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Gaydorado Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Gaydorado is a one-of-a-kind gay social game that combines RPG elements with dating simulation. Chinese game developer CocoBear’s new mobile game lets you create your own character and follow exclusive storylines. Whether you are interested in romance, action, or even drama, you will definitely find a storyline that suits you. Explore complex characters and get drawn into every chapter you unlock. Of course, no dating simulation is complete without fashionable outfits! Now that you have created your character, it is time to dress the part. Choose from a wide range of clothes and accessories in order to express your own unique style. Once you have your best outfit on, it’s time to hit the Gym! You will need to work out in order to increase your battle power. Winning in PVP and finding true love is easy if you depend on our Gaydorado cheats, tips and tricks to help you!

1. Prioritize Themes In Fashion Missions

One of the primary kinds of missions in this game is the Fashion Mission. This type of mission, as the name suggests, will require your character to dress up according to certain criteria. There are different categories such as Cool, Youth, and Sexy. Some outfits meet the criteria of more than one category, so it will be easier to earn points. You have to score a specific number of points in the mission categories in order to succeed. Progressing in these missions will reward you with new outfits, giving you more options for the future. You need to focus on the specified theme or category if you want to win. It does not matter how flashy or rare your outfit is, if it does not meet the criteria, you will fail the mission.

2. Create A Balanced Team For Combat

Combat missions will require you to build a team of three characters. Once your team enters the battle, there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome. That is why you need to make sure your team will be fully prepared before they go in. While there are some benefits in bringing in high-power characters, you should also make sure someone will be there to support them. Always have one support character to heal your team since there will always be injuries. Keep in mind that you can control the speed of battle, though. You can set it to 2x if you are a little impatient.

3. How To Recruit New Guys

Recruiting guys in this game is as easy as buying them a drink. The only catch is, the drink has to be expensive if you want to attract guys with good qualities. The more expensive the drink you buy, the better chances of unlocking a character with high rarity. That means if you buy nothing but Margaritas, then you can expect nothing but one-star guys on your team. Your aim is to fill your roster with rare guys, so invest in better drinks. The good news is that you can claim free drinks every day, so it will be a little easier to recruit.

4. Go On Dates With Your Side Characters

Side characters are the ones who help your main character on combat missions. You can take them out on dates in order to improve your relationship with them. This will help you establish a good relationship with your side characters, which will, in turn, improve their combat abilities. You can going on dates, giving gifts, and fondling all help improve relationships.

5. Prioritize Your Main Team for Upgrades

The game allows you to upgrade your characters in order to strengthen their combat abilities. Since upgrading costs resources, it is best if you limit your upgrades to just a handful of characters. Prioritize your main team for upgrades, and possibly a couple of backup characters. Use the rest of the characters as sacrifice in order to get more upgrades.

It is time to win in battle, fashion, and love in Gaydorado! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will surely succeed!