Skip to Content Tips, Cheats & Guide to Blast Your Way to Victory is an arena game that is based on and and was developed by Amelos Interactive. The gameplay of will be very familiar to you, if you have played and before, but it is uniquely tank focused. In you begin with a very small tank and you have to increase your size to become the biggest in the level.

The two main ways to increase your size are to destroy other tanks and to destroy small shapes that are strewn about the map. Both of these activities will give you experience points that will increase your level, with each new level giving you points to spend that will increase your tank’s power. At certain intervals you will be able to add new guns to your tank in order to create an awesome blasting machine.

So if you want to dominate the map and blast anyone in your way, read on for some pretty cool tips, tricks and hints!

1. If You Are Fast You Can Block Bullets

In tanks can fire bullets to destroy enemy tanks and obstacles found in the map. Depending on your upgrades and what kind of tank you are playing as, you will be firing different kinds of bullets, but regardless of your tank you will have bullets coming at you.

When bullets are headed in your direction there are few courses of action that you can take. The worst one is to just take the hit and absorb the damage, but that is to be avoided, for obvious reasons. Another option would be to hide behind the blue octagons as they are large enough to shield your tank from incoming bullets, but keep in mind that they will not last long.

The best way is to move out of the way and dodge the projectile entirely, but when you are facing a heavily upgraded tank with a high rate of fire this will not always be an option. So here is what you should do. You need to fire as many bullets as you can at the enemy tank. But not just at the tank itself, you need to fire you bullets at the enemy tank’s guns. This is because your bullets have the ability to destroy an enemy tank’s bullets in mid-air. So if your rate of fire is high enough then you will be able to completely mitigate any damage coming your way.

2. Upgrade Your Guns Wisely

In there are a number of different upgrade combinations to choose from. This tip will focus on upgrading your guns and the next tip will be about how to upgrade your health. With regards to the guns on your tank there are a few possible stats you can choose to upgrade: bullet damage, bullet speed, and bullet reload. As well as that there are a few different gun configurations that you can choose as your level increases.

Firstly, the gun configurations. Out of all of them the best one is the double barrelled upgrade. From there you should move to the triple barrelled upgrade and so on. There are two main reasons for this: having all the gun barrels in the front allows you to focus fire and destroy enemies quickly, and if you have multiple barrels that shoot in different directions they will reveal your location if you want to farm experience at low levels which can lead to an early death.

Next is the specific upgrades. The best course of action is to maximise bullet speed last, while focusing mainly on bullet damage and bullet reload. Bullet reload will allow you to output a very high rate of fire. This means you will be able to block a lot of incoming bullets and quickly dispatch enemies that are coming your way. Bullet speed is not very important because most battles in are fought at incredibly close range which means there is no real place for sniping, so bullet speed is best left for last.

3. Upgrade Your Health Wisely

The next upgrades you need to consider are your health upgrades. There are two main upgrades that can make your tank beefier, namely, maximum health and health regeneration. It is best to maximise health regeneration first and then focus on maximum health. This is because if you focus on health regeneration you will be able to quickly recover after fights and get back in to the fray. Although maximum health is useful, if you maximise it first and ignore health regeneration then it will take you a long time to recharge after a fight, which means you might be attacked and killed before you return to full strength.

4. Stay Hidden And Pick Off Your Enemies

If you want to become the biggest on the map in you need to have a good battle strategy. Before you even get into the game you should be prompted to watch an advertisement. If you do then you will start the game at a higher level, so you should definitely watch it.

For the majority of the game you will be fairly weak until you start upgrading your stats and level up your tank more. Therefore, the safest place for you on the map will be on the sides, whether that be: top, bottom, left or right. This is because the middle of the map is incredibly dangerous when you are low-levelled. It is dangerous because it is always swarming with higher level tanks, and there is little cover so you will be easily attacked from all directions.

So start by farming triangles, squares and octagons on the edges of the map. A good point to note is that players will often figure out your location by looking at where bullets are coming from. Which means that sometimes high level tanks will swoop in and flatten you. But there is a way to remain stealthy until you are powerful enough to hold your own. That is to fire towards the edge of the map. If you do this, then you will be able to farm experience and any bullets that miss will fly out of the map and will be undetectable to other players. So unless you run into another tank, other players will not be able to hunt you down.

While you are farming it is good to keep moving across the sides of the map because if you stay in one place for too long then you will run out of shapes to farm and you might get discovered. It is always best to keep moving and to keep your eye out for low level tanks that you can steamroll for some easy experience. You should follow this general strategy until you are about level 30, then you can venture closer to the middle without much fear being easily killed.

5. Know Your Enemy

Having a good battle strategy is all well and good, but it won’t mean much if you do not know how to fight other tanks. But luckily, there are a few good general rules to follow which should help you gain the upper hand against your opponents.

The first rule is to never let your guard down. Enemy tanks can come from any direction and they can come at any time, so while you are farming make sure to keep your eyes peeled; so that if an enemy appears you will be able to turn around and engage them quickly.

The next rule is to never turn your back to an enemy and keep your back towards the edge of the map. When fighting enemy tanks, you must always be facing their guns directly, so that you will be able to destroy their bullets before they hit you and deal some damage back in return. It is also a good rule of thumb to keep your back towards the edge of the map, so that enemies won’t come from behind to surprise you.

The third rule is to always get up close and personal. It is very difficult to fight battles effectively at long range in as projectiles can be dodged quite easily. So if you really want to kill someone then you need to get right in their face to do it. Also once their health has been significantly reduced you can ram into them for an instant kill. But do not use this technique if they still have a lot of health as you can be killed instead, so only ram them when the kill is in the bag and you want to end the battle immediately.

The last rule is to only shoot when someone has shot at your first. In, stealth and the element of surprise are your greatest assets. So if you are not farming while moving around the map, don’t spray bullets indiscriminately, wait until the right opportunity to open fire. Also if you can, keep an eye out for when two tanks are battling it out. If you spot some then wait for the right moment to finish off the weaker one, and then turn and kill the other one for some easy experience.

If you follow these tips, tricks and strategies in then you will be the biggest on the map in no time! If there are any hints and tips that we might have missed, feel free to let us know!