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Astracraft Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build the Best ARMS and Dominate the Arena

NetEase Games has established a name for itself in the mobile gaming industry. Since 2015, NetEase Games has ceaselessly been releasing quality games and currently has grown to have an app portfolio containing 45 games. Spanning across multiple game genres, Rules of Survival, Life After, and MARVEL Super War are just a trio of its successful released titles with well over 10 million downloads coupled with largely positive average user review ratings. If you have been a mobile gamer for quite some time, chances are that you have stumbled upon and got hooked on one or more of the company’s games.

Astracraft is NetEase Games’ brand new action battle title, that’s out now on iOS and Android. While we have been very open-minded on the use of the word “unique” to describe various games we played and enjoyed, Astracraft certainly takes the cake for being an action title like no other. As a real-time combat game with sandbox elements at its core, Astracraft may just be the game that every action game lover’s creative side has been waiting for.

Test the limits of your creativity and imagination as Astracraft sets you up to build your own fighting and racing machines. Starting off with your ARM’s core, Astracraft lets you invent your dream machine with tons of modules to choose from. As the plethora of part combinations and mixtures are next to infinite, Astracraft guarantees that no 2 ARMs will be built exactly the same.

astracraft strategies

With that, the action-packed adventure set before you in the world of Astracraft promises that no 2 matches will likewise bring the same experience. If you are eager to test your mettle in the battle or racing arena brandishing your all-original creation, then dive into Astracraft and see what all the fuss is about!

The combination of sandbox and real-time combat along with other features can definitely set the impression that Astracraft packs some complex mechanics. While there is also little offered in terms of having a tutorial, Astracraft is a lot simpler as one might expect considering both the creation aspect of the game and the actual gameplay. The controls and in-game interface are easy to pick up, even for total beginners. The more challenging aspect comes with strategy and experience as you will need to plan ahead before starting to build and experience different scenarios in an actual match.

There shouldn’t be an insurmountable challenge in Astracraft that cannot be accomplished with patience and dedication. If you just started diving into game and feel that you are lagging behind the matches and need to improve your performance, then check out our Astracraft beginner’s guide below!

1. Complete The Module Trial First

Astracraft actually lets you jump into the arena as soon as you clear the first stage of the module trial, which deals with the basic controls. Although the thrill of the action can be very exciting, it is best to save your first arena action for when you have a good enough understanding of all the basic features of the game, most especially since each one can be directly applied to your performance in the arena.

Although the first stage of the module trial sessions qualify as the basic tutorial, completing all 24 stages will surely endow you with knowledge that will be difficult to obtain elsewhere. Additionally, clearing stages within the module trial will unlock more game modes for you to enjoy as well as some basic modules that you can use across the different ARMs builds you will later invent.

module trial astracraft

Each stage within the module trial is fairly easy, even for complete beginners, but it does not mean that you cannot fail completing it especially in instances where there are enemies that shoot back. It is very important to pay attention to the instructional guides as it eases down the trial’s completion.

Each trial you complete earns you a star and unlock new modules. Obtaining a certain number of stars will unlock a game mode, enticing you more to peek into it instead of pushing forward with the completion of the module trial. Note that while every bit of new learning received from each trial can help you perform a bit better on the new game modes you have unlocked, you are more likely to succeed after completing the full 24 stages of the module trial.

To be honest, we were very excited to take our newbie creation for a field test and jumped right into the arena after clearing the first stage of the module trial. Although we managed to squeeze in a kill, it was a lot of struggle and the way everyone else’s ARMs were built made it evident that we missed something out. After hopping back into the module trial and unlocking different functions and modules, it will feel like the creation potential will expand exponentially and the next battle arena you engage in will leave you with much better results.

2. Stick To The Basic Modules In The Beginning

There is actually already a lot of fun in designing and building your first ARM. Before diving into the arena, you can start modifying the pre-built machines set for each game mode and although a lot of the modules or parts are still locked, you will start off with a hefty number of options to choose from.

One of the key strategies you need to keep in mind is that your core is the most important part of your ARM. While taking damage comes in the form of losing modules one part at a time, having your core take damage destroys your ARM itself. With a lot of freedom as to how you design your ARM, there are plenty of viable options to tuck it in deep enough to ensure that it is far from risk of being hit.

basic modules astracraft

Going back to the initial stages within the module trial, one of the challenges is the first build where you will be required to include certain parts in your creation. For starters, it is best to stick with the basic requirements although maximizing capacity within such limitations. So long as you have the minimum requirements, you will be good to go and the same does not prevent you from adding extra modules similar to those provided.

Another point to consider when designing your ARM is the load capacity. In the interest of fairness, there will naturally be boundaries set to ensure that every ARM in the arena is more or less of equal capacity. Just the same, the load capacity of 100 for starters should be more than sufficient. With that much load capacity, you can equip your ARM with up to 3 weapons and even sport some support modules. All that is left is for you to strategize on the gears you have and how best to use them in accordance with your play style in the arena.

3. Do Not Hesitate To Experiment

As you continue to design, build, and modify one ARM after another, some modules will certainly appeal to you more than others. Perhaps based on loosely similar games you have played before, you can associate you general experience or expertise, so to speak, on certain weapon types and support gears. Astracraft does provide a detailed description of each module you can equip on your creation but just the same, new and potentially useful information on each part can be gained from first-hand experience.

It is best to get to know each part by classification to make it easier to balance out your ARM’s build. There are basic parts, damage output parts, assist parts, ultimate parts, and entertainment parts. Considering the inclusion of each of the first 4 categories is important most especially the basic parts, which are necessary for any craft.

arm build astracraft

The basic modules are the rudimentary building blocks of any machine and is responsible not just for the basic layout but movement as well. You will basically need several cubes and a set of wheels or legs to begin with but there are boosters, hovering mechanisms, shields, and various shapes of modules to expand your options for ARM’s chassis.

The damage output modules require little introduction as you will certainly be eyeing these parts as you tinker with your first creation. Just note that weapons can either be melee or ranged. Melee weapons automatically trigger when you are close to an enemy ARM. Each weapon behaves differently and while the descriptions are generally fitting, it is best to take each one out for a spin in the arena.

Assist modules are generally defensive modules but some can directly cause damage to enemy ARMs as well. Radars, cloaking devices, grappling hooks, mine layers, and even holographic decoy projectors fall within this category of modules. Some are good to have on their own while others excel in combination with some weapons and tactics.

preset template astracraft

Ultimate modules are like special abilities and is not limited to offensive feats exclusively. The Venus Blessing can generate a plasma shield on the surrounding area, providing repairs not just for your ARM but for allied units as well. The aegis, on the other hand, puts up a barrier that can block all sorts of damage for you and your teammates. Note that all ultimate modules require ultra skill energy to utilize.

Lastly, entertainment modules are decorations exclusively meant to provide better aesthetics to your creation. These parts also have their own load cost so if you choose to equip your build with an entertainment module, be sure to save it for last as you would want to maximize load capacity on parts that have functional purpose first.

Astracraft provides you with a good number of empty slots to save your masterpiece creations. If your creation has been tested on the field and has been found wanting, you do not necessarily have to scrap it. If you feel that a creation can still be improved at a later time but you want to start over, you can just do so on another empty slot.

4. Play Defensively

While there are plenty of game modes offered by Astracraft, matches are basically categorized into 2 types of competitions which are the battle-oriented type and the racing mode. As there are more game modes that cater to battle enthusiasts, you will naturally need to hone your combat skills to bag some victories in the course of your adventure within the world of Astracraft.

Controls are easy to master, even if you keep changing weapons and gears in-between matches. Creation and design is likewise very user-friendly, so chances are that you will easily grasp it even on your first go. The real challenge in Astracraft comes with the actual matches you engage in, especially given that you will be dueling against other players, who each have their own unique creations and strategies.

While aiming and properly timing the usage of your weapons and special modules take time and practice to master along with evasive maneuvers, some common tricks in the battlefield are fit for everyone and would be most especially helpful to you as a beginner. This goes in line with the general level of aggressiveness you should pack, which should be lower than usual as it is best for starters to play defensively.

defensive tactics astracraft

Keep in mind that the initial set of matches you engage in should be considered as practice mode. Yeah, winning is cool and all but what is important at this point is to learn as much as you can from the arena matches. There are a lot of information you should soak up before you should begin your quest set on winning matches. There are terrains and map layouts that you need to familiarize yourself with and an almost unending supply of new ARMs to encounter that you should also learn from.

Just to be clear, playing defensively should not hinder you from engaging any enemies or even be less confident about your own skills. Playing defensively, simply put, means playing within manageable risks and valuing exploration and learning over winning. You would want to sponge up experiences on how well you have built your ARM and how much better you can make it.

You may have initially though that the playing arena is a flat open field only to find out slopes, walls and various structures are littered across its entirety. As much as some of these features can serve as an obstacle for you and your opponents, it can be a defensive aid as well. Do not shy away from utilizing walls to hide behind from or similar structures you can grapple to. A higher ground may often be seen as an advantageous spot in most arena battle games but in Astracraft, even a sub-level with slopes on both ends can be utilized as an excellent ambush point against overaggressive enemies.

With the various weapons and other helpful modules to choose from, it will certainly take a long while for you to discover the perfect mix of armaments to pack on your ARM. Encountering enemies with weapons and setups that impress you can be an inspiration on what to do next. It is possible that some players will utilize a certain module very differently form how you use it, making it an extra reason for you to learn from each opponent you encounter in a match.

5. Spend Time To Enjoy Create Mode

Astracraft is not just about building something to tear down someone else’s creation for fun as the numerous game modes under versus mode is just about half of what its huge world has in store for you. Versus mode may seem light the dominant path towards ranking your season level up and amassing rewards and bonuses at a much faster rate but some of the challenges in the season are also attributable to accomplishments within create mode. Additionally, taking a breather from all the skirmishes will also net you its own set of benefits.

create mode astracraft

The first 2 modes under free creation simply lets you create and test your ARMs whether in an area with other players or exclusively on your own. Either one works great to test out different parts and modules and while the load limit in free creation will be different from what you will have in other game modes, working within your own set load budget is easy.

Whether you are building an ARM for battle, for racing, or simply for fun, the free create mode is your go-to place to test each build out. Remember to hit the upload button to save your blueprints to your virtual garage.

Astracraft also has a party mode filled with tons of mini games both from the developers as well as parties created by some users. Bumper Soccer, DynoBasket, Battle Tank, and Knight’s Hurdle are just a few of the min games you can surely enjoy.

party mode astracraft

It is definitely worth diving into each available party mode to experience a vast array of other fun and engaging activities outside of the battle arena. If you are inclined enough to exhibit your creative skills, then you may go beyond simply inventing your very own set of ARMs and create your very own party for other people to enjoy.

Last but not the least is the race mode, which works a lot like Mario Kart and a slew of other battle-oriented racing games. The most basic race mode will pit you against other players where you need to race towards the finish line through speed and strategy. Fuel and ammo boxes can be collected across the track and, of course, you will be racing with your very own creation.

using nitro astracraft

Note that there are pre-built vehicles you can choose from but each one should be modified to carry the weapons and support modules you need. Race mode also lets you create your very own circuit. It can be a lot more complex than simply designing your ARMs but if you have a lot of spare time on your hands, it can easily be learned.

6. Complete Challenges For Extra Rewards

Every bit of activity you engage in Astracraft earns you season points and rewards. Each season is 3 months long and the season points you earn will raise your season pass level, rewarding you with valuable resources at each level up. Beyond that, Astracraft offers plenty of regular challenges that each provide rewards upon accomplishment on top of massive season points to help you rank up your season level faster. Note that there are milestones relative to season levels reached that can earn you unique rewards impossible to obtain anywhere else.

You can click on the season icon at the upper right side of the main screen to check your season level and rewards as well as browse through the challenge objectives you should accomplish. Each of the weekly challenge objectives, season challenge objectives, and season achievement objectives directly relate to the usual activities you should be partaking in regularly and as such, it can happen that you will accomplish a multitude of these tasks without even knowing.

completing challenges astracraft

For efficiency, though, it is best to peer through each objective under each group as some will definitely be easier to accomplish after knowing exactly what to do. In some cases, these sets of tasks will serve as your guide towards engaging in other activities that you may have forgotten about as you focus on one game mode within Astracraft.

Astracraft certainly has a lot more in store for players but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will help jumpstart your journey within Astracraft’s vast and constantly growing world. If you happen to stumble upon something we missed in our beginner’s guide, feel free to let us know in the comment area!