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Final Gear Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Strengthen Your Pilots and Dominate Mech Battles

KOMOE Technology has further solidified its mark on the mobile RPG community with the release of its latest RPG, Final Gear, which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Considering the overabundance of RPGs not just on mobile but in the gaming world in general, Final Gear surprisingly provides a completely unique action strategy experience jam-packed with features and activities guaranteed to provide hours after hours of tinkering and adventure.

Final Gear lets you recruit and command an army of anime girls, each with her own unique skills and traits, piloting different gears that suit their respective character classes. The gears are products of parts that you get to mix and match, exponentially increasing the game’s fun factor especially for players who enjoy building their own gears. Overall, the unique package that Final Gear comes with makes it difficult to compare it with any other RPG. However, if you love mech battles, build-a-bots, and anime girls in an action strategy adventure, then you will certainly love Final Gear.

final gear gameplay

The game has a distinctive appeal that can present itself both as exciting and intimidating. The icons, menus, and all the detail-heavy visuals can certainly leave an overwhelming first impression but once you go through the tutorials and read instructions as it walks you through every new feature you unlock, you will certainly be able to get the hang of it as you would a much simpler looking RPG.

Final Gear has an auto mode feature that makes battles convenient especially for complete beginners. Features or menus that require attention will also always have an indicator on them, making it very easy for you to know where to venture into.

If you have just started diving into the world of Final Gear and in search of tips and strategies to propel your progress in your adventure, look no further. Our Final Gear beginner’s guide features loads of tips and tricks to strengthen your team fast and dominate every challenge that comes your way.

1. You Can Do Well Without Rerolling

For experienced and veteran mobile RPG players, the existence of a gacha mechanic or random acquisition of characters or other important items in the game gives rise to opportunities for some rerolling. For complete beginners on the concept of gacha and rerolling, the latter simply refers to the process of starting your adventure over and over until you can have the best possible characters from your first 10x gacha pulls or so.

Most of the time, we strongly encourage players to go for a reroll as many times as possible, to ensure starting out with strong heroes to take you through most challenges with relative ease. Beyond that, having one or a couple of the best characters right at the start of your journey also leads you to invest resources in upgrading them instead of being compelled to invest in other units while waiting for more suitable ones to be recruited.

final gear heroes

Lastly, you can expect that gacha mechanics leave little probability of actually securing top grade characters from every pull, so it is best to at least secure one or a couple of top tier characters before you proceed with the journey as there are no guarantees you will recruit one anytime soon.

One of the reasons we are not so much sold on the idea of rerolling in Final Gear is because of the Novice Banner in recruitment. This is a one-time 10x roll that guarantees 1 of select SSR characters from among the list. This sweet deal is made even better with an infinite retries to ensure you get the absolute best mix of characters to jumpstart your roster’s power. Beyond the beginner banner ensuring you at least get an SSR hero, the plethora of welcome and event rewards also give you a special ticket that can instantly summon yet another SSR hero.

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With both these features, every player is assured of having 2 SSR heroes in their team. Well beyond that, these heroes are basically not random as well given the player’s ability to select which heroes to recruit. The pre-registration and welcome gifts awarded to players will still allow at least a couple more of 10x pulls. While that may still be encouraging for players to proceed with rerolling, we feel it necessary to know the surrounding circumstances before doing so.

final gear pilots

Rerolling in Final Gear can only be done after completing chapter 2-4, which is a little longer than usual compared to most RPGs with a gacha mechanic. Although this really is no big issue, rerolling requires you to clear cache and game data on an Android device and completely uninstall and reinstall the game on an iOS one.

This would mean having to re-download over 3 gigabytes of data with every instance of a reroll and going through all those battles with skippable dialogues over and over. If your internet connection is not as fast to download the entire app in a couple of minutes or, worse, if you have limited data plans, then rerolling probably is not much of an option for you.

Unless you have numerous social media or email accounts you can link to your progress in Final Gear for every reroll attempt, it can be a long and tiring venture if your rerolls do not net you an SSR character that you want soon enough. If you are very much happy with having 2 SSR heroes to begin your adventure with, then you can completely skip the next part, which is about rerolling, if not then proceed to know how to reroll in Final Gear.

final gear mail

First and most important of all, you have to start your adventure using a guest login. You have an option to sign into the game with existing accounts, but you should only do so once you have secured the characters you want and are ready to continue your adventure.

Although all dialogues and cut scenes can be skipped to lessen the time it takes for you to get through chapter 2-4, we recommend reading through it on your first go. Once the recruit option becomes available, be sure to claim gifts from the mail. You should have well more than enough free crystals to perform multiple 10x recruits.

If you obtain enough SSR characters you like, then you should proceed to link your game progress to either your Apple ID or Gmail account through the game’s settings. If not, you have to exit out of the game, clear the app data and cache and start over.

2. Consider Maintaining A Balanced Team

Battles you engage in as you traverse the world within Final Gear are team-based. The tutorial session starts you off with 1 character but you will be progressively introduced to different character classes and will soon have a full team of 4 gears under your command. Although battle stages basically indicate recommended power levels your team should meet to ensure a relatively smoother progression through it, having a balanced and synergistic team composition will always lead to more favorable results.

A character’s rarity or grade is often the primary basis of their consideration for a slot in teams. For the most part, what you would do is to select your top SSR character and build around her. While immense power can get you through a lot of the early content regardless of which team you bank on, you can expect the challenges to call for a more balanced team setup at some point in your journey. For this reason, it becomes important to start your adventure with a balanced team, regardless of each unit’s rarity grade.

Classification of characters in Final Gear relate to both range and class. Units can be short range, mid range, or long range and there are 2 distinct classes for each range type. A team composed of 4 units should have at least 1 pilot for each range type. Short range pilots may either be a Striker or a Defender. Strikers tend to have higher defense values than pilots behind them and is the top damage dealer in the front lines. Defenders, on the other hand, lack offensive capabilities. They are, however, vital in ensuring the team’s survival with high defense stats and even defensive skills.

final gear team

Mid range pilots are either Shooters or Demolishers and can deal stronger damage than any unit in the front line. Shooters utilize machine guns that shoot rapidly and can deal high damage outputs against a single unit. Demolishers have artilleries that enable them to deal strong AoE attacks. Last but not the least are the long range pilots, who are either Snipers or Bombers. These units have the strongest offensive capabilities but have the lowest defense stats.

As much as you would want to bank on them for their DPS outputs, Final Gear makes it so that some enemy units will either drop on the stage near the long range units or will have some enemy units travel straight towards them from the front lines. Snipers deal heavy damage to single targets while Bombers have powerful AoE attacks.

Beyond considering a healthy mix of pilots based on their range and class, you should naturally consider each unit’s inherent skills. Beyond current rarity grade, keep in mind that some of them can be upgraded to the next grade and their unique abilities especially how these contribute to team synergy is very important to consider.

3. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Campaign

Like all other RPGs, especially on mobile, the main campaign in Final Gear stands as the most basic game mode and is your primary source of all basic resources and items you need to take on all challenges that come your way. Compared to most games, Final Gear lets players immerse themselves into numerous, easy campaign battles before starting to dish out the really big challenges.

Given the plethora of gifts and rewards players are provided at the start of their journey, everyone is likely to take on a long series of battles where their team’s power levels are at least 5 times as much as the enemy team’s power levels.

final gear campaign

In addition to gold, which is the basic currency in the game, Final Gear has a unique currency called Bounty Credits, which players need to earn from campaign battles to unlock and battle through other maps and districts within the campaign mode. Although we recommend going to more challenging regions and moving forward as fast as you can, feel free to revel in any given mission within the unlocked regions in your campaign.

Missions can take several battles and some time to complete even on auto mode. Strategies are not limited exclusively to building your team and managing their skills and positions in the actual combat. Planning on where to deploy your teams on the map and how you engage enemies considering the different missions are also critical factors you should take into consideration.

Every pilot you take into battle earns experience points and reach new levels. Their levels are capped based on your account level and progressing through the main campaign is your best bet of increasing it.

final gear battle

Of course, you can expect there to be plenty of means for you to strengthen your teams and pilots but keeping everyone in your roster at decent enough levels for the upcoming challenges will greatly depend on their individual levels. You can always grant pilots instant EXP but simply taking them through as many battles for free EXP is always the best bet.

In addition to outright rewards from each campaign stage you beat along with the EXP and Bounty Credits you earn, progression through the main campaign serves as your only key towards unlocking the rest of Final Gear’s many features. A lot of these features contribute to empowering your pilots and improving your gears and with opportunities to earn more from them, it is always best to unlock as many of the features sooner than later.

Despite Final Gear having paid crystals that can only be earned using real money, dedicated free-to-play players will certainly be able to do well enough on their respective journeys.

4. Maintain Focus On Team 1

Being able to form different teams in strategy RPGs is nothing new. Most strategy RPGs that involve a plethora of units to collect and upgrade usually relates to players having different teams for different types of dungeons and needs. It is also common to see different teams simply meaning different compositions, given that most RPGs only let you take one team into battle.

In Final Gear, however, additional teams are unlocked as you progress in your adventure. You will end up having to manage a total of 4 teams. The best part of it is that you will engage in various battles where you need to utilize multiple teams. This feature can be both exciting and intimidating especially since being able to command 2 or more teams simultaneously is a relatively rare experience for RPG players.

final gear team 1

After building your first team, assembling their gears, and commanding them in battle several times, along with a couple or more upgrades and adjustments in-between battles, you will eventually get used to it and even enjoy every bit of it.

Managing more than 1 team can be intimidating primarily to the decision points attributable to enhancing each team and each member. With at least 2 teams to organize, the dichotomy leaves you with a choice of whether to continue focusing efforts on your first team or dividing resources as evenly as possible between your 2 teams.

final gear team 2

We recommend maintaining focus on your team 1 as you will continue to need a strong team that can break through all kinds of challenges in your adventure. This means that team 1 will engage most battles as much as possible, raking in EXP for the most part until the team is close to reach their individual level caps. This will still allow team 2 to engage in some fights and level up its members a bit.

As far as gear parts go, members of team 1 should be top priority. You will most certainly be able to assemble more gears than you can possibly use and for the early battles, even the fifth to eight best gear sets you can use are good enough for your second team to win battles.

5. Enhance Your Gear

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, Final Gear provides numerous ways for players to strengthen their units and team. For one, having both pilots and gear parts upgradable leads a lot of potential as well as a lot of needs given that every bit of enhancement requires resource materials. This is among the reasons why it becomes important to recruit pilots you would continue to use early on and is likewise a consideration as to why you should only maintain focus on a single team.

Earning EXP and reaching new levels stands as the most basic way of strengthening your pilots. Each new level reached comes with stat increases and any stat increase leads to an increase in power. In the pilot menu, you can train pilots and give them instant EXP using Piloting Theories. You will most certainly have an abundance of these items early on but you can quickly empty your supply if you rely on these a lot.

leveling up pilots in final gear

Earning EXP from various missions is easy so we recommend saving these Piloting Theories for later recruits who will join your team. As you continue to gather crystals and recruit more pilots, you will no doubt recruit higher grade ones that will replace one or a couple of your current favorites. They will, however. Need to catch up in terms of level to be instantly useful so be sure to save some Piloting Theories for them.

Pilots you recruit can have between 1 to 3 stars in terms of rank. Each one, regardless of rarity, can be ranked up all the way to 6 stars. Ranking up does not just come with a massive stat boost but also unlocks additional passive skills for the pilot. The challenge relative to this feature is that it requires an extra copy of the specific pilot you want to rank up, making it very easy to rank up normal grades a lot more than SR and SSR pilots.

Each pilot, regardless of rarity or grade has 1 active ability and 3 passive skills. The active skill is unlocked for everyone but passive skills each unlock at 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars, respectively. All unlocked skills are at level 1 and can be upgraded to a higher level using system upgrades.

final gear equipment list

System upgrades are not as easy to obtain and can either be class specific, or work in general, which is way more valuable. As far as skill upgrades go, it is best to have a top priority pilot for each given class and only invest in them if you are certain you will continue to use them for a long time.

Each gear in the game is composed of 4 basic parts: the weapon, the cockpit, the frame, and the mount. Later on, each one will also be able to equip 2 chips that boost their performance. Equipment or gear parts come in different rarities indicated by their color and each one also comes with a rank, indicative of its level.

Gear parts can also have a minimum mercenary team (account) level requirement. Although Final Gear makes it very easy for players to automatically equip the best parts as far as power I concerned, you should freely explore different options. SR and SSR parts also have set effects that tremendously increase a gear’s performance.

final gear development order

Each gear part can be enhanced through the brace up feature up to a max enhancement level of +20. Although bracing up is relatively cheap, it is best to still spend it prudently especially if you feel that the gear part in question will soon be replaced.

Beyond all these available upgrades, be sure to remember continuously recruiting pilots and developing gears. You can quickly and easily do these through the recruit and develop icons on the lower right side of the screen, provided that you have the necessary resource materials. Pilot recruitment and gear development take time to complete but it can also be instantly completed using accelerators.

6. Do Not Rely Too Much On Auto Mode

We certainly appreciate the auto mode feature in Final Gear as it makes a lot of battles very convenient and odes a pretty well job of sweeping enemies as well. As a beginner, you are likely to rely a lot on this feature once it becomes available and, perhaps, even feel that it can do a better job than you at eliminating enemies. While auto mode tends to get the job done, it will become more and more challenging to rely on it as you reach farther in the campaign or face more powerful enemy rosters in events and other challenges.

Auto mode locks on to enemies with great precision and unloads active skills as soon as it becomes available. As helpful as the latter is, simply activating skills when they are available may not always be the best course of action, especially in boss battles.

final gear auto battle

Every battle you engage in is composed of waves and there are numerous instances when you should time your skill usage right for better results. Using skills strategically will eventually be a determining factor in your victory especially in the latter districts and levels.

Beyond skill activation, if you have watched your team on auto mode enough times, you will notice just how much lacking the AI is when it comes to avoiding damage. There will certainly be a lot of times when your long range unit or units will be swarmed by enemy bots before some other team member comes to her aid. Although manual controls actually only let you handle one pilot at a time, an instant shift of control to the rest of the team paired up with advanced actions can tremendously boost your team’s performance.

7. Accomplish Requests, Trophies, And Event Targets

Final Gear certainly provides an abundance of in-game rewards for the most active of players. Beyond the outright rewards you obtain from clearing various battles, clearing missions in the campaign, and first time clear rewards, there are hosts of additional sources of rewards to earn that largely depend on how active you are. These come in the form of requests, trophies and special event missions.

final gear requests

All these 3 features do not necessarily mean having to put in more effort as the objectives outlined in all these features form part of the usual activities you should partake in on a regular basis. In essence, these features ought to be your guide towards progressing through the campaign and other challenges within the world of Final Gear. The rewards are a great added incentive and certainly helps your pilots and teams remain above par for the increasing levels of challenges to come.

final gear trophies

Requests basically contain targets you should aim to accomplish on a regular basis. Daily requests are typically the easiest of the bunch and should be your daily guide towards progressing your adventure. Weekly requests are basically jacked up counterparts of daily requests and if you can consistently accomplish daily requests, then you are likely to have no trouble completing weekly requests.

final gear event target

Final Gear also hosts special events that can earn you unique rewards based on your active participation in the event. Although the most basic event targets lie within the event requests, there are additional ones you can accomplish under the events icon on the main screen. In addition to the login rewards, be sure to check the novice mission as you would want to accomplish the mission targets sooner and earn rewards that can help you in your adventure.

8. Regularly Manage Your Inventory

There are a lot of items to encounter in Final Gear that are essentially unique and difficult to compare with conventional items in other RPGs. Battles you engage in, mission and quest rewards, as well as continuous development of equipment also lead to a rapid increase of items in your inventory and lack or absence of inventory management can contribute to a lack of overall efficiency as well.

To ensure that you are maximizing your inventory and using every bit of resource you have at the best times, make it a habit to visit your warehouse through its icon on the lower left side of the screen.

For starters, you can expect that inventory slots are limited. Although you can expand it using crystals, premium currency in this case is best used for more important purchases such as special recruits. You have an initial warehouse capacity of 500 items which should be well more than enough to hold precious gears and consumables. Ensuring you always have ample free space is among the regular tasks you should hold so be sure to do a bit of cleanup with every visit.

final gear inventory

Equipment will consume the majority of your warehouse’s free space. You can opt to dismantle them in bulk whether by rarity, part type, or a combination of both. You can obtain development parts as a result and development parts are a basic resource you need to develop new parts. You should take time to look into the rest of the other items in your warehouse.

There are some items that may be unfamiliar to you and highlighting each one should give you a good enough idea on how to use them. Under the “items” tab, be sure to check for consumables that reveal the real reward once you use them. Some of these items contain valuable resources that are best used sooner than later.

Final Gear most certainly holds a ton more details that we cannot fully squeeze in within one guide. We are, however, strongly confident that the tips and general strategies we discussed in this guide should suffice for you to have a better understanding of the rest of the game’s other aspects.

As we wrap up this guide, we hope that you have learned a great deal and will be able to apply that knowledge to your adventure within Final Gear’s world moving forward. If you happen to come across some neat tricks or strategies we have not included in our guide, as well as an inclination to share your experiences in the game, do not hesitate to tell us about it down in the comments!