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Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Levels

You might have heard of Gordon Ramsay, one of the most famous chefs around the world. You may have come across some clips of him yelling around in Hell’s Kitchen or coaching some kids in MasterChef Junior.

If you thought the only place that the digital part of his kitchen and restaurant empire would only be on the television or online videos, you’d be surprised to see that he has gotten into the mobile game industry as well!

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is a game developed by independent game company Outplay Entertainment. This UK-based company is responsible for several popular mobile titles such as Bubble Genius, a bubble-popping game, and Castle Creeps, a tower defense game, to name a few.

gordon ramsay chef blast guide

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast falls into the genre known as match-3 game. This is the classic type of arcade game where you click tiles that match and clump together to progress towards clearing the level. Most games of this genre require you to clear a certain number of blocks or reach a certain score in order to clear a level. This game, however, spices things up.

In this Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast beginner’s guide, we’ll be talking about all the neat tips and tricks in order to help you progress faster and clear all the levels with ease. Both Ramsay and the developers have promised to keep the updates and new levels coming so the things you learn in this guide will also be of service in the future.

Grab your apron and all your cooking materials. Let’s venture forth together in our way to becoming the next master chef!

Getting Started With Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

As soon as you boot up the game, you’ll stand face-to-face with the man himself, Gordon Ramsey. He’ll immediately throw you in the first level of the game which requires you to clear at least six yellow tiles and six blue tiles. You can clear other colored tiles, but only those that are listed underneath the goals section are needed to finish the level. The first level is quite the freebie since it gives you an unlimited number of moves.

getting started with gordon ramsay chef blast

I guess I’m lacking some cheese and two cups of water

The next few levels will serve as an introduction to other different factors that can make the game a little more complex. We’ll be talking about the different power-ups and combinations as well.

1. Collecting More Ingredients

You’ll come to a point in the game where Gordon will ask you to collect other types of ingredients that are not bound to blocks. These special ingredients are counted towards your goal count if you clear them using a special technique.

Some of the ingredients are stationary and require you to clear a set number of blocks beside them to count towards your goal count. Other ingredients would require you to drop them to the bottom of the play area in order to be cleared on your checklist.

collecting ingredients in gordon ramsay chef blast

Some chopped onions and the recipe is complete

Ingredients in later levels will require you to do complicated steps to clear them. But one thing is for sure, power-ups (both special and block-related) make our lives easier.

2. Take Advantage Of Power-Ups

There are two different types of power-ups that help us progress through the different levels of the game. Each type also hosts a variety of subtypes. That might be a lot to take in, but we’ll walk through this together.

The first type of power-up can be called limited power-ups or premium power-ups. These are the power-ups that are located at the bottom of the screen with a little number tooltip on the lower right side. The number tells us how many times we can use them to clear our levels.

power-ups gordon ramsay chef blast

Only use them when they are really needed, they’re called limited for a reason!

We will be talking about these power-ups from left to right and we will tackle some of the creative ways that we can use them to our advantage.

First off on our list is the hammer… well, the Tenderizer. This gives us the chance to click on one square to clear it. This is quite useful in situations where there is this just one block blocking you from your goal. You can also use this in situations that there is just a single block that’s deterring you from performing a power-up combo.

The next kitchen utensil… I mean, power-up, is the Peeler. The peeler sort of works like a real-life peeler, assuming you use it the recommended way. You peel the skin off of a certain ingredient from top to bottom. The peeler allows us to clear one whole column, counting all the blocks cleared from top to bottom as part of our work towards our goal. This is useful in situations where a tenderizer is not enough to deliver an ingredient to the bottom of the screen.

The next equipment we have in our disposal is the Knife. Similar to the peeler, the knife can clear a whole line of blocks, but in a row.

Last on our list of premium power-ups is the Whisk. Now, this one doesn’t really have any special scenarios where it is a hundred percent useful. The whisk is a bit luck-dependent. The whisk shuffles all the blocks found on the board. The only ones that are not affected by the whisk are the ingredients and the power-ups which come from blocks, which we will be talking about next!

Now that we are done talking about the limited power-ups, we will now be tackling the power-ups that come from popping five or more blocks of the same color. We will be calling these block power-ups. These are special power-ups that can be combined with each other to perform power-up combos, which we will also be talking about later on.

Remember that these power-ups appear on the block that you clicked first. This should help you strategize when and where to create these power-ups on the board.

First on our list is the Rockets. This is the most common type of power-up that you will be seeing on the board. You need to pop either five or six blocks of the same color in order to create one rocket. The type of rocket that appears would be one of two types.

column rocket gordon ramsay chef blastThe column rocket functions just like the peeler power-up. This clears the column that the rocket is in.

row rocket gordon ramsay chef blastThe row rocket, meanwhile, functions just like the knife power-up. This clears the row that the rocket is in.

Second on our list is the Bombs. This is the type of power-up that might appear when you clear at least six and at max eight blocks of the same color. At this point you will recognize that at six block clears you will either have the rocket or the bomb appearing.

bomb power-up gordon ramsay chef blastThe bomb power-up allows you to clear a three-by-three square area with the bomb at the center.

chili pepper power-up gordon ramsay chef blastLast on our list is the Chili Pepper. This is the type of power-up that might appear when you clear at least eight blocks of the same color. This means that when you clear eight blocks, either the chili pepper or the bomb will appear

The chili pepper power-up allows you to clear the same-colored blocks as the pepper itself. Best that you save this power up until there are a significant number of same-colored blocks as the pepper. We aim for maximum efficiency, of course!

3. String Powerful Combos Together

What would be a match-3 game without having a few power-up combos to spice things up some more? There would be times where after you clear a certain set of blocks, two power-ups will appear side by side, allowing you to combine them.

We are now going to look at the different combinations of power-ups and how they can change the course of our game. We will first talk about the combos that feature two of the same power-up and then we will take a look at the ones that feature different power-ups.

For the same power-up combos, they are quite intuitive as they combine the properties of the power-ups being combined and make them pack a more powerful punch.


bomb power-up gordon ramsay chef blastbomb power-up gordon ramsay chef blastThe double rocket combo will clear a cross shaped area, one column in width and one row in length, centered around the rocket that you clicked. It doesn’t matter if you get two row rockets, two column rockets, or a mix of both. The effect will be the same!


The double bomb combo allows you to clear a five-by-five square centered around the bomb that you clicked. Quite a big kaboom!


chili pepper power-up gordon ramsay chef blastchili pepper power-up gordon ramsay chef blastThe double chili pepper combo, the deadliest of them all, clears the whole board of blocks. This works even if you combine chilis of the same color or different colored chilis. This also easily drops the ingredients you need to the bottom of the screen.

Meanwhile, the mixed power-up combos have a more interesting effect. All of them are super devastating, so make sure to utilize them as much as you can!


bomb power-up gordon ramsay chef blastcolumn rocket gordon ramsay chef blastThe bomb and rocket combo clears a cross shaped area, three columns in width and three rows in length, centered around the bomb. That’s one thick cross. Quite bombastic.


row rocket gordon ramsay chef blastchili pepper power-up gordon ramsay chef blastThe rocket and chili pepper combo transforms all the blocks with the same color as the chili into rockets. The rockets spawned will be randomly assigned as a row or a column rocket.


chili pepper power-up gordon ramsay chef blastbomb power-up gordon ramsay chef blastThe chili pepper and bomb combo transforms all of the blocks with the same color as the chili into bombs. It then proceeds to detonate all the bombs from top to bottom of the screen. Talk about turning the kitchen into a minefield!


4. Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

The gameplay is quite easy to get by and one of the only problems you might encounter is mostly dependent on luck. There will be times where you will need to reset the level because of some unlucky tile placement.

The best tip that we can give you is to collect one type of block and always try to pop three or more blocks at the same time. This gives you more space for errors and give you more value out of the limited number of moves that you have.

You should always focus on getting the ingredients that are not tied to blocks first, as you will mostly get to clear the required blocks while trying to fetch those special ingredients anyways.
Never rely on those limited power-ups, as you might need them on the later levels. Avoid using them on the early and easy ones. Limited power-ups can only be obtained through events, watching a few advertisements videos or by spending cash through the in-game store. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or watch a lot of ads, then better be thrifty with your power-ups.

Also be on the lookout for the number of lives that you have left, located on the upper left part of the game lobby. Zero lives mean you can’t play anymore, and you will have to wait for about thirty minutes to be given another chance at playing.

gordon ramsay chef blast tricks

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is a chill arcade game that is as relaxing as it is enjoyable. Part of the game revolves around pattern recognition and a part relies on luck being by your side. You also need a little bit of planning ahead when it comes to power-up usage and managing the limited number of moves that you have.

The game also rewards you on consecutive wins by awarding you free block power-ups as you enter the next level of the game. This gives you an incentive to strive on winning the game rather than just resetting if luck is not on your side.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast not only gives you a quality game to play, but also gives you recipes to try out in the real world. This means that you not only get your fill of mobile games, you would also be giving your stomach a nice fill if you decide to try out chef Ramsay’s recipes.

The game is being constantly updated by the developers and features a few of Gordon Ramsay’s recipes, most of which are locked behind the condition that you collect event stamps. These stamps can be acquired via the login bonus and a bonus stamp if you watch an advertisement.

The game can easily be picked up by people of all ages and can be enjoyed by anyone. A casual game that does not demand much time yet guarantees a good one every time you try a level. Have your little kid play this game instead of other match-3 games, and you might even encourage them to learn how to cook at an early age. Come on, give it a try! We’ll look forward to your clearing all the levels and learning the new recipes. Bon appetit!