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Baseball Boy! (Voodoo) Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Hit Hard for a Home Run

Hit hard, take the ball to the skies and show your amazing baseball skills to the world. Baseball Boy! is a game that cannot be confined to simply one Genre. Sports, Arcade, Fun and even Strategy elements are present in this game which makes it a perfect choice for every gamer young or old. The game has been developed by none other than the powerful gaming house of Voodoo. Baseball Boy! is an addition to the insanely famous library of arcade games by the French developer, including Dune!, Fire Up! and Go Plane to name a few, and it does an excellent job of keeping the legacy of the genre alive. The game has awesome graphics and an immersive experience all packed into a reasonable package of 122 MB.

Baseball Boy! offers a complete baseball simulation and fun arcade experience to the players. You are a beginner and start off with a low end hitter climbing your way up the rankings as you complete each challenge. The game teaches you to respect the grind and hard work that professional baseball players have to face before they become legendary champions. As you advance through the game you will also be able to upgrade your hitter into a striking powerhouse.

Even though the game looks like it is all fun and games, Baseball Boy! has a seriously competitive side to it. Featuring Extreme Distance and Powershot Awards, you can challenge yourself to even greater heights by comparing your hitting skills with people all around the world. If you do not want to interact with the rest of the world and prefer to compete with only yourself, the game has got that covered for you as well. The career mode launches you into the city field with an old beat up striker and a dusty old baseball bat which you can upgrade and customize at your leisure. Completing the challenges given to you by the game will grant you points which you can use towards upgrading your baseball striker or adding different powerups to your baseball bat.

So is your adrenaline pumping yet? Are you ready to hit hard and long? Then pick up your smartphone and follow these tips as you begin your journey towards a home run of fame and glory.

1. Mastering The Power Meter

Baseball Boy! is an arcade game and the single most important thing for you to learn is mastering the controls for your baseball striker. Every similar arcade game tests the skills of players through a combination of challenges and control. Baseball Boy is no different as you have to take care of many complexities in order to complete the difficult challenges.

It is entirely up to your comfort to select the type of control that you would like. However for a truly immersive gaming experience which makes you feel like you are actually the baseball striker, it is recommended to become a master of the tilt controls. Using the tilt controls you will become very involved in the gameplay as you move your device making sure that the power hitter meter is at the right position before launching a hard hit onto the ball. The most important thing to care of while in the game is the power hitter meter which is shown right in the center of then screen of your smartphone. This meter is color coded and this helps you greatly as the striker because you have to time the perfect shot in order to ensure that it travels the furthest distance.

Understanding the color codes and mastering control over the timing of the power hitter meter is a key factor determining your success in Baseball Boy! The meter is coded in different shades of red and orange and you can hit the perfect shot when the bat is positioned exactly in the red center of the meter. The bat moves very fast much like a real life simulation but if you practice timing it right, you can easily hit the red sweet spot during the earlier stages and come quite close to a perfect hard hit during one of the later stages as well. Remember, this is a complete test of your reflexes and hand to eye coordination which means that the more you practice, the higher chance you will have to hit the red sweet spot consecutively.

2. Some Secret Tricks To Help You Out

Baseball Boy! has cleverly hidden some secret tricks which you can use to progress quickly through the game. Learning to correctly use these secret tricks while playing the game is absolutely essential to increasing your mastery of the game because it will greatly help you while dealing with the higher stages which require you to hit the ball to insanely difficult distances. While aiming your bat at the incoming ball, always remember to draw an imaginary line where you think the center of gravity of the bat will lie at that moment and take extreme care to not go over that line while hitting in the red line position. If you excessively tilt your baseball bat will flip over and it is very likely that you will lose control of the shot.

The sweet spot movement is very useful for performing the “Hard Hit” move where you have to turn your bat sideways and hit as hard as you can to make the ball completely fly out of the field. Most of the game challenges are based on the Hard Hit move and if you can master the sweet spot hitting of your baseball bat, beating records will become easy for you.

Another secret trick that can earn you loads of extra points is the “Double Power Shot”. This is a move which involves you pulling your baseball bat into a straight line until it is nearly perpendicular to the ground or road below and then sharply pulling towards the center of the screen to cause your baseball bat to turn backwards on itself causing a double power shot to initiate and putting much more force behind a normal shot. This move requires very good mastery of the controls because your baseball bat is likely to flip over during the double shot part of the trick. Remember mastering the controls takes time and practice will definitely make you perfect.

3. Upgrades And Power-Ups

Technically the main objective of the game is to upgrade your baseball bat until no one can match it in the field. With every challenge that you complete or tournament that you win you will gain points that you can use towards getting better baseball bats and perks that can help you to hit the ball further. These upgrades and power-ups come at a cost of course and that is the spending of the in game currency to unlock and apply them. This means that you should decide and analyze which upgrade is truly worth the money before you start unlocking and applying them all like crazy. In order to decide this, the best way is to test yourself during one of the later levels. If you find that you are bad at aiming, apply one of the aiming quicker and more accurately perks or purchase a lighter bat which will be easier to swing around. Similarly, if you see that you hit the ball perfectly but it still does not go too far, you should focus on getting the upgrades for power or upgrading to a heaver bat because there is simply not enough force behind your shot to make the ball go hard!

Always remember to upgrade your perks intelligently. Too much of speed and very low turning ability will make things even more difficult for you than a normal baseball bat. Upgrade according to your assessment of the performance characteristics where you baseball technique is lagging behind. For example if you find sweet spots to be very challenging even though you have mastered controls, then do not spend points upgrading the speed or aim of your bat. You need to focus upon the sweet spot feature to help you get through higher levels. If you are finding it difficult to make double power shots then upgrade the power of your baseball bat or increase the size. Just remember that you are the best decision maker according to your style of game play and even if you do mistakes, you can always reset and repeat!

4. Repeating Levels And Spending Cash

Baseball Boy! is a fun arcade game so there is no restriction on how many times you can repeat a level and you can abuse this feature to always get ahead of the difficulty curve in the game. The main problem which most players face is the lack of money available to upgrade their characters and baseball bats in order to tackle a hard level that they just unlocked or for the purchase of a higher performance perk. By repeating certain levels which guarantee an easy accumulation of cash you can avoid being stuck in a loop for all the time that you will be playing the game.

Repeating levels also has the added benefit of making you familiar with almost all the obstacles and dangers that you are likely to face during that particular level. You will also get a very fair idea of which combos to use against the difficulties that you are facing on a particular level and you can synergize the abilities of your baseball bat and characters much better when you know what skills your abilities are strong with. Therefore with enough practice you can easily predict which skills will bring you the greatest value on a particular level and using this information, you can easily progress ahead with combos and power moves.

Baseball Boy! is similar to the thousands of other arcade sports games in the market but this game makes you work hard for a relatively low amount of reward. This means that you will have to be extra careful while spending cash in the game if you want to achieve any significant progress. This is actually the main reason why many new players give up or fail to progress beyond a certain level while in the baseball career mode. They spend tons of cash on needless updates whenever a prompt to do so is shown by the game and as a result they do not have enough cash left for the purchase of a much better character ability upgrade or unlocking other cool features in the game.

An easy way to avoid falling into this trap is to collect as much cash as you can without spending any except when you absolutely need to. You will face such a situation only when the difficulty level listed besides the appropriate stage reaches to “impossible”. When this difficulty level is reached the game does not allow you to begin the stage unless you have performed some of the required upgrades to make your baseball bat strong in accordance with the stage requirements. All other difficulty levels can be cleared without performing upgrades to your commands and interface. Following this strategy saves you around 20 to 25 percent more cash. This may not seem like much but it really adds up to quite a lot and will result in you being able to purchase much better skill perks and upgrades faster than you would have been able to had you been spending cash whenever the game prompted you to upgrade.

Another reason why you should hold on to cash is due to the relatively low value that you can obtain from spending it on upgrades whenever prompted by the game. Upgrades come at a small price but you only get a certain amount of visual appeal by using up your upgrade card or upgrading with cash. The only benefit of upgrading skills, your character strengths and interface is the ability to more efficiently manage the stage control around each level. If you are playing according to the tips and tricks that are mentioned in this guide to Baseball Boy!, this benefit does not seem to matter anymore and you can save your hard earned cash for much worthier upgrades that will require a lot of investment when you reach the furthest distances in Baseball Boy!


Wednesday 4th of March 2020

Bat techniques, game levels, and perks? Did this game change massively in the last 2 years? The header image looks like the same game, but none of that stuff is in there now.

Martin Miles

Saturday 23rd of June 2018

How do you spend your diamonds


Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Anyone no the highest score on this. I have got 214,860.


Thursday 5th of April 2018

Highest Score is 3,132,212,641,792