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Disney Wonderful Worlds Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Master at Solving Match-3 Puzzles

The sea of Disney-themed mobile game is quite vast with many titles using Disney imagery to attract players into the fold. One of the latest to make an appearance in the Google Play Store, as well as the App Store is Ludia Inc.’s Disney Wonderful Worlds. This is the same developer who released Jurassic World Alive and Dragons: Titan Uprising, just to name a few.

As for Disney Wonderful Worlds, this is a world building game slash match-3 challenge that invites you to assemble your own Disney park. Attract as many visitors as possible by adding all kinds of classic attractions all inspired by the Disney franchise. Players can go even further and personalize their park using exclusive decoration and landmarks.

disney wonderful worlds guide

Since this is also a match-3 game, you have to solve puzzles in order to get access to the resources needed to pay for the park expansions. After each successfully completed level, you’ll receive a sum of Silver coins which you then get to spend in the ride shop.

Disney Wonderful Worlds plays just like any match-3 game, so if you’re already familiar with the genre you should have absolutely no trouble figuring out how to go about this game. As expected, initial levels are quite trouble-free, but as you progress and more obstacles are added to the board things shall increase in complexity significantly. 

disney wonderful worlds minnie mouse

To help you navigate the intricacies that might arise in this game, we’ve put together a Disney Wonderful Worlds beginner’s guide which includes a list of tips and tricks that will ensure you start strong and continue to maintain your performance at optimal levels as the story unfolds.

1. Don’t Waste Your Moves

You have a limited number of moves to solve puzzles in Disney Wonderful Worlds. The amount varies depending on the level, so you constantly need to keep a close watch on how many you have left while you’re busy playing. Running out of moves always spells disaster as you’ll have to restart the level from the beginning. You’ll lose a life in the process as well, and if you continue doing so multiple times in a row you’ll be forced to take a break as to allow the game to regenerate them back for you.

This is why you need to mind your moves. Don’t just match randomly on the board. The first match you notice on the playfield might not always be the best course of action, so take your time before making a decision. Make sure you take another look at the level objective too – it’s listed on the left side of the display. Always keep it in the back of your mind, so that once you make your next move, you’ll be taking a step towards completing that goal.

To give you an explicit example, let’s say your task is to remove 15 yellow tiles and 20 green tiles from the board. Disregarding that, you might opt to start creating matches using pink tiles or red tiles, and so you’ll automatically decrease your chances of beating the level. Instead, concentrate your efforts on finding matches of yellow and green tiles.

disney wonderful worlds goofy

Sure, the tile configuration won’t always be friendly enough to allow you to create yellow or green matches whenever you want to and without you having to do put in a bit of effort, but you could work towards getting the tiles that don’t serve your purposes out of the way.

Bottom line is this – always concentrate on getting rid of the elements that are part of the level objective. Taking a few moments to ponder your next move is a strategy you should cultivate, as this way of doing things will prevent you from wasting any unnecessary moves. Moves are extremely precious, and so you’ll have to learn how to use them with purpose.

In addition, you should try and aim to always create larger matches. These will produce Boosters on your playfield during the level, and can be of massive help to you. Especially given the fact that select obstacles can only be removed through Booster use. We’ll detail the aids in question more in the following section.

2. Make Boosters While Playing And Combine Them

If you don’t want to have to pay for Booster usage, the simplest solution is to make your own on the playfield while you’re involved in solving a puzzle. Here’s what you can create while playing:

disney wonderful worlds boosters
  • Firecracker – this power-up is created by matching four pieces of the same color, either in a vertical or horizontal line. You can swap the Booster with an adjacent piece or double tap it to set it off (the rule applies to all Boosters). The direction of the Firecracker determines the orientation of the blast. So a vertical Firecracker will clear a row, while a horizontal one will obliterate all tiles in a column.
  • Popper – players can make one by matching five pieces of the same color in a L or T pattern. Once activated, this tool will remove all the pieces in its vicinity in a 3 x 3 radius.
  • Rocket – a power-up that can be made by matching four pieces in a square shape. When you set it off, the Rocket will explode destroying surrounding tiles in a “+” pattern and then fly off to destroy another tile which is part of the level objective. This Booster is particularly useful when you’re trying to remove a tile that is very hard to reach.
  • Pinata – the Pinata is perhaps the most destructive Booster you’ll ever come across. It’s made by matching 5 elements of the same color in a horizontal and vertical line. When swapped with an adjacent piece, the Pinata will destroy all the tiles of the same color as the piece you’ve swapped it with.

Now while these Boosters can be super effective on their own, our advice is to try your best to combine them whenever possible to augment their effect. It’s not always easy to create these combos though, but if you think through some of your moves in advance, you might be able to succeed in making and placing two Boosters next to each other.

Among the most powerful ones are the Popper + Firecracker which together can clear three columns of tiles horizontally or vertically (depending on the direction of the Firecracker). Other useful combinations include the Rocket + Rocket which sets off 3 rockets directed at random targets on the game board.

disney wonderful worlds firecracker

But the most impressive are those that mix the Pinada with another Booster. Instead of destroying tiles of a certain color, the combo will turn every piece of a given color into the second Booster. So if you combine the Pinada with a Firecracker you will end up with a board full of Firecrackers ready to explode and take out a large number of pieces that are part of the level objective.

What’s more, combining two Pinatas together will have a devastating effect on your playfield. In most cases you can clear the level just with this one move. It’s quite rare, though, to be able to create such a synergy, but it does happen. If you ever spot two Pinatas together, don’t hesitate to combine them, then stand back and let yourself be amazed.

3. Use The Other Boosters Sparingly

While you can always make your own Boosters from scratch, the game puts several others at your disposal. There’s the pre-level Boosters which you can activate before going into a level. These are combinations of the previously detailed power-ups. There’s 3 to choose from:

disney wonderful worlds power-up combos
  • Popper & Firecracker
  • Pinata
  • Two Rockets

Activating one (or more) of these power-ups before a level means you’ll be able to start the challenge with a few Boosters already formed and waiting on the playfield, which is convenient. The problem with such a strategy is that if you ever become inclined to overly relay on it, you’ll run out of Boosters pretty fast. And then you’ll need to pay to get more. Like in most match-3 games out there, power-ups don’t come cheap. In this case, you’ll need to spend Gems, which is a premium resource.

However, if you limit your use to only super hard levels, you’ll be just fine. You can win pre-level Boosters by making progress in the game, or by grabbing the daily rewards so you will have enough to go around if you control your usage.

The same advice applies to the tools shown on the right side of the display during levels. There’s 3 of them to choose from and again you should only use them as a last resort.

disney wonderful worlds tools
  • Dart – collects one tile without wasting a move.
  • Super firecracker – blasts a row and a column without wasting a move.
  • Glove – interchanges two adjacent tiles without wasting a move.

Whenever you need a last push to finish off a level, these tools might be exactly what you seek to help you attain your goal. Go ahead and use them if you’re absolutely sure you’re going to finish the level. If you’re not, it might be worth replaying the challenge and saving up the tool for later.

4. Take Advantage Of Character Bonuses

The Disney characters you know and love want to pitch in and help you beat those pesky levels. So they’ll pop up for a surprise visit on rotation (sometimes you’ll get to play alongside Goofy, other times it will be Donald who is keeping you company and so on).

disney wonderful worlds character bonus

The reason they come around is to drop Boosters on your playfield, but you need to fulfill their demands in order for them to do so. For instance, with Goofy as your sidekick you can get extra Boosters if you collect a minimum of 10 green tiles for each gift. Different characters have different demands, so make sure you check out the left side of the display to see what you need to do to be able to enjoy these bonuses.

5. Use The Extra Moves Only When You Truly Must

Just like any regular match-3 game, Disney Wonderful Worlds lets you purchase 5 additional moves at the end of a level you’ve failed to beat. Doing so will take you back with 900 Gems, which is quite a large sum, so our advice is to resist the urge to do as much as possible.

disney wonderful worlds extra moves

Gems are pretty scarce, so even if the game grants you 3000 Gems in the beginning, you’ll have a hard time replenishing your stocks as you continue playing the game. Sure, you’ll get the occasional reward consisting of Gems, but those prizes won’t be able to sustain intense usage.

When it becomes clear that you’re going to fail a level, perform a quick analysis and see whether buying 5 extra moves is really worth the steep price you’re about to pay. Ask yourself if you can complete the level in 5 moves? If you think the answer is yes, then go for it and see if that fixes the issue.

6. Buy Rides And Decorations That Grant More EXP

As you start accumulating silver coins, you’ll be able to step into the world building part of the game. Go to the shop and start spending the cash on new rides, as well as decorations. A word of advice here would be to opt for the decorations that grant you more EXP as you acquire them. Sure, they will cost you more, but the chunkier EXP rewards are well worth it.

disney wonderful worlds decoration

EXP is needed for levelling up your park and unlocking Keys. These items should help you expand your park and add new areas that will bring even more characters to your establishment. You’ll get one Key each time you’ve levelled up and so the process of collecting them is rather slow. Which is why grabbing those items that shed a larger chunk of EXP can be quite helpful in accelerating the process.

Don’t worry if you inadvertently selected the lower EXP option. Just long tap on that specific decoration and the other variant will pop up again, so you can purchase it. This way you get to grab the EXP provided by both decorations. 

7. Play During Events

If your main goal in Disney Wonderful Worlds is to make progress fast, then make sure you play while some of the more profitable events are taking place. Not all events are created equal, so pay attention to the description of each.

Once you’ve found one that is pretty generous when it comes to rewards, you should make a bit of time to squeeze in a gaming session. It’s during these type of events that you’ll be able to advance the fastest. Some events, for example, give you access to extra Boosters just for clearing levels in a row.

disney wonderful worlds events

On the other hand, other events allow you to win more Gems, which as we saw above, are extremely rare. So if you’re looking to beef up your stash of precious stones, this is the way to go for sure. Events usually span over the course of a few days, so you’ll have plenty of time to engage in them. Just make sure you visit the game regularly, and check to see what new events are now available. You’ll have to start a level to be able to see what’s going on.

8. A Few Tips On How To Solve Levels

Throughout Disney Wonderful Worlds you’ll definitely stumble upon some hard levels which will take longer to solve. Sometimes the outcome can all boil down to luck, to be honest. If the tile arrangement is not a very good one, you might end up failing the level.

If you feel that’s the case, then it’s a good idea to try and replay the level a few times and see if you can solve it on your own. Sometimes, it might even be a good idea to take a break from the game and come back later for a new try. The time spent focusing on something else might automatically solve the issue.

Or it may not. In which case you should try creating some Boosters or equipping some of the pre-level variety. Go easy on the last type, though, or you might run out of them pretty fast.

creating boosters in disney wonderful worlds

Once obstacles are introduced in the puzzles, winning becomes a lot more trickier. For the majority of these challenges the goal is to remove certain types of tiles. Although some more unusual objectives will eventually pop up, including spreading a tile (the Carpet) all over the board or dropping a particular type of item (Pretzel) all the way to the bottom of the board.

Dealing with most obstacles in this game involves you matching in their vicinity. That will usually remove most of them from the playfield. However, as you progress, upper-tier versions of these tiles will start appearing on your board. As opposed to the standard ones, they require 2 or 3 matches before they disappear for good.

Other obstacles group a cluster of items into one bundle. One such example is Waffles, which needs at least 6 matches to be eliminated.

The Carpet, is another atypical tile you’re going to be confronted with while playing Disney Wonderful Worlds. When it appears in a level, you’ll need to spread it all over the board to be able to win. You can do so by creating matches where at least one tile is a carpet-tile.

When playing a level featuring this sort of element, you need to concentrate your efforts mainly on the Carpet. Given that you need to spread it all over the board, some tiles might easily slip between the cracks. Frequently check the level objective while in game to see how many Carpet tiles you have left.

disney wonderful worlds tips

Booster-use is highly recommended when you’re dealing with any type of special elements. Some are more effective than others when tackling a certain obstacle. For example, a Bomb will clear away a lot of Waffles if exploded next to them. On the other hand, when you’re dealing with a row of candy, it might be best to use a horizontal Rocket. It will easily clear them all in one shot.

Some elements on the board will only respond to Booster use. For example, the Boosters that are kept in place by ropes. These can’t be set free without the use of a Booster first. And don’t forget power-up up combinations are even better, so take them up whenever available.

Bottom line is this – concentrate on removing/spreading the special tiles included in the level objective. Make sure you do everything in your power to interact with them as quickly as possible in order to complete the requirements. Build you strategy around matching next to the elements that you’re supposed to remove. Don’t waste any efforts on anything else, even if it might appear tempting at times.

disney wonderful worlds special tiles

A good example to show you what we mean is a level which features Lanterns with Butterflies as special elements. Usually the condition for clearing the level will be to collect all the Butterflies. To do so you will need to find (some might be hiding in the double or triple layered lanterns) them and release these butterflies by matching next to Lanterns containing them.

Pay attention to the objective though –  most often than not it targets only the Butterflies and not the Lanterns.  Which means you don’t need to waste any moves on destroying Lanterns, not if they don’t hold any Butterflies inside.

With this last tip we conclude our Disney Wonderful Worlds beginner’s guide. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post and have found something of use inside that will help you improve your game play. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below, especially if you have knowledge of a strategy we haven’t mentioned in this guide!