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BitLife 100 Challenge Guide: How to Complete the 100 Challenge

Candywriter struck gold in 2018 with the iOS and Android life simulator game BitLife, and we don’t need to remind you how popular it is even up to now. And that’s because it keeps getting better as an immersive and oftentimes funny and unpredictable game that puts you in control of a virtual character’s life, from the cradle to the grave to future generations. Aside from those larger updates that add tons off new features, the company has also launched a plethora of Challenges so far — limited-time events that require you to reach certain milestones or live a Bitizen’s life a certain way in order to complete them.

At the moment, it appears that Candywriter is working on the long-awaited royal update that will allow characters to hold royal titles, much like they can run for mayor, governor, or president thanks to the Politics Update from a few weeks back.

Regardless of what they’ll be rolling out for their next big update, Candywriter did recently launch a new challenge to keep players busy during the wait, and it happens to be a rather simple one, albeit one that might get tricky at some points. That is none other than the 100 Challenge, and in this new BitLife guide, we shall be discussing all the steps you need to take to quickly complete this challenge while it’s still live.

Getting Started – Keep Rerolling Until You’ve Got A Bitizen With High Smarts And Looks

If you’re one of the players out there who purchased BitLife’s God Mode feature, this should be easy-peasy right off the bat — just edit your baby Bitizen’s stats so that their Looks and Smarts are as close as possible to 100, or have them start out at a perfect hundred, and you’re set. Otherwise, you may need to be a bit patient when starting your journey to completing the 100 Challenge.

bitlife 100 challenge requirements

There is no specific requirement when it comes to your character’s nationality or gender, but you’ll have a better chance at completing it if their Smarts and Looks are at 70 or greater. As such, if you’re a free player, you may need to repeatedly create a new character until you end up with someone who starts out with good Smarts and Looks. Once you’ve created that character and stuck with them, you will then have to choose the smartest possible option in the scenarios that pop up before they enter school.

Here’s one useful tip — always choose the BitLife shirt, if available, for those wardrobe-related scenarios where you choose what to wear for a playdate. That’s sure to give your Smarts stats a nice boost.

Keep Those Stats As High As Possible

Once you start attending school, that’s where the real maintenance starts, as far as keeping your stats as close to 100 as possible is concerned. For starters, you’ll want to keep your grades as high as possible by using the Study Harder option, as well as avoid getting in trouble with bullies — it may not sound so cool to report that bully to the principal, but you’ll have to do it if you want to keep all your four key stats at high levels. Likewise, it’s best to ignore troublemaking classmates rather than encouraging them or fighting them and risking a trip to the principal’s office.

studying harder in bitlife

For middle school, high school, and college, it’s a good idea to take part in extracurricular activities such as athletics and clubs. Doing well in sports could result in a Looks boost, while club membership — on top of getting high grades — helps boost your Smarts. Use the Spend Time with All option once you reach the age of 12 to instantly improve Happiness — as long as you don’t have a substantial number of enemies — and make sure to visit the doctor any time those symptom scenarios pop up, in order to improve your Health. Visiting the gym can also boost Health, going to the library improves Smarts, and meditating improves Happiness and Health.

In adulthood, you may or may not choose to get married or have kids. But either way, you’re better off getting a low-paying job, regardless of your college education. You can also buy a house or a car, but you may likewise be better off not buying such assets unless your spouse pressures you to do so. This, as we’ll eventually explain, will come into play once you reach the age of 100.

bitlife gym workout

As you grow older, the Spend Time with All option will become more important in restoring Happiness as friends and family members pass away and you end up attending more and more funerals. To stay healthy, you may go on a healthy diet plan (Mediterranean, for instance, and definitely not something like Hot Cheetos) while also avoiding trips to the club and rejecting any offers to drink alcohol or do drugs. Regardless of what you do, however, Smarts and Looks can go down over time. Still, there are some ways to get both stats up to 100 at just the right time.

Improving Smarts And Looks At The Age Of 100

Getting a perfect 100 score for your Happiness and Health stats are easy. But what about getting 100 in Smarts and in Looks? There are a few things you’ll need to do, specifically at the age of 100, if your Smarts and Looks are no longer perfect at that time, and based on our experience, these two stats are typically eroded by the time you’re a centenarian.

If you need a boost in Smarts, that’s when you can head to the Books section under Activities/Mind and Body and read a book — preferably one that isn’t a children’s title. Now you don’t necessarily need to read a thousand-page monster of a book, but a couple hundred pages should be good enough to get your Smarts up to 100 at the age of 100.

reading a book in bitlife

As for Looks, it’s as simple as going to the Plastic Surgery menu and getting one of the multiple procedures, except Gender Reassignment. You may need to have multiple plastic surgery procedures done in order to improve your Looks to 100, but the important thing here is that you make sure you’re going under the knife with a competent surgeon. It may not be enough for their Reputation to be in the green — ideally, you want the bar to be at least 70 percent full.

Those with orange or red bars under their Reputation should be avoided at all costs — there’s a good chance they’ll botch the procedure, or give you less than satisfactory results. You may also need to quit and restart BitLife in order to get a competent enough doctor, or try other types of procedures.

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By following the above steps, you should have Smarts and Looks at a perfect 100. But that’s not the hardest or most complicated part of the 100 Challenge, as we’ll be discussing in the final tip in this guide.

Make Those Big Purchases (And Little Ones) Once You Turn 100

The last requirement we will be discussing for the 100 Challenge is, as you may have surmised, the trickiest. That’s because you need to have a bank balance of exactly $100 at the time the challenge is completed — you may see this checked if it so happens that you have $100 in your bank balance earlier in your virtual life, but if your balance goes up or down as you age up, that check mark will be removed, thus making it necessary that you are at the $100 mark once you’re at the age of 100.

While it may sound tough for you to go from hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) down to just a hundred bucks, you probably won’t find it too hard if you followed our advice in the previous tips and didn’t get a job that could earn you a lot of money. But even if you end up with more than $1 million in your bank balance, it’s still possible to get down to $100, simply by going to the Shopping tab under Activities and making those big purchases. That’s right — this is the time when you will need to buy those houses, cars, and jewelry, and not at any point before the age of 100.

shopping in bitlife

The trick here is to choose the item that’s closest to your total bank balance and purchase it, may it be a house, car, plane, boat, ring, or whatnot. For example, if your balance is at $1,300,000, you may opt for a house that costs about $1,250,000, dropping the figure down to $50,000. After that, you can look for a car in the $45,000 to $49,000 range, thus giving you just a few thousand bucks in your bank account. Next, you can move on to jewelry, purchasing various items, may they be genuine or fake, until you’re down to less than $200.

At that point, you may have to do some math and look for a combination of purchases that is equivalent to the amount of money you need to spend in order to get back to $100. The fake jewelry items are a good choice here, and you can also buy one or ten lottery tickets to get your balance down. Sadly, you will have to quit the game and restart it if you somehow end up winning the lottery — this happened to us during our play through — because obviously, that lottery win will make you filthy rich once again. Most of the time, however, you’ll be buying losing lottery tickets, so this is a generally safe way to reduce your balance.

Once your balance is down to $100, that should be it — the challenge is completed and you’re a perfect hundred, as far as BitLife is concerned!

Elton Victor

Thursday 28th of May 2020

Ok. But I have finished this challenge a few times now, without getting the games recognition. So, am I supposed to have perfect stats on age up to 100, or is it ok to fill up the looks and smarts after you turn 100? Because mine tends to drop a bit on every age up, just like 2-8% but enough to not be perfect. And I was wondering if there's a trick to make the stats not drop, like when you get hit by lightening fx that energy usually lasts for a while.