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Final Gear Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best SSR and SR Pilots

KOMOE Technology’s epic Mechs and Maidens strategy RPG, Final Gear, continues to entice more captains to lead their own teams of pilots and customized mechs to battle. With a plethora of challenges and features as well as a massive roster of characters and mechs to collect and upgrade, Final Gear ensures hours after hours of entertainment through different missions to conquer and setups to tinker with from time to time.

The plot and storyline, the designs of the pilots and mechs, and even the general quality and uniqueness of Final Gear’s game mechanics and features all contribute to making it an immersive and addictive adventure. Like most gacha games, especially team-based strategy RPGs where players can mix and match their very own teams and gears, a huge chunk of the fun factor rests on the excitement of not knowing which characters you will recruit next and actually testing out different team rosters in various challenges.

final gear tier list

Final Gear boasts more than 100 unique pilots, each with their unique traits and skills. With different rarity grades, it can be expected that higher grade pilots will exhibit better skills and utility compared to their lower grade counterparts. Likewise, despite any developer’s best efforts to maintain balance across all characters, even for those having the same rarity grade, some units will simply stand out over others. It should be understood that in an attempt to ensure that each character is unique, the stats and skills of each one inevitably lead to small gaps in strength and overall utility.

Although there are R grade pilots in Final Gear worth checking out, we limited our tier list to SSR and SR grade pilots. It may come as a surprise that some SR pilots place higher in tiers than some SSR units. The existence of custom mechs for most of the pilots are also not considered in our tier list. Regardless of how well a custom mech impacts the pilot’s abilities or whether or not a pilot currently has no effect on how we ranked each pilot.

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Likewise, note that our tier list, just like all tier lists we published before, are subjective and can expectedly differ from everyone else’s opinion. Just the same as well, we consider all pilots within the same tier as practically equals and are arranged alphabetically.

Final Gear S Tier Pilots

These are the top-tier pilots who should be the ones to build your teams around once you recruit them. Each one of these pilots are well worth the investment and will not only make it easier for you to plow through the main campaign, but will certainly be very valuable to your roster from early game all the way to end game content.

Elizabeth (SSR – Bomber)

elizabeth final gear

As a Bomber, you might expect Elizabeth to be among the best DPS units in Final Gear. While her AoE skills are a little below average, though, she more than makes up for it with the buffs she can provide for her team. Her first skill does an AoE attack but what makes it special is the damage and crit rate boost it imparts on allies. Both her second and third skills also effectively raises her team’s damage outputs, making her an excellent support unit for a more offensive team setup.

Murasaki (SSR – Defender)

murasaki final gear

No team in Final Gear can last that long in extreme challenges without a solid enough tank to defend the team. While Murasaki is not the best pilot at being a tank exclusively, her ability to apply shields that reflect damage for her team is great to have across any kind of challenge. She also has a skill that lets her inflict stun on an opponent if she takes enough hits as well as reduce the basic attack attributes of enemies by 20% by probability.

Natasha (SR – Bomber)

natasha final gear

Yet another Bomber straying from the DPS expectations players normally have, Natasha is also a top tier pilot not because of her damage outputs, but rather because of her support abilities. Her primary skill’s AoE damage is below average but at least it raises the chances of activating her third passive. Her third passive ability has a 45% chance of boosting the attack of a random ally by 25% and the probability is increased when she uses her active skill. One of her passives also grant a 10% attack rate increase for the whole party.

Rin Kamiuezeno (SSR – Striker)

rin kamiuezeno final gear

Rin is a top-notch DPS pilot and while her damage outputs may not be as impressive early in the battle, it quickly builds up to tremendous amounts especially against mobs of enemies. Her active skill does a massive 1,750% of ATK as damage. Her unique mechanic is gaining Sakura Marks, which can be stacked up to 20 and increases her damage and critical rate. Her second passive grants her self-healing and can also inflict 3x damage to targets if she has at least 15 Sakura Marks. Her third passive lets her earn Sakura Marks with every critical hit.

Shmily (SR – Demolisher)

shmily final gear

Shmily may be a Demolisher by pilot class, but she is our favorite SR grade support unit in Final Gear. Her active skill provides an excellent heal for all her allies. Her third passive enables healing randomly as well following a critical hit landed, with strength based off on the target’s maximum HP. She also has a passive ability that debuffs enemy units, making them more susceptible to critical attacks form the whole team and even stacks up to 5 times.

Snowy (SSR – Demolisher)

snowy final gear

Yet another Demolisher with excellent support skills, Snowy also exhibits decent damage outputs on her own. She can provide her allies a wide assortment of buffs at random, which includes attack increase, crit chance boost, evasion increase, accuracy increase, and critical damage boost. Her ability to ignore her target’s defense effectively increases her damage outputs.

Taysia Graft (SSR – Striker)

taysia graft

Taysia is a top-tier DPS unit that is mainly built for taking down big and powerful targets. As a Striker, she is certainly an excellent pick for boss battles and PvP matches. Taysia sports a very strong single target active skill that can definitely more than put a scratch on any enemy. She grows stronger the longer the battle runs thanks to her third passive, which boosts attack and attack rate with every hit. Passive 2 increases her damage against enemies with high HP while also boosting damage and critical chance against enemies with low HP.

Final Gear A Tier Pilots

As you should already know that recruiting each pilot in the above tier is already a challenge, having the means to fully upgrade them is a bigger obstacle as well. Although you can build a superb team with using only pilots from the above tier, some of the pilots in this tier may synergize better with the team you have in mind. Although these pilots are only in the second tier, they are still very much worth every resource you spend on them and a team with members largely coming from this groups can still be a formidable one.

Aita (SR – Demolisher)

aita final gear

Aita is also a good support unit to have on any team and our favorite passive ability on her is that she grants the whole team a 20% damage increase so long as her HP is above the 70% mark. Her first passive skill boosts the team’s critical rate by 10% and another passive also provides a stackable crit chance boost.

Bernadette (SSR – Demolisher)

bernadette final gear

Bernadette may not be much of a team player save for her AoE attack, but the buff she can apply to herself makes her a distinctive pilot you can utilize for lack of better choices. Her active skill may not deal much AoE damage, but the self-buff that comes with it and DoT effects on enemies hit are small pluses. Her second passive grants her a 50% damage boost as well as crit chance increase. With another passive ability that gives her a probability to deal 4x as much damage to a target, Bernadette certainly is a good pick for an offense unit for different combat scenarios.

Coreleah (SR – Defender)

coreleah final gear

One of the more pure tank types in Final Gear, Coreleah comes with a perfect combination of aggro-taking and damage reduction. She can taunt enemies effectively taking all potential damage off from her allies and she cn launch an aura that reduces all incoming damage by 20%. Although definitely lagging behind as far as damage outputs are concerned compared with other Defenders, Coreleah is definitely one for a team that needs a pure tank.

Eloise (SSR – Defender)

eloise final gear

In contrast with Coreleah, Eloise is a Defender built to also unleash excellent damage outputs. She is a unique frontliner that can taunt enemies and provide a shield to her allies equal to 30% max HP. Her second passive also helps her replenish energy faster. Her damage outputs are not that high to begin with, but her 2 other passives can buff them to decent amounts. In addition to dealing damage with her active skill, Eloise’s summoned bots that taunt enemies are an excellent utility not just for extra damage.

Sumora (SSR – Defender)

sumora final gear

Sumora is yet another solid tank as a Defender. Her damage outputs are as can be expected of conventional tanks but her active skill can be a tide-changing tool especially against enemies that deal tremendous damage to the team. Her active skill can almost perfectly diminish all incoming damage for 4 seconds and, if timed perfectly, can render an otherwise fatal blow completely ineffective.

Sweety (SR – Shooter)

sweety final gear

As peculiar as pilot classes and actual roles can be in Final Gear, some pilots simply stand out with the effects their skills have rather than their mere damage outputs. Although Sweety is a Shooter and can be expected to have good DPS outputs, she shines more with the buffs and debuffs she can toss out. Her active skill temporarily doubles the damage taken by her enemies, and is an excellent debuff with any other DPS unit in the team. She also has an attack boost passive, a crit chance increase for her allies, and a 20% attack buff that can be endowed to a random ally.

Viorate (SSR – Shooter)

viorate final gear

Viorate has high damage output potentials despite some of the skills taking effect around probabilities. Her active skill does massive damage on its own and also switches Viorate between two different modes with its own set of perks. Inner Void increases damage done and damage taken by 35% while Outer Void boosts attack, crit chance, and crit damage against enemies with a decay status. One of her passives apply decay at a 20% chance when a critical hit strikes. A decay status inflicted on targets inflicts 50% of Viorate’s attack on them every second.

Final Gear B Tier Pilots

With a good number of pilots manning the above 2 tiers and a certainty that even more powerful pilots are on the way, B-listers are pilots whom you should consider investing in with some serious sense of prudence. Chances are that you will eventually be able to recruit better pilots for your teams as you continue on your adventure. As temporary fillers, these pilots are not bad at all, but only invest in them if you have to for current barricades in your progress.

α-16 (SR – Shooter)

α-16 final gear

α-16 is a decent shooter if you do not have better candidates belonging to the upper tiers. Her active skill does tremendous damage of 1,645% of her attack. There is a 10% chance for her to gain a 10% attack boost with every critical hit landed on an enemy and this buff can stack up to 15 times. She also passively improves her crit rate and energy recovery, with the latter naturally leading to more primary skill activations.

Danngo Kobayashi (SSR – Striker)

danngo kobayashi final gear

Danngo as a Striker is a decent DPS unit. Her damage outputs on its own are below average but is well compensated by the buffs she can impose on herself. She has a 15% attack buff that stacks up to 5 times based on critical hits landed and also builds up energy that results in an explosive AoE attack that deals 50% of her attack as damage. Additionally, she can also boost her critical damage by 50% as well as deal double damage on enemies with lower than 50% health.

Dolores (SSR – Sniper)

dolores final gear

Dolores is likewise a fairly decent Sniper and has good DPS outputs. Her active skill does not really do much damage, but the permanent mark it inflicts on enemies make up for it. Marked targets increase her damage and critical rate by 5% and can stack up to 20 times. Her passive abilities include damage and accuracy increase, critical rate boost, 30% chance to deal 3x damage against targets with less than 30% health, and a 20% chance for her basic attacks to leave a mark on her target.

Evelyn & Coral (SSR – Striker)

evelyn & coral final gear

Evely and Coral is yet another DPS unit with reliance on self-buffs and probabilities. Their active skill does below average damage but the 10% damage boost and immunity from control skills for the next 10 seconds is situationally good to have. She has passive abilities that can increase her damage outputs, attack rate, and even her movement speed.

Favia (SSR – Striker)

favia final gear

Favia is a nice Striker unit to play around with in the absence of better ones for DPS roles. Her active skill does not really do much damage even with damage over time. Her passives, however, play well with her active skill. Her first passive gives her a 20% crit rate increase and a 30% chance on hit to reset her active skill’s DoT effect. Her second passive grants her a 20% attack boost that can stack 3 times when targeting enemies affected by her DoT. Lastly, she also has a 50% damage boost against shielded enemies, ignoring their shields altogether.

Flavia (SSR – Striker)

flavia final gear

An otherwise average DPS unit, Flavia’s specialization on crit rate and her ability to stun makes her fairly easy to pair up with various pilots that boost the team’s attacks. Her active skill does subpar damage but its stun effect on targets is great to have especially in PvP. This also boosts her crit rate by 100%, ensuring a critical hit for attacks within the succeeding 15 seconds following its activation. Her second passive lets her recover energy with every critical hit, and works perfectly with the crit boost of her active skill. This, in turn, will allow Flavia to activate her active skill more often.

Garren (SR – Shooter)

garren final gear

Garren is a fairly average Shooter that can likewise be utilized as a DPS unit in the absence of better choices. Her active skill does decent damage worth 878% of attack. Beyond that, it increases damage taken by enemies by 25% and boosts her critical damage by 10% for the next 5 seconds. Her passive abilities include a 20% crit rate increase and 20% crit damage increase, an extra 20% damage against enemies with lower than 40% HP, and a 70% chance for her critical hits to deal an extra 50% crit damage.

Leigh (SR – Shooter)

leigh final gear

Leigh is a unique type of Shooter that works as a DPS unit not through damage outputs per se, but rather at how fast she recovers energy and gets to activate her active skill again and again. Her active skill only does 350% of her attack as damage, but her second passive ability lets her recover energy, much better even with her custom mech around. Her passives also grant her a 20% critical damage increase and a 15% increased critical chance.

Margaret (SR – Defender)

margaret final gear

Margaret is certainly a weird pick for a defender, considering her DPS and support roles seem to play more dominantly. Margaret’s active skill does 650% of attack as damage. The effect of squeezing enemies together is its best feature and the small health regen that lasts for 3 seconds is a plus as well. Once per battle, she becomes immune to fatal blows and will gain invincibility for as well as control skill immunity for 10 seconds, also restoring 30% of her max HP. After 10 seconds, she will deal an AoE attack worth 5% of her max health. Her passives allow her to deal additional damage, attack rate, and even energy recharge when her health goes below the 30% mark.

Nia (SSR – Sniper)

nia final gear

Also a decent DPS unit to have in the absence of higher tier units, Nia can deal an AoE damage worth 850% of her attack. Nia’s normal attacks deal an extra 30% pierce damage to targets and can also stun enemies. Other passives increase attack damage by 20% as well as boost crit damage by 20%.

Viola (SR – Bomber)

viola final gear

A decent support unit especially because of her healing abilities, Viola is potentially the only substitute for Shmily. Her active skill does decent healing for allies although her third passive helps a bit as it provides healing based on her attack values. She needs to be set up with weapons that increase energy recharge rate to perform more sustainable heals on her allies but still good to have if you do not have Shmily on your team.

Final Gear C Tier Pilots

Final Gear certainly challenges the ideology that higher rarity units dominate the top lines of any tier list. With the pilots listed under this tier, you should consider only banking on them as a last resort. These pilots are better than normal grade pilots but there certainly are a handful of rare grade units that can be utilized better in your teams than this bunch. There may be situations where some of these units may come in handy but, again, try to look for better choices before spending resources on these pilots.

Akari Onikage (SR – Striker)

akari onikage final gear

Alexa (SSR – Bomber)

alexa final gear

Amber (SR – Sniper)

amber final gear

Ariel (SR – Shooter)

ariel final gear

Aya Kujyo (SSR – Striker)

aya kujyo final gear

Breeze Thallo (SR – Demolisher)

breeze thallo final gear

Chilino (SR – Bomber)

chilino final gear

Cynthia (SSR – Bomber)

cynthia final gear

Evelyn (Pathogen) (SSR – Demolisher)

evelynn pathogen final gear

Evelynn (SR – Striker)

evelynn final gear

Grave (SR – Bomber)

grave final gear

Helena (SR – Demolisher)

helena final gear

Jessie (SR – Shooter)

jessie final gear

Karan (SR – Sniper)

karan final gear

Michaelia (SR – Sniper)

michaelia final gear

Miroa (SR – Striker)

miroa final gear

Nova (SSR – Shooter)

nova final gear

Patricia (SR – Bomber)

patricia final gear

Paula (SR – Demolisher)

paula final gear

Phoenix (SR – Striker)

phoenix final gear

PN72 Yogui (SSR – Striker)

pn72 yogui final gear

Rebeyrca (SR – Defender)

rebeycra final gear

Rinbell (SR – Demolisher)

rinbell final gear

Shyaditty (SR – Sniper)

shyaditty final gear

Thea (SR – Striker)

thea final gear

And this ends our Final Gear tier list. We are certain that there are more pilots we have yet to include in our tier list and equally sure that it differs from other existing tier lists. Future updates for Final Gear also comes with a probability that some of these pilots and their custom mechs will be recalibrated to bring more balance to the game. In any case, we would love to hear about what you think of our tier list and whether or not your top picks for pilots agree with our picks. Be sure to tell us about it down in the comment area!