while spending 190 will unlock 1000 energy.

– Watch an ad or two: Sometimes the game offers you the chance to watch an ad to get some more energy. Sometimes the option appears as floating ad button. Or you can simply tap the “+” button next to your Energy bar to see if that’s available or not.

dragonscapes adventure compensation

– Check Your Inbox: Find the Gear icon located in the upper right part of the display (under gold coins) and tap on the blue arrow to reveal the whole menu. Select the Envelop to check your messages. Sometimes, the game will send over free gifts. For instance, after a maintenance session that lasted over 5 hours, the developers sent Dragonscape Adventure users a pretty nice gift consisting of energy, gems and gold.

6. What About Those Dragons?

The game is called Dragonscapes Adventure for a reason, so what’s up with those dragons flying around you might be wondering? Well, they represent the archipelago’s local fauna and you and Mia are studying them.

Dragons are cute and tiny creatures who can harvest fruits from trees, but more importantly produce the so-called “Dragon Power”. The uses of this particular resource might not be apparent at first, but after spending a while playing the game, you’ll come to realize that it’s quite vital.

Practically, Dragon Power is required to unlock new areas on the map, as well as items like plants. Sometimes, if you want to plant more of a certain kind of flower or tree, you might be required to upgrade your Dragon Power first. The resource is directly connected to the number of dragons you have roaming around on your island(s) at one point.

dragon collection in dragonscapes adventure

Which brings us to the next question – how do you get more dragons? You start off with a couple of them, but the game allows you to produce more and you’re encouraged to start doing so as quickly as possible. You’ll need dragon eggs to get things going. These can be acquired by tapping on the Dragon Book icon located in the lower right corner of the display (next to the dynamite).

A dragon egg costs petals. You can acquire these petals several ways. You can stumble upon Dragon flowers that produce these kind of resources by exploring the island. Alternatively, you can plant these flowers yourself by acquiring them from the store. Just be mindful of the fact that you might need to increase your Dragon Power before you can expand your garden. Other ways to obtain petals include logging into the game daily and grabbing the daily reward that might contain bonus petals, watching the occasional ad or purchasing them by spending gems.

Now, once you’ve acquired a total of three dragon eggs, you’ll be able to merge them via the Dragon Book into a level 1 dragon. Continue creating dragons like this until you hatch three level 1 dragons. Consequently, these can be merged into a level 2 dragon and so on. As we explained, hatching multiple dragons of different tires helps with boosting your dragon power, which you depend on if you want to continue to uncover new parts of the archipelago.

7. Spend Your Gems Mindfully

Gems complete the top three most vital resources in Dragonscape Adventures. They can be deployed as currency to purchase things like energy, coins, and even petals. This is why it’s absolutely critical that you do your best to gather as many gems as possible.

Set this goal in the back of your head and remember that having a hefty stash of gems could save you in critical moments where you want to advance in the game but you can’t because of not enough Dragon Power. In a case like this, if you already have a nice collection of gems at your disposal, you can simply invest in a batch of petals and start hatching additional dragons.

Now, gems can be used for other things in Dragonscape Adventures too. For example, in Quests you can use gems for when you are missing certain ingredients to complete parts of the mission. For example, to quickly Finish Board Order 3 times you would have to pay 15 gems. Our advice is that you do things yourself in the game, even if that takes longer. Abstain from using gems as much as possible.

how to spend gems in dragonscapes adventure

Gems can also add an extra production slot to your factories. Once you advance to higher levels and the demand begins to rise considerably, you will have to expand your production lines, whether you want it or not. So spending gems in this sense is recommended.

Lastly, gems can purchase Dragon Homes of different tires. These are the places where your pet dragons go to sleep to restore their Stamina. Once fully rested they will begin flying around the island and harvesting fruit and petals from the trees and flowers (which requires Stamina) you’ve previously planted or uncovered during your expeditions. Players can wake up dragons faster by paying a small sum of gems. But we advise against the practice.

Gems are pretty scarce resources, so you should spend them mindfully. Speaking of which, below you’ll find a list of all methods for collecting gems in Dragonscapes Adventures.

how to earn rewards in dragonscapes adventure

Log in Every Day

Just like we told you in Section 3, logging in every day unlocks a small reward. Sometimes this can be a bundle of gems, so keep checking into Dragonscapes Adventures on a daily basis.

Complete Quests

Find the quests that reward you with gems and complete them to grab the precious stones. However, keep in mind that these type of quests don’t appear too frequently.

Complete the Special Orders

The same as in the case of energy, completing special orders might unlock a chest that contains gems.

Level up in the game

Levelling up in the game (check section 3 for more details) will provide you with additional gems, on top of energy and coins.

dragonscapes adventure dragon slots mini game

Play the Dragon Slots mini game

This game unlocks after level 14 and it’s possible to win some gems while playing it.

Complete Achievements

Achievements are completed automatically, by simply playing the game. To view if you have any new rewards to redeem simply visit your island’s center and tap on the Dragon statue to view them. To give you an idea, the Cornfed II (Harvest 3000 Corn) offers a recompense of 5 gems and 250 XP.

gemstone collection in dragonscapes adventure

Exchange Your Collections

During your explorative sessions you’ll end up collecting a lot of items. Each time you take down a tree, rock or another kind of element you’ll be able to gather all kinds of objects, for instance, gem stones, butterflies, feathers and more. All this stuff is grouped into separate collections back at camp and once one is complete, you’ll be able to redeem some rewards.

For example, a full Feather collection can get you 2 gems + 2 candy. To check out the status of your Collections, visit the glass-door cabinet that is located next to the Home Sweet Home sign in the camp’s center.

Complete Resource Tasks

Once you unlock new islands across the archipelago, you’ll be able to travel to these new locations and complete quests all across them. You’ll also notice that these new regions come with their own set of Resource Tasks. Set out to complete those and you will be able to redeem extra rewards that might include gems.

Take Up the Ad offers

From time to time you might notice little floating ads across the island. Tap on them to get a small prize in exchange for watching a quick advertisement. Unlike other games, these ads are pretty sparse and they won’t hamper your enjoyment of the game. But when you do notice them, make sure to exploit the opportunity.

8. Be Active During Events

Take note of incoming events which are posted on the Notice Board which is located in your camp’s central square in the vicinity of the Pet Dragon House.

Events like the Thanksgiving Farmyard unlock another island you can visit which features its own ecosystem of flora and items you can mine. Events are designed to distribute lots of rewards, so whenever one is going on in Dragonscapes Adventure make sure you join and play as much as possible.

dragonscapes adventure hints

The only downside is that events will impact your energy reserve and drain the juice you’ve accumulated through hard work, because they rely on the same energy source you use during normal gameplay. So, our advice is that each time you’re waiting for resources to be produced in your archipelago, that you travel to this alternate place and put your energy to good use there. Just like during normal gameplay, when events are happening you’ll have to complete quests that range from finding or mining for certain items to building factories and starting production lines.

special tasks in dragonscapes adventure

Fortunately, most events in Dragonscapes Adventures last for at least a week, so you have plenty of time to exploit them to the maximum and get those extra rewards.

This is where we end our Dragonscapes Adventure beginner’s guide hoping that the tips and strategies we’ve shared with you will help you considerably accelerate your pace in the game. Despite being based on an energy-system, the game does offer ample opportunities for prolonged gameplay with the right strategy in place. If you have already spent countless hours playing Dragonscapes Adventure and have stumbled upon some tricks we haven’t included in this guide and you feel like sharing, then you can go ahead and do so via the comment section below!


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