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My Restaurant (Mobile Game) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Master Every Level and Expand Your Restaurant Chain

If you’re currently looking for a more relaxed type of time management game to play, perhaps you’d like to take a look at Techvision’s My Restaurant: Crazy Cooking Games & Home Design. You may know Techvision, as they are the folks behind the popular hotel simulation game, Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story. The company’s other mobile game My Restaurant has been freshly updated and is all set to become your favorite cooking game in 2021.

My Restaurant is structured like any mobile time management game for mobile out there, but features enough variations to firmly establish its own identity.

Players step into the shoes of a recent graduate called Emily who has just returned to her home town where her grandpa is struggling to hold together the family’s restaurant business. Help Emily revive her pap’s breakfast shop by playing levels where you are required to cook food for a number of customers and serve them as fast as possible.

my restaurant food

Each level comes with a main objective which needs to be completed before you can pass on to the next challenge. Some of these stages are timed (the hardest ones), while others aren’t, thankfully. You can view the objective before a level begins and then in the upper side of the display. There are three main goals you need to worry about in My Restaurant:

– Collect a given sum of gold coins;
– Serve a given number of dishes;
– Collect a number of likes.

keeping customers happy my restaurant

On top of that, many levels come with additional conditions. These are events which need to be avoided at all costs, upon penalty of being disqualified. Make sure you keep an eye out for them, as you enter a level;

– Don’t throw anything in the trash;
– Don’t burn any food items;
– Don’t lose any customers;

As you progress through these levels, your business will finally take off and you’ll be able to open new locations. Your journey starts at the Breakfast shop, but once you expand, it will be possible to unlock other food joints including the Ramen Shop, Bakery, Diner and many others.

While the game is easy enough at first, with only a handful of people that you need to serve at a time, it soon turns into quite a challenging affair. To succeed, players need to learn how to approach levels where they have to deal with a large influx of demanding customers. If you find yourself at a loss about how you to do that, go ahead and read our My Restaurant beginner’s guide which contains essential tips and tricks that will teach you how to serve orders fast, keep customers happy and grow your budding restaurant empire.

1. Get Very Clear About The Level Objective Before You Start Serving

The objective is visible before you start playing the level. Take a good look at it before you press play and take your time to absorb that information. What does the goal instruct you to do? This is highly important in regards to your strategy, because depending on the kind of level you’re playing, you’ll need to adapt your gameplay accordingly if you want to win.

Let’s look at an example, shall we? Let’s say you’re about to play a level where you have to collect 20 Likes, and at the same time you’re not allowed to throw anything to the dustbin on penalty of being disqualified. On top of that, the level is timed. So what should your strategy be?

Take a deep breath and relax, as you’ll need to be in a very clear state of mind so you can get everything right during this level. You don’t have the luxury of putting together the wrong order, because you aren’t allowed to throw anything away. You might get lucky, and someone might come along requesting the very dish you made accidentally, but that doesn’t always happen. So it’s best not to make mistakes.

level objective my restaurant

To collect those likes from your customers you have to serve their dishes really quickly before their patience runs out. You can view their satisfaction meters right next to them, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

How can you move as quickly as possible? Ensure you have the best equipment in your kitchen, so that you can cook the dishes swiftly. If it takes forever to make a plate, your customers will certainly become annoyed and then angry for having to wait so long for their food.

By comparison, during a level where you’re only supposed to serve a certain amount of dishes (which isn’t timed), you can be a bit more relaxed. During such challenges, you can take your time to serve and still be able to reach the level objective. Things might be a bit trickier if the level is timed, as you will have to work very fast to serve as many dishes as possible.

2. Make Sure You Have Extra Food, Always

Don’t wait for customers to start placing orders. Always be prepared, and have all the dish bases ready when the first diners arrive at your restaurant. What do we mean by bases? Allows us to explain. For example, in the Breakfast shop, one of your main dishes consists of Fried egg + Toast + Tomatoes. The Fried egg is the base of the dish because it needs to be cooked and takes a while to be ready (depending on your equipment), while Toast and Tomatoes are instant items which can be added straightaway.

So make sure you always cook the Fried eggs in advance. In anticipation of more intense levels, we recommend that you start frying a new batch of eggs, as soon as you’ve placed the latest batch on the plates. Despite its advantages, this strategy might not be the best course of action if you’re playing a level where you’re not supposed to burn items. Each food item can sit on a stove without being transferred to a plate for a few seconds (unless you have a Boost working for you) before it overcooks and gets spoiled. In a lot of cases, burning a few items is fine, you can simply throw them away. But it’s not a general rule, which is why, you need to be acutely aware of the level objective as you go about playing a stage.

preparing extra food my restaurant

When you’re making a complete dish like the Tomato Eggs, you have to be careful to have correct the order of ingredients. Tapping on Fried egg + Tomato + Bread is the wrong way to assemble the plate. Instead the right sequence is Egg + Bread + Tomato. Be quick to learn this pattern, so you can be precise when a customer asks for this particular dish and avoid wasting precious taps.

Don’t prepare complete dishes, like the Tomato Eggs in advance, because some customers might come into your restaurant looking to order something simpler such as a Fried egg or a Fried egg with Bread. If you’ve already filed up a plate with Tomato Eggs and none of the oncoming customers ask for it, you will be forced to throw it away. And that might negatively impact the outcome of the level.

3. Cook Dishes Faster By Upgrading Your Kitchen Equipment

We already explained how important it is to be able to prepare food as fast as possible. The game gives you the opportunity to slowly improve your production processes in your kitchen by allowing you to acquire improved kitchen equipment.

You can do this by earning enough EXP. Unlike other time management games, where you have to pay for these upgrades with in-game currency or gems/diamonds, in My Restaurant you’ll be able to improve your kitchen gear by acquiring EXP.

earning rewards my restaurant

You can get EXP simply by playing the game. After each successfully completed level, players are awarded the following rewards:

– EXP;
– Gold coins;
– Golden star;
– Golden key (occasionally).

You’ll get 10 EXP points for each stage you play. Each level in My Restaurant is divided into three separate stages, and one of them contains a Golden key. You need these keys to be able to unlock the next portion of the game and eventually a new restaurant. Most of the times, the Golden key is part of the reward bundle following the first stage, but sometimes you’ll have to play the other stages to get to the key.

upgrading items my restaurant

This isn’t at all bad, because the more you play the more rewards you can accumulate, including the much needed EXP. The sooner you are able to upgrade your kitchen, the faster you’ll become a competent server who doesn’t leave customers waiting for long.

Some upgrades are quite costly in terms of EXP points, so it takes a while before you can finally enjoy the perks of serving a fancy burger patty that can be cooked almost instantly. But if you keep at playing the game, you’ll eventually get to it.

EXP points can be spent towards upgrading food items as well, which makes them more expensive when customers place an order for them.

4. Throw In The Occasional Boost, When Things Get Hard

My Restaurant is not among the hardest time management games we’ve played. This is good news, because some of them can get extremely frustrating really fast.

You’ll be able to get through most levels on your own, even if not from the first go. Our advice would be to try a few times to beat the level without the extra help. But if you’re not in the state of mind to be replaying a level over and over again, you can always throw in a Boost to smooth things over.

There are several types of Boosts in My Restaurant and the first one is the kind which you have to activate before going into a level. You can select from these options:

Combo Twister – slows down the combo timer (we explain what that is in section 6);
Double Price – doubles the coins you’ve earned for one level;
Ultra Cooker – food doesn’t get overcooked anymore;
Instant Cooker – cooks dishes instantly.

Activate these Boosts wisely depending on the level objective ahead. Although our recommendation is to try to play the level at least once or twice before getting a Boost involved. Anyway, let’s say you’re heading into a stage where you have to serve a certain number of dishes to your customers and the level is timed. Well, in this case you might benefit from an Instant Cooker which will allow you to make food fast and, thus serve a larger number of customers. By no means, should you select the Double Price or Combo Twister.

boosts my restaurant

Then there’s another class of Boosts that you can use while you’re actually playing, but we’re going to talk more about them in the next section.

The last type of Boosts makes an appearance if you fail to complete a level. These pop up, as you’re about to exit the level and prepare to try again:

More Customers: gives you 3 more customers;
Second Chance: gives you a second chance to make things right;
More time: gives you 30 more seconds to complete the goal;

These Boosts are super helpful and can make the difference between failure and success. However, they should be used with moderation, because once you run out of them, you’ll have to pay to get new ones. Boosts cost diamonds, and while the game is pretty generous with allowing you to collect this resource from various sources, power-ups are still pretty expensive. For example, a bundle of 3x More time cots 400 diamonds, while 3x Combo Twisters will take you back with a more moderate 240.

Buying Boosts is not the only way to get more of them. My Restaurant has a unique system where you can collect shards of Boosts called debris. Get your hands on enough and you can assemble a new Boost to use. In addition, you can win Boosts by making progress in the game or simply by participating in events. But more on that later.

5. Spin The Fortune Wheel To Get Candy

Once a day you can play the Fortune Wheel for free for a chance to win all kinds of prizes. The most common ones you can score are Candy. They might not seem much, and you’re probably hoping to get something more consistent such as diamonds, or coins or a special chest. But Candy are actually a great reward.

These are Boosts you can use during a level, and they are automatic. Remember we told you that each customer has its own satisfaction meter and every time you make them wait too long for their order that meter drops and they will get angry.

Well if you have Candy, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Once some of your diners start getting impatient, Candy will automatically get distributed to those who are close to giving up the wait and leaving your restaurant. Thus saving you from having to lose any clients and the revenue they bring with it. The great thing about having Candy, is that you don’t have to worry about having to pay attention to your customers’ satisfaction meters, because Candy has you covered.

fortune wheel my restaurant

Candy is not available to purchase in the Store in exchange for diamonds, but you can acquire more by playing the game and unlocking progress rewards. But if you run out of them, a quick way to get your hands on more is by spinning the Wheel.

Once you’ve exhausted your Free spin of the day, you can go ahead and pay with gold coins for additional spins. Don’t worry, if you play your cards right, you’ll always have extra money to spend.

Just take up the offer to Double Your Coins at the end of each successfully completed level, every time you have the option to do so. Additionally, you can win gold through various other avenues.

There’s a second type of Boost that can be used during a level and it’s called Magic Lollipops. These have the effect of lifting the overall mood in your restaurant and affect all your customers who are present in your diner. Unlike Candy, you’ll have to activate the Lollipops manually.

6. Focus On Making Combos

In My Restaurant you’ll be playing a lot of levels where you’ll have to collect a certain sum of gold coins to be able to win the level. If these levels are timed too, then you’ll have quite a big challenge on your hands.

One way to ensure you’re making good profits is to work fast and serve customers in quick succession. This way you’ll be able to make Combos and thus increase your earning considerably. You’ll notice a little bar in the upper side of the display, just below the level objective. Once you start serving dishes in a sequence, you’ll see the bar will start lighting up.

making combos my restaurant

This means, you’re queuing up orders and thus producing more money. Depending on how fast you move, you can create combos as large as 8. But keep in mind, if you take too long to serve the next dish, the chain will be broken and you’ll have to start again.

Going through the more intensive stages, you will have to train yourself to be as fast as possible. Alternatively, you can throw in some Boosts like Combo Twister which slows down the combo timer so you can achieve combos more easily.

7. Don’t Forget To Collect Restaurant Profits

You won’t have a hard time getting coins in My Restaurant, as we already explained. But if you ever find yourself in a position where you actually need more, you can grab a pretty nice sum by collecting your restaurant profits.

collecting profits my restaurant

Each restaurant produces money, even after you’ve moved on to the next one. Depending on their rank they will produce more or less. We explain how you can upgrade your restaurants in the next section, but the idea is this. Don’t let good coins go to waste. Check the Restaurants tab (located in the lower left corner) and see if there are some rewards you can pick up. Once you’ve grabbed the sum, you will have to wait another 4 hours for the next reward to become available.

Depending on how many restaurants you’ve already unlocked, this method can bring a significant boost to your profits. And you might need it, if for example, you like using the Fortune Wheel a lot, as spins get increasingly more expensive.

8. Invest In Restaurant Decor

An interesting twist in My Restaurant is that players are given the chance to upgrade the décor of the restaurants they are working in. This means you can invest in new furniture, wallpaper and more. A new upgrade usually costs coins and some diamonds.

Now, the interesting part is this. Once you purchase a décor upgrade, you’ll be able to redeem badges. Collect enough and you can unlock a chest filled with all kinds of stuff including diamonds, candy and coins. You can also acquire badges by upgrading kitchen equipment and food items.

decor my restaurant

Grabbing the goodies inside chests is not the only benefit of collecting badges. Through them, you can also unlock a new rank for your restaurant which translates into improved coin production, customer patience and tips. So, upgrading your restaurant décor is quite important to boosting your chances of success while playing levels, as well.

The only problem is that new décor pieces cost diamonds, and sometimes they can be quite expensive. What you need to do is find a balance between spending and getting new diamonds in. Don’t over spend, or your supply might run out fast and you don’t want that. You need to always have a good amount at your disposal, in case of emergency.

Fortunately, My Restaurant lets you get diamonds through various avenues, and below we’ve listed all the possible ways through which you can boost your precious stone collection:

Redeem progress rewards: players can unlock progress rewards simply by playing the game and collecting the stars which are part of the reward package at the end of each level. Once you’ve collected 15 of them, you can unlock a chest filled with goodies including diamonds, debris and candy.

daily bonus my restaurant

Grab the Daily bonus: log into the game every day and grab the rewards at your disposal. Four times a week you’ll be able to redeem diamonds. Tap the Double Bonus button to watch and ad to increase that amount.

Grab the Daily Tasks Bonuses: Every day, the game generates three Daily Tasks. Complete them and you can win diamonds as well as other stuff including coins, debris and candy. For example, your reward for buying 5 items include 15 diamonds, 6 debris pieces and 2 candies.

Upgrade your restaurants: purchase new décor items and upgrade the kitchen equipment and food items in your restaurant to upgrade your diner. Once you’ve hit a new rank, you’ll be able to get extra diamonds and unlimited lives.

winning rewards my restaurant

Watch ads: My Restaurant is really generous with its ad offers. At the top of the screen, in the right corner, you’ll see an icon shaped like a TV that says Free underneath. Tap on it and watch quick ads in exchange for rewards including diamonds, but also Boosts and debris.

Spin the Fortune Wheel: previously, we recommended using the Fortune Wheel to get extra Candy when you ran out of them. But the Wheel can yield some extra diamonds, as well.

Check the Shop, then Exit: In the upper right corner tap on the icon that says Sale to go to the shop. Then exit. A pop up will appear asking you whether you want some extra diamonds. Click on Sure! and watch a quick ad to get your extra diamonds.

Now that you know how to collect more diamonds, you should always have a decent stash put aside, just in case. Whenever you spend on a new décor piece, our recommendation is to make use of the free ad offers to gain back the diamonds you’ve lost. It takes only a few minutes. Fortunately, the game doesn’t limit the amount of ads you can watch, so you’re free to go wild.

9. Stuck On A Level? Comeback The Next Day

Each day the game offers up the chance to get extra time or costumers when you fail to complete a level. Now, you can take advantage of this perk a few times in a row, but at one point the option won’t be available anymore. So you’ll either have to play the stage all over again or use some of your diamonds to buy an end-level Boost (in case you don’t have anymore, that is) to continue.

extra time my restaurant

Well, if you don’t feel like wasting your Boosts or paying for more, put a pause on playing and come back the next day. The game will once again offer the chance to watch ads, so you can continue playing and hopefully finish off the level.

Taking a break after you’ve played for a while can also be helpful, because it will help you relax. And next time you attempt to best the level, you’ll benefit from a fresh approach and perhaps an improved strategy.

10. Be Super Active During Special Events

If an in-game event is underway, you need to make it a point to play as much as possible while it’s going on. Why? Because events in My Restaurant offer great advantages and bonuses.

ultra cooker my restaurant

For example, in Mystery Box, players who win three levels without failure can start levels with mystery Boosts. This can be extremely helpful, especially if you manage to score one of the better ones. For example, having the Instant Cooker on all the times will enable you to go through levels a lot faster than if you played without one. Cooking food instantly will greatly improve your chances at serving customers efficiently, making Combos and growing your profits fast.

And with this we conclude our My Restaurant beginner’s guide! We hope that our collection of tips and strategies will help you fine-tune the way you approach levels in this game. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep playing regularly and you’ll surely get better at it. If you guys happen to have knowledge of any extra tricks that weren’t mentioned in our guide, be sure to drop us a line!


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