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Seven Knights 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Defeat Powerful Bosses and Find Rudy

Seven Knights 2 is a new instance-based multiplayer action RPG gacha game published by Netmarble. A rather polished game in terms of gameplay, imagine Stella Arcana except with far smoother movement, the ability to switch control of party members mid-fight, and a much heavier emphasis on good footwork and positioning control.

In Seven Knights 2, you follow the adventures of Lene and her squad of mercenaries after the destruction of the Terra Empire, and their search for the Seven Knights, in particular, Rudy. You’ll meet new friends, kill golems, save lives, kill fish people, question yourself as you commit horrific actions against innocents and those who defend them, find a shell-shocked old man, and kill crazy cultists.

seven knights 2 characters

While you can Auto-fight past a lot of the game’s early bits (And we do mean a lot, you need to finish the game’s whole story just to get past its Easy Mode, so the earlygame is very long), using Auto on the bosses and the non-story content will typically land you in some trouble.

Dodging boss attacks and manipulating their aggro with your movement to avoid enemy attacks comprises a lot of the gameplay. Knowing when to stick together, when to scatter, when to just run for your life is important to winning.

We have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to this game, so be sure to stick with us and check out our Seven Knights 2 beginner’s guide for some useful tips, tricks and strategies to defeat powerful bosses during your journey and find Rudy!


seven knights 2 shops

There are a few things to keep in mind outside of combat. Spending your gold wisely (Don’t make the same mistake the writer of this article did, buying a week’s worth of Destruction Shards with their starting gold reserve!) keeping track of how well your Heroes are doing, and knowing where to spend one’s Rubies, among other things. Here they are.

Spend Rubies For Pets And Heroes, Spend Time For Gear

seven knights 2 summon shop

As in many gacha games, 10-rolls are cheaper than pulling 10 single rolls, with a price of 1100 Rubies for a single ten rather than 120×10=1200 for 10 singles. On top of this, go for Hero and Pet summons when you can, as there are fewer ways to get those than to get equipment, especially since high tier gear tends to be a combat reward later on. Spend Rubies for new Heroes and Pets, spend time for gear. If you get summon tickets as a reward for  events, quests and whatnot, all the better!

Join A Guild

seven knights 2 guild

The Guild Shop is a big enough reason to want a guild. They not just sell temporary boosters which you might need before jumping into a Raid, but also Legendary pets, Summon Tickets, and XP Potions. You can save on quite a few Rubies by getting a Guild, since it uses Guild Coins as a currency. Once you’re in a guild, your main method of getting Guild Coins is through Guild Achievements, essentially another quest list for you to keep track of. Finish the achievements, and you’ll get Guild Coins. Simple!

Get Your Maps!

seven knights 2 mole

Every six hours, the Mole Emporium gives out Maps for free. You need these to grind Field Exploration for Coins and gear, so always snap them up when you can. As for the rest of the little Mole’s items, save until they sell something good like a legendary tier weapon (Or at least a weapon that’s better than whatever you have at the moment), or if you’ve been saving Rubies and don’t mind spending extra on a sure shot rather than gambling in the Gacha, legendary soulstones for heroes.

PVP Post-Battle Paperwork

seven knights 2 post battle papers

While you have zero control of your characters in the PVP Arena, you can still use it to gauge who does well on your team and who does poorly. If you just finished a match after someone died, or someone didn’t seem to contribute much, you may want to check the after-battle report, then check on said hero. Make sure you’ve been upgrading their gear properly or check if you simply need to replace them with someone stronger.

A Long List Of Friends

seven knights 2 friend hunt

Your friend list is more than just a list of people you want with you in Raids. You can give and receive Friendship points to them everyday, which can be spent in the Friendship section of the General Store. There, you can buy Dungeon and Raid tickets along with  Light Crystal Shards and Destruction Crystals of various tiers. The more friends you have, the more Friendship points you get everyday, maxxing out at 500 per day.

When All Else Fails, Repeat Your Quests

seven knights 2 quests

Story quests are repeatable with no limit, so in the end, those are what you’ll end up grinding the most if you’ve got more time to burn than other quests to finish. You also get a few Rubies and achievement points if you come back to old, previously difficult quests with an overleveled team to finish any unfinished achievements.

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And once you’re done with a certain quest difficulty, you can try out the harder difficulties for better rewards. You can access the Quest menu by tapping on your current story quest on the left side of your screen.


seven knights 2 dungeon time

Eventually, Upgrade Dungeons become available to you, through the menus. This is your primary haunt for powering up your characters. There are several kinds of Dungeons, each giving different rewards. Do them at least once everyday, and try to save repeat tickets for the higher level versions of these dungeons.

One thing to keep in mind, a C-rank on a higher tier dungeon mission gives more rewards than an S-tier in a lower tier mission. Don’t be afraid to jump into higher level dungeons if you think you can at least get a C-rank out of it!

Gold Vault

seven knights 2 angry fish

The Gold Vault is a big old mook fight, where you have to kill as many hungry pirahnas as you can within a timer. The more enemies you kill, the more gold you get. Simple enough, but keep in mind, this is one mook battle where carelessly Auto-fighting your way through it can kill you.

There’s enough of them outnumbering you that unlike in Story Quest mook fights, your team will actually feel the pain. Do your best to keep them focused on your tank, and keep watch in case your squishier party members start taking hits.

Soulstone Quarry

seven knights 2 soulstone quarry

In the Soulstone Quarry, you fight a boss, and have to kill them within a 2 minute timer. The more damage you do, the better the reward, with a kill resulting in an S rank. You don’t get rewarded in random whole soulstones, but in soulstone coins you can use in the Soulstone Shop to buy stones for characters you want.

While you can’t buy Soulstones for heroes you don’t own, you need said Soulstones to increase the maximum level of heroes you DO own, and this is the most reliable way to get soulstones for that particular task.

Elixir Refinery

seven knights 2 elixir quad boss

A dungeon where you fight four elite mooks, they might as well be bossfights. To get an S-rank, you have to kill them all. The more you kill, the better your reward. The first two bosses are best fought with Rally turned off, since they lack named attacks, but do have highly damaging quick AOEs that you’ll need to keep out of your squishier teammate’s faces. As for the last two bosses, they have named attacks so you’ll want to turn Rally on once they happen.

Rune Temple

seven knights 2 rune boss

A bossfight against a particularly annoying boss. This one summons Destruction Stones that inflict a debuff on your team. Destroy them when they pop out and then go back to beating up the boss. As usual, you’re on a timer and killing the boss gets you an S-rank. Runes are for enhancing Divinity, stat buffs that apply to all your heroes across your account.

Experience Run

seven knights 2 murder harpy

Experience Runs, as usual, are a bossfight. You have to do as much damage as you can within a time limit, and the more hurt you inflict, the more EXP Potions you get out of the fight. Kill the boss within the time limit, and you get an S rank. Do this first then spend the EXP potions, so the other dungeons will be a tiny bit easier. Ironic, since it’s placed dead last in the Dungeon list!

Arena Battles

seven knights 2 arena

Not technically part of the Dungeon tab, Arena fights are another thing to do daily. You get 10 attempts at the start of your day for the Normal Arena, and these recharge rather quickly compared to most other mobile games.

Burn through at least 10 tickets a day not just to rank up and get the big Token and Quartz rewards, but also because each fight gives you a few Arena tokens too. Try your best to burn through your Competitive Arena attempts too since the fights there also give you a small amount of Quartz for the General Shop.

Raiding And Marauding

seven knights 2 boss raid

Possibly the most difficult content in the game, and the part most players build teams around. Raids are (usually, you have the option to try some of them alone) multiplayer bossfights against really tough opponents. Most of the bosses here are weak against a very specific hero whose ultimates can suppress the Boss’ unavoidable mega attack.

These heroes typically end up becoming meta so these lucrative fights can be ground to dust. Your reward for Raids are equipment, and more importantly,  Strategy Books, used to upgrade Formations for increased buffs.

Map Burning

seven knights 2 field exploration

The Field Exploration missions are your best place to hunt for gold and better equipment. You spend Maps to go into these missions, and beat the tar out of everything you see. There is a small chance of a boss appearing, but even without the boss you’ll still get a piece of gear after your kill objective is achieved.

You can then choose to spend more Maps to stay and grind more gear, or leave. The more you do the same mission, the higher its exploration tier, getting you extra rewards like your Gold stipend.


powering up heroes in seven knights 2

As in most RPGs, keeping your team powered up is important to survival. Most of them, except for plain old leveling up, expend Gold in ever larger amounts on top of other resources. Keeping this in mind, here they are.

Equipment Enhancement

seven knights 2 equipment enhancement

Enhancing your gear is pretty easy. All you need are Enhancement Stones and gold to power up your equipment. You get enhancement stones from mission rewards, the General Store’s Common section, and from salvaging old junk you don’t use.

For that last bit, to get Enhancement Stones for gear of a certain tier, say Green, you need to break apart Green tier gear for it. You can also craft lower tier enhancement stones into better ones, so mass salvaging lower tier gear is always a good idea to accumulate more stones and cash.

You can also Transcend equipment by using duplicate gear, which gives a great boost to its basic stats. It’s an entirely separate thing from Equipment Enhancement, so make sure you aren’t using enhanced gear as the material for gear Transcendence.

Divinely Shiny Runes

seven knights 2 divinity

Divinity gives general buffs to your team. To upgrade the Divinity nodes, you use Runes which you can get from the Daily Dungeons. You’ll usually want to upgrade them all rather than one at a time, since focusing on a single node gets expensive very fast. These buffs apply to all your heroes, so use those Clear tickets to get some Runes.

Potential Pain Infliction

seven knights 2 potential

Potential Enhancement uses Elixirs to power up one of a hero’s base stats, which you can pick. As usual, it gets more expensive the harder you focus on a single stat. Here though, focusing is worth it, as most heroes have abilities that rely on a single important stat, like certain healers who heal using their own HP stat as a base for the calculations.

Usually, you’ll want to base your Elixir spending decision on which skill you like from that specific hero, prioritizing stats they use heavily in their skills before other stats. If you reach a certain threshold (marked by an icon on the stat circle), you’ll need to spend Destruction Shards, Pieces and Crystals for this too, which can be bought in the Common section of the General Shop for Gold, or for Friendship Points.

Skill Enhancement

seven knights 2 skill enhancement

If it weren’t for that helpful little red notification dot, Skill Enhancement would be pretty easy to forget, and yet it’s something very important to keep track of. Once your heroes reach a certain level, their skills can be enhanced, powering them up. This is one of the slower but cheaper upgrade systems in the game, as all it costs is Gold.

You don’t have to do much thinking either, as the game doesn’t have any point system forcing you to upgrade only one or two skills, you can simply dump gold into all of them as none of them will go past a certain level, depending on your own hero’s level. The thinking comes if you’re low on Gold.

Make sure you also take this time to read your hero’s skill descriptions, so you can figure out where best to spend your Elixirs for Potential, and what kinds of equipment sets to keep an eye out for that specific hero. Not to mention to help you figure out what Formation to use for your current Hero team.

Mastery Loadouts

seven knights 2 mastery

Tied to your account level rather than your hero’s levels, Mastery allows you to pick stat boosts every 5 account levels. The game automatically picks one and you can change them for free at any given time. You can even save multiple mastery builds in mastery slots, allowing you to change it up depending on what overall build strategy you’re going for at the moment. Just remember to check on it every so often.

Squad, Attack Formation!

seven knights 2 formation

The game’s Formation system doesn’t exactly dictate how your characters actually move, but it does affect how enemy aggro works, and putting characters in the right formation slots will make them stronger. Formation slots come with buffs depending on the formation type, such as Basic Formation (A diamond with a single front and rear slot, and two middle slots) giving attack speed buffs to your midline, cooldown buffs to your rear, and a DEF buff to your front.

You’ll typically base not just your hero placement, but your hero choice on the formation you want, or pick a formation based on what heroes you have available. If you’ve got a pair of tanks but are short on damage dealers, you can pick a defensive formation with two frontline slots so your tanks get the most out of the DEF buffs. If you’ve got a lot of damage dealers, you can pick a formation type that gives out nothing but ATK buffs so their skills shred enemies in a hurry.

If you want a pair of healers, you can pick the Support formation that increases recovery percentages for the two rear slots it has. You can buy new formations for Gold, and upgrade the ones you already own using Gold and Strategy books you can get from Raids.

Keep in mind that the little dots marking the Formation Slots correspond with a unit type: Red means DPS characters, Yellow means Rangers, Green means Supports, Blue means Tanks, and Purple means Universal. Usually, these colors are just a suggestion, but certain formations have type-specific buffs. For example, the Ranged Formation, which has a specific Ranged Skill cooldown buff for any Rangers placed in the rear slots, with non-Rangers only getting the attack buff when placed in the same slots.

Good Old Fashioned Level Potions

leveling up in seven knights 2

A staple in most modern gacha RPGs, Levelling potions come in different names in different games, such as Star Candies in Cookie Run Kingdom or EXP Essence in Valor Legends: Eternity. Here, they’re just EXP Potions, and as usual, they’re the most direct way of strengthening a character. You feed these to your characters, and they level up, becoming stronger all around.

This is a requirement for Skill Enhancement, since you can only enhance a Hero’s skills after you get them past the next level threshold, usually every 5 levels. It’s usually better to level your current team lineup relatiely evenly rather than dump all your potions on one guy, since a lot of story missions have the achievement “Complete without any heroes dying”. Can’t really do that if you’ve got one vastly overleveled death machine, and the enemies ignore them to stab your level 2 healer.

As a sidenote, higher tier heroes start out at a higher level once you get them out of the gacha, but not if you get them from profile rewards. Keep this in mind when planning potion distribution.

Item Crafting

crafting in seven knights 2

Item Crafting is something you’ll be able to do later on, and apart from getting better weapons and gear, you can also use it to craft materials for tasks you might need to do. Need to enhance weapons but don’t want to scrap all your good gear to get high tier enhancement stones? You can craft surplus low tier stones into better ones.

Missing some strategy books for that Formation upgrade? You can convert surplus Strategy Books of a color you have too many of into Universal Strategy Books, which can then be crafted into whatever Book you may be missing, on a 1-1 basis with some Gold. If you’re missing that one thing you need, give the Crafting tab a check, it might just save you a lot of grinding time.


seven knights 2 fighting

Being an action game, combat is rather fast-paced, requiring you to stay on your toes, at least if you aren’t just massacring weak mooks or grinding lower level missions. Good footwork is important, and so is timing your skills so you’re not caught in a skill animation while the boss is winding up a giant cudgel to your face.

Barring those unavoidable attacks that need a specific hero to interrupt with their Suppression skill, most fighting is footwork, managing aggro away from your softer-skinned teammates, and punishing the boss for missing their attacks. Here are some tips for combat.

Auto’s For Mooks and Slacking Off

seven knights 2 auto slacking

Most of the time, you’ll be using auto to clean up trash mobs and go through the easy, boring, nonviolent parts of your quest. This is fine, since you generally won’t need to fight so hard to clear mooks out of your way, especially early on in your first Story Quest run. Once the boss arrives though, go manual! Bosses typically have very powerful but highly telegraphed attacks that the AI is too brain-dead to avoid.

You don’t want to eat such attacks, especially the really huge, slow ones that come not just with a red hitbox, but also a warning charge-bar and a special name appearing on your screen. When those happen, run like heck! Such attacks either hit very hard or come with some sort of long-lasting disable, which means you’ll eat several more attacks after it.

If you’re insistent on using Auto on bosses, you’ll be glad to know that you can still move while on Auto. Your character will immediately close in on the boss again as soon as you stop walking though, so keep that in mind!

Rally On Me!

seven knights 2 rally

The little flag button that appears during combat is one of the biggest lifesavers you have in the game. It’s the Rally Button, and keeping it active means your AI partymates immediately follow you when you run. This again ties to the AI being too stupid to dodge telegraphed boss attacks, and Rallying allows you to negate this weakness for your AI controlled teammates. Early on, you’ll just keep this on to dodge AOE attacks with your team.

Of course, if you DO get hit, you get punished for it even harder because now your team is clumped together and takes the hit with you. Later on, knowing when to turn Rally on and off becomes integral to survival, especially if you’re controlling the squad Tank directly.

Controlling the Tank lets you manage the boss’s aggro since they usually (some bosses and enemies don’t target the Tank, always be aware which one of you has aggro, and tap their character icon to take direct control of them) keep an eye on you. Turn off Rally if you notice the boss isn’t using a lot of radial AOEs, instead using cones and line attacks. Then try to redirect them away from your party members.

Time Your Attacks

seven knights 2 ultimate

One more thing tied to highly telegraphed enemy attacks. When you do your ultimate, it often comes with a big, awesome, flashy animation that takes a lot of time to finish. Never do this while the enemy is charging their own named attacks! While your hero is dancing around like they’re in an anime, the enemy is charging their big strike, and you’ll be forced to cancel out of it by moving out of the way. Wait for them to finish and whiff their big attack, then punish them for missing with your Ultimate.

This also goes for skills, don’t be afraid to cancel a skill by running if you find yourself in a bad spot. Better to miss one attack than have your party wiped by something that you could have easily dodged. Thankfully, cancelling a skill at the right time (during the windup animation, and not while the strike is coming down) will result in your skill cooldown not resetting completely, so think fast!

You can turn off Ultimate skill animations in Options so you have a better overview of the area while fighting, but the tip still applies. All this actually does is stop the ultra-dramatic camera close-ups.

The Right Hero For The Right Boss

seven knights 2 purple means asap

Certain bossfights (Raid bosses in particular) typically have a weakness against a certain, incredibly specific Hero. The game will happily tell you this when they’re about to use an attack that only a very specific Hero can Suppress, indicated by their Ultimate button turning purple if you have them, and a big fat warning on screen. Such attacks are typically unavoidable unless you have that Hero, so keep it in mind on your return trip to such a battle.

Usually, these heroes end up being in the meta simply because they’ll be useful for farming those aforementioned bosses. Though sometimes, if you have a grossly overleveled team, you can just brute force your way through some of those fights.

And here is the end of our Seven Knights 2 beginner’s guide. We hope this helps in your search for Rudy. If you have tips of your own to add or if you want to chat with other players, leave a comment below!