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Car Merger (Voodoo) Tips, Cheats & Hints to Become a Legendary Racing Tycoon

Race around the world and rise to the fastest car in Car Merger which gives you a fun filled and adrenaline packed experience right on the screen of your smartphone. Developed and released by Voodoo, Car Merger is available to download and play for free on the iOS through the Apple iTunes Store. The game has well styled graphics and an interactive gameplay which makes for a great gaming experience all packed into a reasonable space of 118 MB on your device.

Car Merger is basically an arcade racing game in which your main objective is to beat previous records set by other real life players as you claim the spot for the best arcade racer in the world. You can race and jump through levels gaining new abilities and unlocking characters. Car Merger has a gameplay experience which will remind you of old legendary games like Super Mario and Lego Racers especially if you are a nineties kid. The game projects you into the midst of a ton of competition and it is up to you to buck up and get to the top or stay lazy and eat the dust of your opponents.

The game is reportedly difficult for most new players because of the large number of variable controls at each level and the special abilities of each car which makes it quite a job to remember it all and play. However as you move ahead through the levels you will begin to realize that this plethora of virtual complexities is what makes this game so interesting. Every car also has special powers which you can use while racing with other players to perform multiple tasks like boosting your position or destroying the run of your opponents.

The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game. The most recent version of Car Merger is version 1.5 and was updated on 08 February 2018. With so many things to remember and plan for, it would be naive to think that you can advance to the top without any help. Not to worry though because this guide is just what you have been searching for. Follow the tips mentioned here and race your way to number one!

1. Know Your Opponents

Car Merger is a very different racing game because it forces you to observe your environment while you race as well. Instead of just focusing on the movement of your car it is important that you look around for power ups and ability buttons which are carefully blended with the background and are only visible to those with a keen eye. Many players of the game tend to overtake their opponents first while overlooking many of the buttons in their hurry. The abilities help you immensely through the levels and when you miss the opportunity to collect them, your opponents will be able to cross you easily near the finish line. Believe me you do not want to experience the feeling of losing right at the end so work towards finding those sneaky little buttons and there is no way your opponents can defeat you provided you race with all your heart and soul.

Another main reason to focus on your surroundings while racing is to avoid the obstacles and hurdles that the game has prepared for you on each level. These can be anything ranging from potholes to ditches to walls that you have to avoid while making your way through the track. Failing to clear these obstacles successfully will cause your car to stumble and lose much of the speed that you had gained since the start of the level. Needless to say this delay will cause most of your opponents to overtake you pushing you towards the end of the line. No matter how far ahead you were before you hit the obstacle, a one or two second delay would become your downfall. Therefore avoid this frustration and prepare for it in advance by carefully observing your surroundings while you race for the first position.

2. Upgrade, Sit Back And Relax

It seems like the passionate path of the active racer was not one destined for you. No matter, wizards and magicians have always been one step ahead and even stronger than many legendary warriors so fret not. Rejoice in the knowledge that this path requires much less physical effort and can potentially save you from embarrassing yourself in a crowd or an important meeting. Unlike the path of the aggressive racer, you do need any physical strain for this path but you do need a good amount of mental concentration and decision making ability. Needless to say this path is for those clever players who have found the way to make the game work for them while they sit back, relax and watch the magic happen on the screen of their smartphone.

No extra perks or auto-click benefits are available to you at the start of the game but as you progress to race more and more cars, many upgrades and power ups will start to unlock. Remember, you have chosen the path of the Magical Racer so it is best to invest your earned coins into upgrades and perks that increase the power of your race cars. DO NOT spend your coins on the offline mode generator after 1 upgrade point because you will not get any advantage from this upgrade unless you leave your WiFi on for the whole day.

Once you have chosen this path of automatic relaxation, the first thing you need to make sure of is to follow the objectives given to you by the game for at least the first 7 levels. This will ensure that you get a handsome collection of Cars to Merge and enough coins to invest in some handy parking lot spaces. You need to mainly focus upon increasing your idle coins per second which indicate the number of auto-coins that the game is earning while you are not touching the screen at all. This idle production is known as your base CPS and can be seen anytime from the Stats menu or simply by touching nothing on the screen for 30 seconds or so. Upgrades like the “Autoracer” and “Super Mergers” are a few initial perks to increase your CPS. DO NOT try to upgrade the initial few perks beyond a level of 5 because they start to cost in hundreds of thousands of coins and provide only 1 to 3 coins per second increase.

Instead always try to buy the larger coin producing buildings like upgraded parking lots or longer tracks as they are most cost effective and produce a much larger amount of coins per second. For example once you unlock both the “Car Cloner” and “Racer Spawner”, upgrade only 1 point for the “Car Cloner” and then buy the “Racer Spawner” because it provides you with an increase of 300 CPS while the “Car Cloner” only grants you an additional 100 CPS increase with an insanely expensive upgrade price for the second level. Choose similarly as you continue leveling up and unlocking newer perks to make the best use of your idle coin production.

Just like you choose to give first priority to “increase your racing reward” while on the path of the “Racer”, here you will have to give the utmost importance to the perk “increase your offline production”. Each point in this perk grants you an increase of 5% for the offline production of your coins. This is a unique feature not found in any other racing game on the market. The offline production feature enables you to close the game and do whatever you want on your mobile while the game continues accumulating a fixed percentage of coins based upon the current base CPS that you have. The concept might seem a bit difficult to understand but it is really quite easy if you don’t get baffled by calculations. Let us take an example that you have a current base CPS of 1000 (quite easy to achieve) and you have upgraded the offline production perk by 6 points. Upgrading the production by 6 points gives you a 30% increase in offline production while you are not playing the game. Amazed? This path is magical and you will have to put in minimal effort into the game if you follow the tips mentioned in this guide with the zeal and fervor of a real racing wizard’s apprentice.

3. Chase The Power Ups

The feeling when you cross the first place opponent just before the finish line is indescribable. You too can achieve this feeling if you learn to utilize power ups in the best way possible. Power ups in Car Merger Race consist of 3 main types: speed boosters, agility boost and obstacle shield. The first power up does exactly as its name indicates giving a huge speed burst when you activate it while racing with your opponents. If used at the correct moment you can reach to the first position from the end and the best time to use it is just before the finish line as this will ensure beyond doubt your victory in the level.

The agility boost increases your ability to dodge obstacles by jumping over or sliding under them. When in normal mode you may miss many jumps and hit a wall causing to drastically lose your speed. However when the agility boost is active you will be able to make much higher and precise jumps. Of course the boost being active does not guarantee that a jump will be successful and you still have to keep your timing good.

The obstacle shield power up is a defensive boost that creates a halo around you protecting you from a maximum of one obstacle. You can cross through the obstacle without any loss of speed when the shield is active. This is very useful in situations where you are going neck to neck with your opponents and suddenly an obstacle comes up with the obstacle shield saving you at the last second. Therefore use the Power Ups wisely and none of your opponents will remain a cause of concern for you. Let’s go Race!

4. Merging And Getting Extra Coins

Car Merger Race has its own game currency which can be used to purchase many perks, boosts and upgrades for your gameplay. You can also customize the appearance of your character as well as special abilities and power ups. As you can imagine, having a lot of coins is very beneficial and the game is quite generous at giving coins daily whenever you log into the game. However in order to earn a huge share and ensure that you always have enough coins on your hands, replay your best levels. You are your own judge and know which level was easy as cake for you. Pick that level and replay it over and over until you have collected a large amount of coins.

A unique feature introduced by Car Merger is the ability for you to combine two cars from your parking lot to form a new car. This feature makes for some very in interesting new models and in addition to just gaining the visual aspects, the new car also has the performance and upgrades from both its constituent cars. On the flip side it does cost you a fair amount of money to initiate the merging process so you should not go about merging cars randomly because if you do so you will soon be out of cash. You should also remember that a full Racing Track means 10% extra coins per second as per the latest update to the game so you should avoid merging all the cars you have racing on the track as this will mean you will never be able to achieve the full track bonus.

So pick up your smartphone and race your way to glory!!