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Gibbets: Bow Master Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Master the Game

Gibbets: Bow Master is a unique arcade puzzle game from HeroCraft, that’s both fun and frustrating. It is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful Flash games of all time. Its humorous approach to hanging people is one of the primary reasons people are drawn to this game. The goal is simple. You just need to save people from being hung to death. You will have limited time since they are already hanging from a noose. It only takes a few seconds before they run out of health, so you need to be quick. Also, make sure you don’t end up killing them yourself with your arrows. There are dozens of skins to dress up your hanged men in. You can also upgrade your stats to help you save more people. If you find yourself killing more than you are saving, do not despair. You can always rely on our Gibbets: Bow Master hints, tips and cheats to help you out!

1. Aim High

One of the most frustrating things in the game is aiming. You will find that your arrows will often fall short of your target. What you should remember, however, is that they are arrows, not bullets. They do not travel in straight lines, they travel in an arch. That means they will often lose altitude, especially if you do not use enough power.

The trick, then, is to aim higher than your target. This will give your arrow enough space to fall before hitting the target. Don’t worry if it does not look like the tip of the arrow will pierce the rope. The rope will be severed regardless of the part of the arrow that hits it. That means even if your arrow just bounces off something and the tail end hits the rope, you will still be able to save the hanged man.

2. Control Your Power

As we mentioned above, power also influences the trajectory of your arrow. If you want your arrow to travel as straight as possible, you need to use a lot of power. This is usually done if you have a row of hanged men that needs to be saved. Since they are already lined up, you just need to make sure your arrow travels far enough without falling.

The trickier part of power control is when you need to hit a target by making the arrow go over an obstacle. First, you need to aim in such a way that your arrow will travel in an arch to make it hit the target. Second, you have to figure out the amount of power you will use. Use too much power and your arrow will fly right over. Use too little and you risk hitting the obstacle instead. It takes a bit of practice, but once you figure out how much power you should use, things will be easier.

3. Don’t Kill People

This goes without saying, but your game is over if even one of the hanged men dies before you can save them. The good news is, they can die at any point after they are saved. That means you are free to hit them with as many arrows as you want, or even let them fall to the ocean below, as long as the rope has already been cut. In fact, you can even aim for their necks. If the arrow hits the part of their neck where the rope is tied, it is still considered a save.

Unfortunately, there are two ways for them to die. The first one is when you take too long to save them. Each hanged man’s health bar will slowly deplete as time goes by. Once it is empty, you will see their soul leave their body, indicating that you failed to save them in time. The second death is when you hit them too many times with an arrow. Hitting them with an arrow without saving them reduces their health bar. Again, when it hits zero, off to heaven they go.

4. Tap And Drag Anywhere

A common misconception for new players in Gibbets: Bow Master is that they need to tap and drag on the bow in order to aim and shoot. Since the bow is usually positioned on the side of the screen, dragging to get more power can be difficult, or even impossible. You don’t need to touch the bow. Just tap anywhere on the screen, drag to aim, and release to shoot. Make sure your hand won’t be blocking your view of the target, though.

5. Use The Extra Arrow Icons

In some levels, you will see a circle with an arrow inside. If you hit it with an arrow, it will produce a second arrow that will fly towards the direction the icon is pointing to. A lot of puzzles can be solved by hitting these extra arrow icons in the right order. Just quickly analyze the position of the arrow icons and figure out how they can help you reach your target. You can even set up cool combos and save all hanged men in one shot.

6. Aim For Combos

If you save more than one hanged man in a single shot, you will be able to trigger a combo. Each additional person you save will be worth more points. If you save two people, the second one will be worth two points. A third person will be worth three points and so on. This is easy to do when hanged men are lined up in a row, so don’t miss the opportunity to bump up your score. Look at how the hanged men are positioned and try to save as many as you can in a single shot.

7. Don’t Forget To Upgrade

There are four upgrades available in Gibbets: Bow Master. These will help you complete more levels in different ways. The ones you should prioritize depend on your weaknesses. If you always end up killing your hanged men, you should upgrade their Health to help keep them alive. If you are always missing your target, you can upgrade your Aim to make things a little easier. The higher the level of the upgrade, the more expensive it will be, so spend your stars wisely.

One upgrade you should save for last, however, is the one for stars. While it is true that having more stars will allow you to purchase additional upgrades more quickly, trying to get stars in-game will take precious time away from saving hanged men. Stars will serve more of a distraction, so there is little point in investing in this upgrade until you become so skilled that you have plenty of time to collect stars while saving people.

8. Beware Of Obstacles

There are various objects and animals that are seen hanging around each level. Most of the animals are harmless, and they will just go away if an arrow flies towards them. The objects, however, can be very dangerous. Arrows do not go through them, so you will have to push, destroy, or avoid these objects if you can. Bottles can be broken if your arrow has enough force. Teddy bears can easily be pushed aside. Crates are the real bummers in this game because they can be pushed by arrows but cannot be broken. They tend to get stuck in gaps, blocking the path towards the target permanently.

9. Take On Challenges

There are two modes available in the game, although you don’t immediately realize it since they are not labeled as such. The first one is the Endless Mode where you are given an endless series of levels, and you can keep going as long as you can save all the hanged men. The endless mode is where your high score is measured.

The second mode is the Challenge Mode. When you are on the main screen, you will see an icon of an arrow hitting a bullseye at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on it will take you to the Challenges screen that contains four pages of numbered squares. There are currently 64 challenges for you to complete.

The key to completing the challenges in this game is to pay attention to the goal. When you tap on the numbered square, you will be shown what the goal is before you decide to play it. If you blindly go into the challenge, you may end up playing forever without ever completing it. Keep in mind that knowing when to save the hanged men is important.

For example, Challenge 9 will require you to scare away two frogs. If you save all the hanged men before you shoot a frog, the game will move on to another level and you will miss your chance. Since the levels are randomly generated, not every level will have a frog in it. That means you will have to go through levels until you get another frog. Don’t forget that if a hanged man dies, you will fail the challenge regardless of the goal. That means the longer you play, the higher the chances will be that you will fail.

10. Claim Your Free Gift

The game gives out a free gift box every six hours. The catch is, the timer won’t start until you claim the current box. Make sure you check back often to claim the box in order to keep them coming. You can claim your free gift box after playing a game in Endless Mode. You will also be able to see the timer this way. Gift boxes contain several stars. Some even have as much as 200 stars in them. This is a good way to earn a lot of stars outside the levels, so don’t forget to claim as often as possible.

11. Earn More Stars

As we mentioned before, trying to get stars in Gibbets: Bow Master can be a little distracting since you will need to shoot them to pick them up. If you want to pick up stars while playing, you can do two things. First, you can aim your shot in such a way that the arrow will hit the stars and save a hanged man at the same time. This isn’t always possible, but there are plenty of levels that will allow you to do this if you analyze the setup correctly. Second, you can quickly shoot at the stars after you save all the hanged men. You usually have a couple of seconds to shoot before the game moves on to the next level.

Of course, there is a better way to earn stars, and that is through ads. At the end of each run in Endless Mode, you will often be given the option to earn stars. Tap on it to watch a video advertisement in exchange for some stars. Each ad is worth 35 coins, so after about six ads, you will have enough to buy a new skin. If you feel like rushing the ads, just shoot the first hanged man to death in order to get to the ad offer as soon as you can.

12. How To Unlock All Skins

There are over 30 skins available in the game and they all cost 200 stars each. The skins are only for the hanged men. It changes the shirt they are wearing as they hang around. Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose which skin you can unlock. Every time you choose to unlock a skin, you will be given a random one. They are also purely cosmetic, so they won’t affect your chances of winning in any way. Keep that in mind before you spend your hard-earned stars on unlocking random skins. You might want to spend on upgrades first.

13. Watch Ads To Continue

When you fail a level, you will often be given the option to continue by watching an advertisement. This option is not always available, think carefully before you decide to reject or accept the offer. It is best if you choose to continue when you are close to completing a challenge or setting a new high score. It will just be a waste of time to watch an ad if you fail on the first few levels. In fact, the game will rarely offer to let you continue if you kill the first hanged man.

That is everything you need to know in order to save mankind from dying a slow and painful death in Gibbets: Bow Master! Just follow our detailed guide in order to save them all!