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Seven Knights 2 Tier List: Ranking the Best Characters in the Game

Welcome to our Seven Knights 2 tier list! Seven Knights 2 is a multiplayer instanced action RPG published by Netmarble, much akin to games like Ragnarok X and Stella Arcana, but with far smoother footwork and an emphasis on learning to control aggro by swapping between party members for direct control.

Just a disclaimer: No matter how low someone is on this tier list, if they have a Suppressor, you’ll need to bring them to whatever raid boss is weak against aforementioned Suppressor, at least until your main squad is overfed to the point of tanking even the boss’ undodgeable ultimate attack.

seven knights 2 tier list

This is because Suppressors are the only way to prevent them from wiping your team in one blow using said attack. And no matter how meta your team is, they’ll do no good if they get completely blasted to tiny little pieces in a single hit.

So without further ado, let’s delve into our Seven Knights 2 tier list, as we showcase and rank the best characters in the game!


“Annihilation Knight” Dellons

Red, DPS, Quickcharge Ultimate, Heal Reduction, Support Bully, Single Target Damage, AOE Silence,  Absolutely Busted Crit Chainsaw

annihilation knight dellons seven knights 2

Everyone agrees Dellons is completely, utterly disgusting, usually with a menacing grin if they use them, and a salty grimace when he’s used on them. This is why we put him in his own tier. His skills are par for the course for a DPS, heavily focused on single target damage, attacking supports, and even coming with an AOE silence.

What makes Dellons so broken though? His passive guarantees all of his attacks land as a crit. Building Dellons for crit damage and ATK lets him melt through everything like a hot knife through butter. PVP fights against him tend to involve praying that he gets stunned, paralyzed, shocked, and generally disabled first and repeatedly so he has less time to shred your team into spicy salsa.

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Which isn’t exactly easy if your team’s been silenced! Annihilation Knight is an apt subtitle for him. Of course, being an action game, being careless even while using this guy is still a quick route to the grave.


“Phoenix Incarnate” Rachel

Red, DPS, Single Target Damage, Damage Over Time, Shield Generation, Suppressor: Counter, Nice Hat

phoenix incarnate rachel seven knights 2

A single damage target dealer with a weird Ultimate capable of AOE, but much better when used on one bad guy. Her ultimate is a 1050% ATK strike that gets distributed among multiple targets, so more targets= less damage per target. It also hits harder if the enemy is on fire though, adding 70% damage for every burn stack the enemy is suffering.

Ideally, you want to use all her other skills first before using her ult to stack 5 burns on the enemy. All of them are single target attacks, with the first decreasing enemy block rate, the second increasing enemy damage received, and the third not only reducing enemy DEF, but also giving Rachel a shield based on 240% of her ATK.

“Empress of Fodina” Eileene

Red, Universal, ATK Buffer, Shock Damage, AOE Damage, Lene’s Mama

empress of fodina eileene seven knights 2

Eileene is Lene’s mom, and it shows with her shock-reliant kit. All of her skills are some form of AOE and her ultimate along with two of her normal skills inflict shock, so she’ll be electrocuting enemies rather indiscriminately.

Considering shock is a rather powerful debuff (Essentially a stun cake with damage icing on top), she’ll help a lot with big mook fights while still having utility against bosses. Her passive is subtle yet nice, a 5% ATK increase for everyone on the team.

“Ultimate Guardian” Rudy

Red, Tank, Shield Generation, Damage Distribution, Stun, Knockdown, DEF Buffer, No Longer An Old Man

ultimate guardian rudy seven knights 2

Again, a weird sidegrade to their blue counterpart, red Rudy is a much more defensive counterpart to the more violent blue Rudy. His ultimate casts a huge debuff-cleaning shield over the whole team, worth 620% of his DEF.

His first skill increases everyone’s block rate and distributes damage to the entire team while reducing the total. He also has an AOE stun, single target knockdown, and a DEF boosting passive for the whole team. He lacks a Suppressor though, so you’ll still need to bring blue Rudy around even if you have this guy.

“Elena’s Sword” Cosette


elena's sword cosette seven knights 2

Cosette’s third skill is important to using her well, as on top of the damage it deals, it “targets” the victim, allowing her basic attacks and her ultimate deal extra damage to it. Suppressor or not, you’ll probably bring her to any bossfight because the additional damage from her targeting mechanic is rather powerful. She can also increase her Combo Chance, and her second skill weakens the victim’s healing ability while ignoring 40% of their defense.

“Adventurer” Shay

Blue, Support, AOE Blind, Healer, Ultimate Bar Refill, Ultimate Fuel Station

adventurer shay seven knights 2

Shay is a rather dedicated support, with her only real attack option being a rather weak AOE attack that comes with the powerful Blind debuff, which guarantees that enemies miss all their attacks for a solid 5 seconds. Her other two non-ultimate Skills involve healing, with a slow team heal based on Ming’s HP with a damage reduction buff, and a more powerful single target heal with a moderately fast cooldown of 24 seconds, in a game where 30-40 seconds for most skills seems to be the average.

Her ultimate fills everyone else’s ultimate gauges by roughly 40%, which may occasionally result in a hilarious ultimate barrage afterwards. As if that wasn’t enough spam, her passive lets her steal from her target’s Ultimate gauge and fill up her own faster with it.

“Alchemist” Ian

Green, Support, Poison Resistance, Healing, ATK Buffer, Little Orphan Doctor

alchemist ian seven knights 2

A damage buffer and healer, Ian comes with a skill that increases everyone’s damage for 15 seconds, along with a fairly basic team heal and a more powerful heal over time ultimate. Their only attack option is a single target strike that reduces that enemy’s damage by a chunky 23% for a good 20 seconds, pretty useful in general. Their passive makes everyone resistant to poison, which is useful considering it’s a rather common debuff.

“Magical Engineer” Guilahan

Green, Universal, Single Target Damage, Self-Heal, War Crimes: I’ll Leave It At That

magical engineer guilahan seven knights 2

A pretty solid green, and the first one you’ll likely get if you like hoarding Rubies. His ultimate is pretty simple and even has a smaller percentage than normal for single target attacks, but it ignores 40% of the enemy’s defense. He also heals himself with his first skill for 420% of his DEF, and a pair of single target blows both dealing 220% damage. His passive increases burn resistance. He’ll probably take up Kade’s slot early on, and stay there for a long time.

“Nestra’s Disciple” Shane

Red, DPS, Stealth, Support Bully, Stun, Heal Reduction, Suppressor: Imprisonment, Who Needs The Gacha Anyway?

nestra's disciple shane seven knights 2

Likely a player’s first Legendary, and a pretty good one considering you can get them for free as a Profile Reward. Shane’s stealth skill doesn’t just take aggro off her making it easier for you to drag the enemy off her if you play the squad tank, it also reduces any AOE damage she takes and slightly increases her debuff resistances. Her ultimate also does 975% ATK, and it’s also guaranteed to clean out any buffs the target may have on it.

Not to mention it automatically picks enemy supports as a target priority. She also has another support-bullying skill that guarantees a 5 second stun, reduces healing ability, and also opens them up to a secondary Combo Skill that cleans out whatever buffs they have, not to mention extra damage. On top of all this, she has a Suppressor, so you can bring her to farm certain Raid bosses.

“Elena’s Sword” Valdur

Red, Universal, AOE Basic Attack, Support Bullying, Skill Tank, Aim For The Medic First!

elena's sword valdur seven knights 2

A weird all-round fighter that, when not controlled directly, will attempt to shove his sword down the enemy healer’s nostrils. Valdur’s got a passive that makes his basic attack prioritize Supports as the target while giving it a small yet noticeable amount of AOE damage, while reducing enemy healing ability. His ultimate is also a pull, on top of being a stun and having a wider AOE range than normal (8m compared to the usual 6m).

It also applies a brand to the targets, which increase its damage by a lot the next time you hit them with the ult. You typically want to use his first skill first though, since that also applies a brand in an AOE, which powers up both his ult and second skill, which is a single target attack. His third skill is a cone attack that comes with a pull and stun. Overall worthy of being Red tier.


“Ice Tyrant” Spike

Red, Universal, AOE Damage Over Time, AOE Freeze, Counter-Disabler, Cold Steel and Burning Heart

ice tyrant spike seven knights 2

This guy gets the most of his hurting from Freeze’s 200% ATK thaw damage. His ultimate and his second and third skill are all some form of freeze attack, with the ult and second skill being an AOE and the third skill being a single target freeze.

His ultimate also lingers in the area for 10 seconds, being a damage over time AOE spell with a chance to freeze for even more damage. It also clears him of debuffs and can be used to break him out of a disable, useful if he’s the front character and you find yourself with a full chargebar but a poor position. He also becomes unkillable and heavily buffed for a short time when at 10% HP.

“Elena’s Sword” Lene

Blue, DPS, Shock Attack, Support Bully, AOE Attack, Suppressor: Irruption, Protagonist’s Mid Season Upgrade

elena's sword lene seven knights 2

Getting Lene early is a boon for a particular bossfight, namely the first raid boss Gigantus. She’s a rare tier upgrade that gets to keep her Suppressor, unlike a lot of characters whose red or blue upgrades suddenly lack it. Otherwise, she’s pretty much a stronger version of grey Lene, reliant on shock attacks and having good damage.

Normally, her ultimate would be rather poor against a crowd (It hits harder the fewer targets there are), but scattering it also means you shock a crowd, disabling them and making them more vulnerable to damage. Using her is a good way to stay true to the game’s story without getting completely annihilated.

“Elena’s Sword” Henry

Blue, Support, Heal Over Time, AOE Stun, Walking Spoiler?

elena's sword henry seven knights 2

Swapping out his war-crimey options to become a more dedicated healer, Henry’s face looks less puncheable by the day. His ultimate is a heal over time,his first skill is an instant AOE heal, and his third skill is a single target heal over time that generates a shield. His one offensive option is an AOE Stun, so prioritizing ATK over HP is typically a bad idea with him.

“Scarlet Volley” Claire

Red, Ranger, Linear Attack, Disabler, Claire But Edgy

scarlet volley claire seven knights 2

While her skills are a bit on the boring side for a red tier (A linear ultimate that does more damage when hitting fewer targets but can also scatter stun, a low damage yet spammy buff removing AOE strike, a cone attack that works much like her ultimate, and a linear pull and disable attack), her ability to knockback and Shackle units with her basic attacks after taking a hit can make her pretty dangerous to deal with if you aren’t killing her last in a PVP match. This plus her ability to do more damage against fewer targets makes her useful in a bossfight, unless said boss starts spamming cannon fodder to weaken her attacks.

“Shadow Sword” Shane

Blue, DPS, ATK SPD Booster, Cooldown Reset, Single Target Attack, Backstab, Suppressor: Imprisonment, Commonplace Rare

shadow sword shane seven knights 2

You’re probably going to get her red version before the gacha gives you her blue version. Shane’s passive allows her to do 12.8% extra damage from behind with her basic attacks, so she might be a good choice for direct control. Or you could aggro the boss into turning their back on Shane, either option works. 

Her skill set is typical for DPS characters, with a pair of single target damage attacks and an AOE strike that does better damage the fewer enemies it hits. Her ultimate is a big self buff for ATK SPD and has a chance to instantly reset her skill cooldowns, and comes with the Suppressor: Imprisonment.

“Saint of Light” Karin

Red, Support, Team Revive, Team Heal, Shield Generation, Team Heal Spam, Single Target ATK Decrease, Status Resist Passive, Oh You Thought We Were Dead?

saint of light karin seven knights 2

A wonderfully indiscriminate healer, Karin lacks any single target heals. Instead, she has a 28 second cooldown squad heal, a slower squad heal that also gives everyone a shield, and her ultimate is a 12% HP revive that also resets everyone’s skill cooldowns, allowing a massive skill barrage.

Her heal percentages are fairly small since they’re all area heals, so give her a strong HP build to make the most of it. Hopefully, with her arsenal of squad healing spells, you’ll never see occasion to use her ultimate, though it’s a nice insurance policy since it applies to the whole team.

“Eternal Empress” Eileene

Blue, Universal, Debuffer, Paralysis, Auto-Shield, Mom With Reactive Armor

eternal empress eileene seven knights 2

While Lene gets the story spotlight, it seems her mom Eileene wants a bit out of the gacha glory, with two red versions and this blue version. Her passive gives her a 110% ATK shield when she takes a blow, but said passive takes 50 seconds to cooldown, so having it appear at the wrong time can be detrimental.

Her ultimate and second skill both inflict damage and Paralysis over an area, which is best followed up with her first skill which does extra damage to paralyzed targets. She also has a linear debuff attack, decreasing the enemy’s MOV SPD and ATK SPD. Give her a try if you don’t have her red versions yet.

“New Ego” Neo

Blue, Ranged, AOE Damage, DEF Ignore, AOE Basic Attack, Cloning Blues

new ego neo seven knights 2

Ostensibly a clone of Dellon, their skillset couldn’t be more different. Dellon focuses on absolutely bonkers, busted DPS, while Neo has an AOE basic attack and mostly AOE strikes with paralysis. Since he can pull multiple targets toward him with his third skill, pairing him with Dellon might be a fun time. Pull the bad guys into Dellon and watch him rip them open like a soggy paper bag.

“Magic Automata” Cosette

Blue, Ranger, DEF Ignore Buffer, AOE attack, Single Target Attack, Too Much Robot- Not Enough Girl

magic automata cosette seven knights 2

Blue Cosette is simpler and more straightforward to use than Red Cosette, since she doesn’t have the Target mechanic. Her kit is typical of rangers, with a high damage single target Ultimate that reduces their healing, a simple single target attack, and a passive that makes her basic attack stronger every third shot. She’s better if you have friends with DEF Ignoring attacks, since she can buff that to be stronger.

“Nestra’s Disciple” Ming

Red, DPS, AOE Damage, Shield Generation, Hammer Sweep

nestra's disciple ming seven knights 2

Not so much an upgrade to blue Ming but a sidegrade, red Ming’s focus is shifted heavily towards AOE attacks rather than single target damage, to the point she even lacks a Suppressor. Every single one of her skills deals damage in a 6m circle, making her less of a bossbuster and more a mook cleaner, someone to bring in the Gold Dungeon or general PVE to make the boring parts go more smoothly.

One of her skills also gives a party shield on top of ignoring 40% enemy defense. If you want to sweep the trash fast and hard, red Ming’s your girl. Just like blue Ming, she can steal the target’s Ultimate gauge by attacking. Since she now has lots of AOEs, that just makes the spam faster.

“White Wolf” Evan

Red, Tank, AOE Taunt, DEF Based Damage, Damage Reflection, Self Shield, Anti-Bully, Not An Actual Wolf

white wolf evan seven knights 2

A tank for aggro manipulation, especially against large groups like you’d find in the Gold dungeon.  His ultimate skill is an AOE attack that deals damage based both on his ATK and DEF stats, which should ideally be high considering you’re using him to block attacks with his face. This AOE also taunts everyone around it, which is what you want for a directly controlled aggro manipulator.

His third skill is a semicircle AOE taunt attack that prioritizes anyone attacking your support, also useful for aggro manipulation. He also has an cone AOE damage reduction attack, and a self-heal that grants him a shield, both based on his DEF stat. He’s a good choice for direct control.

“Nestra’s Disciple” Lukey

Blue, Ranger, Debuffer, Team Buffer, Walking Story Spoiler

nestra's disciple lukey seven knights 2

Blue Lukey makes up for their fairly low skill damage percentages with a bevy of debuffs and a mostly AOE kit to spread them around. His first skill inflicts MOV SPD and ATK SPD Down, and his second skill has a chance to shackle enemies to the ground for roughly 4 seconds, with both skills having a 6 meter AOE.

Their third skill is a single target attack with heavy knockback, and their ultimate increases your team’s MOV SPD and ATK SPD by roughly 30% each for 10 seconds, and it comes with a 20% chance to cool itself down instantly after use so Lukey’s buddies can spam their attacks even harder.

“Recluse” Rudy

Blue, Universal, Taunt, Team Shield, Single Target Damage, Suppressor: Insight, Old Man Shell Shock

recluse rudy seven knights 2

Chems didn’t do Rudy any favors after his self-perceived failure in previous battles, but it doesn’t show in his stats, being one of the more commonly used heroes in the game even when compared to some of the Legendaries. Generally useful in a bossfight, blue Rudy makes a good front character to control directly. He has better damage potential than dedicated tanks (though lacking in AOE), a taunt, and the ability to deploy a shield for the entire team.

Just like any dedicated tank, you can use him to manipulate aggro away from your teammates while sacrificing less damage than you would with a more dedicated tank. Of course, he lacks the self heal abilities most actual tanks have, so you’ll have to rely on that shield. His Suppressor and general boss-buster kit pretty much gives him a permanent spot in certain Raid teams, even when they also own red Rudy.

“Villainous Succubus” Ming

Blue, DPS, Single Target Damage, AOE Stun/Damage, Suppresor: Destroy, Hammer Time

villainous succubus ming seven knights 2

A damage dealer with a huge hammer, don’t mistake blue Ming’s giant hammer blow ultimate for an AOE attack. It’s a single target hit with damage worth 950% of her ATK plus roughly 10% of the target’s remaining HP after the first damage calculation. It also comes with the Destroy Suppresor, which ramps up its damage to 1900% of her ATK if it cancels a Boss’s ultimate skill.

Take note, her Legendary red-tier form doesn’t have a Suppressor! She also has an AOE stun skill , a quick single target Blind, and a self ATK buff. Her single target damage focus makes her a useful pick for PVP, but she’ll have a rough time against large piles of mooks in the later difficulties of the repeatable story campaign, unless her AOE stun works.

“Royal Blood” Adel

Green, Tank, Buffer, AOE Damage, Anti-Bullying, A Bad Role Model

royal blood adel seven knights 2

A tank that ironically works as a counter against one of his buddies in the Elderkrupp trio. He has an active skill that automatically targets any enemy attacking the squad Support (eg. Miss Velvet if you’re in PVP, or any enemies marked as DPS in PVE), and taunts them into fighting him instead.

Otherwise, his kit is rather standard for a tank, with an ult that deals an AOE strike and reduces the damage the whole team takes, a skill that increases block rate and efficiency, and a single target attack that reduces enemy defense by 8%. He lacks a self heal, but being able to protect the support directly makes him a pretty good choice.

“Heavenly Voice” Serena

Blue, Universal, Cooldown Cutter, AOE Booster, AOE Attack, Semiauto-Heal, Choir Girl Superstar

heavenly voice serena seven knights 2

A rather ridiculous healer and AOE fighter, her passive causes all of her skills to double as a team heal, albeit a moderately weak one compared to the higher percentages of dedicated healers. Add that with her ultimate that reduces the whole team’s skill cooldowns though, and she can use a skill barrage and heal accordingly.

Along with the entire team of course. You typically want to use her first skill to open an attack, as it boosts AOE attacks specifically, and her other two skills are AOEs. One of the better blues to own.

“Guardian of the Bitter Cold” Windigo

Blue, Tank, AOE Knockdown, Self-Shield, AOE Stun, AOE Pull, Suppressor: Retribution, Shane’s Secret Lover

guardian of the bitter cold windigo seven knights 2

Don;t be fooled by his looks, Wendigo doesn’t have freeze attacks. What he DOES have are AOEs, a passive that boosts AOEs, an AOE Pull, , Stun, Knockdown and a Self-Shield. Pretty simple to use, and may pair well with other AOE-heavy units. If you want a crowd dead, call him in.


“Dimensional Guide” Yeonhee

Red, Ranger, AOE Basic Attack, AOE Damage Over Time, AOE Stun, Linear Knockback, AOE Def Reduction, Linear Stun, Protag’s Stalker

dimensional guide yeonhee seven knights 2

Yeonhee is a debuff spammer, with an AOE and linear Stun, an AOE defense decrease, and even a basic attack that has an AOE and increases enemy damage taken. Their first skill is a mostly defensive linear knockback shot to keep enemies away, and her damage percentages are a bit poor for a Legendary tier character, except for her ultimate which has a 275% ATK percentage being repeatedly inflicted every second over 5 seconds.

That adds up to a total of 1375% if you don’t think about enemy DEF, which is bonkers for an AOE attack. Of course, battle arenas in this game are very wide, so your enemies will likely escape the AOE before they take the full damage! If you plan on using her, make sure you bring a taunt tank so the mooks stay in her murder circle.

“Nestra’s Disciple” Cheng Chen

Blue, DPS, Ranger Bully, Disabler, Single Target Attack, Another Walking Spoiler

nestra's disciple cheng chen seven knights 2

Blue Cheng Chen is, as expected, better than her grey version. Her ultimate and her third skill both target Rangers, and both are tough to avoid because the ultimate is a teleport attack and the third skill renders her immune to disablers.

Not to mention they both stun.  She can also increase her own ATK SPD by 20%. If you plan to use her, you’re probably thinking of PVP since she is so tuned toward killing people who fight from afar.

“Unblemished Patrol” Claire

Green, Ranger, Single Target Damage, Anti-Support, Linear Attack, Claire But Not Edgy

unblemished patrol claire seven knights 2

Claire’s ultimate is a linear knockback attack that deals damage, which can be useful if you want to lessen pressure on your team. She can increase the whole team’s crit rate with her first skill, and her passive increases her crit damage, so you’ll want to equip her for crits and go for ATK in her Potential screen. She’d be a couple tiers higher if she boosted crit damage instead, because Dellons exists.

“Sadist” Henry

Green, Ranged, Debuffer, Paralysis Resistance, Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer

sadist henry seven knights 2

A “doctor” with an extremely puncheable smile on his face, and the reason Rudy’s still alive, but also in absolutely miserable shape. His ultimate is a pretty heavy single target damage strike (610% on a green Hero is pretty strong) that can also dump two poison stacks on the victim, causing even more damage after the fact.

And after that, you can use his first skill on the victim, since it does extra damage to enemies suffering from poison stacks. You always want to use his first skill last since everything else inflicts poison, with his second skill spraying it over an area and his third doing it to one target. He also makes everyone resistant to Paralysis, which is one of the worst debuffs in a game where footwork is extremely important.

“Daybreak Hope” Lene

Grey, Universal, Buffer, Area Damage, Suppressor: Irruption, Our Protagonist

daybreak hope lene seven knights 2

Understandably, she’s pretty weak as a starter character and falls off later on, though you’ll need her to Suppress the very first raid boss Gigantus, who is a nasty surprise even for all-blue teams at the level you’re likely to fight him for the first time.

She recovers her own HP passively, increases damage dealt to enemies with Shock while paralyzing them too, and she increases ATK for her team. As far as starter characters go, she’s not bad, but again, she falls off later on especially since you can get blue Rudy and red Shane for free after a bit of grinding.

“Tide Turner” Lukey

Grey, Ranger, Buffer, Debuffer, AOE Damage, Starter Ranger

tide-turner lukey seven knights 2

Lukey is proof that debuffs care a lot less about color tiers than straight stats do. While as a starter his skills don’t do much damage, his ability to slap ATK SPD Down on bad guys can help, especially with his Ultimate which increases your team’s ATK SPD and MOV SPD. If he sticks around longer than he usually does, you’ll most likely treat him like a support rather than an actual long range damage dealer.

“Phoenix Empress” Eileene

Red, Universal, Self-Revive Skill Barrager, Linear Paralysis, AOE Damage Over Time, A Young Mom

phoenix empress eileene seven knights 2

Eileene, but less like her daughter compared to her other red version. Her ultimate causes damage over time on an area for 5 seconds, with a chance to paralyze enemies within said area while the skill is active. She also has a single target attack that ignores 40% DEF and generates a shield based on her ATK stat, an AOE buff removing strike, and a linear paralysis attack.

Killing her is likely to be the enemy’s biggest mistake: Not only does she revive with a small (12%) amount of health, it also resets all her skill cooldowns, allowing her to dump a skill barrage on the enemy and hopefully give your healer time to fix her back up. Unfortunately, a passive that only helps once and after she’s dead (which means the fight might be irreversibly going badly anyway) might be questionable.

“The Final Knight” Valdur

Blue, Tank, DPS Bully, Disabler, Shield Generator, Linear Attack, Damage Link

the final knight valdur seven knights 2

Red or Blue, Valdur is a pretty hefty tank. He lacks in AOE attacks, with his only AOE being his linear Ultimate. That being said, his overall kit is built around hitting few or single targets and buffing himself with a shield. His damage link ability decreases total damage done by the enemy but scatters it all over your team, so know when to use it.

“Revolutionary Beastkin” Theon

Blue, Universal, Debuff Cleaner, Anti-Stun, Buffer, Combat Self-Heal

revolutionary beastkin theon seven knights 2

A Universal with a kit reminiscent of a tank, Theon comes with a debuff-cleaning, stun-ignoring support ultimate, an AOE attack that heals himself, and a pair of single target attacks. His passive increases everyone’s DEF and Fear resistance. Generally a decent choice until you find someone good for whatever specific job Theon might be covering for, whether it be a support, tank, or DPS. Usually a tank.


“Sword of Elena” Kade

Blue, Tank, Self Heal, AOE, Merc Squad’s Big Guy

elena's sword seven knights 2

A better version in every way compared to his grey tier form, which isn’t saying much. Blue Kade is a tank who, if you’re using them in your party, ideally should be controlled directly. He still has lackluster damage, and his skills still rely on DEF, so if you’re using them, build them with DEF as the primary stat.

“Special Problem Solver” Casper

Blue, DPS, Single Target Damage, Violence Solves Everything

special problem-solver casper seven knights 2

Solving one problem at a time with her burst damage, Casper has a theoretically powerful single target skill but it takes a bit of setup to be effective. Her passive is a roughly 50% chance to stack a Mark every time she sticks her oversized meat choppers into someone, and her most damaging skill (a extremely low cooldown skill with roughly 450% damage to a single enemy) requires 6 Marks to pull off. Its actual skill cooldown is a measely 4 seconds though, so save those marks and she can cast that high damage skill several times in quick succession… Right?

Unfortunately, having that skill tied down to a resource that only has a 50% chance of appearing, and an ultimate that only gives out enough for one strike means by the time you’re ready to spam it, the boss is probably already dead. Or your team is, whichever comes first.

“Fortress of Steel” Tristan

Green, Tank, AOE Stun, Damage Reflection, Taunt, Self Heal, Probably Doesn’t Need a Healer Until Later

fortress of steel tristan seven knights 2

Tristan is fairly tough early on but eventually he falls off in the harder difficulties. His passive heals himself for roughly 150% of his DEF every 9 seconds, which when added with his second skill’s Taunt means controlling him directly to manipulate aggro is how you should go about using him.

As usual with tanks, he doesn’t hit particularly hard, but his ult’s roughly 30% chance to deal a 5 second Stun over a wide area can be a lifesaver, IF it procs. Oh, and as a sidenote, his first skill is a damage reflector, so taunting first then activating his first skill is usually how you’d use them.

“Black Rose” Miss Velvet

Green, DPS, Single Target Damage, Anti-Support, Whip It Good

black rose miss velvet seven knights 2

If looks were part of this tier list’s criteria, Miss Velvet would be a few tiers higher according to this writer’s bias. Otherwise, her ultimate is pretty much the same as blue Ming’s except it lacks boss Suppression and does less damage.

Both of them have AOE attacks, and Miss Velvet also has a defense reduction attack, but Ming (and a lot of other DPS units) has math on their side with much better damage percentages. Sometimes, you just want to use someone for their waifu power rather than planning for optimal play.

“Elite Warrior” Kade

Grey, Tank, AOE Damage, Shield, Starter Tank

elite warrior kade seven knights 2

Most likely the first starter to get replaced. Grey Kade lacks the self healing or the AOE attack options that make blue Kade at least moderately useable early on. You’ll probably drop them as soon as you get a higher tier tank, or Guilahan if you’re hoarding Rubies instead of using the gacha early on.

“Pilgrim of Light” Melissa

Grey, Support, Crit Resistance, Starter Healer

pilgrim of light melissa seven knights 2

A basic healer, which makes sense since she’s the first one you’ll get. Her ultimate is a team heal worth roughly 30% of her HP, and she has another heal that works on a single target. She also has a MOV SPD increase for the team and a rather lackluster AOE attack, and her passive makes everyone resistant to critical hits. You’ll most likely replace her for a more powerful support very early on if you get any.

“Crushing Dragon Maw” Cheng Chen

Grey, DPS, AOE Damage, ATK SPD Buff, Single Target Damage, Starter DPS

crushing dragon maw cheng chen seven knights 2

As far as starters go, they’re likely to get replaced quickly along with Kade. Their Ultimate is rather weak (An AOE strike with percentages that aren’t much better than higher tier characters’ normal AOE skill percentages), though her two 200% ATK single target skills let her burst down a target when used in succession, and she also comes with an ATK SPD buff for the rest of the team. Her passive increases her crit rate. You’re probably better off swapping her out with a healer once you get one.

“Nestra’s Disciple” Melissa

Blue, Support, AOE Silence, Single Target DEF Reduction, How Many Walking Spoilers Are There?

nestra's disciple melissa seven knights 2

A more offensive healer than normal, her ultimate is an area heal with a debuff cleaner, and her first skill is another AOE heal with a shield generator. Her other two skills though are for fighting: An AOE silence and a single target def reduction with a relatively short cooldown.

You’ll mostly use these attacks for their debuffs, since you’re fighting between giving her HP (for doing her actual job) or ATK (Which is not her job). Sadly, having two stats to worry about is generally trouble, since the game’s equipment system favors full set bonuses for a single stat.

“Soul Guide” Juju

Blue, Ranged, AOE and Single Target Paralysis, DEF Ignore, DEF Debuffer, Paralysis Bully, Lady Liberty

soul guide juju seven knights 2

A freedom fighter who sees through a certain organization’s lies, Juju is built mostly around Paralysis, with a passive that lets the whole team do extra damage to paralyzed targets, and various skills to scatter Paralysis all over the place. Her ult (which has AOE but hits harder with fewer targets) and her second skill are AOE paralyzers, and her third is a single target paralyzer. Her first skill reduces enemy def.

“Roar of the Wind” Iota

Blue, Tank, AOE Stun, AOE Taunt, ATK Debuffer, Self DEF Buffer, Self-Heal

roar of the wild iota seven knights 2

A bulky lady with with an equally bulky axe, Iota makes an okay tank thanks to her Taunt and self healing, at least when you’re still learning the ropes of aggro control. Though this means getting her in the gacha early.

She has some AOE in the form of her ultimate and her second skill, and her single target skill reduces DEF. Whenever she activates Block, her DEF increases, and this buff can stack 10 times. Of course, blocking is completely by chance, so by the time she’s able to get 10 stacks the boss might be dead.

“Demon Hunter” Scott

Green, Universal, Linear Lifesteal, Self-Shield, AOE Lifesteal, AOE Taunt

demon hunter scott seven knights 2

A weird not-quite-a-tank that relies on lifesteal based on his damage output to survive, you’re probably better off boosting his ATK (And CRIT) rather than his DEF since his DEF is only good for his self shield. He’s got a kit useful for a tank, including an AOE taunt.

A Universal meant to be built like a DPS, so they can work as a tank. His bleed resistance passive is rather useless for the majority of the game considering bleed damage in and of itself is rather weak. Though people swear by him when paired with red Shane in 4 unit raids, but that says a lot more about red Shane than anything.

And this is the end of our tier list for Seven Knights 2. If you have thoughts to share, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!


Monday 17th of January 2022

wait nevermind, I am dumb. she is b tier LOL


Monday 17th of January 2022

just one question, you mentioned that there are 2 versions of Eileen, where does the other red version of Eileen land, is she even worth maxing out? i got her and not the "Empress of Fodina" Version.