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Lineage2M: Reasons You Should Play NCSOFT’s Upcoming MMORPG

With its jaw-dropping visuals and adrenaline-pumping action, Lineage2M is one of the most highly anticipated mobile games this season. NCSOFT’s popular MMORPG not only brings back the thrills of the OG franchise, but it also welcomes new players to the game on this mobile platform. Why exactly should you join the bandwagon?

Gorgeous specs and optimum performance

With Lineage2M’s powerful back end, players can not only expect stunning visual treats but also seamless loading as they move from place to place. No longer will they have to wait for a town to load to continue their adventure, nor will their gameplay be interrupted by delays and unwanted lags.

The game also offers players an exhilarating experience with 10,000 players in a true test of might and mettle. All these players can join in a single epic battle in one location – and in full 3D too – without a hitch.

A vast world and action-packed battles

lineage2m giran

As players begin their quest in Gludio and travel to Dion’s agricultural zone and Giran’s commercial district, the whole world of Aden opens up to them – a whopping 240 million square meters of it. Every corner of the map is created with impressive detail, and each town, village, and field features unique traits that will make every quest memorable.

Battles in the fields involve normal monsters and ferocious giant boss monsters as well, where players will have to join clan and compete with others to reap fabulous rewards like special items and skill books.

Generous rewards for quick character progression

lineage2m character power up

Powering up characters is hassle-free especially as a high-value final reward awaits those who finish the Daily Benefit event. Lineage2M is definitely not just for hardcore gamers – it offers hassle-free ways for newbie fans to level up their characters and progress into the game in a jiffy. The daily Mail and the new Pass system also help provide players with enough rewards simply by playing consistently every day.

Multi-platform and multiplayer gameplay

lineage2m purple crossplay

Featuring high-resolution support and customization of keys and controls, the game lets players dive in whether they’re on PC or on mobile via the proprietary service called PURPLE. Players will also be able to control their PC game from their mobile phone through the remote play function, as well as communicate with others through the in-game chat function PURPLE talk.

If you just can’t wait to play the game, Lineage2M will be available for pre-download on November 30th ahead of its official launch – be sure to grab it from the PURPLE (for PC users), iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for a smoother performance. You can also sign-up for the pre-registration event before pre-download begins for more launch prizes.