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WordWise Answers for All Levels

WordWise is a fun game from a company called Memorado, and it’s been available for Android and iOS devices for quite a while now. But we’ve noticed a growing number of people playing this game and checking it out, even if it’s a bit on the old side; after all, word games are seemingly big on mobile once again. According to Memorado, this game was supposedly developed by language specialists, and WordWise, in itself, is a “new, fun way to train your vocabulary” as you search for the hidden words on each grid per level. Each level has a different theme to it, and in a way, you’ll be going on a trip through time, as you “journey through the history of language.”

All told, this is a game that offers a lot of fun for players of all ages. If you’re a parent, this is a game which you wouldn’t mind your younger kids playing while they borrow your smartphone or tablet. But regardless of your age, there may be some questions and some levels that just might stump you. Fortunately, we’re here to help, in the form of this WordWise answer key covering the first 42 levels of the game.

WordWise Stone Age Answers (2×2)

Below you can find all the answers for WordWise Stone Age Levels.

Level 1 – CAVE
Level 2 – FIRE
Level 3 – ROCK
Level 4 – BONE
Level 5 – HUNT
Level 6 – FOOD
Level 7 – MEAT
Level 8 – DEER
Level 9 – LAND
Level 10 – RAIN

WordWise Ancient Egypt Answers (2×2)

Below you can find all the answers for WordWise Ancient Egypt Levels.

Level 11 – SAND
Level 12 – GOLD
Level 13 – TENT
Level 14 – BOWL
Level 15 – LION
Level 16 – MILK
Level 17 – FARM
Level 18 – TOMB
Level 19 – PALM
Level 20 – RING


Thursday 12th of May 2022

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